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Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy
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Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy

It is a specialized plan that cover cardiac diseases. Apart from the basic hospitalization cover, it covers boarding charges, rent charges, nursing charges, Surgeon's fee, anesthetist, specialist fee, medical practitioner, cost of medicines and drugs as well. Along with it, pre hospitalization and post hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, pre existing diseases are also covered. The insured will get the benefit of the 405 day care treatments that are covered in this health plan.

Benefits and Features

  • Cardiac Diseases:The major benefit of this plan is that it covers cardiac diseases. There are different sections available in this plan related to the coverage of cardiac ailments.
  • Hospitalization Expenses: This plan provides coverage for maximum hospitalization expenses such as an anesthetist, room rent, boarding, medical practitioner, the cost of medicines & drugs, specialist fee and much more.
  • Ambulance Expense: Apart from basic hospitalization covers, this plan provides coverage of ambulance charges up to a specified limit.
  • Pre & post hospitalization: This health insurance plan also covers pre & post hospitalization cost as per the policy guidelines
  • Cashless benefits
  • Free expert medical consultation
  • Tie-with more than 7800 hospitals countrywide
  • Tax saving advantage

Expert View

A wonderful health product by Star health Insurance Company as it covers cardiac disease at an affordable price which is very rare with most other plans. It covers maximum number of heart related diseases, as well as provide all the benefits which a basic health scheme provides. Pre existing disease coverage and 405 day care treatment coverage are an add on benefit of the plan. The different section of the plan like gold plan and silver plan makes it more affordable for a buyer as he/she can buy according to their needs.

What it covers?

  • Cardiac Ailments: A major segment that other basic health plans don't cover. This health insurance plan covers cardiac disease after completion of 90successful days of the plan.There are two types of plan under this- Gold plan which covers cardiac related difficulties, required surgery / intrusion and also cardiac health management and SILVER PLAN which provide coverage on any cardiac related problems and essential surgery / intervention only.
  • Hospitalization: It covers almost every expense related to hospitalization such as medical practitioners and surgeon's fee, room rent, anesthetist fees, boarding expenses, cost of medicines and much more.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expense: Covers maximum expenses up to 30 days before the hospitalization and after hospitalization up to specified limits.
  • Pre Existing Disease: After successful completion of 48 months of the plan the company would cover pre- existing diseases.405 day care treatments covered

Documents & Eligibility

Any person between age group 10 to 65 years, who has undergone for the first time PTCA (Stenting) or CABG (By-pass) in 4 years before the purchasing date of the plan can take this insurance.

It requires basic documents such as age proof, ID proof, passport size photos and address proof. People of age group 50 years and more have to produce medical records only.

Required documents are ID proof, address proof, age proof, and passport size photos as well.

Last updated on 14-01-2021