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Reliance Life Insurance
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Reliance Life Insurance

The company also rated amongst the Top 4 Most Trusted Life Insurance Service Brands by Brand Equity‘s Most Trusted Brands Survey 2016, the company’s vision is “To be a company people are proud of, trust in and grow with; providing financial independence to every life we touch.” With this in mind, Reliance Nippon Life serves five different segments, namely Protection, Child, Retirement, Saving & Investment, and Health; for individuals as well as Groups/Corporate entities.

Life insurance assists you in having a secure future for yourself and your family as well. It will help you at every important stage of your life whether it is about marriage, child’s education, etc. This is a comprehensive insurance plan that caters to diversified needs. There are many more benefits that a life insurance policy can offer.

Life insurance is something that you must buy at an early age. The true meaning of holding life insurance has changed in the recent years. It will provide the needful coverage to you that you can use at different stages of life. With an effective life insurance policy, you can easily secure the financial needs of your loved one for the time when you are not around to take care of them. You can't deny the importance of having a life insurance in today's world when there is no surety of anything. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow, will you be able to meet your family again or not, the unhealthy lifestyle, too many diseases,and issues are forcing everyone towards physical burnout. Because of such issues, it almost becomes mandatory to have a life insurance which will take care of you and your family. When you will not be there to support them financially or emotionally, then these kinds of plans will help them a lot in meeting their basic needs and continuing their normal lifestyle. Have you ever thought what will happen to a family in case of the demise of their breadwinner? How will they arrange funds for their basic needs, child ‘education and several different forms of expenses? Yes, Reliance life insurance policies will help you in dealing with such issues and allow you to live your life peacefully. Nowadays different types of life insurance policies are available that can cater to the different needs of consumers. Different forms of life insurance policies will help you at the different stages of life like for securing child’s future, your retirement and much more. Effective investment plans under life insurance will be able to help you in getting high returns. Reliance Life Insurance’s Policies are really very popular for its effectiveness. The company is offering a wide range of the same through which it will easier for you to choose the right one for yourself. The wide range of life insurance policies includes term plan, money back plan, savings plan, pension plan, child plan, education plan and much more.

While searching pit for the desired one, it will be great if you first check your requirements and then move towards buying. With it, will be easier for you to get the best one which can go well with your needs.

Reliance Life Insurance Plans

Online plans

Online plans are the most affordable forms of Life insurance that allows you to get the desired coverage at an affordable price.

Reliance Nippon Life Online Income Protect

A term plan that protects your family with a lump sum to pay off large liabilities and a monthly income till retirement.

Reliance Nippon Life Online Term

Get 1 Crore cover for just Rs. 15/Day. Buy Online in just 10 minutes. Protect your family against unforeseen circumstances.

Protection plans

Protection plans make sure that your family stays protected always. It offers the needful cover at the right time whenever your family needs it the most.

Reliance Nippon Life Online Income Protect

It is a comprehensive protection plan that not only provides a lump sum in case of any eventuality to meet immediate liabilities but also provides your family with a regular monthly income to ensure that they maintain the same standard of living even in your absence.

Reliance Nippon Life Online Term Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Online Term Plan is an ideal term insurance plan for today's generation. It provides you with a large cover at an affordable cost, along with the convenience of completely buying it online with just a few clicks.

Reliance Nippon Life Term Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Term Plan offers a large life insurance cover, at an affordable premium. While nothing can compensate the loss of life, we intend to provide you peace of mind.

Investment plans

Investment plans are life insurance plans that offer you multiple avenues to save and to grow your money. These online investment plans help in systematic and disciplined investment ensuring that you and your family achieve your financial goals.

Reliance Nippon Life's Guaranteed Money Back Plan

This non-participating, non-linked money back plan helps you save for the long-term with liquidity at various stages in life.

Reliance Nippon Life Fixed Savings

Reliance Nippon Life Fixed Savings helps you to create a corpus for unforeseen expenses, by allowing you to systematically save over a period of time. This plan offers guaranteed benefits, including fixed additions that accrue every year and an additional lump sum at maturity, along with a life cover to protect your family.

Reliance Nippon Life Bluechip Savings Insurance Plan

A plan that secures your future with multiple benefits.

Reliance Nippon Life Increasing Income Insurance Plan

You will receive a Guaranteed Monthly Income (in arrears) after the end of the premium payment term on thesurvival of the Life Assured at the end of every month till the end of the policy term.

Reliance Nippon Life Fixed Money Back Plan

A money back insurance plan that offers fixed periodic lump sums in the last five years of the policy term.

Reliance Nippon Life Lifelong Savings Plan

A plan that helps you save during your lifetime and can provide your family with a whole life cover in the event of your unfortunate demise.

Reliance Nippon Life Future Income

A plan that provides an additional annual income to help you realize your dreams. Receive an annual income at the end of every year after the premium payment term till policy maturity.

Reliance Nippon Life Whole Life Income

This is a plan which would take care of your regular income needs to lead a comfortable life and would also help you leave behind a legacy for your next generations. In other words, you live through the benefits and also leave enough for the next generation.

Reliance Nippon Life Increasing Money Back Plan

A life insurance plan that gives increasing guaranteed payouts every 3 years to keep pace with your growing lifestyles needs.

Reliance Nippon Life Bal Nivesh One Time

It helps you to plan for the future by not just preserving the principal, but growing it into a handsome kitty. You pay just once and get a life insurance policy with assured benefits.

Reliance Nippon Life Super Money Back Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Super Money Back Plan helps you provide a regular income and security for your family despite the ups and downs of life. The guaranteed monthly income increases every year while the guaranteed periodic lump sums enable you to invest in your business or fulfill your family's goals.

