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Star Health Insurance

Star Health Insurance is amongst the leading stand-alone health insurance providers in India. Ever since its inception in 2006, Star Health Insurance has worked its way towards establishing itself in the health insurance industry and has successfully gained the trust of millions of customers. Star Health Insurance is a 360-degree health insurance system wherein the insurance providers integrate health and wellness coverage in every aspect of an individual's life. Star Health Insurance protects policyholders in times of sickness and encourages its consumers to follow a healthy lifestyle with systematic wellness programs. With an impressive rate of 90% for settling cashless claims within 2 hours and over 14000+ network hospitals and 16+ crore lives covered Star Health Insurance has gained mass recognition.

Star Health Insurance Plans cover hospitalization expenses, medical check-ups, critical illnesses, Ayurveda treatment, Second Medical Opinions, Organ Donor Expenses, and more. Star Health Insurance offers multiple plans that are specially created for individuals with various needs. There are various Star Health Insurance Plans catering to different sections of societies be it Star Health Insurance Women's Care for independent women or the Covid-19 plan that facilitates policyholders in their battle against the pandemic, Star Health Insurance has everyone covered. Star Health Insurance has also built insurance plans keeping the rural Indian population in mind by creating farmer's care plans as well as all-around coverage plans for senior citizens.

Star Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio (claims settled within 3 months) is 99.06% which indicates the positive customer experience it stands for. Star Health Insurance has taken active steps during the pandemic, one of them being the recently launched dedicated COVID-19 helpline (7676-905-905) for any COVID-related assistance.

Over the decades' Star Health Insurance has built a robust network of presence across the nation with 14273+ employees and 815+ branch offices all over India. Star Health Insurance Plans and their performance has also brought in various accolades and recognition across the nation. Take a look at some of the awards and achievements in recent years.

  • Star Health Insurance was awarded "e4m Pride of India - The Best of Bharat Awards 2022"
  • "Young Star Insurance Policy" has been awarded the Most Innovative New Product of the Year (2020)
  • Star Health Insurance was awarded "Best BFSI Brands in 2019" by Economic Times
  • Star Health Insurance was awarded "Best Health Insurance Provider of the year" consecutively two times by Money Today Financial Awards
  • W.H.O Award Of Excellence 2017
  • Best Health Insurance Company of 2017 by CMO Asia

Reasons Star Health Insurance should be your Insurance Provider

Star Health Insurance is known for its vast category of Health Insurance Plans for individuals, families, senior citizens, women's care, rural and farmer's care, corporate/group insurance plans, and more. To cater to such a wide range of customers Star Health Insurance Plans have multiple features and benefits that individuals can avail of throughout their policy term:

  • Nationwide Access to Cashless Hospitalization:
    Star Health Insurance has a wide range of network hospitals spanning across the country. With over 14000+ cashless network hospitals, insurance holders are treated without any hiccups and are catered to at the earliest by Star Health Insurance, and are provided with the best medical care available.
  • Quick and Easy Claim Settlement :
    Star Health Insurance provides a quick and hassle-free claim settlement process. The rate of claim settlement within 2 hours is 90% for this insurance company indicating that a customer's need is its top priority.
  • Economical Star Health Insurance Plans:
    Star Health Insurance designs affordable tailor-made insurance solutions for every individual. Star Health Policies are loaded with features that enhance the health insurance experience for policyholders and also provide an air of confidence that makes policyholders and their family members feel protected against skyrocketing medical expenses.
  • Varied Health Insurance Plan Options:
    Star Health Insurance Plans are versatile and provide coverage against multiple medical expenses. Star Health Insurance offers plans that cover individuals, families, senior citizens and group policies. Be it protection from Covid, Critical Illness, Women specific illnesses, Accident Protection, or Travel Insurance Star Health Plans are tailored for every individual's personal requirement.
  • 360 Degree Star Wellness System :
    Star Health Insurance knows very well that an individual's journey towards health and recovery is not a sprint but a marathon which is why they have created a systematic 360 degree holistic environment to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst policyholders. Star Wellness Program offers multiple features such as access to free expert medical advice, COVID-19 Helpline, Online consultations, healthy reward points and more.
Star Health Insurance Key Features
Star Health Insurance Plan Detailed Review
Health Insurance Plans Banners

Star Health Insurance Plans

Star Health medical insurance plans are designed to meet all the healthcare requirements of the masses. has made it simpler for you to choose a Star health plan tailor-made for your and your family by classifying it into different sections as given below:

Star Health Insurance Individual & Family Plans


This policy is designed to provide complete protection against all health care eventualities to you and your family.

