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About Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)

Care Health Insurance Company was founded in the year 2012 and is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance, Care Health Insurance is a joint venture between Religare Enterprise Private Ltd., Union Bank of India, and Corporation Bank. The organization offers a vast range of health care plans, such as maternity insurance plans, senior citizen insurance plans, Diabetes and hypertension cover, cancer/critical illness insurance, top-up health insurance plans, individual and family floater insurance plans.

List Of Awards Received By The Company:

care awards
  • Best Health Insurance Company at the ABP News-BFSI Awards 2015
  • Best Health Insurance Company at the Emerging Asia Insurance Awards, 2019
  • Best Claims Service Provider of the Year - Insurance India Summit & Awards 2018.
  • Editor's Choice Award for Best Product Innovation at Finnoviti in 2013
  • Best Medical/Health Insurance Product Award at the FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards in 2015, 2018, and 2019.

Why Should I Buy Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)?

Buying Health Insurance for you and your family not just helps you overcome the medical expenses incurred during hospitalization, but also offers peace of mind knowing that you have a financial backup.

However, with more than 20 health insurance companies available in the market, it can get difficult and confusing for an individual to choose an ideal company.

  1. Network Hospitals

    Having health insurance with a cashless facility can prove to be a blessing in disguise at the time of a medical emergency. At Care, you will be able to avail cashless facilities in more than 15,500 network hospitals across India.

    TOP 10 Health Insurance Companies (Based on Network Hospitals)

    TOP 10 Health Insurance Companies (Based on Network Hospitals)

    You can now check the list of network hospitals under Care Health Insurance with as well. All you have to do is select your insurance company, your state, and your city. Once done, the page will show you all the empanelled hospitals in your vicinity.

  2. Market Share

    Care Health Insurance has shown significant growth in the past few years, and that can be shown in the below-given graph. In the financial year of 2019-2020, the company's market share was 2151.25 crores, which shows good growth in its business volume.

    Market Share of Care Health Insurance (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)

    Market Share of Care Health Insurance

    ** Data from IRDAI Annual Reports

  3. Solvency Ratio

    The solvency ratio of an insurance company tells you about the company's ability to meet its long-term financial goals. Therefore, it automatically becomes one of the important deciding factors while choosing an ideal health insurance company.

    At present, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has mandated the companies to maintain a solvency ratio of 1.5.

    To be more sure, we assessed the company's solvency ratio of the last three years. As per our results, here is a graph below for a better understanding:

    Solvency Ratio of Care Health Insurance Company (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance Company)

    Solvency Ratio of Care Health Insurance Company

    ** Data from IRDAI Annual Reports

  4. Claim Support

    The claim support ratio helps you to understand how fast the insurance company settles the claims of the policyholders during medical emergencies.

    Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that a company has good claim support so that you don't have to worry at the time of need.

    According to the IRDAI Annual Report 2019-2020, Care Health's percentage of settling claims within 3 months is 100%.

    Let's compare the top Health Insurance Companies based on the Claim Settlement ratio.

    Comparison between Care Health insurance and the other top health insurance companies based on Claim Support

    Comparison between Care Health insurance and the other top health insurance companies based on Claim Support

    ** Data from IRDAI Annual Reports

  5. Pan India Presence

    Care Health Insurance offers a pan India presence. The company's branches are spread across the country. You can visit the company's official website to find your nearest branch.

  6. Care Health Insurance Mobile App

    To make the process of managing your policy-related tasks easier, the company has come up with a Care Health Insurance Mobile App, which is your one-stop solution for all policy concerns. The app is available on Google Playstore and AppStore.

Watch Video For Detailed Review

Care Health Insurance Plan Detailed Review

Types of Health Plans Offered at Care Health

To cater to the health needs of every individual from different walks of life, Care Health has curated 10 health plans as per different needs and requirements. From standard health plans to senior citizens Plans, from top-up plans to maternity plans.

Here is a list of all the 10 plans offered by Care Health that will help you narrow down your selection.