Reliance Nippon Life Smart Cash Plus Plan

It helps you gift yourself guaranteed lump sums at periodic intervals in the future to fulfill your goals at every lifestage while securing your family from any unforeseen eventuality. A perfect mix of long-term savings with the benefit of liquidity.

Reliance Nippon Life's Money Multiplier Plan

Reliance Nippon Life's Money Multiplier Plan not only helps you save for a lump sum with double protection in case of an unforeseen emergency.

Reliance Nippon Life Endowment Plan

A plan that helps you create a corpus through systematic savings so that you can fulfill your family’s desires.Reliance Nippon Life Endowment Plan adds to your savings, rewards you with bonuses and gives you a big lump sum benefit.

Reliance Nippon Life's Super Endowment Plan

Reliance's Super Endowment Plan has been designed to ensure that you can save for your future along with the benefit of life cover and provide protection to your family.

Reliance Retirement Plans

Retirement plans make certain that the insured does not ought to compromise their way of life even after they have stopped earning. The retirement fund will be a useful resource for the insured to have a comfortable retirement life with the independence that he/she has earned.

Reliance Nippon Life Pension Builder

Reliance Pension Builder helps you to save regularly to build your nest-egg for retirement that you can look forward to. You can build your retirement corpus by paying apremium for five years, seven years, ten years or throughout the policy term.

Reliance Nippon Life Immediate Annuity Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Immediate Annuity assists you to earn a regular income for your entire life. This is a single premium plan where you pay a lump sum premium amount and opts for a suitable annuity option as per your requirements. Based on the opted annuity option and selected payout frequency, you start receiving regular annuity income.

Reliance Nippon Life Smart Pension Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Smart Pension Plan is a nonparticipating unit linked pension plan that allows you to save systematically and build up the muchneeded lump sum to provide you a regular income after your retirement.

Reliance Nippon ULIP Plans

Retirement Plan will help you save money for your retirement. It ensures that you continue to get some income after retirement thereby ensuring that you do not have to depend on any other person or make any compromises to maintain the same lifestyle.

Reliance Nippon Life Premier Wealth Insurance Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Premier Wealth Insurance Plan can be tailored to individual needs and keep up with the changing priorities over time. The plan allows you the flexibility to balance the protection and investment needs during its tenure, in an active or a systematic manner.

Reliance Nippon Life Smart Savings Insurance Plan

Reliance Nippon Life Smart Savings Insurance Plan automatically adjust to your risk appetite, by balancing between equity and debt through a systematic asset allocation strategy based on your life-stage.

Reliance Nippon Life Classic Plan II

It allows you to invest for the long term and protect this investment against uncertainties. It allows you to diversify your investment with choice of multiple funds that you can switch amongst to hedge against market risks. The plan also provides life insurance to ensure protection for your family.

Child Insurance

A child insurance plan is one of the best avenues for you to start saving systematically so that you can secure your child's future needs. Be it higher education, his or her first home or any other requirement, you will always be there for your child when he or she needs you.

Reliance Nippon Life Education Plan

A specialist life insurance plan that gives you the flexibility to choose payouts as per your child’s education needs, even if you are not around.

Reliance Nippon Life Child Plan

A plan that gives your child Guaranteed Benefits at key milestones, even in your absence.

Health Plans

Health insurance plans offer you the benefit of lump sum cash, irrespective of the expenses you incur during hospitalization. This ensures that your savings remain intact and go towards fulfilling your family’s dreams and securing their financial stability.

Reliance Nippon Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan

An innovative health insurance plan that not only protects you from unexpected financial burden but also cares for you as a friend in need in difficult times.

Group insurance solutions

Group insurance is an insurance that covers a defined group of people, for example, the members of a society or professional association, or the employees of a particular employer.

Employers Liability Solutions

You can plan the way ahead for your employees with the Group Superannuation, Group Leave Encashment,and Group Gratuity schemes.

Reliance Nippon Life Traditional Group Employee Benefit Plan

A plan that helps you manage your employee benefits’ funds efficiently, so you can ensure their future is secured.

Reliance Traditional Group Superannuation Plan

A plan that provides fund management services to secure your employees.

Reliance Group Leave Encashment Plus Plan

With the Reliance Group Leave Encashment Plus Plan, you can manage your employees' funds better, providing security alongside growth.

Reliance Group Gratuity Plus Plan

The exact benefits of a scheme under this plan will depend on the individual employer’s gratuity scheme.

Employee Protection Solutions

By investing in a range of our group plans available through Reliance Employee Protection Solutions, you can provide your employees complete cover against accidents and/or disabilities for life.

Reliance Group Credit Assure Plan

A group plan that helps you cover your customers’ loans. The plan mirrors different types of loans to ensure adequate coverage of risk.

Reliance Group Term Assurance Plus

A plan that lets you secure your employees easily.

Reliance Group Credit Assure Plus

A group plan that helps you cover your customers’ loans. The plan mirrors different types of loans to ensure adequate coverage of risk.

Reliance Group Term Assurance Plan EDLI

Savings in premium to the employer as acontribution to RPFC is the function of salary, whereas takings an insurance cover with Reliance Life would depend upon the age and the risk profile of the industry.

Group Savings Solution

Offers low-cost regular premium savings oriented insurance plan that helps you to build a corpus through regular systematic savings and augments your savings through regular interest credits along with providing a life cover.

Reliance Nippon Life Group Sarv Samriddhi

A non-linked, non-participating group savings variable insurance plan.

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