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Top-up Health Insurance

Top-up health insurance plans are add-on covers that provide additional protection to you and your family at the time of a medical emergency. These plans come to your rescue in case your existing health insurance is not enough to meet the medical bills. In other words, they prove to be useful when the basic threshold limit of your existing health plan is breached. However, they apply to a single hospitalization.

For example- you have a health cover of Rs. 5 lakhs. With your growing age and the soaring cost of healthcare facilities, you know that it won't be enough to cover a medical emergency in the future. Rather than buying a separate health policy or upgrading your existing health plan, you can simply buy a top-up plan that would enhance your cover and won't burden your pocket.

What Are The Features Of A Top-up Health Plan?

A top-up health plan is a must-have in your arsenal due to the following reasons-

  • It offers additional financial coverage in case your base policy is exhausted.
  • Such plans are available at affordable premiums, which is a blessing to our wallets.
  • By paying regular premiums for this plan, you can avail of tax benefits, thanks to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What Is A Super Top-up Health Plan?

Just like a top-up health plan, a super top-up health plan is also an extension of your basic health plan. But these plans are eligible to cover multiple claims for cumulative medical expenses (over the threshold limit) within a policy year (once your base cover is exhausted). These plans ensure that the policyholder gets the treatment without any restrictions or limitations.

For example- you have regular health insurance of Rs. 5 lakhs and you decide to buy a super top-up health policy of Rs. 10 lakhs, which comes with a deductible of Rs. 5 lakhs. During the year, you are hospitalized 3 times, where the bill was Rs. 3 lakhs during the first time, Rs. 4 lakhs during the second time, and Rs. 5 lakhs during the third time.

You will get coverage under your regular health policy for your first hospitalization, but it will not cover your second hospitalization in full, as you've already claimed Rs. 3 lakhs against your first hospitalization. In such a case, your regular health policy will cover Rs. 2 lakhs, and the remaining Rs. 2 lakhs claim will be settled by the super top-up health policy.

In your third hospitalization, a super top-up plan will settle the entire bill amount.

What Are The Features Of Super Top-up Health Plans?

Health Insurance Top Up Plan

Also known as the 'Big Brother' of top-up health plans, below are the following reasons for the popularity of super top-up health plans.

  • One can claim multiple times in a year by paying the deductible amount only once.
  • You can choose your deductible and sum insured amount as per our needs and requirements.
  • A policyholder can avail of tax benefits for the premiums paid for a super top-up health plan under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Top-up Plans Vs Super Top-up Plans

With so many plan types available in the market, people often get confused between Top up Health Insurance & Super Top up Health Insurance. In the below mentioned table, we have differentiate both the plans on some parameters that will give you a clear idea of Top up Health Insurance plan & Super Top up Health Insurance plan. Take a look

Parameters Top-up Health Plans Super Top-up Health Plans
Working CriteriaTop-up health plans work only for one claim during the policy term.Super top-up health plans allow multiple claims during the policy term.
LapsationThese plans lapse once the cover for 1st claim is provided.These plans lapse when the entire cover is exhausted.
PremiumThe plan comes with a lower amount of premium.Premiums are proportionately higher than top-up health policy.

**Last Updated on April, 2022

Health Top Up Plans

How Top-up and Super Top-Up Works?

Let's understand the functioning of both the plans with an example:

Amar and Vinay are good friends working together in the same company. Both have standard health insurance of Rs. 5 lakhs each. After considering his family's history of Cancer, Vinay purchases a super top-up health plan of Rs. 10 lakhs, with a deductible of Rs. 5 lakhs. Considering the idea of additional protection, Amar purchases a top-up plan of Rs. 10 lakhs, with a deductible of Rs. 5 lakhs. After 6 months, both were travelling together, met with an accident, and hospitalized for multiple surgeries.

Now let's check how both plans function at the time of claims-

Claims Made Amar (Top-up Plan) Vinay (Super Top-up)
1st claim of the policy year- Rs. 5 lakhsThe claim is covered by the standard health plan.The claim is covered by the standard health plan.
2nd claim of the policy year-Rs. 2 lakhsAmar will pay the entire amount as he has exhausted his standard health insurance coverage. Also, as the claim doesn't exceed the deductible amount, his top-up plan won't be useful.Vinay has also exhausted his standard health insurance coverage, but his super top-up policy will cover the treatment expenses.
3rd claim of the policy year- Rs. 6 lakhsRs. 1 lakh will be covered by the top-up plan as this is the extra amount over his base health insurance coverage amount. However, the rest has to be borne by Amar.Super top-up will pay the entire medical expenses.