Unique Features

  • Health Checkup for Claim-Free Years.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • 100% Automatic Restoration


The plan is ideal for the families who want to get covered under single sum insured.

Unique Features

  • Automatic Restroration of SI
  • Instant Recharge UPTO 30% of SI
  • New born baby cover from 16th day


Created for young individuals under 40 years of age. It also offers various benefits such as discounts on renewals, incentive-led wellness programs, lowest waiting periods.

Unique Features

  • No-claim bonus
  • Hospital daily cash
  • Automatic restoration of SI


A standard health plan mandated by IRDAI that covers all essential healthcare benefits including Ayush treatment, day care procedures, etc. for individuals and families.

Unique Features

  • Room rent up to 5K/day
  • Modern treatments covered up to 50% of SI
  • 20% rural discount available


A uniquely designed insurance policy that covers organ donor expenses up to sum insured, AYUSH treatments, modern treatments, and many more.

Unique Features

  • All Daycare procedures
  • Automatic Restoration
  • Domiciliary hospitalization


Provides flexibility in terms of choosing the Sum Insured amount, premium amount, family size. It can be a perfect tax saver for you.

Unique Features

  • All Daycare procedures
  • Coverage for Modern Treatment
  • Outpatient Expense

Star Health Insurance Specialized Plans

Women Care

A special plan designed for women, wherein women can avail multifold benefits along with the coverage to the whole family.

Unique Features

  • Coverage for Modern Treatments
  • Coverage during Pregnancy
  • Preventive Health Check Up

Senior Citizen

The plan is specially designed for those individuals who are willing to secure their old-age medical needs after their retirement.

Unique Features

  • Guaranteed Lifelong renewals
  • No Pre-acceptance Medical test
  • Availability of Instalment Facility


The plan offers additional coverage to the policyholder in case their existing coverage is exhausted.

Unique Features

  • All Daycare procedure
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization
  • Organ Donor Expense

Critical Illness

Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

Provides reimbursement of hospitalization expenses and also provides a total amount of sum insured if the insured person is diagnosed with a major illness.

Unique Features

  • Modern Treatment Covered
  • Non-allopathic Treatment
  • Coverage for Medicine and drugs cost

Star Health Insurance Pre-existing Diseases Plans


Star Cardiac Care is ideal for those individuals who want to cover the expenses of cardiac & non-cardiac ailments.

Unique Features

  • Accidents and non-cardiac ailments
  • Day care procedure
  • No pre-acceptance Medical test

Cancer care

Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)

Covers the risk of spreading/recurrence of first cancer (metastasis) & second cancer (second malignancy)

Unique Features

  • Pre-hospitalization (30 days)
  • All daycare procedure
  • Nursing Expense

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Star Special Care Policy

Star Special Care provides coverage to children (3 years to 25 years) who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Unique Features

  • No Pre-medical test
  • Nursing Expense
  • Emergency Ambulance Charges

Star Health Insurance COVID-19 Specific Plans


This plan is for individuals who want to protect themselves and their families against the deadliest virus of Covid-19.

Unique Features

  • No pre-medical Test
  • Only 16 days of Waiting Period
  • Low premium amount


Corona Kavach Policy

It covers the cost of hospitalization if the policyholder tested positive for COVID-19.

Unique Features

  • AYUSH Treatments
  • Home Care Treatment
  • No pre-medical screening test


Corona Rakshak Policy

This policy offers 100% sum insured to the policyholder if he/she tested positive for COVID-19.

Unique Features

  • No pre-medical screening test
  • Sum insured: INR 50K to 2.5Lakhs
  • Only 15 days Waiting Period

Star Health Insurance Network Hospital List

Star Health Insurance Network Hospitals are present in 28 states nationwide. With a wide network of hospitals, Star Health Insurance ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in.

Benefits of Star Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers one of the best health insurance plans to its customers. Over the years Star Health has won many accolades and awards for its exceptional service and insurance products. Ever since it commenced operations the company made its presence felt and emerged as a reliable name in the insurance segment.

The insurer has a variety of health insurance plans that offer varied requirements for different sections of society like individual health insurance plans, family floater health insurance plans, senior citizen health insurance plans, critical illness health insurance plans, disease-specific health insurance plans, personal accident plans, and more.

