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Shri Ram Life Insurance Company

Shriram Life Insurance Company is the joint venture between the Shriram Group and the Sanlam Group.The Shriram Group is a leading and well-known financial services conglomerate in India. The main line of business of this group is chit fund, truck financing, consumer durable financing, stock broking, insurance broking and life insurance. It has a customer base of 30 lacs chit subscribers and investors and operates through a network of 630 offices across the country.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is basically a sector that is highly in demand in India. We stay in exciting times - interesting yet volatile! In such instances, wherein there are not any surety of life, life coverage is the simplest warranty that you need to defend yourself and your loved ones against the unknown and the unexpected incidents. Insurance is basically a connection between the insured and the insurer. The insured pays the insurer a sure amount of money at constant intervals as a premium in lieu of the insurer, which can pay a positive sum assured when people need it and at the demise of the insured.

In the past, human beings might go in for traditional coverage policies which had been normally termed policy or endowment policies. The sum assured in these coverage plans is guaranteed and pre-decided. Those plans often gave the insured coverage for life, health and from time to time-related to the life-long pension paying scheme. However, despite the fact that these vintage plans provide a safety net, they're outdated because of the spiraling fee of residing. They do not yield excessive returns and the premium paying time period is alternatively long.

Again in the past, the more youthful era became not as privy to the want of insuring oneself. Nowadays, not only are we curious about coverage, we have learned that investing and insurance can happen at the same time and with equal amount of cash.

Why Do You Need Shriram Life Insurance Policy?

If you need to make any claim under this coverage you ought to:

When it comes to life insurance, Shriram life insurance is something that you can blindly trust. This company is into the same business from many years and offers a wide range of effective plans.
The life insurance company has seen a paradigm shift. Today, coverage isn't just a form of safety against the premature and unfortunate incidents of life, but also a form of funding in the equity market. The entire idea has modified with an increasing number of non-public corporations leaping headlong into this area. Gone are the times wherein people went in for government companies and played it safe. The risk urge has expanded and for this reason Unit linked insurance Plans or ULIPs are ruling the roost. These ULIPs invest the insurer's cash in the market and not simply in life coverage thereby making your financial savings develop drastically.
Life Insurance Policies allow you to secure your life and achieve financial goals easily. It will assist at each important stage of life when you need it most.

Shri Ram Life Insurance Plans

Shriram General insurance company is offering a wide range of life insurance products. You just need to pick the best one for yourself today. The company offers exclusive plan as well that can meet the need of a consumer easily. Here is the list of all life insurance plans that you must search for yourself:

Shriram New Shri Vivah Plan: It is an affordable plan that provides protection to you and your loved ones.

Shriram New Shri Vidya Plan: The Plan provides survival benefits to amend according to your child's education requirements.

Shriram New Shri Raksha Plan: This plan pays a lump sum payment in case of unfortunate accidents that might lead to death and helps your family in clearing debts.

Shriram Ujjwal Life: It helps in reaching financial goals.

Shriram Ujjwal Life - SP: This is designed in a way that can help consumers in achieving financial goals.

Shriram Fortune Builder Plan: A single premium unit linked insurance plan that provides high returns.

Cash Back term plan: It is an affordable protection plan that pays a lump sum in case of death of insured.

Shriram Life Wealth Plus: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that protects your family and helps in growing investments as well.

Shriram New Shri Life Plan: It is a non-linked participating endowment plan.

Shriram Immediate Annuity Plan: It is a traditional non-participating Life Insurance plan that provides a regular payment.

New Akshay Nidhi plan: It provides income at an interval of every 5 years to meet financial objectives and commitments.

Shriram Secure Investment Plan: It is an ideal plan that helps in maximizing lump sum cash surplus.

Shriram Life Assured Income Plan: It provides the assured cash flow to meet the requirements.

Shriram Easy Life Cover: It is designed in a way that can meet the short term insurance needs of the consumers.

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Contact Address

Shriram Life Insurance Company
Ramky Selenium, Plot No 31 & 32 Beside Andhra Bank Training Centre,
Financial District, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032
Board : +91 40 23009400

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