Care Health Plans Type Of Plan Who Should Buy
Care Health Insurance PlanComprehensive Health PlanThe plan is ideal for those who want to cover themselves and their family under the single sum insured in a single policy.
Care Freedom: An Ideal Plan for DiabeticsHealth plan specifically for DiabetesThose who suffer from diabetes can buy this plan without going for any pre-medical health check-ups.
Care Heart Insurance PlanHealth Plan for Heart AilmentsThe plan is suitable for individuals who suffer from pre-existing cardiac ailments and have undergone cardiac surgery.
Care Joy Health Insurance PlanMaternity Health PlanFor those couples who are planning to start their family or are soon to become parents, the plan is an ideal one for you as it covers all the maternity expenses.
Care Enhance Health Insurance PlanSuper Top-Up PlanThis super top-up plan enhances your existing health insurance plan.
Care Senior Health Insurance PlanHealth Insurance Plan for Senior CitizensThose who are looking for an ideal health plan to secure their old-age healthcare needs should go with this plan.
Care Advantage Health InsuranceFamily Health PlanThe plan is suitable for those individuals who want to secure their family members, and are looking for a higher sum insured option.
Cancer MediclaimCancer-Specific PolicyOne with a family history of cancer should go for this plan.
Critical MediclaimCritical Illness PlanThe plan is an ideal choice for those who are willing to secure their savings in case they are diagnosed with any of the 32 listed critical illnesses.
Arogya SanjeevaniStandard Health InsuranceIt is a standard health insurance plan that covers your healthcare needs without burdening your pockets.
  1. Care Health Insurance Plan

    Care Health Insurance is a new-age comprehensive health insurance policy that ensures the safety of the policyholder and family against financial risks arising out of a medical emergency. With several benefits, the plan ensures to cover all your healthcare needs without burdening your pockets.

    Key Benefits:

    • The plan offers several add-ons such as Global Coverage, Reduction in PED Waiting Period, Unlimited Automatic Recharge, etc. to cover your specific needs.
    • In case hospitalization is not possible, the plan will offer 10% of the sum insured for domiciliary hospitalization.


    Entry Age91 days upwards; no maximum entry age
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 5 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 6 Crores

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  2. Care Freedom: An Ideal Plan for Diabetics

    Care freedom plan is specially designed to provide healthcare protection to patients suffering from diabetes. It offers coverage against the expenses that the patient bears during the treatment like the cost of medicines, health check-ups, etc.

    Key Benefits:

    • The plan offers the add-on cover “Health Check+”, under which the annual health check-up can be upgraded to either Diabetes Health Check-up or Cardiac Health Check-Up.
    • The plan comes with a Companion Benefit, under which the insured will get a lump sum amount (up to the limits specified) if the policyholder is admitted to a hospital and the period of stay is more than 10 consecutive days.


    Parameters Plan 1 Plan 2
    Minimum Entry AgeIndividual: 18 years
    Child: 90 days
    Individual:46 years
    Eldest Insured Person:46 years
    Other Adult: 18 years
    Child: 90 days
    Maximum Entry AgeAdult: Lifelong
    Child: 24 years
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 3 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 5 Lakhs
    Minimum: Rs. 7 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 10 Lakhs

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  3. Care Heart Insurance Plan

    Care Heart Insurance Plan is specially designed for those individuals who are suffering from pre-existing cardiac ailments/disorders and have undergone cardiac surgery for the same. The plan can be bought on an individual as well as a family floater basis.

    Key Benefits:

    • For every claim-free year, the policy will offer a 10% increase in Sum Insured per policy year (up to 50% of SI).
    • Any expenses that were incurred from the alternative medical treatment such as AYUSH are also covered under the policy.


    Entry AgeMinimum: 18 years
    Maximum: No maximum entry age
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 3 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 10 Lakhs

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  4. Care Joy Health Insurance Plan

    Care Joy Health Insurance Plan is a maternity-focused insurance plan, which bears the expenses of the insured in case of pregnancy and maternity needs. The plan comes in two variants, Joy Today & Joy Tomorrow, that offer different benefits according to the needs and requirements of the policyholder.

    Key Benefits:

    • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses (up to 30 and 60 days respectively) are covered under the plan.
    • The plan offers free coverage to the newborn baby for up to 90 days from the birth date.


    Plan Name Joy Today Joy Tomorrow
    Entry AgeMinimum - Adult: 18 years or above, Child: 1 Day
    Maximum - Adult: 45 years, Child: 24 Years
    Sum Insured - On an annual basisRs. 3 Lakhs / Rs. 5 Lakhs

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  5. Care Enhance Health Insurance Plan

    Care Enhance Health Super Top-up Plan offers extra safety net coverage to the basic health insurance plan. The policyholder can also choose the deductible along with the desired sum insured to enhance their basic coverage during emergency health conditions.