Star Health offers multiple benefits to its policyholders on the purchase of insurance plans. Read more to understand the benefits.

  • Cashless facilities: Star Health processes more than 89.9% of hospitalization related to mediclaim health insurance claims within 2 hours under the cashless facility and 88% of claims get settled within 7 days on submission of complete documents under reimbursement.
  • Unwavering trust : Star Health Insurance, being amongst the experts in the domain of health insurance in India upholds customer values and helps them in stressful times. The customers have a high trust value in the brand when it comes to health insurance.
  • Free Health Check-up: With many health insurance plans provided by Star Health Insurance policyholders get a free health check-up helping them keep their all-around health in check.
  • Tax Benefit: Premium paid for the health plans of Star Health allows you to claim tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Claim Settlement: Star Health Insurance is amongst the companies with the highest claim settlement ratio in the insurance sector. It signifies the consistency with which they have aided families in their time of need.
  • Cumulative Bonus: Star Health Plans offer the feature of cumulative bonus to their policyholders up to a maximum of 100% after every claim free year.
  • High Sum Insured Options: Star Health Insurance Plan offers multiple Sum Insured Options across the plan categories ranging up to 2 Cr. Policyholders can select the amount of sum Insured as per their needs and requirements and safeguard themselves and their loved ones against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Star Wellness Points and Benefits: Star Health Insurance Plans offer additional wellness points which when accumulated by a policyholder provides impressive discounts in premiums. Benefits are earned by collecting various points through different health and fitness activities like participating in a Walkathon, Marathon, Cyclothon or any other similar activity. Policyholders can also earn points simply by hitting their daily step target via Star Health Insurance App.
  • Family & Loyalty Discounts: Star Health Plans are designed uniquely to benefit policyholders, wherein they can avail multiple discounts in various forms. Discounts are offered through various conditions such as purchase of any Star Health Plans online, when two or more family members are covered under a single policy or on the basis of long term purchase of health Insurance Plan.
  • Overseas Travel Insurance : Star Health Insurance Plans are designed uniquely to cover Indian National even when travelling overseas with family members. Star Health Insurance has curated careful insurance plans for corporates, students and families, who want to travel abroad for leisure or work purposes. With wide coverage facilities such as Emergency medical evacuation cover, Lost Checked-In Baggage, loss of passport and more such features Star Health Insurance makes sure policyholders are safe and face no difficulties away from home.

Star Health Insurance Premium Calculation

Star Mediclaim allows its customers to calculate their premiums online with the help of the Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator. This calculator helps the potential policyholder to get an idea of how much he needs to pay annually.

Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator calculates the annual premium on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Medical History of the policyholder: It is an essential element affecting the premium amount of your Star Health Insurance plan. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you will have to pay a higher premium. This is because in such cases, the insurance company faces higher chances of obligating a claim in comparison to policyholders who are fit and fine.
  • Members added in a single plan: The premium amount for Star Health Insurance plans would cost less if you buy an individual health insurance plan and cover only yourself. However, if you choose to add family members as floaters, you will have to pay higher rates because you will need more coverage.
  • Age: With increasing age, you become prone to diseases and medical issues and hence have greater chances of making claims under health insurance plans offered by Star Health Insurance which is why you will have to pay higher premiums if you buy plans during old age as compared to young age.
  • Sum cover opted: The higher the sum insured chosen, the larger the coverage and, as a result, the higher the health insurance premium for all plans offered by Star Health Insurance.
  • Lifestyle: Unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, etc., put an individual at great risk of getting diseases and hence a greater chance of making claims which makes premium rates higher.

Calculate Star Health Insurance Premium

Here are some Star Health premium charts for you to understand the calculation of Star health mediclaim policies. You can explore all the aspects involved in premium calculation with the help of Star insurance premium calculator.

Family Health Optima

AGE 26

26 years 2 Adult 2 Adult+1 Child 2 Adult+2 Child Average Premium
5L 11,150 13,710 16,275 13,711
10L 13,935 17,140 20,345 17,140

Star Comprehensive Policy

AGE 26

26 years 1 Adult 2 Adult 2 Adult+1 Child 2 Adult+2 Child Average Premium
5L 7,015 10,420 13,170 14,800 11,351
10L 9,725 15,560 19,110 20,920 16,329

Senior Citizens Red Carpet

Policy Term 1 Year 1 Adult 2 Adult Average Premium
10L 18,000 38,250 28,125
15L 29,205 49,650 39,428

Star Health Insurance Plans Inclusions

Star Health Plans are offering multiple coverage factors and plan inclusions that aid individuals in fighting the excessive medical care costs when required. You can avail of all these mentioned inclusions in Star Health Insurance Plans.

