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Best Health Insurance Companies In India 2024

Currently, In India, there are 30 health insurance companies registered with IRDAI. Wherein, there are 19 private companies, 5 public companies, and 6 stand-alone health insurance companies. There are multiple deciding factors for top health insurance companies in India. When purchasing any health insurance plan from a health insurance provider some of the factors that you must evaluate are

  • Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Network Hospitals
  • Types of Plans
  • Features and Benefits as per requirements
  • Riders/Add-on covers available
  • Customer Support Service
  • Claim Settlement Assistance
  • Affordable Premiums

In this article, we discuss the best health insurance companies in India, how you can identify them, factors to keep in mind before selecting them, and how they affect your health insurance experience. Before we dive into the understanding of how these factors affect top health insurance companies. Let us understand these terms individually and why they are so important.

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24 Best Health Insurance Companies in India

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Best Health Insurance Company in India

How To Decide Best Health Insurance Companies?

Before we get to know the top health insurance companies, let us understand the deciding parameters of the same. There is no fixed listing of any health insurance company being the best as every individual has different insurance needs.

Claim Settlement Ratio
What Does It Mean? The % (percentage) of claims that a health insurance provider settles in one financial year out of all the total claims received
Why You Should Consider It? Providing a hassle-free and smooth claim settlement is the goal for any individual or family purchasing a health insurance plan. A company that offers a higher CSR percentage indicates that your claims will be settled without any hiccups.
How Is It Calculated? CSR=Total Number of claims settled in a year/ Total Number of Claims in a year) X 100
What Are The Types Of Claims? Cashless Claims and Reimbursement Claims
Customization Options
Customization Features How Does It Affect?
Health Insurance Sum Insured Opting for adequate health insurance sum insured is necessary when a medical necessity arises. Top health insurance companies launch health plans with various sum-insured options for customers in order to provide them with the sum-insured options of their needs and requirements.
Add-On Covers/Riders Different individuals have different needs from their health insurance plans. Some individuals may need protection from critical illnesses while some want personal accident cover.
Health Insurance Entry Age Many people need to be made aware of health insurance benefits. They may feel that it is too late to purchase a health plan. However, most top health insurance companies have the flexibility to purchase a health insurance plan till 60 years of age.
Premium Payment Flexibility Top health insurance companies offer multiple premium payment options to customers. You can opt for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual premium payments when purchasing a health insurance plan
Network Hospitals
What Does It Mean? Network hospitals in health insurance are those that a policyholder has quick access to and can avail of any kind of treatment as these hospitals have a tie-up with top health insurance companies.
Why You Should Consider It? If you purchase a health insurance policy that does not have many network hospitals within 2 to 5 km it can be quite challenging in medical emergencies as a network hospital ensures cashless hospitalization.
Ratings And Reviews
What Does It Mean? Ratings and reviews are the customer feedback given to health insurers all year round on the basis of which different health insurance aggregators can understand the performance of an insurance company.
Why You Should Consider It? As a buyer, nothing is more helpful than listening to the experience of an existing customer. Surf the internet or talk to people who have been associated with a health insurance provider in order to identify the best-customized health insurance companies in India.
Product Portfolio
What Does It Mean? Product portfolio means the variety of health insurance plans provided by a health insurance company.
Why You Should Consider It? A vast range of health insurance products ensures that customers have the flexibility to opt for the best health insurance plans as per their needs and requirements. The product portfolio of a health insurance company must be considered before a plan purchase.

List Of Best Health Insurance Companies In India 2024

With a long list of health insurance companies in India and a multitude of health insurance plans available, customers are bound to need clarification and need to navigate the best health insurance plans for themselves. We have listed below all of the health insurance companies registered with IRDAI.

Health Insurance Companies

Health Insurance Plans

CSR (2021-22)

Solvency Ratio (2021-22)

