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Exide Life Insurance Company

Exide Life Insurance Company Limited is headquartered in Bangalore. It was established in 2001 as ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Limited with a joint venture between ING Vysya Bank and Exide Industries Ltd. In January 2013, ING Group intended to divest itself from its Indian insurance and investment organization businesses through the sale of its 26% interest in ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd. to its joint venture partner Exide Industries Ltd thus forming Exide Life Insurance. The company serves over 1,000,000 customers across India.

Life insurance basically provides you protection and opportunities to invest your valuable money to get high returns. It helps in creating wealth as well. With it, you can live a secure life and can get timely returns.

Life insurance is basically an effective insurance policy that ensures that the dependents of the insured continue to have the needful financial security after insured’ss retirement, death or any kind of disability that takes place because of an accident. By buying a life insurance policy and paying regular premium for the same, you basically safeguard all the financial requirements of your family. In case if you die during the tenure of your plan, the nominee as per stated in the documents of the policy will be able to receive tax-free cash payouts of a predetermined amount. When it comes to life insurance you have different options available like earlier, people used to go with the traditional plan that offers the needful coverage only in case of the death of the insured. However with the growing needs of consumers, several insurance companies have come out with different types of plans that can easily meet the new lifestyle changes. An effective life insurance policy will offer

- Pure life cover

- Financial investment planning and

- Savings planning

- Retirement planning

- Child education plan

Instead of buying a life insurance policy after reaching the age of 50, nowadays people are giving more importance to it and buying it at an early age so that it can meet the needs of different stages of life. A wide range of effective life insurance policies are available online that can easily cater different needs of the consumer.

There is no doubt in saying that the needs of life insurance changes every year. It grows with the growing responsibilities, so buying the same at a right age will help you in getting several different forms of benefits. For a single person, the need of buying insurance is less relevant but once he/she gets married, the needs will automatically arise as the individual is now accountable for different types of responsibilities.

Different factors such as age marital status, earning power etc plays a vital role while buying the right insurance policy for yourself. It is really very important to have the right life insurance policy for you and Exide Life insurance can help you in the same.

With the wide range of effective life insurance policies, it will be easier for you to get the best one which can go well with your needs. You must search a plan according to your requirements and receive several benefits in return.

Why Life Insurance?

We all want to secure the financial needs of our family as we care for them and doing the same with a life insurance plan is the best thing. A life insurance plan is the best war to secure the future’s need of your family and loved ones if suddenly we are not there to take care of them. As a breadwinner, you may have several responsibilities towards your families, but what will they do in case you are not around to take care of them. Yes, this sounds rude, but is a reality, that without proper planning for the same you may leave them in a big crisis. But With an effective life insurance plan, you can prove a complete security to them. A life insurance will take care of them when you are not around to fulfill their needs.

Every year, millions of people buy life insurance plan and for different reasons like securing family’s security, tax benefits, savings and much more. If you are the single bread winner for your family, then you must buy a life insurance plan today because you never know what is waiting for you in future. Your untimely demise can make things worse for your family and loved ones. With the help of an effective life insurance plan, they can easily deal with this and can fulfill their basic needs, clear loans and debts and much more. Thus life insurance plan is a great tool that will offer complete security.

Exide Life Insurance Company: One of the leading life insurance companies in India

The Exide Life Insurance Company is one of India's leading life insurance companies. This insurance company enjoys a reputation of expertise, stability, and strength. The company offers a wide range of effective life insurance products which will easily meet the desired needs of consumers. The company offers tailored life insurance products to deal with different types of requirements. The company completely believes in customer satisfaction and thus try to help them in every possible manner.

The company is offering a wide range of effective life insurance products at low prices. You will get complete protection, financial stability with different benefits as well. Under Exide Life Insurance Company, you will be able to get Ulip plans, Term insurance, Child plans, Retirement plans, Group life insurance, Investment plans, etc. The claim settlement system is also easy and transparent, so you can easily rely on it.