**Last Updated on April, 2022

What Is Not Covered Under Top-up and Super Top-up Plans?

The following are a few conditions, which aren't covered under such plans-

  • Pre-existing diseases before the waiting period is over.
  • Pre-natal and post-natal medical expenses, unless hospitalization is required.
  • Any condition you get hospitalized for that doesn't match with the doctor's prescription.
  • No claim until the standard health insurance coverage is exhausted or the listed deductible is spent.

To get more details about them, please speak (1800-4200-269) with the experts of

Who Should Buy Top-up and Super Top-up Health Plans?

As you already know that both Top up Health Insurance & Super Top up Health Insurance are designed to enhance your standard health insurance. But then the question arises, do you really need it? Well, to answer your question, read the below section.

Individuals falling into the below categories should consider buying these plans. Let's learn about them.

  1. Corporate Employees

    Working in an organization, your company may have provided you with health insurance, but the sum insured may not be enough. In such a case, you should buy an additional cover that would protect you and your family at the time of medical emergencies.

  2. Senior Citizens

    With growing age, you get vulnerable to health-related issues. And to treat those issues, you may be stuck in a situation where your base coverage is not enough and you are required to pay from your wallet. To avoid such a possibility, consider buying these add-on plans.

  3. Low Coverage Holders

    Many people go for low coverage plans as they don't have the budget to pay higher premiums. But in their hearts, they know that such coverage is not enough to meet future medical needs. If you are one of them, consider going for top/super-top plans. They will give you additional coverage at cheaper rates.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Top up Health Insurance Plan/Super Top-up Policy

Before buying a Top-up/ Super Top up policy, knowing some of the factors that you should consider can help you in making a wise decision. Below mentioned are some of those factors :

  1. Check the premium

    Before buying a Mediclaim Top up policy, one of the most important factors is to evaluate the premium in comparison to the coverage benefits offered.In order to make the best choice, you must compare the premiums of various top-up health insurance policies. Not only will it help you in choosing the most cost-effective policy, but will also provide the coverage you want.

  2. Go through your Base Policy

    Before buying a Super Top up policy, it is important for you to go through your base policy completely. Check what benefits you already have, and evaluate if you would require anything else. Evaluate your and your family's healthcare needs, and then choose an ideal plan.

  3. Opt for a Single Insurer

    Purchasing a Mediclaim Top up policy from the same insurance company where you currently have a basic health insurance policy is a good idea. This not only helps you create trust with your insurance provider, but it also makes things easier for you because you're already familiar with the terms and conditions of numerous operations. You may also be eligible for extra advantages, such as the elimination of a pre-existing waiting period.

Top-up and Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans Of 2022

Finding a suitable top-up/super top-up health insurance is a tedious task. Some health insurance companies may offer quality benefits but charge a high premium, while others ask for low premiums but the benefits offered are not worthwhile. Out of 15 top health insurance companies, we at have mentioned 3 top-up and super top-up plans (each) based on the low premium for the sum insured of Rs.10 Lakhs. Have a look:

Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plans in India

Plan Name Premium Amount* Entry Age Maximum Sum Insured

Max Bupa Health RechargeRs.1094NARs.95 Lakhs
HDFC ERGO My health Medisure Super Top-upRs.181718-65 yearsRs.20 Lakhs
Care Enhance Super Top-Up PlanRs.308718 years-no limitRs.30 Lakhs

**Last Updated on April, 2022

Let's Learn more about the above-mentioned Super Top-up plans:

  1. Max Bupa Health Recharge

    With the coverage offered upto 95 Lakhs, Max Bupa Health Recharge is an affordable super top-up plan that helps you in the time where you need additional support. With the availability of several benefits, the plan ensures to look after your medical needs even if your base coverage is exhausted.

    Key Features:

    • The plan comes with a feature of lifetime renewability with no extra loadings based on your claim history.
    • The plan offers the optional benefits such as personal accident cover, critical illness cover and helps you to enhance your overall coverage.
  2. HDFC ERGO My health Medisure Super Top-up

    With HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Super top-up plan, you can ensure that your and your family's healthcare needs will be looked after even if your base coverage is exhausted.One can avail discounts of 5% on the premiums if they opt for a long-term policy of 2 years, and can avail further 10 % discount if they choose to cover more than 2 members on individual Sum Insured basis.