Cashless Network Hospitals

Incurred Claims Ratio

Acko General Insurance Acko Health Insurance
Acko 1 Crore Super Top-up Health Insurance
100% 1.84 14,300+ 103.75
Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Health-Guard
Health Infinity
96.59% 3.41 8,000+ 90.64
Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Health Flexi Plan
Healthline Plan
93.23% 1.89 11000+ 117.08
Zuno Health Insurance (Previously Edelweiss) Health Top-up
Arogya Sanjeevani Plan
99.20% 1.76 3200+ 112.32
Future Generali Health Insurance Advantage Top-up
Health Total Policy
96.01% 1.61 8000+ 88.44
Go Digit Health Insurance Super Top-up
Arogya Sanjeevani
96.09% 1.77 16400+ 48.94
HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Optima Secure Policy
My health suraksha
98.49% 1.68 12000+ NA
ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Health AdvantEdge
Max Protect Plan
97.07% 2.54 7500+ 91.67
IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Family Floater Plan
Personal Accident Insurance
96.9% 1.64 7,700+ 130.65
Liberty General Insurance Janta Personal Accident Policy
Health Connect Supra
97.3% 2.85 5,000+ 89.30
Magma HDI General Insurance One Health Plan
One Health Senior
92.34% 1.75 7,200+ 66.42
Navi General Insurance Family Health Insurance
Senior Citizen Health Insurance
99.99% 2 10,000+ 28.56
Raheja QBE General Insurance Individual Personal Accident Policy
Health QuBe Plan
93.3% 2.44 5,000+ 109.54
Royal Sundaram General Insurance Lifeline Health Insurance
Family Plus Health Insurance
95.95% 2.07 7,000+ 90.22
SBI General Insurance SBI Health Edge
SBI Arogya Supreme
95.04% 1.98 20,000+ 81.92
Shriram General Insurance Shri Criticare Insurance
Shri Hospital Daily Cash Benefit
85.23% 4.25 16,766 NA
Tata AIG General Insurance TATA AIG Medicare
Medicare Plus Super Top-up
93.55% 2.1 7,200+ 86.53
Universal Sompo General Insurance Complete Health Care Insurance
A Plus Health Insurance
95.77% 2 4,000+ 113.39
National Insurance National Mediclaim Policy
National Parivar Medi Claim Policy
86.28% 0.31 3,000+ 125.53
The New India Assurance Janata Mediclaim Policy
Flexi Floater Medi Claim Policy
92.93% 1.34 3,000+ 124.54
The Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Policy
Mediclaim Insurance
90.18% 0.45 3,500+ 139.86
United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy
Super Top-up Medicare Policy
97.25% 0.82 6,500+ 120.21
Aditya Birla Health insurance Activ Secure - Cancer Secure
Activ Health Platinum Enhanced
99.41% 1.9 10,051+ 69.56
Care Health Insurance Care Advantage
Care Joy
100% 1.81 20,800+ 65.07
ManipalCigna Health Insurance Pro Health Prime
Life Time Plan
99.9% 1.67 8,500+ 76.17
Niva Bupa Health Insurance Reassure 2.0
Health Recharge
99.99% 1.7 10,000+ 62.12
Reliance Health Insurance Health Infinity Insurance
Health Gain Insurance
76.36% 1.67 9,100+ 98.76
Star Health and Allied Insurance Star Women Care
Family Health Optima Policy
99.06% 1.7 14,000+ 87.06
Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Kotak Secure Shield
Kotak Accident Care
96.90% 2.13 7700+ 72.11
What is Solvency Ratio?

Solvency ratio denotes the insurer's ability to settle its long term debts by comparing the company's available capital to its total liabilities.

What is Claim Settlement Ratio?

Claim Settlement Ratio is the percentage of claims settled by an insurer compared to the total claims received in a financial year. A good CSR lies somewhere between 95 to 99 percent.

What is Network Hospitals?

All the hospitals that have a tie-up with an insurance company where the policyholders of that company can get cashless treatments are known as the network hospitals.

What is Incurred Claim Ratio?

The ratio of the entire claim amount paid by the insurer to the total premium collected in one financial year is called the incurred claim ratio (ICR).

Key Features Of Top 29 Health Insurance Companies

To shed light on the best health insurance companies in India and their key features and how they can

  1. Care Health Insurance

    Care Health Insurance Company Limited is a stand-alone health insurance provider with an impressive product portfolio and a 100% claim settlement ratio. Customers associated with Care Health Insurance have access to some of the best health insurance plans for families, senior citizens, personal accidents, and critical illnesses.

    • Offering up to 600% cumulative bonuses, the biggest in the industry.
    • No sub-limits or caps on hospitalization, AYUSH Treatment, Domiciliary Hospitalization, and more.
    • Catered to approximately 3 crore customers since inception.
  2. Star Health Insurance

    Another stand-alone health insurance provider that established its business in the year with over 17 crore customer base. With a large network of 14000+ hospitals spread across the country Star Health Insurance is amongst the top insurance providers in the country with a health plan catering to each individual.