  • In-patient Hospitalisation Expenses: Health insurance plans offered by Star Health Insurance cover you against hospitalization expenses incurred due to hospitalization because of any illness, sickness, disease, or accident.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization Expenses: Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are covered for up to 90 and 180 days, respectively, under Star Health insurance plans.
  • Ambulance Cover: In the case that you require medical attention, Star Health Insurance policies cover you against emergency ambulance expenses.
  • Organ Donor Expenses: You get covered against organ donor expenses under health insurance plans offered by Star Health Insurance.
  • Daycare Procedures: Under health insurance plans offered by Star Health Insurance, you can seek treatment for daycare procedures. These are procedures that require hospitalization of fewer than 24 hours. For instance, chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, and cataract.
  • AYUSH Treatments: Star Health insurance plans offer coverage for expenses related to AYUSH systems of medicines like Ayurveda, Unaani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.
  • Wellness Programs: Star Health Insurance Plans offer multiple reward points to their policyholders when they take care of their health. Policyholders can avail of wellness benefits under the plans they opt for and earn reward points which can then in turn be used for renewal discounts and more.
  • Star Health Plan Second Medical Opinion : Multiple Star Health Insurance Plans offer insured individuals with second medical opinion benefits wherein they can avail a second medical opinion from a medical professional within the Star Health Insurance network of Doctors. Star Health Insurance has a dedicated email Id that allows policyholders to send their medical history for further consultation.
  • Star Health Insurance Plan Value-Added Benefits: Star Health Insurance Plans offer multiple value added benefits along with the conventional coverage features. These value added services or benefits compose of e-medical opinion, Telemedicine Services, Online Consultations, Dedicated COVID-19 helpline, and more which showcases how Star Health Insurance is known as a dedicated Health Insurance Specialist.
  • Regular Health Check-ups : Star Health Insurance Plans offer regular annual health check-ups to their policyholders in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and catch any ailment in time for treatment.

Exclusions of Star Health Insurance Plans

There are multiple exclusions when investing in any Star Health Insurance Plans. Star Health Insurance has specific exclusions such as Hospitalization out of war, riot, strike, nuclear weapons, Intentional self-injury, AIDS, Miscarriage, abortion, Congenital disease, and, Infertility and in vitro fertilization and more.

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Treatments related to cosmetic surgery are not covered under health insurance plans offered by Star Health Insurance.
  • Self-Inflicted Injuries: Self-inflicted injuries, such as those suffered during a suicide attempt, are not covered by Star Health Insurance plans.
  • Injuries Due To Participation In Adventure Sports: Expenses arising due to participation in adventure sports activities such as mountain climbing, paragliding, etc. are not covered under Star Health Insurance plans.
  • Illness Due To Use Of Intoxicating Substances: Star Health Insurance does not cover any treatment that may be required as a result of the use of intoxicating substances. These may include drugs, alcoholism, smoking, and tobacco chewing.
  • Weight Control Treatments: Star Health Insurance plans do not cover you against expenses incurred on weight control procedures including surgical procedures like bariatric surgery or treatment of obesity.

Please note that the exclusions mentioned above may vary from plan to plan.

Star Health Insurance Buying Check List

Get all the essential information about 'Star Health Insurance' by clicking on the links below.

Quick Links

Star Health Medical Insurance Exclusions List

Like many other health plans, Star medical insurance also does not cover a list of medical conditions and diseases. You can read about what is not covered under Star health plans below:

  • Injuries due to participation in adventurous sports
  • Use and abuse of intoxicant substances like drugs and alcohol
  • Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases like HIV
  • Medical issues caused due to war situations

Star Health Insurance Buying Process

There are two options to buy a Star Health plan. You can purchase Star mediclaim policy either from the brand website directly or from

Buy from the Company

  • Visit the official website of the company and click on the 'Buy Now' tab
  • Fill in all the necessary details
  • Choose a plan and make the payment
  • The insurer will send the policy documents to your registered email address.

