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Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) is a specialized health insurance company in India. It is a direct subsidiary of Religare Enterprises Limited. The insurer offers quality-driven products related to Family health plans, Critical Illness, Personal Accident, Super Top-up, Maternity insurance along with Micro insurance products for the rural areas. Besides, it provides various wellness services to its customers.

The company has achieved many awards and accolades in the last few years. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Best Health Insurance Company at the ABP News-BFSI Awards 2015
  • Best Health Insurance Company at the Emerging Asia Insurance Awards, 2019
  • Best Claims Service Provider of the Year - Insurance India Summit & Awards 2018.
  • Editor's Choice Award for Best Product Innovation at Finnoviti in 2013
  • Best Medical/Health Insurance Product Award at the FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards in 2015, 2018 and 2019.

Key Features of Care Health Insurance Company (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)

Care Insurance provides a comprehensive range of health insurance policies to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our customers. Care insurance also offers an in-house app that is a one-stop solution for all your policy concerns. Take a look at some other key features of the care medical insurance:

  • Network Hospitals: Care medical insurance offers quality cashless treatment in more than 20800+ leading network hospitals across the country.
  • Solvency Ratio: When choosing an insurance company for you and your family, the solvency ratio is one of the most important factors to consider because it shows the company's ability to meet its long-term financial obligations. According to the IRDAI, It is mandatory to maintain the Solvency Ratio of 1.5. Care medical insurance currently has a Solvency Ratio of 1.81.
  • Market Share: Market share means the total number of policies that are sold by an insurance company and the premiums collected. As per the IRDAI Annual Report 2021-22, the Annual Gross Premium of Care Health Insurance is 3,880.91 crores.
  • Claim Support Ratio: Claim Support is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an insurance company because it shows the insurer's ability to settle claims. Care Health Insurance has a claim settlement ratio of 100% which shows the company is reliable and cares about its customers.
  • No. of Branches: Care health insurance has more than 158 branches across India if the policyholders have any policy or claim-related queries then the customers can quickly visit the nearest branch of the company.
Highlight of Care Health Insurance

Care Health Plans (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)

Care health insurance offers comprehensive health insurance policies designed to fulfill the health requirements of individuals and families. The list of care plans offered by the care health insurance is given below:

Care Health Insurance Individual & Family Floater Plans


A comprehensive health plan for individual and family with SI of 3 lacs to 6 Cr. with global coverage.

Unique Benefits

  • In-built maternity cover
  • No upper age limit for enrollment
  • Coverage for modern treatments


Extremely flexible family health plan, allowing you to increase SI amount based on inflation rates.

Unique Benefits

  • 200% increase in cumulative bonus
  • Earn rewards for being fit
  • Unlimited SI recharge


A comprehensive family floater plan that decides your policy premium based on the living cost of the city you reside in.

Unique Benefits

  • Covers IVF treatment
  • Compassionate travel coverage
  • Unlimited e-consultation


Enjoy the advantage of 1 crore cover and multiple benefits at lower monthly premiums with this affordable individual & family floater plan.

Unique Benefits

  • No bonus claim up to 50%
  • Automatic SI recharge
  • Organ donor cover


A maternity health insurance plan with child cover. This plan protects individuals and families during medical emergencies.

Unique Benefits

  • 100% increase in SI as NCB
  • Newborn Cover
  • 541 day care treatments covered


Care Arogya Sanjeevani

A standard comprehensive plan mandated by IRDAI that offers coverage for both Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatments.

Unique Benefits

  • AYUSH Treatment
  • Pre and Post hospitalization
  • 5% cumulative bonus

Care Health Insurance Pre-existing Diseases Plans

Diabetes & BP

Get medical coverage for pre-existing diseases like BP, diabetes without any waiting period by bearing a co-pay of 20-30%.

Unique Benefits

  • No pre-policy checkup needed
  • Dialysis cover available
  • Annual Health Checkup

Heart Diseases

Individuals with pre-existing cardiac diseases can get coverage against medical treatments by paying 20-30% of co-payment for every claim.

