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Birla Sun Life Insurance Company

Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. or BSLI is considered one of India's most trustworthy and foremost insurance organizations. It's a combined endeavor by Aditya Birla Group, a sincere multinational enterprise with a global presence and Sun Life Financial Inc., one of Canada's top financial service organization.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. started its operations in India, in 2000. It now has over a decade of enjoying in the insurance sector and has emerged as one of India's leading insurance groups. It is ranked among the top seven personal area life insurance companies in India. Formerly known as Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited, ABSLI is one of India's leading life insurance companies offering a range of products across the customer's lifecycle, including children future plans, wealth protection plans, retirement and pension solutions, health plans, traditional term plans and Unit Linked Insurance Plans ("ULIPs").

Why Go For Life Insurance?

Future Goal Planning

The financial goal is on the list of every person. In India, everyone thinks of building a strong financial background so that in future their loved one would not suffer. Life insurance plans offer that financial security so your loved would be able to deal with different types of financial crisis.


Once you set your financial goal, then the life insurance plan is the best way to achieve it. Moreover, it is the best financial assistance that your family member would receive in case of your death.

Tax efficient

Like other health insurance plans, this plan also offers the tax benefits. Under the SEC 10(10D) and Section 80C, you will be able to avail tax benefits.


Life insurance plans are really flexible in terms of asset allocation that go well with specific requirements.

Wider options

Under a life insurance plan, you have several options to choose from. Different types of loans help you in dealing with different types of requirements.

Insurance for Financial Security

Life insurance is the best way to secure your family and their future needs. It helps you by offering a contingent liabilities such as hospitalization, debt redemption, critical illness in the most cost-effective manner.

Accident benefit

It is basically an add-on cover to your basic life insurance plan. It offers an additional sum assured amount to the nominee in case of death because of the accident. Since we all know that the death issue and in such cases the family will face different forms of problems such as relocation, debt servicing ad several other requirements.

Retirement planning

With the help of effective retirement life insurance plan, you can easily secure your post-retirement life, Your needs would be taken care of. In return for your premium, the company will pay a sum assured amount that you can use to enjoy our post-retirement life further.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Plans

Term Insurance

Term Insurance is the traditional typical insurance plan that is affordable for the policyholder and provides financial stability and complete protection for the loved ones of the policyholder and provides cover against any type of unforeseen events.

ABSLI Protector Plus Plan

With a higher sum assured, it protects your family’s future and ensures that they live without any financial worries. In the case where the life insured suffering from total and permanent disability during the policy term, 50% of the sum assured at inception subject to a maximum of Rs 50,00,000 will be paid to the life insured. Death benefit under the policy will remain unaffected.

ABSLI Future Guard Plan

This plan offers complete financial freedom, even when you are not around, so that your loved ones live comfortably. This plan is ideal for you if you want an economical way of providing life insurance cover and would like to protect your family in the unfortunate event of you not being around, yet receive all your premiums back on maturity.

ABSLI Protect@Ease Plan

It safeguards you from unforeseen events by ensuring maximum benefits and utmost security for your family. This plan helps you to ride the highs of life while overriding the lows. You may opt to increase your life cover on the occurrence of each of the events without undergoing for any fresh medical examination under level term assurance option.

ABSLI Income Shield Plan

It offers the financial support needed to protect your loved ones even in case of death or other unforeseen circumstances. It ensures that the family continues to earn the same monthly salary or income necessary to enjoy the same lifestyle as earlier. It allows you to enhance your insurance with an appropriate rider option.

ABSLI DigiShield Plan

ABSLI DigiShield offers you the freedom to choose your sum assured and plan option, depending on your needs. Once you choose a sum assured, the plan option determines the enhancements to your chosen life cover over the course of your policy. It provides the flexibility to choose your policy term and premium paying term.

ABSLI Life Shield Plan

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Life Shield Plan that offers you the flexibility to make a combination from amongst 8 different plan options as per your family's needs so they need not compromise on their lifestyle, even in your absence.

Wealth With Protection

Wealth with Protection or Unit Linked Insurance Plan, which is also popular by the name of wealth insurance plan is basically a complete package of investment and insurance cover. It allows you to do wealth enhancement. In ULIPs, a part of the premium is reserved for a life insurance and rest is invested in different forms of investments that includes stocks, bonds and much more.

ABSLI Wealth Max Plan

It safeguards your wealth against the market volatilities and averages out the risks associated with the equity market. Under this option, you get access to a well-established suite of 11 segregated funds, complete control on how to invest your premiums.

ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan

It allows you to manage and administer your investment portfolio on your behalf and according to your risk profile. With this investment option, you can systematically participate and eliminate the need to time your investments into the market.

ABSLI Wealth Assure Plan

Upon the unfortunate demise of the life insured prior to maturity, ABSLI will pay to the nominee the Basic Sum Assured plus the Basic Fund Value as on the date of intimation of death. In addition, ABSLI will also pay the top-up sum assured plus the top-up fund value as on the date of intimation of death

ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan

In case of emergencies, you can surrender your policy to us anytime during the policy term. Any such surrender will be treated according to the complete withdrawal as mentioned in the policy discontinuance section.

ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan

In the unfortunate event the life insured dies while the policy is in effect, ABSLI will pay immediately to the nominee the basic sum assured plus top-up sum assured, if any. The death benefit shall never be less than 105% of total premiums paid to date (excluding GST).

Child plans

Child insurance is basically designed to help you save for your child's future education, marriage and other important milestones in your child's life.

ABSLI Vision Star Plan

ABSLI Vision Star Plan’s main aim is to ensure that your child doesn't miss out on opportunities due to insufficient funds. ABSLI will declare simple reversionary bonuses regularly at the end of each financial year and that will be added to your policy on its policy anniversary.

Retirement plans

Pension plans are also popularly known as retirement plans. Under the same you can use a part of your current savings to secure your post-retirement life. Some people think that they have enough savings for their retirement, but it is a fact that savings get exhausted quickly, so with the help of the best pension plan you can safeguard your post-retirement life easily.

ABSLI Empower Pension plan

This is a non-collaborating, unit linked pension plan. This complete and simple pension plan helps you to gather your funding returns and premiums right into a bulk quantity so that you can lead a secure and independent life after retirement.

ABSLI Immediate Annuity Plan

This plan enables you to have a lump sum amount just like the EPF. This plan serves as a financial planning tool that lets you combine your savings and bulk payouts that you could turn into ordinary income.

ABSLI Empower Pension-SP Plan

This plan allows you to pick your premium amount, your vesting date and your risk profile. It is a non-collaborating, unit-linked pension plan and it helps you to use your savings and investments as a source of regular profits after retirement.

Savings With Protection

Savings with Protection Solutions allows you to save money in small amounts, with the added benefits of a life cover and tax-free returns on the endowment insurance plan.

ABSLI Vision MoneyBack Plus Plan

It is a traditional participating plan, which provides you with regular liquidity to meet your financial requirements along with adequate life cover against any unfortunate event.

ABSLI Vision LifeIncome Plan

A traditional participating whole life plan that helps you to not only plan your financial goals but also realize your dreams by providing you with a steady income and whole life cover.

ABSLI Vision Endowment Plan

It offers growth in your savings with accrued bonuses starting from the first policy year and also secures your loved ones' future. This plan offers you the best of both worlds.

ABSLI Savings Plan

It not only helps you save money regularly but also enables its steady growth over time. With this plan, you and your loved ones gain peace of mind and the potential of a secure financial future to meet your financial needs.

ABSLI Vision LifeSecure Plan

It is designed to provide long-term financial security for you and your family. With the flexibility to decide your policy term, you can enjoy life protection up to age 100 and steady growth to your savings over time so that you can relax and enjoy your life with complete peace of mind.

ABSLI Income Assured Plan

This plan helps you plan your future better by creating a corpus in the long run that helps you realise your dreams and various financial goals.

ABSLI Vision Regular Returns Plan

ABSLI Vision Regular Returns Plan is a traditional participating endowment plan. With survival benefits payable every year from 5th policy anniversary till maturity and life insurance benefit.

ABSLI Vision Endowment Plus Plan

With this plan, your investment can go a long way in building a safe and financially sound future for your family, today as well as in the years to come.

ABSLI Guaranteed Future Plan

A unique plan designed to help you save for the significant events in your life, such as your child's education, marriage, your parents' golden innings, or even the exotic family holidays that you dream of.

ABSLI Guaranteed Milestone Plan

This plan offers joint life option under which, two lives i.e. you (Primary life insured) and your spouse (Secondary life insured) are covered under the same policy and also jointly own the policy. The sum assured applicable to your spouse shall be equal to 20% of your applicable sum assured.

BSLI SecurePlus Plan

After the completion of the policy term, you will start receiving Income Benefit payouts at the end of each year during the Payment Period which are fully guaranteed. These payouts are a predefined percentage of the annual premium paid by you.

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Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance
One India Bulls Center, Tower I, 16th Floor, Jupiter Mill Compound, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013.
Toll-free (Within India): 1-800-270-7000

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