Buy from PolicyX

  • Fill in the details in the 'Calculate Premium' form
  • The next page will show all the available plans. Choose the best Star health plan and click on 'Buy Now'.
  • Pay the premium and your policy document will be shared on your registered email.

Why should you Buy the Star mediclaim policy from

With so many buying options available in the market, one must think that why he/she needs to choose Well, we are here to answer. Read out the below points to find out why to choose

  • IRDAI Approved: The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is a regulatory body created to protect the policyholder's interest. follows all the guidelines and protocols approved by the IRDAI.
  • Free Comparison Service: With, you can easily compare the best Health Plans in India without paying the extra amount.
  • Compare 15 Companies in 30 Seconds: With us, you can compare up to 15 companies in just a few seconds.
  • Buy Insurance withing 5 mins: With, you can buy your policy online without any hassles. We offer an easy 4-step online buying process that allows you to buy your policy without any troubles.
  • 24*7 Customer Service: The experts of are always available to resolve any of your insurance-related queries.
  • Free Future Claim Assistance: Our team will assist you at every step of your claim process. Be it claim intimation, documentation, or any other process, we are always there to help.
WWhy Should You Buy the Star Health Insurance Plan from

Star Health Insurance Renewal

Star Health Insurance company comes with a Lifetime Renewability feature, which means there are no restrictions or age bar on Star Health Insurance Renewal.

Star Health insurance renewal is available online. The company has a simple and quick star health online renewal process to renew a star health plan in a few easy steps as mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Star and click on 'Renewals'
  • Enter your policy number and date of birth.
  • Proceed by making the payment online.

Once Done, you will get the StarHealth Insurance renewal copy on your registered email-id.

With Star Health Online Renewal, one can make hassle-free renewal payments through multiple channels including e-wallet, company website, mobile app, Paytm, etc. Read all about Star policy premium payment.

For Renewal of Star Health Insurance Plans, the company also offers the grace period of 30 days, during which the policyholder can renew their policy even after the due date without it getting lapsed.

Star Health Insurance Claim Process

Explore Star Health claim settlement process for cashless and reimbursement claims in detail below:

Cashless Claim Process

  • Show your Health Card at the hospital's reception desk
  • Submit the hospital Pre-admission investigations and Doctor's consultation papers
  • Hospital will verify the identity and submit a duly filled pre-authorization form to Star Health.
  • Doctors will verify the submitted documents before processing the claim.
  • The hospital will send the claim documents to the company.
  • The amount will be settled directly to the hospital.

Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Intimate the company within 24 hours of hospitalization.
  • Avail treatment, settle all the bills, and file a reimbursement claim.
  • Submit the required documents to the company within 15 days of the discharge.
  • The company will verify all the information and process the claim.
  • Once approved, you will receive the reimbursement amount in your registered bank account.

Know more About Star Health Claim Process

Documents Required For Reimbursement Claims

To file your reimbursement claim for Star health insurance plans, you need to submit some essential documents, which may vary from plan to plan. Take a look below to explore the documents required:

  • Photocopy of Health card
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Pre-admission investigations and Doctor's consultation papers
  • Original Discharge summary
  • Investigation reports (e.g. X-ray, scans, blood report, etc.)
  • Pharmacy bills supported by respective prescriptions
  • Medical Bills
  • In cases of accidents (Copy of FIR, Medico-Legal Certificate)
  • Copy of the KYC documents
  • Canceled cheque

** Star Health Insurance may ask for other documents as per the requirements

You can also check your Star Health Insurance policy status by visiting the official website of Star Health Insurance. Under the 'Claims' tab, hit the Claim Status button, & enter the required Star Health Insurance Policy details such as ID number and claim intimation number.

How to Contact Star Health & Allied Insurance Company?

Star Health Insurance Contact Address

Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd, No.1, New Tank Street, Valluvarkottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034



Star Health has a dedicated 24*7 customer care support for each branch to help customers resolve their queries anytime. For branch-wise contact details you can read more about Star Health Insurance customer care.

Health Insurance Articles

Star Health Insurance: FAQs

1. How many types of health plans are offered by Star Health?

The type of health plans offered by Star Health are:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Family Floater Health Insurance
  • Senior Citizens Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Health Insurance for pre-existing diseases
  • Top-Up Health Insurance
  • Corona Specific Health Insurance

2. Can I cover my 4-year-old daughter under Star Health Insurance?

The company does not offer any specific health plan for children, however, you can cover your daughter under a Family Floater Health Insurance plan.