    Key Features:

    • The plan offers comprehensive coverage that covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses and day care procedures without any sub limits.
    • One can avail this policy without undergoing any pre-medical check up, provided he/she is under 55 years of age.
  3. Care Enhance Super Top-Up Plan

    Care Enhance Super Top-Up Plan allows the policyholder to avail medical care even when their basic insurance plan falls short. The plan enhances your health cover to overcome the uncertainties of life at a comparatively lower premium amount.

    Key Features:

    • The plan offers a free health check-up to the policyholder, regardless of the claim history.
    • One can avail an add-on benefit of Expert Opinion, where an expert opinion of a specialist medical professional is provided to the policyholder.

Top-up Health Insurance Plans in India

Plan Name Premium Amount (10 Lac SI)* Entry Age Maximum Sum Insured
SBI Arogya Top-UpRs.10343 months-65 yearsRs.50 Lakhs
Future Advantage Top-upRs.319118 years-no limitRs.1 Crore
Star Super Surplus Insurance PolicypRs.220418 years-65 yearsRs.25 Lakhs

**Last Updated on April, 2022

Let's Learn more about the above-mentioned Top-up plans

  1. SBI Arogya Top-Up

    SBI Arogya Top-Up plan supplements your existing health insurance in case where you have exhausted the basic sum insured. One can avail the benefits of this plan without undergoing any medical check-ups upto the age of 55.

    Key Features:

    • The plan covers the maternity expenses after the waiting period of 9 months.
    • Ambulance expenses up to Rs. 5000 is covered per hospitalisation
  2. Future Advantage Top-up Plan

    Future Advantage Top-Up plan comes with high sum insured options and provides extra coverage at low premiums as compared to any traditional health insurance plan.Loaded with several benefits, the plan makes sure that you and your family healthcare needs are completely looked after.

    Key Features:

    • The plan offers 2 different variants- Supreme & Elite, and lets you choose the plan as per your requirements.
    • The plan offers a 2.5% of loyalty discount if the policyholders already has a separate Health insurance policy from the company.
  3. Star Super Surplus Insurance Policy

    This top up plan offered by Star Health is an affordable way to extend your healthcare coverage. With several benefits, Star Super Surplus ensures that you don't have to compromise on your healthcare needs.One can avail this policy without undergoing a pre-acceptance medical check-up.

    Key Features:

    • The plan comes in two variants- Silver & Gold, and allows you to choose one as per your needs and requirements.
    • The plan covers the Air Ambulance expenses up to 10% of the sum insured.

*The premium may vary on the basis of chosen threshold limit/deductible amount, age & other factors.

How To Buy With

Buying a policy online helps to save your precious time and money. Though there is a risk of fraud, it can be avoided if you buy from a trusted buyer- Here are the steps-

Here are the steps-


Fill Up Form

Go on the top of this page, and fill up a form 'Get Quotes from Top Insurers'.


Compare Plans

On the next page, compare all the quotes from different insurance companies.


Choose Plan

Choose the plan as per your needs and requirements and proceed to buy.


Pay Online

Pay the premium online and the policy will be shared on your email address.

Note: You can also buy the top-up/super top-up policy from the respective insurance provider.

Documents required:

If you buy these health plan from your existing provider of standard health insurance, then you won't have to submit the documents. But if you decide to buy it from another provider, you need to submit the following documents-

  • Age Proof- 10th or 12th mark sheet, Driving License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter ID, etc.
  • Identity Proof- Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, or Aadhar Card, which proves one's citizenship.
  • Address Proof- Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License or Passport should mention the permanent address.

  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Others requested by the insurance company.

How To File A Claim For Top-up/Super Top-up Health Insurance?

Generally, there are two ways of filing claims for such plans. Let's learn about them.

For cashless claim (can be opted only at the network hospitals):

  • Intimate your insurance company about hospitalization.
  • Provide your health card and ID proof and fill the pre-authorization form.
  • The hospital will send your form with your medical records, which will be verified by your insurance company.
  • Once approved, the company will directly pay all the bills at the network hospital.

