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Religare Health Insurance
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  • Tax Benefit Under 80D
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Maternity & New Born Cover
  • Claim Settlement Ratio 51.97%*

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Religare Health Insurance

Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the most popular health insurance companies with an effective distribution network of servicing an array of health insurance products. It has 3 merged organizations as its shareholders namely Corporation Bank, Religare Enterprise Limited and Union Bank of India. It is marketed by the individuals behind India's popular super specialty hospital chain, Fortis Healthcare Limited. It has over a million satisfied customers and more than 1700 offices throughout India.

Health insurance has become an important thing for everyone in the present scenario due to the growing cost of medical techniques and therapy of various ailments. Apart from these, present lifestyle of people makes them more vulnerable to multiple ailments and diseases that certainly need medical assistance. Medical expenses are spiralling and there is no comparable improvement in the incomes of a person, who faces the monetary crisis in the event of a medical emergency.

Hence, it is suggested to insure oneself against any medical emergency that may arise so that the insurer can take care of the insured economically.

Services and products of Religare

Religare Health provides a wide range of combined features and products that make it an excellent option for you and your family. These configured attributes are certainly designed for each and every consumer while keeping their essential needs in view

Health Insurance plans from Religare Insurance Company:

Health Insurance plans protect you against unwanted medical urgencies and keep your family's finances stable during such testing times. Remember that the growing medical expenses and spurt of diseases makes purchasing a health insurance highly essential. A medical urgency can knock any individual's door and wreck an individual both financially and emotionally. As an outcome, financial advisors recommend that it is prudent to purchase health care policy and health insurance early in life.

Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd. has a powerful network of hospitals with guaranteed free treatment in a risk free manner. Make use of the premium calculator to understand how much premium you need to pay for a particular policy. Following are the health insurance plans being offered by Religare Insurance Company.

Religare Care     Religare Care Freedom

Comparison of incurred claim ratio among other insurance companies

SI no. Insurance companies Health Insurnace ICR 2013-2014(%)
Net Earned Premium(Rs in lakhs Claims Incurred ( Rs. In lakhs) Incurred ratio (%)
1 National Insirance 332965 366344 110.02% 104.29%
2 New India Insurance 368785 364302 98.78% 96.85%
3 Oeintal 200410 234517 117.02% 115.23%
4 United 299246 356057 118.98% 114.26%
Total 1201406 1321220 109.97% 106.19%
Private companies
5 Bajaj Allianz 69512 51152 73.59% 86.60%
6 Bharti Axa 19117 18636 97.48% 86.32%
7 Cholamandalam 19635 10295 52.43% 61.71%
8 Future General 14192 11345 79.94% 84.85%
9 HDFC ERGO 58145 32843 56.48% 92.91%
10 ICICI Lombard 106110 92720 87.38% 93.02%
11 Iffco Tokio 29989 27714 92.41% 87.17%
12 L&T 3502 1819 51.94% 90.64%
13 Liberty Videocon 3747 3843 102.56% 88.29%
14 Magma HDI 66 61 92.42% NA
15 Raheja QBE 35 41 117.14% 96.45%
16 Reliance 44927 48291 107.49% 97.78%
17 Royal Sundaram 22577 11942 52.89% 57.09%
18 SBI 24252 19492 80.37% 48.63%
19 Shri Ram 214 152 71.03% 90%
20 TATA AIG 35591 24892 69.94% 86.28%
21 Universal Sompo 9955 10176 102.22% 108.94%
Total 461566 365414 79.17% 87.62%
SI. No Stand Alone Health Insurers Net Earned Premium (Rs. In Lakhs ) Claims Incurred (Rs. In Lakhs ) Incurred Claim Ratio (%) ICR 2013-2014
1 Apollo Munich 65588 41343 63.03% 65.59%
2 Cigna Ttk 667 429 64.32% 59.68%
3 Max Bupa 31524 17388 55.16% 59.07%
4 Religare 15372 9397 61.13% 79.92%
5 Star Health 101793 65106 63.96% 67.21%
Total 214944 133663 62.18% 66.06%

Religare Health Insurance Plans

Religare Secure Health Insurance Plan Diseases, injuries can emerge anytime due to any unplanned incident, in which case, the proposer or his/her family can keep running into money related emergencies. To give security to individuals if there should be an occurrence of death or lasting incapacity brought about by a mishap, the organization offers this arrangement, made through a variety of different coverage options.

Religare Enhance Health Insurance PlanThis serves as a top-up plan to a basic healthcare plan as many a time the cover provided by a basic plan is not enough and the insured might not be willing to buy another policy to supplement his necessity. For this situation, a top-up plan allows the insured the alternative of improving assurance without unfavourably affecting the finances of the individual.

Religare Assure Health Insurance Plan Another variation of the medical coverage offered by Religare, this gives extra coverage for such conditions that are for most part rejected under basic coverage plans. This includes Critical illness. Treatment of these afflictions can turn out to be extremely costly, going well past the coverage amount provided by normal coverage plans.

Religare Care Health Insurance Plan: This is an essential medical insurance plan that offers the policyholder a moderate approach to meet medical insurance costs. It gives a lifetime cover to people and their families.

Religare Joy Health Insurance Plan A far reaching medical insurance plan that focuses on pregnant ladies - giving them a shield against hospitalization costs through pregnancy furthermore, tending to the different maternity and wellbeing related issues uses through this time span. This approach likewise has the new-born secured, from birth till the infant is 90 days old.

Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan A medical insurance arrangement that spotlights on giving you a chance to carry on with your life the way you see fit, by minimizing the stresses that individuals have about their wellbeing and finances. The plan does not require any health checks and has a waiting period of 2 years for critical illness. The arrangement likewise has lifetime renewability. This plan offers great coverage for a wide variety of medical conditions and non-medical expenses like pre and post hospitalization, ambulance charges among others.

FAQ for Religare Health Insurance

1. What are the benefits of a health card?

A health card mentions the contact details and the contact numbers of the TPA (Third Party Assistance). In case of a medical emergency, you can call on these numbers for queries, clarifications and for seeking any kind of assistance. Moreover, you need to display your health card at the time of admission into the hospital.

2. What is cashless hospitalization ?

Cashless Hospitalization is one of the two methods of effectively utilizing your health insurance cover. With cashless hospitalization, you no longer need to run around paying off hospital bills and then following up for a reimbursement. All you now need to do is get admission to any of our network hospitals and concentrate only on your recovery. Either in the case of an emergency or a planned hospitalization, all you have to do is use your health ID card at our network of more than 3,000 hospitals pan India and avail of the cashless service.

3. What are the advantages of purchasing medical insurance?

With the assistance of medical insurance, you can avail various advantages, for example, nursing care, surgeries, consultation expenses, cashless hospitalization for over 24 hours, tests and so on.

4. What is the significance of a premium?

A premium is the aggregate sum of cash you pay to your medical insurance supplier as an end-result of the benefits it gives through the policy.

5. What do you mean by a family floater plan?

A family floater plan covers your entire family under the sum assured it. The sum assured will be divided equally across the family members.

6. Can I revise the relationship in my plan?

Yes, you can revise or correct the relationship in your arrangement. Religare will do it after appropriate confirmation. Be that as it may, it is liable to your revelation of relationship at the time of purchasing the plan.

7. Can I change my DOB and will that affect my policy?

Change in your DOB may influence your premium. For further points of interest, you have to contact the closest branch of Religare Health Insurance.

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