3. What is the waiting period for pre-existing illness in Star Health insurance plan ?

Generally, every health plan excludes the treatment of any pre-existing disease and illnesses up to a predetermined period. At Star Health, the treatment of any such pre-existing disease is covered only after the completion of 48 months of continuous renewals.

4. Can I pay my premiums in EMI ?

Yes, Star Health has recently launched the facility to pay the health insurance premium in installments. Plans such as Senior Citizen Red Carpet, Family Health Optima, Medi-Classic Insurance, Star Micro Rural & Farmers Care, etc. offer the policyholder to pay their premiums in monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly installments.

5. How can I check Star Health Insurance Policy Status?

To check your policy status, go to the Star Health Insurance login page on their official website. Login with your registered user ID and Password, and you will be redirected to the page from where you can check all your star health insurance policy details.

6. Can I port my Star Health Insurance Policy?

Yes, you can. The company allows the policyholder to port their policy to other insurers. As per the IRDAI guidelines, one can port their policies at least 45 days before, but not earlier than 60 days from the policy renewal date.

7. Does the company offer coverage for maternity expenses?

Yes, a few plans of Star Health such as the Comprehensive Plan offers coverage against Maternity expenses.

8. How many times am I allowed to make a claim during a policy period?

One can make any number of claims during the policy period until and unless your sum insured cover is exhausted.

9. From where can I find the TPA's list of Star Health for processing my claims?

The best thing about Star Health is that there are no Third Party Administrators (TPA's). The company has their direct in-house claims settlement team that ensures your claims are settled on time without any hassles.

10. Will the test for COVID-19 be covered under the policy?

The cost of the RT PCR Test fixed by the State/Central Govt will be covered.

11. Is COVID-19 treatment covered in my health insurance policy?

Star Health Insurance Policies cover the treatment of COVID-19 when the treatment is taken as an inpatient.

12. Is there any policy that covers autism?

Yes, Autism is covered under Star Special Care health insurance policy.

13. Does Star Health insurance offer any specific plan for critical illnesses?

Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy covers 11 critical illnesses.

14. What is the eligibility to purchase the autism plan of Star Health insurance?

This policy is available to any child with autism who is between the ages of 3 to 25 years old.

15. Does Star Health offer restoration benefits under health insurance plans for a family?

Yes, Star Health offers a 100% of restoration benefit under some of their health plans.

16. What documents are required for claiming COVID-19 treatment?

The following are the required documents (original) :

  • Test reports (Govt. Approved Laboratories)
  • Bills of tests, hospital, and medicine
  • Discharge summary
  • Payment receipts
  • Claim forms

17. Can a non-Indian take the health policy of Star?

Yes, any non-Indian can take the health insurance plan of Star, but the coverage will be available across India only.How can I pay the premiums of the Star Health Insurance Plans Online?

18. What is the grace period for the renewal of Star Health Insurance Plans?

Star Health Insurance provides a 30 days grace period for renewal. It allows the policyholder to pay the renewal premium even after the expiry of the due date. With this 30 day, grace period policyholders can enjoy complete coverage benefits of health insurance plans during the grace period.

19. What is a health card?

A health card comes with the health insurance policy of Star Health Insurance and is like an ID card. It allows an insured to get cashless treatments at any of the network hospitals of Star Health Insurance Company.

20. How can I pay the premiums of the Star Health Insurance Plans Online?

Go to the website of Star Health Insurance and choose the health insurance policy. Fill in the details of all the individuals for whom the health insurance is to be bought. With the help of the Star Health premium calculator, one can see the quotes instantly. The Star Health Online payment can be paid via debit card, net banking, and credit card.

21. What are the diseases that Star Health Insurance Covers?

Below mentioned are the Star Health Insurance covered Diseases List:

  • Genetic Disorders
  • Infertility
  • Hernia
  • Cataract
  • Piles
  • Diseases caused due to alcohol or drugs consumption

22. Is there any Star Health insurance plan for females?

Yes, Star Health insurance offers a female centric plan called Star Women Care plan.