    • 90% cashless claim settlement within 2 hours providing hassle-free claim settlement.
    • Wide range of health insurance plans ranging from family floater plans, senior citizen health insurance plans, group plans, and more.
    • A 360-degree healthcare system wherein customers can interact with healthcare specialists in the Star Health Network.
  3. Niva Bupa Health Insurance

    A company originating through the partnerships between two giants that are Max India Limited and UK-based company Bupa Finance PLC. The company offers a 30-minute cashless claim settlement service without any involvement of a Third Party Administrator.

    • On downloading the Niva Bupa Health App customers can enjoy multiple benefits and perks.
    • A strong network of 10,000+ network hospitals.
    • A large range of health insurance products are available.
  4. Aditya Birla Health Insurance

    Aditya Birla Health Insurance offers a holistic healthcare approach with features such as a health coach, chronic management program, instant support, care managers, and more. A joint venture between the Aditya Birla Group and MMI Holding, the company has a tie with over 11,000+ hospitals.

    • 360 Degree wellness approach.
    • Health returns feature in order to promote a better lifestyle.
    • Avail Binge refill feature wherein you get unlimited refills to the sum insured in a policy year.
  5. ManipalCigna Health Insurance

    Manipal Cigna Health Insurance is the second largest health insurance chain that offers quick cashless claim settlement within 2 hours. The health insurer started its operations in the year 2014 with 8,500+ network hospitals associated with the company.

    • The insurer provides an 18,000+ cashless OPD network for better medical care of all the insured lives.
    • Wide range of sum insured options offered via different health insurance plans.
    • National and International cover available for customers.
  6. Reliance Health Insurance

    Reliance General Insurance Company Limited was founded in 2000 and is one of the leading general insurance companies (private sector) in India. The company has 139 offices and more than 28,900+ intermediaries across the country. It offers a variety of customized products and plans related to motor, health, travel, and commercial to meet every customer's needs.

    • The company provides hassle-free customization options.
    • Offers a versatile insurance portfolio.
    • Smooth Claims Settlement Process.
  7. HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

    Depending on your specific health requirements, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance will offer you the right insurance plan with a variety of features. The company initiated operations in the year 2002 and has provided individuals with features like 4X coverage, free preventive health check-ups, no room restrictions, and more.

    • Avail cashless hospitalization in 12,000+ network hospitals.
    • Tax Benefits available on OPD consultation charges.
    • Critical Illnesses covered.
  8. Zuno Health Insurance (Previously Edelweiss)

    Renamed Zuno from Edelweiss Tokio health insurance it is one of the most trusted health insurance brands in the market. With a wide range of plans and features the health insurance provider is a top choice among customers.

    • The insurer has won multiple accolades and awards such as "Customer Fest Awards 2021" and "FinTech India Innovation Awards 2021"
    • Waiver of Premium benefit.
    • Multiple Assistance Services.
  9. United India Insurance

    United India Insurance started its operations in 1938 and boasts 85 years of insurance industry experience. The company has a wide range of insurance products catering to individuals, families, senior citizens, and more. The company is known to take an active part in taking insurance products to the rural population.

    • Caters to around 1.7 crore customers nationwide.
    • Launched multiple government insurance products.
    • Offers multiple discounts and benefits to insurance holders.
  10. Kotak Mahindra General Insurance

    Kotak General Insurance initiated its operations in the year 2015 and has provided customers with efficient insurance products year after year. With an impressive claim settlement ratio of 94% so far for the year 2023, the company has showcased trust and reliability for its customers.

    • Avail cashless hospitalization in 7700+ network hospitals.
    • 24/7 around-the-clock assistance feature.
    • Avail added benefits.
  11. Acko General Insurance Company

    Acko General Insurance might be a new player in town but it has gained a massive customer base in the last few years. It started its operations in 2016 and has provided individuals with health, car, bike, travel, health, and life insurance.

    • The fastest claim settled within 10 minutes
    • 10 crore+ lives insured by Acko
    • An impressive 94.54% claim settlement ratio
  12. Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

    A joint venture between Allianz SE, the world’s leading insurer, and Bajaj Finserv Limited gave rise to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance in the year 2001. The insurer has a wide range of insurance products across categories like health, electric bikes, cars, commercial vehicles, motor insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and commercial insurance.

