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Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company

Bharti AXA Life is a renowned life Insurance company. It brings together the strong financial expertise of the Paris-headquartered AXA Group and Bharti Enterprises, which is a leading business group that operates in over 18 countries. The joint venture has a 51% stake from Bharti and 49% stake from AXA. Today, Bharti AXA Life has a countrywide footprint of distributors trained to provide quality economic advice and insurance to the large Indian customer base. Bharti AXA Life offers a wide range of products and services that cater to specific insurance and wealth management needs of consumers.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance - a comprehensive insurance plan that consists of insurance for every important stage of life. With it, you can create wealth and can get quality protection for whole life. The benefits depend upon the plan. With it, you can secure the future of your child and your post-retirement life as well. It allows you to save your valuable money and invest it in a profitable way if you want.

Key Highlights of Bharti Axa Life Insurance

  • Get 1 Cr Life cover @₹ 17*/day

  • Claim-settlement ratio of 92.37% for year 2016-2017

  • 99.82% Grievances Settled for year 2016-2017


  • You should be at least 18 years old

  • You should be less than 65 years old

  • You must be a Salaried, Self- employed, a professional or have your own business

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Plans

Savings plans

Savings & Investments Plan. Our Savings and Investment plans are life insurance plans that offer you multiple avenues to save and to grow your money. These online investment plans help in systematic and disciplined investment ensuring that you and your family achieve your financial goals.

Bharti Axa Life Super Endowment Plan

The product offers a choice of 3 policy terms with a limited premium paying terms for the policy terms. Options to choose extended life cover at inception by paying additional premium throughout the premium paying term.

Bharti Axa Life Guaranteed Income Plan

The product offers the choice of 4 policy terms with limited premium payment terms for the policy terms. Increasing survival payouts on the survival of the life assured.

Bharti Axa Life Serv Suraksha

It offers protection to your family. Sum Assured is paid in case of an unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder. On maturity, you will receive 110% of the single premium.

Bharti Axa Life Monthly Advantage

Receive monthly income either on survival/any untoward event like disability or death.Get additional financial returns by way of accrued bonuses, if declared.

Bharti Axa Life Super Series

Offers flexibility to choose between Super 6 and Super 10.Annual cash pay-outs from the end of premium payment term till policy maturity.

Bharti Axa Life Dhan Varsha

Offers flexible premium paying terms. Annual benefits in the form of non-guaranteed cash bonuses and guaranteed survival benefits.

Bharti Axa Life Samriddhi

A non-linked, participating, Endowment savings plan. With regular savings, you can build your own corpus that will help meet your aspirations. At Maturity, enjoy 100% Sum Assured on Maturity along with accrued non-guaranteed.

Bharti Axa Life Elite Advantage

A plan that offers guaranteed payouts of 8.5% to 9.5% from the end of the policy term and 100% Sum Assured at Maturity. It also provides comprehensive protection until the end of the policy term.

Bharti Axa Life Aajeevan Sampatti+

A savings plan that offers dual benefits of guaranteed annual pay-outs with life cover up to age 100. You can also enjoy additional(non-guaranteed) cash bonuses until maturity.

Bharti Axa Life Secure Savings Plan

A comprehensive savings plan that not only protects your family but also helps you meet your financial goals with guaranteed additions of up to 10% p.a. of cumulative premiums paid year-after-year.

Bharti Axa Life Monthly Income Plan+

A savings plan that offers you guaranteed monthly income with the upside of non-guaranteed bonuses, along with protection for your family in case of an unfortunate event.

Bharti Axa Life Secure Income Plan

Pay limited premiums with this saving plan depending on the term you choose. At the end of your chosen term, you start receiving 8% p.a. of the sum assured as guaranteed monthly income. On maturity, you will receive the sum assured plus guaranteed additions as benefits.

Bharti Axa Life Flexi Save

A savings plan that helps you save towards meeting your goals, at the same time it gives you the flexibility of withdrawing your savings with all the benefits accrued, anytime during the flexi benefit period.

Bharti Axa Life Invest Once

A savings plan that offers multiple benefits such as guaranteed additions of up to 9% p.a., 10 times life cover and tax-saving benefits. All you have to do is make a single premium payment and choose between policy terms of 5 or 10 years.

Bharti Axa Life Child Advantage

A traditional participating savings plan with an in-built Premium waiver benefit that offers you the flexibility to choose between 2 Maturity benefits – Money back and Endowment – depending on the needs and career goals of your child.

Bharti Axa Life eAajeevan Sampatti+

An online, non-linked savings plan that offers you and your family with dual benefits of guaranteed annual pay-outs with the cover up to 100 years of age. You can also enjoy additional (non-guaranteed) cash bonuses until maturity.

Bharti Axa Life Smart Jeevan

A plan that offers your family protection for 12 years at a nominal premium, should something unfortunate ever happen to you. At the end of the policy term, you would receive 100% of the premium you had invested.