Exide Life Insurance Plans

Exide Life My Term Insurance Plan: A pure term insurance plan that provides you the facility of building strong family's financial foundation at a small price.

Exide Life Term Rider: It provides an add-on benefits which can be attached to choose Exide Life Insurance Traditional plans for improved life cover at an affordable premium.

Exide Life Critical Illness Rider: This is an add-on protection benefit which policyholders can add to their existing traditional Exide Life Insurance policies.

Exide Life Wealth Maxima: Maxima Child: A Unit Linked Insurance plan which helps you in maximizing your wealth while protecting your child’s future.

Exide Life Mera Aashirvad: A child insurance plan that guarantees you the money which you require in fulfilling your child’s dreams.

Exide Life New Creating Life Insurance Plans: This will provide 110 percent guaranteed return to your child for a bright future.

Exide Life New Creating Life Insurance Regular Pay: In this, your child will get the sum assured along with the benefits of accrued bonuses.

Exide Life New Fulfilling Life: It is a complete policy that pays the regular money back for immediate needs and provides a lifelong cover.

Exide Life Golden Years Retirement Plan: It helps you to live a stable post-retirement life by providing a host of benefits for building a corpus.

Exide Life Accidental Death Disability and Dismemberment Rider: It is add-on which can be attached to a traditional Exide Life Insurance Policy and offers improved coverage in case of accidental death, disability or dismemberment.

Exide Life Wealth Maxima: Basically, it is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that provides great returns at every new phase of life.

Exide Life Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan: It offers regular guaranteed income to improve your lifestyle.

Exide Life Secured Income Insurance Plans: It is an endowment plan.

Exide Life Secured Income Insurance RP: A regular pay plan that provides life cover in two forms, in the lump sum and regular as income also.

Exide Life Jeevan Uday: It helps you in fulfilling dreams.

Exide Life Nirmal Jeevan Insurance: It provides a secured future with guaranteed benefits.

Exide Life Wealth Maxima: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that provides high returns with life coverage.

Exide Life Assured Gain Plus: It is a traditional insurance-cum-investment plan that provides tax-free investment.

Exide Life Secured Income Insurance Plus: It offers protection to you and your family in form of long-term benefits.

Exide Life Prospering Life Plus: It is basically a unit linked plan with multiple investment options that provide life protection in case of unfortunate events.

Exide Life Immediate Annuity: It is a pension plan that provides returns as per your choice that means monthly, quarterly yearly as you want.

Contact Address

Exide Life Insurance
Building No 3, Third floor, Unit No.1 Nesco IT Park,
Western Express Highway, Goregaon(E) Mumbai - 400063
Tele-No:1800 419 8228 Fax No.- 022 67293333

Exide Life Insurance News

Low Ulip Charges Would Pull Down The Profits Of Private Life Insurer

During the financial year 2014-2015, private life insurance sector reported a fall in profits by 2.9 % and the industry insiders consider that it was driven majorly by the lower surrender charges on unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips). Anuj Agarwal, MD & CEO of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance attributed the 15% fall in the organization’s net


Monday June 08, 2015

Exide Life Insurance Introduces Wealth Maxima

26 August, 2015: On Tuesday, Exide Life Insurance Company launched a new unit-linked insurance plan called Wealth Maxima, which gives a choice to increase the life cover amount at different stages of life. This scheme will be available in three different sections- Maxima Invest, Maxima Family, Maxima Child- and provides three choices of the investment


Wednesday August 26, 2015

Exide Life Insurance Launches Digital Campaign

Exide life insurance wants to gift a secured life to consumer and for the same it has launched a digital campaign across social media #MaximaDiwali. The campaign comprises of the latest offering Exide Life Wealth Maxima, a unique unit linked life insurance plan. In a 3 part unusual video series which shows several different conditions,


Thursday November 05, 2015

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