Unique Benefits

  • Cardiac Health Checkup
  • Second medical Opinion
  • Automatic SI Restoration

Cancer Care

Care Cancer Mediclaim

Offers lifelong coverage against cancer and the cost of its treatment with several other benefits.

Unique Benefits

  • Annual Health Checkup
  • Chemo and radiotherapy cover
  • Air Ambulance Cover

Care Health Insurance Specialized Plans

Top-Up Plan

A super top-up health insurance plan to provide extra medical cover on the basis of policy deductible principle.

Unique Benefits

  • Covers modern treatment
  • Flexible options of deductible
  • No pre-policy medical test

Senior Citizen Plan

Comprehensive health plan for people above 60 to make their second inning stress-free from health-related financial worries.

Unique Benefits

  • No pre-policy Medical Checkup
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • Automatic SI Recharge

Critical Illness Plan

Care Critical illness

Offers coverage against 32 critical illnesses that are pre-defined under the policy such as catastrophic burns, coma, etc.

Unique Benefits

  • Psychiatric Counselling
  • Dialysis Cover
  • Organ Donor Cover

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Network Hospital List

Care Health Insurance promises a wide Network of cashless Hospitals across India. A well connected network of over 20800+ cashless hospitals, Care Health Insurance ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in

Other Health Insurance Companies

Compare Care health plans with other top insurers in India.

Calculate Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Premium

The premium amount of a health insurance policy depends on the type of policy you choose. PolicyX has shown a few sample premiums based on different coverage scenarios, making it simpler for you to calculate Care health insurance premiums. We have used the Care health insurance premium calculator to calculate sample premiums of various mediclaim policies offered by the insurer.

Care Plan

30 years 2 Adult 2 Adult+1 Child 2 Adult+2 Child Average Premium (INR)
5L 9,895 12,332 16,275 12,835
10L 12,435 16,446 15,453 14,778

Care Senior Citizen

65 years 2 Adult 1 Adult Average Premium (INR)
5L 29,095 18,177 23,636
10L 41,265 25,828 33,547

Care Critical illness

30 years 1 Adult 2 Adult 2 Adult+1 Child Average Premium (INR)
10L 1,198 2,365 2,986 2,183
25L 2,471 4,880 5,815 4,389

Why Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)?

With so many health insurance companies are available in the market, selecting an appropriate insurer for you and your family becomes quite a tedious task. So, PolicyX has mentioned some of the care health insurance benefits for your smooth and quick selection:

  • Specialized health insurer
    Care Health Insurance offers a unique combination of health plans that fit every budget and sync in with every healthcare need. Care is a specialized health insurer that ensures to look after all the healthcare needs of its customers.
  • In-house claim settlement team
    With Care Health, you don't have to engage with TPAs, as the company offers hassle-free in-house claim settlement which will save your time & energy.
  • In-house mobile app to address all policy concerns
    For queries like renewal, claim settlement or any policy-related concern, you can turn to the company's mobile app, and resolve all your queries in one go.
  • 20800+ Care Health network hospitals
    With a wide network of empanelled hospitals, Care Health Insurance allows you to easily avail cashless hospitalization facility.
  • Offers 10% renewal discount
    Every time you renew your Care insurance policy, you will get a renewal discount of up to 10 %.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Add-on Covers

Care Health Insurance plans offer several additional covers that can be brought along with the standard health plan. These rodes help to enhance the coverage and allow the policyholder to customize their plan as per their needs & requirements.

These add-on covers vary from plan to plan. However, to give you an insight into the add-on covers available, we have mentioned a few of these. Take a look:

  • No Claim Bonus Super: Care Health Insurance offers a 50 per cent increase in the sum insured for every claim-free year. The benefit can be availed up to a maximum of 100 per cent.
  • International Second Opinion: With this add-on, you can avail free international second opinion, and can be double sure before going for treatment.
  • Unlimited Automatic Recharge: This Care Health Insurance add-on cover gives the flexibility to recharge your sum insured an unlimited number of times, whenever it gets exhausted.
  • Everyday Care: This add-on cover pays 1% of the Sum Insured for each medical consultation and diagnostic test.
  • Coverage for Air Ambulances: This add-on insurance offers adequate coverage for treatments that are not available in your city.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Exclusions List

Know some of the conditions which are generally not included under Care Health Insurance.

Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury resulting from suicide or attempted suicide

Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS

Expenses attributable to alcohol or drug abuse

Medical issues caused due to war or similar conditions

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Buying Process

You can buy Care health insurance plans from the brand's official website as well as through We have shared both processes below:

Buy from the Company

  • Visit the official website of the company and click on the 'Buy Now' tab.
  • Fill in all the necessary details.
  • Choose a plan and make the payment.
  • The insurer will send the policy documents to your registered email address.

Buy from PolicyX

  • Fill in the details in the 'Calculate Premium' form.
  • The next page will show all the available plans. Choose the best Care health plan and click on 'Buy Now'.
  • Pay the premium and your policy document will be shared on your registered email.

Why Buy Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Plans from PolicyX?

PolicyX is a reliable source to buy health insurance policies. Well, we are here to answer why is the best option to buy a care health insurance policy.

  • IRDAI Approved: is an IRDAI approved web aggregator that helps consumers in comparing, choosing, and buying policies online.
  • Free Comparison Service: provides a single platform where you can compare different insurance companies, insurance plans, and their premiums.
  • Compare 15 companies in 30 sec: Consumers can compare up to 15 companies in just 30 sec on
  • Buy Insurance within 5mins: PolicyX offers a simple and quick buying process where consumers can buy insurance in less than 5mins.
  • 24x7 Customer Service: PolicyX is always with their customers as we offer 24x7 customer care service.
  • Free Future Claim Assistance: PolicyX is always there to help and assist your claim under any term insurance company.
Why Choose PolicyX.Com

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Renewal

The company has designed a simple process for Care Health insurance renewal and policyholders can contact PolicyX for care health insurance renewal or follow just 4 steps as mentioned below and you are all set for Care Health insurance renewal.

  • Visit the official website and click on 'renewal'.
  • Enter your existing details such as policy number, date of birth, etc.
  • Click on 'Let's Renew'.
  • Pay online and renew your policy.

Care health insurance allows easy policy renewal through its in-house app.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance) Claim Process

Care Health insurance provides two options for claim settlement i.e. Cashless Claim and Reimbursement Claim. The processes are explained below:

Cashless Claim Process

  • Intimate hospital within 48 hours of hospitalization in case of planned hospitalization (24 hours in case of emergency).
  • Fill and submit the pre-authorization request form to the hospital's insurance/TPA desk.
  • The hospital will then send all the documents to the company for verification.
  • After document verification, the claim management team will send an approval letter to the hospital.
  • The hospital will proceed with the cashless treatment of the insured member.

*If the cashless claim is rejected, you can initiate the treatment and file for a reimbursement claim after discharge.

Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Intimate the company within 48 hours of hospitalization (24 hours in case of emergency).
  • Submit the claim form along with relevant documents.
  • Claim management team will verify the form and the documents.
  • Claim management team will send the approval letter.
  • Insurance company will reimburse the claim amount within 15 days.

Documents Required for Reimbursement Claim

  • Duly completed and signed claim form, in original
  • Valid photo-ID proof
  • Medical practitioner's referral letter and prescription
  • Original bills, receipts, and discharge cards from the hospital/medical practitioner
  • Original bills from pharmacy/chemists
  • Original pathological/diagnostic tests reports/radiology reports and payment receipts
  • Indoor case papers
  • First Information report, final police report, if applicable
  • Post mortem report, if conducted
  • Any other document as required by the company to assess the claim

How To Contact Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)?

For any queries related to Care Health Insurance plans, you can contact the company through the following details:

Care Health Insurance Limited (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited), 5th Floor, 19, Chawla House, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

1800-102-6655/1800-102-4488 (Toll-free)

You can also reach out to the Care Health insurance customer care through whatsapp, mobile app, and chatbot.

Health Insurance Articles

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance): FAQ's

1. What do you mean by NCB and NCB super under Care health plans?

Care health insurance rewards its customers with an increase of 10% in their policy's sum insured as No-Claim Bonus (NCB) for not making any claim.