    Key Benefits:

    • Insured is not required to appear for a pre-policy medical check-up (for deductible amount and sum insured amount) less than 40 lakhs, till the age of 50 years.
    • The plan offers an add-on cover of “Expert Opinion”, wherein the policyholder is eligible to get a second opinion from the specialist medical professional.


    Entry AgeMinimum: 18 years
    Maximum: No Limit
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 1 Lakh
    Maximum: Rs. 30 Lakhs

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  6. Care Senior Health Insurance Plan

    Care Senior is a comprehensive health insurance plan designed to protect senior citizens and fund all their medical illnesses in the second innings of life, i.e. above 61 years of age. The plan is available on both individuals and floater basis and does not require any pre-policy medical check-up.

    Key Benefits:

    • It offers a 10% increase in the SI/policy year (maximum 50% of SI) in the case of every claim-free year. Care plan offers organ donor coverage (up to Rs. 1 lakh), depending on the SI.


    Entry AgeMinimum: 61 years
    Maximum: No Limit
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 3 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 10 Lakhs

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  7. Care Advantage Health Insurance

    Care Advantage Health Insurance offers the sum insured of Rs. 1 Crore, which helps the policyholder to get wider coverage and benefits. The plan ensures that your family’s healthcare needs are adequately covered so that you don’t have to burden your pockets at the time of medical emergencies.

    Key Benefits:

    • In case your coverage is exhausted due to the claims made, the plan will reinstate the entire sum insured by your policy (once a year).
    • The plan comes with several add-on covers such as "Care Shield", "Room Rent Modification", etc. to look after your specific needs.


    Entry AgeMinimum - Adult: 5 years, Child: 91 days (floater policy)
    Maximum - Lifelong
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 25 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 1 Crore

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  8. Cancer Mediclaim

    Care Cancer Mediclaim covers various medical expenses incurred during the treatment of cancer irrespective of the stage and type of cancer. The plan offers coverage for expenses beyond in-patient hospitalization as the plan also covers Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy expenses.

    Key Benefits:

    • No medical check-up is required before buying a cancer insurance policy.
    • If not satisfied with the medicines or treatment, this plan allows the policyholder to go for an International second opinion.


    Entry AgeMinimum: 18 years
    Maximum: 50 years
    Sum InsuredMinimum: Rs. 25 Lakhs
    Maximum: Rs. 2 Crore

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  9. Critical Mediclaim

    Critical Mediclaim is an individual and family health indemnity cover that is specifically designed to cover 32 listed critical illnesses that include cancer, end-stage renal failure, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, paralysis, heart diseases, etc.

    Key Benefits:

    • The plan offers coverage for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.
    • The plan also offers Quick Recovery Counselling & Doctor on Call services to the policyholders.


    Entry AgeMinimum - For Adult: 5 years
    Maximum - For Adult: 50 years
    Sum InsuredRs. 10 Lakhs/Rs. 25 Lakhs/Rs. 50 Lakhs/Rs. 1 Crore/Rs. 2 Crore

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

  10. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance

    Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance is a standard comprehensive plan that offers flexibility to the policyholder to choose between Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatments. The plan caters to your healthcare needs and comes with affordable premiums.

    Key Benefits:

    • The plan offers the benefits of “No Claim Bonus” by increasing 5% Sum Insured in case of Claim free Year.
    • The policyholder is also eligible to get coverage for cataract expenses (up to 25% of the sum insured or Rs. 40,000 per eye, whichever is lower).


    Entry AgeMinimum - Individual: 5 years, Floater: 3 months with at least 1 member of age 18 years or above
    Maximum - Child: 24 years, Adult: 65 years
    Sum InsuredRs. 5 Lakhs

    **Last Updated on August, 2021

What Are Care Health Plan Exclusions?

  • Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury resulting from suicide or attempted suicide.
  • The company does not provide coverage for sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.
  • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse.
  • This company does not cover any claim caused due to war or similar conditions.

How To Buy Care Health Insurance?