    • Avail direct access to some of the best hospitals in the country
    • 8,000+ cashless network hospitals
    • Health Insurance is available for individuals, families, senior citizens, group health insurance, vector-borne disease health insurance, and more.
  13. Cholamandalam MS General Insurance

    Cholamandalam MS General Insurance commenced operations in the year 2001 and offers a plethora of insurance solutions. With a big customer base of 297 lakh individuals and families, the insurer has showcased its reliability and versatility time and again.

    • Avail cashless hospitalization in 11,000+ network hospitals
    • 29 Lakh claims settled
    • Health plans for critical illnesses, super top-up, personal accident policy, and more.
  14. Future Generali Health Insurance

    The insurer established its operations in the year 2006 and has settled over 2.6+ lakh claims in the past year. There are retail, commercial, personal, and rural insurance solutions for customers across the country. The company offers cashless treatment at 8000+ cashless hospitals.

    • Cover up to 15 family members with family health insurance plans
    • Avail health insurance for critical illness and personal accidents
    • Long-term discounts are available for insurance holders
  15. Go Digit Health Insurance

    Established in the year 2016, Go Digit has around 6400+ network hospitals across the country providing insured individuals with the best medical care available. The insurer provides insurance solutions across the board with health, travel, property, group, commercial vehicle, disabled, and HIV/AIDS insurance products.

    • Avail up to 50% no-claim bonus on health plans
    • Wellness programs for insured individuals
    • Worldwide Coverage
  16. ICICI Lombard

    A leading private general insurance company, ICICI Lombard commenced operations in the year 2001. With nearly 2 decades of experience, it has been awarded multiple times for its customer-centric approach as well as innovative insurance solutions.

    • Avail of OPD cover
    • Pre-existing disease coverage offered to customers under ICICI Lombard health plans
    • 24/7 tele and video consultations
  17. IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

    One of the trusted names in the insurance industry, IFFCO Tokio's health insurance plans are versatile and offer multiple benefits to its customers. 7000+ cashless network hospitals and a 4.8 customer rating are a sign of its trust and reliability

    • Enjoy unlimited reinstatement of your chosen health insurance plan sum insured amount
    • Up to 383 daycare procedures covered
    • Find health insurance plans that cover accidental death and disability
  18. Liberty Health Insurance

    The insurance company has 6000+ network hospitals and over 100+ network offices across the country. The Liberty health insurance caters to customers with different needs and requirements reflected in their various health insurance products like Corona Kavach, Personal accident insurance policies, etc

    • 94% claim settlement ratio of FY 2021-22
    • Achieved the “Rising Star Insurer” title at the Indian Insurance Awards
    • Issued 20 crores and more policies since 2013
  19. Magma HDI

    Magma HDI Insurance Company commenced operations in the year 2009. The company is known to have made its mark in the insurance sector with a vast portfolio of insurance solutions like health, motor, marine, liability, fire, and more. With an impressive 97% claim settlement ratio the company offers comprehensive medical care coverage with plans for senior citizens, families, and individuals alike.

    • Wide range of sum insured options up to INR 1 Crore
    • Optional coverage provided such as critical illness, personal accident, premium reduction, and more
    • 24/7 claim assistance
  20. Navi General Insurance

    Navi General Insurance initiated its operations in the year 2016. It is a versatile insurance provider that makes your insurance purchase experience smooth and hassle-free with its paperless approach via the Navi Health Insurance App promising instant policy issuance.

    • Avail cashless treatments in 10,000+ network hospitals
    • Navi App provides you with health insurance in 90 seconds
    • No agents involved purchase a health policy directly on the Navi App
  21. Raheja QBE

    A joint venture between Raheja Group and QBE Insurance, the insurer commenced its operations in India in the year 2009. The company offers a plethora of features and benefits under its vast portfolio of health insurance plans to customers across the country

    • Avail cashless hospitalization in 5000+ network hospitals
    • Covers Accidental Death, Permanent and Partial Disability, critical illnesses, and more
    • Avail insurance against accidents when traveling abroad with Raheja QBE health plans
  22. Royal Sundaram

    Royal Sundaram General Insurance is the first private sector general insurance company to have received its license in October 2000. Nearly 2 decades later the company has successfully provided insurance solutions to individuals, families, and businesses successfully.