Term insurance

Term Insurance is the cheapest and simplest form of insurance. It is a risk cover and is determined by the sum assured. Upon the loss of life of the policyholder, the predetermined amount is paid to the nominee.

Bharti Axa Life Income Protection Plan

Under this plan, your family receives income in the form of annual installments for a period of 15 or 20 years in case of an unfortunate event of death. 100-120% of premiums paid are returned at the end of the policy term as a lump sum survival benefit.

Bharti Axa Life Secure Confident

A simple long-term life insurance product at a very affordable cost, which aims to ensure that the dreams you aspired for your family in your lifetime, don’t remain unfulfilled even in your absence. It offers complete protection for your family against the financial loss or burden (such as repayment of mortgage for your house), with full sum assured payment in case of an unfortunate death.

Bharti Axa Life Elite Secure

A comprehensive, affordable and long-term plan that promises a secure life for your family, with financial protection in case of an unfortunate event. It offers tax benefits on the premiums paid and payout benefits received.

Bharti Axa Life Flexi Term

A term plan that’s here to protect you and your family against an unfortunate event. It offers you the flexibility to choose from 3 different life cover payout options so that your family’s needs are always met. Safeguard your family’s financial needs with multiple life cover payout options. Choose from either of the three critical illness options.

Investment plans

Investment insurance is to secure your financial goals and objectives with current investing resources that you have in hand. Investing your money takes a great deal of time, tools and resources.

Bharti Axa Life Grow Wealth

A savings oriented unit linked insurance plan that offers you multiple fund options to suit your investment needs with a life insurance cover to protect your family in case of any unfortunate event. It also provides additional benefits in the form of loyalty additions to ensure your money works as hard as you.

Bharti Axa Life Future Invest Plan

An Investment Plan where you invest money for a limited time-frame and reap good returns at the end of the policy term. You can enjoy benefits for 10 years while paying Single Premium or paying for 5 years only.

Bharti Axa Life efuture invest

A unit-linked, an online investment plan that offers you both good returns and an added life cover. To get the most of this tax-saving investment, all you have to do is choose between a single premium or a premium payment term of 5 years while you reap the benefits for 10.

Importance of life insurance

There is no doubt in saying that human beings, their properties, and families can come across with a different type of risk at different stages of life. And we know that risk involves huge losses as well. Insurance is one of the best ways that can reduce the cost of loss that occurs because of different reasons. It provides the needed funds through which you can fulfill the needs and cover the losses. It is not a gadget or tool that protects you from the unwanted incident, but it helps you in covering losses by providing needful financial assistance.

Life insurance provides security

Life insurance plans offer complete safety and security against the losses of a particular event. Life insurance basically offers security against death and old age sufferings. There are several different forms of life insurance, it can secure your child’s future, your household needs with you and investment options as well. It will be there for all time support.

Insurance reduces risk and losses

If we talk about a business or industry, everyone knows that huge properties risk employed under the same. Because of a little mistake or any unwanted incident, the property or your family can face a big loss after you. In case of your death, it will be hard for them to live a normal life. With the help of a life insurance plan, a person can provide a normal life to his/her family and can clear his debts as well. It is a must thing that you must add to your investment portfolio.

Peace of mind

When it comes to Insurance, it refers to the coverage that reduces stress and offers peace of mind. Insurance helps in removing fears, tension, anxiety, and weakening of a person’s mind with the uncertainties of the future. Insurance offers financial assistance and promises you to compensate losses that compensate losses that occur because of several risks. It offers complete peace of mind and stimulates different forms of risk.

Life insurance improves saving methods. It basically encourages the habit of saving money through premium. It would become the saving option for the insured. It will surely help them when they need it the most.

Insurance accelerates the economic growth of the country

For the economic growth of the country, life insurance offers a strong hand in it. It offers protection for different types of losses that occur because of any risk. It builds up the capital from the policyholder and uses the same for the development of the country. Thus, the insurance meets all the needs for the economic growth of our country.

How to Check Bharti AXA Life Insurance Policy Status

If there is any time when you want to check the status of your Bharti Axa Life Insurance Policy then you don't have to worry about the same as you can do the same by just visiting on the official site of the company. To check the status of the policy you have to provide a few details about the policy like policy number, DOB, etc. After submitting basic details, the page will be directed towards the status page where you can see the required information easily.

Online Premium Payment

To provide ease to its customers, the company is providing easy and hassle-free online payment service. There are many ways through which you can pay online for your Bharti AXA Life Insurance. Below are a few ways through which you can easily make the payment on time.

Online- When it comes to the online mode then there are three ways through such as net banking, credit/debit cards, etc. The first step is to submit the basic details about the policy, the second is to choose the mode of payment (net banking, credit or debit card) and confirming the payment. The final step is to enter the basic authentication details for completing the payment.

Insta Pay- Customers can easily pay premium through net banking accounts that held with several leading banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, YES Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Allahabad Bank, J&K Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Premium Calculator

Before making any purchase, you must look put at the price of the product that you are going to buy. Nowadays it becomes very easy to know that how much your chosen plan will cost you on a monthly or annual basis. You can do the same by using an online insurance calculator. For the same, you have to fill some basic details like the tenure of the policy, n the basis of same the calculator will serve you the estimate premium cost.