23. Documents Required for Cashless claim for Star Health Insurance?

  • Star Health Card
  • Duly filled & signed claim form
  • The discharge report from the hospital/Doctor
  • Check-Up reports such as blood reports, x-ray, or any scans reports
  • Consultation papers of the doctor
  • Chemist's invoice (in original written form )
  • In case of an accidental hospitalization, police FIR report Medical Legal Certificates
  • Other miscellaneous documents (if required)

24. Details Required to calculate the Star health Insurance Premium Plan.

To calculate the Star Health Insurance Plane you need-

  • Sum you insured
  • Scheme (total number of members you intend to add in the plan)
  • Date of birth of the eldest member of the family.
  • Tenure of the policy

25. Do Star Health Insurance has an additional top-up plan ?

Yes Star Health Insurance has a top up plan 'Star Health Surplus Insurance Plan'. This plan provides a high sum insured at an affordable premium . The claim of the policy varies from plan to plan and can be from 3 lakh to 5 lakh.

26. What is a Health Card in Star health Insurance?

A health card in Star Health Insurance is just like an ID card which assures the insured person to get a cashless treatment. At any of the network hospitals of Star Health Insurance Company.

27. Why should I invest In Star Health Insurance Plans?

Star Health Insurance plans offer robust and complete healthcare coverage. The Health Insurance Provider understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourages individuals to live healthier through their value added benefits and wellness programs. Additionally Star Health Insurance Plan covers individuals against critical illnesses, diabetes, cardio-vascular problems and more. All Star Health Insurance Plans offer high sum insured options, day care coverage, AYUSH treatment, Maternity and newborn cover amongst many other advantages.

28. Can I cover my family with Star Health Insurance Plans?

Yes, Star Health Insurance Family Floater Plans offer individuals to cover themselves and their families under a single health insurance plan. Star Health Insurance Plans that come with family floater options cover medical expenses that arise due to sudden illness, accidents, daycare procedures/treatments and more.

29. Am I covered for pre existing diseases under Star Health Insurance Plans?

For any PED (Pre existing diseases) to be covered under Star Health Insurance Plans individuals will have to go through a certain amount of waiting period which differs according to the plan opted.

30. What is the procedure to avail the cashless hospitalization facility in any Star Health Insurance Network Hospital?

Star Health Insurance has a nationwide network of over 14000+ hospitals where policyholders can avail cashless hospitalization. The process to avail the same is as follows

  • Ask network hospital officials to Intimate Star Health Insurance at 044 6900 6900 / 044 4674 5800 or via e-mail-
  • Submit the necessary documents to the hospital authorities such as Star Health Insurance ID or policy number, doctor's consultation papers/prescriptions
  • The hospital staff will in turn verify and authorize the documents by filling a form on Star Health Insurance Website
  • Once Star Health Insurance authorizes the submitted documents, the claim will be settled directly with the hospital at the time of discharge.

31. What is a Star Health Insurance Health Card?

Star Health Insurance issues a health card that comes with the policy you purchase. Every policyholder gets a Star Health Insurance Health Card. These Star Health Insurance Health Cards help you in availing facilities like cashless hospitalization facility at any of the network hospitals.

Star Health Insurance Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Star health insurance company and Star health mediclaim policy.

Customer Review Image

sandeep singh


January 12, 2023

Dnt buy any policy from Star health They are big fraud my father is admitted in hospital crucial stage they reject our claims without reason i will filled case against company in consumer court...

Customer Review Image

Sanjay naraware


November 8, 2022

Sanjay nanaware here, first of all I appreciate Star Health for your punctuality, service, conversation and I really thanks to Mr.Sanchin pathavnkar who has suggest star health policy.

Customer Review Image



June 2, 2022

Star health insurance company is one of the most trusted brands and my experience has been good with the insurer.

Customer Review Image

Himanshu Gada


May 25, 2022

Star is a good company. I have bought 2 plans from this company. One for myself, and another for my parents. I am happy with both the plan. Thank you for helping me to find this gre...

Customer Review Image

samarth wadhwa


March 14, 2022

Star is one of the topmost insurance companies and they prove it with their services and plans. They have plans for each family member of mine starting from my parents to my own family and even...

Customer Review Image

rachana singh


February 24, 2022

I am star health s customers from last 5 months where i have got best customer service. They have a huge list of network hospitals which keeps me relaxed that i can get cashless treatment

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February 17, 2022

No doubt that why people recommended me this company. They are loyal towards their customers and help them in every possible way.

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Yash Sharma


January 18, 2022

Best comparison portal and best services given by and this company is growing in insurance web aggregator sector

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