    • Cover your entire family with a comprehensive health plan offering 1 Crore sum insured
    • An impressive 95% claim settlement ratio
    • Avail cashless treatment in 10,000+ network hospitals
  23. SBI General Insurance

    A well-known and trusted name in the country, SBI General Insurance commenced its operations in the year 2009 and has expanded significantly across the country. The company has catered to over 34 crore customers and has been awarded the “Best Insurer Of The Year” award for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021.

    • Various optional covers to opt from for insured individuals
    • Covers 13 major critical illnesses under the versatile critical illness health plan
    • Loan insurance policy is offered to customers for critical illness, personal accidents, and more
  24. Shriram General Insurance

    A joint venture between Shriram Capital Limited and Sanlam Limited the company offers a wide range of insurance solutions for health, motor, travel, home, and more.

    • Awarded with the ‘Best General Insurance Company of the Year’ in 2019
    • Catered to over 60 lakh customers since inception
    • Offers Vector Care Health Insurance
  25. TATA AIG General Insurance

    The company commenced its operations in the year 2001 and has been in the insurance industry for more than 2 decades. The company offers general insurance products including motor, travel, and SMEs. The company has over 8,000+ network hospitals wherein you can avail of cashless treatments.

    • Covers global care and bariatric surgery
    • An impressive 94.21% claim settlement ratio
    • No pre-policy medical check-up required
  26. Universal Sompo General Insurance

    A joint venture between Indian Bank, Overseas Bank, Karnataka Bank, Dabur Investment Corporation, and a leading insurer from Japan Sompo Japan Insurance. The company offers a wide range of insurance products catering to Retail, Rural, Corporate and Personal Customers

    • Avail sum insured as high as INR 3 crores.
    • Critical Illness, Corona Rakshak, Personal Accident, and many more health insurance plans are available
    • No claim bonuses, long long-term discounts, are available to reward insured individuals
  27. National Insurance

    India’s oldest general insurance company was incorporated in the year 1906, in Kolkata. There is a wide range of health insurance plans available for customers providing a plethora of features and benefits.

    • Avail cashless treatment in 3,000+ network hospitals
    • Invest in COVID-19 specialized plans as per your requirement
    • Avail a high range of sum-insured options
  28. The New India Insurance

    The company was founded by Sir Dorabji Tata in the year 1919 currently operating in 25 countries with its headquarters in Mumbai. The company offers a plethora of health insurance products catering to different customers with a wide scope of needs and requirements.

    • Avail features such as Air Ambulance, critical illness cover, high sum insured, and more.
    • Enhanced Maternity Limit Available
    • Lifelong renewals
  29. The Oriental Insurance

    Incorporated in the year 1947 in Mumbai, this stand-alone health insurance company is among the oldest and most reliable with a wide range of health insurance products.

    • Avail a wide range of sum insured options throughout all insurance products
    • Mental Illness Cover Available
    • Family, online, and TPA discounts are available with the purchase of Oriental Insurance health plans

What Is The Difference Between Stand Alone and General Health Insurance Companies?

Buyers often need clarification on general health insurance and stand-alone insurance companies. A stand-alone company provides health insurance plans, accident insurance, and travel insurance. However, on the other hand, a general insurance company will offer you an insurance plan for car, home, business, cyber, and more. The first stand-alone company registered with IRDAI in India was Star Health Insurance in the year 2006. Other stand-alone health insurance companies that offer a wide range of products to their customers are Care, Reliance, Aditya Birla, Niva Bupa, ManipalCigna, and HDFC Ergo Health Insurance.

How To Select The Best Health Insurance Company For My Family

Finding the best health insurance company for medical care coverage for your family or yourself is a challenging road. You may compromise on your own care, but when it comes to family it is a non-negotiable for almost all of us. There are many variables that make a health insurance company stand out from the rest. However, it is almost impossible to say that one health insurance company will suit everyone’s insurance needs as different individuals have different needs and requirements from their health insurance plans and providers. However, we have compiled a list of factors that you must consider in order to find the best health insurance company for your family.