Purchasing Care Health Insurance to safeguard your and your family's healthcare needs is now a matter of a few minutes. Follow the below procedure and get your policy from the comforts of your home:

  • Visit the official website of Care Health. Enter your mobile number, email address, and click on 'Get Quote'.
  • Fill in all the details such as name, number, age, gender, etc.
  • Once done, the page will show you the most suitable plan and premium amount as per your requirements.
  • Pay the premium online, and you will receive a soft copy of the policy document in your registered email id.

We, at, can provide a dedicated agent by your side during the entire process. Below is its buying process.

  • Fill in the details in the 'Calculate Premium' form.
  • The next page will show all the available plans. Choose the best Religare health plan and click on 'Buy Now'.
  • Pay the premium and your policy document will be shared with you on your registered email.

How Can I Renew My Care Health Insurance Online?

The online renewal process of Care Health is a hassle-free 3 step process. Just follow the below steps for a smooth renewal process-

  • Visit the official website of Care Health and click on 'renewal'.
  • On the next page, enter your existing details such as policy number, date of birth, etc., and click on "Let's Renew".
  • Now, the last step is to make an online payment and renew your policy.

What Is the Claim Process of Care Health Insurance?

Care Health Insurance works in a very transparent and systematic manner to settle claims. Here is the process-

Case 1: Cashless Claim Procedures

  • In the case of an emergency or planned hospitalization, intimate the insurer 48 hours of hospitalization.
  • The nominee of the policy has to fill and submit the pre-authorization request form to the hospital's insurance/TPA desk.
  • The hospital will then send all the documents to the company for verification.
  • After reviewing all your documents, the claim management team will send an approval letter to the hospital.
  • The hospital will proceed with the cashless treatment of the insured member.

Note: If the cashless claim is rejected, the insured member can initiate the treatment and file for a reimbursement claim after discharge.

Case 2: Reimbursement Claim Procedures

  • In the case of an emergency or planned hospitalization, intimate the insurer within 24 or 48 hours of the hospitalization.
  • The insured has to submit the duly filled reimbursement claim form to the insurer along with the required supporting documents such as:
    1. Duly completed and signed claim form, in original
    2. Valid photo-id proof
    3. Medical practitioner's referral letter advising hospitalization
    4. Medical practitioner's prescription advising drugs/diagnostic tests/consultation
    5. Original bills, receipts, and discharge card from the hospital/medical practitioner
    6. Original bills from pharmacy/chemists
    7. Original pathological/diagnostic tests reports/radiology reports and payment receipts
    8. Indoor case papers
    9. First Information report, final police report, if applicable
    10. Post mortem report, if conducted
    11. Any other document as required by the company to assess the claim
  • The company will check and review the documents.
  • If the claim is approved, the company will transfer funds to your registered bank account.

Note- Submit the documents to the below-mentioned address-

Care Health Insurance Limited (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited),

Unit No. 604 - 607, 6th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park,

Sector-39, Gurugram-122001 (Haryana).

How To Contact Care Health Insurance?

For any queries related to Religare Care Health Insurance plans, please contact at the following:

Religare Health Insurance Customer Care Number: 1800-102-6655/1800-102-4488 (Toll-free)

Email: customerfirst[at]careinsurance[dot]com

Care Health Insurance Plans (Formerly Known As Religare Health Insurance)

Care Health Important Links


Yes, Care Health-Customer App is available on the Play & App Store.

Yes, one can buy multiple health insurance policies. If the cost of your treatment exceeds the sum insured by one policy, you can claim the balance from the second policy.

Yes, the policy offers a 30 days grace period to renew your policy.

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August 16, 2021

Ram Dulari


Very nice company. I am very happy and fully satisfied with its services. God bless us all. 5 star to the whole team... WELL-DONE

August 16, 2021



Religare Health Insurance is a nice company. and the way helps its customers in understanding the process is commendable. I am very much impressed.

August 6, 2021

Manish Singhal


PolicyX helps me to find the best suitable plan for me and my family. They have a very professional salesperson and also I am very much happy with the service of Religare Health.

August 6, 2021

Sapna Khurana


One of the best health insurance company I have ever come across. Thank you for assisting me at every step. I must say the team of PolicyX is very patient and hard-working. Thanks once again

August 6, 2021

Raj Kumar


Received my reimbursement claim amount within a span of 8 days. Thank you for helping me out in choosing such a great company. Keep up the good work Religare

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