Claim Assistance

Time of filing the claim is the most crucial aspect of your insurance policy. You have invested to attain the benefits of the same and this is the time when you think that you really need an assisting hand and that could be of your life insurance plan. The process of filing claim at Bharti AXA life insurance is really very easy. At the time of purchase, you must have gone through the inclusions and exclusions because with the help of the same, you will be aware that when your life insurance plan will be able to offer assistance.

Bharti AXA life insurance is a trustworthy platform to fulfill your insurance needs. This complies carry a good claims ratio. The entire procedure of filing claim is easy and reliable. You can trust this insurance company, it will never disappoint you.

Documents Required For filing Claim

When it comes to the filing claim, you must be having several doubts about documents required. When you file your claim don’t forget to have the essential documents with you. Here is a short description of the documents that you require for filing claim-

  • The death certificate (In case of death)

  • Original policy documents

  • ID proof of the beneficiary

  • Age proof of insured

  • Discharge form (executed and witnessed)

  • Medical certificate (as proof for the cause of death)

  • Police FIR (in case of unnatural death)

Contact Address

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Ltd
601/602 6th Floor, Raheja Titanium Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (E) Mumbai - 400 063.
Customer care-1800 - 102 - 4444


1. How can I check the status of the claim.

You can check the status of the claim on the website at a designated page.

2. Where should a person submit documents for making a claim?

All the documents must be submitted at any Bharti Axa branch office or you can mail directly to the head office.

3. Where can I file the claim

You can file online at the Bharti AXA website.

4. How do I register for online payment of premiums?

There is a module that allows customers to register and make premium payments online.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance News

Bharti Axa Facilitates Claim Settlement Through WhatsApp

September 26, 2018

Bharti Axa Life, one of the leading private Insurance company has introduced an innovative solution for the claims settlement. They have launched WhatsApp messenger as a service provider for faster claim settlement and better customer services. It is one of the first domestic insurance company to facilitate its customer through the medium of WhatsApp. Vikas Seth, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Bharti Axa Life Insurance says, “They are the first Insurance company to float WhatsApp platform for claim processing”. He rightly said, “Prime responsibility of any Insurance company is to expedite the claim settlement to manage the financial crisis”.

WhatsApp is one of the popular and fastest channels of communication these days. Its messenger is one of the swift ways to reach the customers. WhatsApp platform can enable stress-free claim settlement for the users. The beneficiary of the insured can process the claim easily even without visiting the branch. All they need to do is just send a text message to the insurer and rest all can proceed through WhatsApp itself.

Seth confirmed, there will be an agent assigned for every case who will act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for the nominee. As soon as SPOC receives the request for the claim they will initiate the claim processing. Assigned SPOC will share the link where the claimant can upload all the required documents and the claim settlement will proceed further. All the steps will be notified to the nominee and the amount will be transferred electronically to his or her account.

Bharti Axa has already processed many claims through WhatsApp. Their vision is to issue the policy and other requests related to Insurance as well through WhatsApp. According to Seth, the biggest challenge faced by the Insurance industry is outreach to the customer and access to the Insurance companies for the potential clients. However, with the ease of the digital channels like WhatsApp, there is a possibility to manage these obstacles.

Seth added, “They will initiate all possible actions to assist customers in adopting WhatsApp digital transformation”. Bharti Axa has the vision that the use of What’s App media will enhance overall user engagement and experience. At the same time, it will lead to efficiency of operations, that will infuse better credibility for the Insurance Industry across India.

Life Insurance: Bharti AXA Life Introduces “Super Series”

April 07, 2016

Bharti AXA Life Insurance, a well known private insurance company that is basically a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, has announced the launch of new non-linked, non-par life insurance policy namely “Bharti AXA Life Super Series”. It is basically a money back policy which provides guaranteed income that raises through-out the payout period and gives a definite lump sum payment at the start and end of the payout time. The policy has an alternative to select between Super 6 or Super 10 options depending on the desired investment and time period.

Under Super 6 option, an insured requires to pay premiums for 6 years where the time for definite money back advantages will also be 6 years thereby offering 270% of ‘Sum Assured on Maturity’ as total guaranteed benefits. Whereas under Super 10 option an insured requires to pay premiums for 10 years where the time for guaranteed money back benefits will also be 10 years thereby offering 396% of ‘Sum Assured on Maturity’ as total definite benefits.

Mr. Mudit Kumar, Chief and Appointed Actuary for Bharti AXA Life Insurance said, “Money back life insurance policies are popular plans as they offer dual benefits of insurance and redemption of money at regular intervals. Bharti AXA Life Super Series provides guaranteed income that increases every year along with lump sum payment at the start and end of the payout period that will help our customers to secure important milestones of life such as education, marriage and also save for their retirement and old age. The policy not only provides insurance and investment but also a guaranteed return”.

November 30, -0001

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