Deciding Parameters How Does It Affect Your Health Care Needs?
Company History Health Insurance Companies with a long history and decades of experience have forged an unbreakable bond with customers and gained their trust. If you are looking for health insurance plans along with
Health Insurance Products Some people may want a health insurance plan with coverage for senior citizens, some people need personal accident health insurance and some may need critical illness coverage
Efficiency Sometimes we tend to think that a stand-alone health insurance company would perform better than a general insurance company but that is not always true. Operational efficiency is achieved when the insurance product, customer service, and claim settlement are all achieved parallelly providing a customer with a smooth end-to-end process from purchase to claim settlement.
Network Hospitals It is essential to search thoroughly for a top health insurance company wherein network hospitals are within your reach and easy to access. If you purchase a health insurance plan from a health insurance provider that does not have network hospitals in your area it will be a loss for you and your family.
Reliability It is essential to cross-check the claim settlement ratio of health insurance providers in order to list the top health insurance companies as the claim settlement ratio is your certificate of trust.

Steps To Buy From The Best Health Insurance Companies On PolicyX

In order to purchase from the list of best health insurance companies without any hassle, we at PolicyX provide you with health insurance experts who can find the best health insurance company suitable for individual and family needs in a few simple steps:

  • Step 1

    Visit the official website of PolicyX.

  • Step 2

    Click on the "Health Insurance" tab which will open up a digital form for you to fill.

  • Step 3

    Fill in all the necessary details such as the number of family members you want health insurance cover for and your age and click on "View Plans" .

  • Step 4

    Select your city and click on "Proceed" .

  • Step 5

    Further, fill in your name and mobile number and click on "Get Free Quotes" .

  • Step 6

    You will be directed toward a list of health insurance plans wherein you can compare the plans of your choice and pay for the one you want as per your needs and requirements.

PolicyX Methodology Of Selecting The Top Health Insurance Company

As one of the leading Health Insurance aggregators we at PolicyX are always present to guide our customers with the correct methodology in order to select the top health insurance companies and make an informed purchase decision. The methodology to select the top health insurance company for your loved ones out of the list of health insurance companies is given below:

  • Consider your family's needs and requirements before selecting the best health insurance company.
  • Match different health insurance companies with the features and benefits required by your family such as hospitalization expenses, critical illness cover, personal accident cover, and more.
  • Compare top health insurance companies with the highest claim settlement ratio.
  • Find top health insurance companies with network hospitals available in your locality.
  • Provide customers With the Best Health Insurance Companies on the basis of Reviews and Ratings.

After considering all of the above pointers PolicyX insurance experts provide you with the list of best health insurance companies and best insurance plans for your needs and requirements.

Health Insurer Network Hospitals

Best Health Insurance Companies: FAQs

1. Which company is best in Health Insurance?

There are 24 insurers in India providing the best-customized health care solutions. The best health Insurance companies will offer wide medical coverage, such as doctor visits, hospitalization expenses, surgery fees, medicinal costs, nursing allowance, hospital room rent, cashless treatment, maternity plan, etc.

2. How do I choose the best Health Insurance Company?

Keep these factors in mind, as they set the best Health Insurance Companies apart:

  • Look for the right coverage.
  • Keep it affordable.
  • Prefer family over individual health plans.
  • Choose a plan with lifetime renewability.
  • Compare quotes online.
  • Network hospital coverage.
  • High claim settlement ratio.

3. Will I lose the renewal benefits if I port from one health insurance company to another?

No, transferring a policy from one insurer to another will not result in the loss of renewal benefits.

4. As per IRDAI, which company settled the maximum number of claims in 2021-22?

As per the Annual Reports of IRDAI 2021-22, Care Health Insurance company has settled 100% of claims within the first 3 months.

5. How do I ensure that I have chosen the best health insurance company for myself?

You can check the claim support and network hospitals of the company that you have chosen. Reading customer reviews, customer support services, and past performance of the company can also be considered to understand if the company is fit for your insurance needs.

6. Is expensive health insurance equal to best health insurance?

No, the cost of premiums depends on various factors such as your drinking and smoking habits, pre existing ailments, age and lifestyle. So, an expensive policy doesn’t necessarily mean the best health insurance policy.

7. I already have a health insurance plan but I want to switch to the best health insurance plan in the market. Can I port?

Yes, many health insurance policies provide a portability option. Talk to your insurer at the time of policy renewal if your plan provides portability.

8. There are so many companies available to buy health insurance. How to choose the top health insurance company in India?

You can compare the performance of the health companies via various factors such as network hospitals, claim settling abilities, customer support or you can talk to the experts at PolicyX who can help you with choosing the best plan.

9. How many health insurance companies are registered with IRDAI in India?

Currently, In India, there are 30 health insurance companies registered with IRDAI. Wherein, there are 19 private companies, 5 public companies, and 7 stand-alone health insurance companies.

