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Birla Sun Life Insurance Company

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited (BSLI) is a joint venture between the Aditya Birla Group, a well known Indian conglomerate and Sun Life Financial Inc, one of the leading international financial services organizations from Canada. With an experience of over a decade, BSLI has contributed to the growth and development of the Indian life insurance industry and currently is one of the leading life insurance companies in the country.

Life Insurance is an essential tool that assists you at different stage of your life. Not only you, it assists your family as well, so that they are able to face any emergency. It will assist by providing the necessary financial assistance.

Why Go For Life Insurance ?

Future Goal Planning

The financial goal is in the list of every person. In India, everyone thinks of building a strong financial background so that in future their loved one would not suffer. Life insurance plans offer that financial security so your loved would be ab;e to deal with different types of financial crisis.


Once you set your financial goal, then the life insurance plan is the best way to achieve it. Moreover, it is the best financial assistance that your family member would receive in case of your death.

Tax efficient

Like other health insurance plans, this plan also offers the tax benefits. Under the SEC 10(10D) and Section 80C, you will be able to avail tax benefits.


Life insurance plans are really flexible in terms of asset allocation that go well with specific requirements.

Wider options

Under a life insurance plan, you have several options to choose from. Different types of loans help you in dealing with different types of requirements.

Insurance for Financial Security

Life insurance is the best way to secure your family and their future needs. It helps you by offering a contingent liabilities such as hospitalization, debt redemption, critical illness in the most cost effective manner.

Accident benefit

It is basically an add-on cover to your basic life insurance plan. It offers an additional sum assured amount to the nominee in case of death because of the accident. Since we all know that the death issue and in such cases the family will face different forms of problems such as relocation, debt servicing ad several other requirements.

Retirement planning

With the help of effective retirement life insurance plan, you can easily secure your post-retirement life, Your needs would be taken care of. In return of your premium, the company will pay a sum assured amount that you can use to enjoy our post-retirement life further.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Plans

BSLI Protector Plus Plan: A plan that guarantees financial security for your family though keeping pace with your growing requirements, and rewards you for a healthy lifestyle .

BSLI Future Guard Plan: BSLI Future Guard Plan provides complete financial freedom even when you're not around, so that your loved ones live comfortably.

BSLI Easy Protect Plan: Responsibilities of your life might be growing or may have been steady. Protect your family against the extra liabilities of life by selecting the best policy for your needs.

BSLI Protect@Ease: To deal with growing expectations and secure the financial future of your family, it provides a perfect protection plan for you.

BSLI Vision MoneyBack Plus Plan: It ensures that your money is safe, and provide good returns. Under the same your money would be safe and secured.

BSLI Vision LifeIncome: It is a traditional life insurance plan that offers wider coverage at an affordable price.

BSLI Vision Endowment Plan: This plan assures growth in savings and returns. with this effective plans, the ahncesof getting good returns are high.

BSLI Savings Plan1: This plan provides the flexibility to choose your plan and gain steady growth in savings.

BSLI Income Assured Plan: : It is a comprehensive financial protection for your family. It provides complete financial security to your family at an affordable price.

BSLI Vision Regular Returns Plan: It offers a combination of liquidity, savings and financial protection of your family.

BSLI Vision Endowment Plus Plan: An endowment plan that provides good results.

BSLI Guaranteed Future Plan: It is the Maturity Sum Assured and will depend on the chosen Death Benefit option, premium paying frequency, amount of premium chosen and the gender of the life insured.

BSLI Vision Star Plan: It offers guaranteed benefits with bonuses on the future performance.

BSLI Empower pension plan: It is a unit linked not participating insurance plan.

BSLI Immediate Annuity Plan: It allows customer to convert their savings or lump sum amounts into an instantly guaranteed lifetime income.

BSLI Empower Pension – SP Plan: This plan will help you gain financial freedom during your second innings.

BSLI Wealth Max Plan: A single pay unit linked plan.

BSLI Wealth Secure Plan: A life insurance plan that provides complete protection to your family.

BSLI Wealth Assure PlanBirla Sun Life Insurance: It provides you twin benefits of savings and investment.

BSLI Fortune Elite Plan: It provides a combination of several benefits.

BSLI Wealth Aspire Plan Guaranteed Additions: You are rewarded for policy maintenance in the form of additional units that will be added to your policy.

Other plans of Birla Sun Life Insurance

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Contact Address

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited
Reg. Office: One India Bulls Centre, Tower 1,16th Floor, Jupiter Mill Compound,
841 ,Senapati Bapat Marg,Elphinstone Road,Mumbai-400013.
Tele-No:+91 22 67239100 Toll-free:1-800-270-7000

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