NCB Super is an add-on benefit that can be added to your cover along with basic NCB. With NCB super you will receive a 50% increase in your SI amount after a claim free year. Another increase of 10% in the SI is also added to NCB super increment and a total increase of 60% is available to the customer on opting for NCB super.

2. How quick is the cashless claim approval process of Religare?

Care health insurance (formerly Religare) has an in-house claims team that processes cashless claims within 2 hours.

3. How can I request a claim for Religare health plan?

You can inform Care health insurance about a claim either by calling on their toll-free number 1800 102 4488 or by sending an intimation mail at You need to inform the company within 48 hours of planned hospitalization and 24 hours of emergency hospitalization.

4. What kind of health plans does Care insurance provide?

Care health insurance offers a variety of health plans to its customers ranging from comprehensive medical policies for individuals and families to disease-specific plans, and policies for senior citizens, youth, and critical illnesses.

5. Can I get a Care insurance plan to get coverage against pre-existing diseases?

Yes, you can buy Care Freedom health insurance policy to get coverage for pre-existing diseases by bearing a certain percentage of co-payment on every claim.

6. Can I get global coverage under Care health plans?

Yes, you can get global coverage under the Care Global variant of Care Plan.

7. What do you mean by Everyday care in Religare health insurance?

Everyday care under Care Health Insurance is an add-on benefit that covers routine doctor visits, medical checkups, and tests up to 1% of your chosen sum insured amount.

8. What is a Care Shield?

Care shield is a specially designed product to provide a shield to the customers from sky-rocketing costs of health care expenses. It offers 3 benefits: Claim shield, No-claim bonus shield, and Inflation shield.

9. What is the intimation period in Care health plans to apply for reimbursement claims in case of emergency hospitalization?

You need to inform the company within 24 hours of hospitalization in case of an emergency.

10. Do all the plans offered by Care come with maternity coverage?

No, the plans that come with maternity coverage under Care are: Care Health & Care Joy.

11. How soon a policyholder is required to file a claim to avail reimbursement under a Care Health Insurance?

For reimbursement purposes, the policyholder needs to file a claim within 15 days of discharge from the hospital.

12. How can I track my Care Health Insurance claim status?

You can easily track the claim status online. Visit the official website of Care Health Insurance and fill in the relevant details. Once done, the page will show you the current status of your cashless or reimbursement claim.

13. Can I buy a Health Insurance policy from the Care Health Insurance company and then avail benefits from the very next day?

No, one can only avail the coverage of Care Health Insurance policies after the waiting period of 30 days is over. However, the accidents and injuries are immediately covered.

14. What is the claim settlement ratio of Care Health Ratio?

Care Health Insurance had a Claim Settlement Ratio of 95.2% for FY 2021-22.

15. Is Care Health Insurance a trustworthy name?

Care health has successfully built a trustworthy name in the insurance industry since its inception. With a CSR of 95.2% and 30 lakh+ claims settled Care Health Insurance has earned its trust with their customer base. Care Health Insurance provides a comprehensive health insurance plan along with personal accident cover and critical illness cover. This ideal combination meets all of your family member’s health requirements making it a suitable option.

16. How many plans does Care Health Insurance have?

Care Health Insurance has 10+ products for different needs and requirements of individuals.

17. How strong is Care Health hospital network?

Care Health Insurance has over 20800+ Cashless Healthcare Networks.

18. What is the max age limit of Care Mediclaim policy?

There is no upper age limit of buying Care Medicalaim Policy

19. What is the min age limit of Care Mediclaim policy?

The min age limit of buying Care Medicalaim Policy is 61 years.

20. What is the waiting period of Care Health Insurance Care Plan?

The waiting period of Care Health Insurance Care Plan is 30 days.

21. What is the claim settlement ratio of Care Health Insurance ?

The Claim Settlement Ratio of Care Health Insurance is 92.90.

22. What if my policy expires?

Policyholder can renew the policy online and offline within the grace period of 30 days.

23. Can a policyholder add or remove member in the current Care Medicare Health Insurance Policy ?

No, you cannot add or remove member in the current Care Medicare Health Insurance Policy. It can be done at the time of renewal.

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