10. What are the top 5 health insurance companies in India as per Claim Settlement Ratio?

As per the latest report published by IRDAI for the financial year 2021-22 (FY 2021-22), the top 5 health insurance companies in India based on CSR are

  • Care Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Health Insurance
  • Navi Health Insurance
  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance

11. Which is the best health insurance company in India on the basis of CSR?

As per the latest annual report of IRDAI (FY 2021-22), Care Health Insurance has the highest claim settlement ratio of 100%.

12. What are some of the top health insurance companies for families?

Some of the top health insurance companies providing a wide range of health insurance plans for families are

  • HDFC ERGO General Insurance
  • Care Health Insurance
  • Star Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Health Insurance
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance

13. Which health insurance company is the oldest in India?

The first health insurance company in India was the General Health Insurance Company, launched in the year 1986.

14. What are the features of the top health insurance companies in India?

The multiple factors that determine the top health insurance companies in India are

  • Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Network Hospitals
  • Health Insurance Products
  • Claim Settlement Services
  • Customer Support
  • Riders and Add-on Covers
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility to Customize Health Insurance Plans

15. What are the mistakes to avoid when evaluating the top health insurance companies?

You have found a health insurance company from the list of top health insurance providers in India. However, it does not suit your needs and requirements which is highly possible and you are left disheartened. There are a few points to consider when selecting from the top health insurance companies

  • Do not trust just one source of information
  • Conduct thorough research
  • Select the best Health Insurance company for yourself
  • Do not depend completely on the reviews and ratings of other people
  • Not conducting enough research on product portfolio
  • Not Considering claim assistance service and post-purchase services

16. How many stand-alone health insurance companies are available in India?

As of 2023, stand-alone health insurance companies registered companies with IRDAI are

  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company
  • Care Health Insurance Company
  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company
  • Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company
  • Reliance Health Insurance Company
  • Star Health Insurance Company

17. Which are the government health insurance companies in India?

Currently, there are 4 government health insurance providers registered with IRDAI which are

  • National Insurance
  • New India Assurance
  • The Oriental Insurance
  • United India Insurance

18. How To choose the top 5 health insurance companies for family health plans?

In order to select the top 5 health insurance companies you must consider the needs and requirements of your family, the age of the family members to be covered, the sum insured required, the additional cover or rider benefits, and the claim settlement ratio along with claim assistance of a company.

19. What is the incurred claim ratio in health insurance?

The incurred claim ratio is the ratio of net claims settled by an insurance company to the net premiums received by the insurance company in a financial year. The Incurred claim settlement ratio provides a clear picture of the reliability of a health insurance company. A high ICR ensures the customers that their claims will be settled without any difficulties or complications.

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Achintya Sharma


May 10, 2024

I’ve been covered by HDFC ERGO Platinum Health Guard plan for years now, and it has been a lifesaver. The coverage is extensive, and the claim process is so easy. I highly recommend the p...

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Parag Mehta


May 10, 2024

I’m impressed with the assistance of the ManipalCigna Prime Senior Insurance policy that I’ve bought for my father. I don’t fear now being a NRI because I’m assured of h...

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Anshul Garg


May 10, 2024

The ManipalCigna LIfestyle Protection Critical Care Policy has coverage for up to 30 critical illnesses with a sum insured of up to 25 Crores. If you’re searching for a policy like this, ...

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Shivalika Varghese


May 10, 2024

If you are searching a health insurance like ManipalCigna ProHealth choose that offers straightforward claim assistance and the flexibility to optimize your coverage, go for it.

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Pratibha Chandrakar


May 10, 2024

I was majorly focused on pre and post-hospitalization expenses coverage and found the best health coverage for these with the ManipalCigna ProHealth insurance policy.

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Kanupriya Ghadge


May 10, 2024

For anyone who’s looking for a comprehensive health insurance policy, I would recommend buying the ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime insurance plan as it provides maximum coverage.

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Neelam Sharma


May 10, 2024

Star health has been my health insurer for more than 2 years and I am happy. Thanks to PolicyX for suggesting me Star Health

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Adi Kukreja


May 10, 2024

My wife fell ill and was diagnosed with jaundice, due to which she had to be hospitalised for a week. But Star’s Family Health Optima Insurance Plan helped me pay the bill and PolicyX mad...

Simran Kaur Vij

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