For reimbursement claim:

  • Intimate your insurance company about the hospitalization as soon as possible.
  • Get treated, pay all the expenses and file for reimbursement.
  • At the time of getting discharged, collect all the necessary documents and bills, and submit them to your insurance company.
  • After assessing and verifying the documents, the amount will be transferred to your registered bank account, provided the claim is approved.

Note- The above steps may vary from one insurance company to another. Please take note of it before filing a claim.

Insurance Calculator

Top Up Health Insurance: FAQs

1. What is the meaning of deductible in top-up/super top-up health plans?

A deductible is a base amount over which a top-up/super top-up policy comes into force.

2. Do I need to undergo a medical test for buying top-up health insurance?

Some insurance companies may ask you to undergo medical screening after a certain age. It's better to check this with your chosen insurer before buying the policy.

3. Is it mandatory to buy a top-up/super top-up health plan from the same company?    

No. It depends on your preference.

4. Can I buy a top-up health plan for my family?        

Yes, top-up health policies come as individual and floater plans.

5. Is it necessary to have a health insurance policy for opting for a top-up plan?

No. If you don't have a health plan, you can still purchase a top-up plan. However, in this case, you will have to pay all the expenses yourself, until you exceed the deductible limit.

6. Does a top-up/super top-up health plan provide coverage for accidents?

Yes, these plans offer cover for accidents along with the listed diseases, which may differ from company to company.

7. What will happen if I forget to renew my top-up health policy?

Just like other health insurance policies, a policyholder is given a grace period of 15/30 days to renew the policy. If (s)he fails to do so, the policy will get lapsed and one cannot avail of any benefits.

8. What are the factors that affect the super top-up health insurance premium?

The factors that affect the super top-up health insurance premium are:

  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Deductible amount
  • Sum insured amount
  • Others

9. I am planning to buy a Super top-up Health Insurance. How can I decide the ideal super-top policy for me?

One must choose the right deductible limit when acquiring purchasing a super top-up health insurance plan. The deductible is the maximum amount of money you may spend on your normal health insurance plan. Also, before purchasing a super top-up health insurance policy, be sure to review the insurer's list of network hospitals, coverage level, features, and claim settlement history.

10. I am already having a Health Insurance with Critical Illness cover. Do I still need to buy a Super Top-up policy?

Well, looking at the inflation rate, teh healthcare services are on continuous rise, and the treTment for a critical illness has the potential to wipe off all your savings if you donít have enough coverage.

So, it is recommended that along with your standard health insurance you should get a super top up policy, so if the need arises, you can have your expenses covered.

11. Am I allowed to choose a higher deductible amount in Super top-up Health Insurance?

Yes, you can choose a higher deductible in your Mediclaim Top-up policy. However, the amount chosen for the deductible may vary from policy to policy.

12. Does Top-up health insurance plan offer coverage for AYUSH Treatments?

Yes, you will get the coverage for AYUSH Treatments under a Super top-up policy.

13. Am I eligible to avail any tax benefits under Mediclaim Top-up policy?

Yes, like any other health insurance policy, a super top-up health insurance too comes with tax saving benefits. You can avail tax benefits as per the prevailing Income Tax Law.

14. What is a super top-up plan in health insurance?

A super top-up health plan covers the total hospital bills up to the limit specified in your super top-up plan above the deductible amount. Hence, once your deductible is paid, the super top-up policy becomes active for subsequent claims.

15. Should I buy super top-up health insurance?

It's advisable to opt for a super top-up plan as it provides a higher sum insured and the coverage amount can be increased over and above your corporate plan at a lower premium. The higher the threshold limit, the lower the premium of the plan. You can either buy it individually or as a family floater plan.

16. What is the difference between top up and super top up?

The major difference lies in the fact that a Super Top-up Plan offers coverage for complete hospitalization bills above the threshold limit, whereas a top-up policy only covers a single hospitalization claim above the threshold limit (i.e. the Deductible amount).

17. Is super top-up cashless?

Yes, Cashless can be applied through the hospital.

18. How does super top-up policy work?

Super Top Up policy is a Family Floater Policy that offers you coverage of Mediclaim above your chosen deductible limit along with extraordinary features. It offers you financial relaxation in the event that your hospitalization claim bill crosses your sum insured under any other Mediclaim policy.

19. Can the super top-up policy be ported?

However, you can only port between policies of similar nature and category. Therefore, porting from a health insurance plan to a super top-up plan is not possible.

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