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Health Top-Up Plan
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Health Top-Up Plan

The world is growing at a fast pace. The growth of technology also raises several unwanted issues and related health conditions as well, but thanks to the same technology that we have solutions for them. The solution to several different forms of diseases is to have the right treatment on time and that might be sometimes expensive for you. However, by buying an effective health insurance plan you will be able to get quality treatment on time and can protect yourself and your family from several unwanted diseases.

Health top-up plan, it might be a new term for many people, but the one who is aware of it knows its importance and benefits very well. Basically a health top-up plan is a type of additional coverage for those people who already have a health insurance policy. It enhances sum insured amount at a reasonable premium. It improves your existing health insurance policy by providing additional health coverage.

A Top-up cover is delivered once the deductible in the existing policy is worn-out. It is not compulsory to have a health insurance plan to buy top-up plan, but it is advisable to take a health insurance plan before choosing any top-up plan. assists you in choosing the best health top-up plan. Health top-up plan is the best way to improve the sum insured amount at an affordable premium. Buying health top-up plan provides additional coverage to those people who think that their existing health insurance plan is not sufficient for the medical emergencies.

The difference between the health insurance plan and top-up plan is the deductible amount. The policyholders have to choose the deductible amount at the time of buying the top-up plan. Higher the deductible amount lesser will be the premium. You can use your base health insurance and top-up plan for a single hospitalization but the condition is to meet the threshold limits of the plan. You can buy the top-up and the health insurance plan from two different companies, but it is advisable to buy the same from a single insurer as it will save you money and time as well.

What Does Health Top-Up Plan Cover?

The only difference between a normal health insurance plan and top-up plan is the deductible. The higher the deductible, the lesser will be premium amount. There is a condition to use top-up plan, that is if your hospital bills cross the deductible limit during the hospitalization only at that time you can use the top-up plan. You must check deductible criteria for pre-existing disease, single illness, pre & post hospitalization. There are two types of top-up plan, namely basic top-up plan and floater top-up plan. You must choose according to your requirement.

Basic top-up plans covers only single incidence hospitalization, whereas in the floater top-up plan, the benefits are customizable. The floater top-up plan generally covers pre-existing disease from the first day and the rest depends upon the selected insurer.

In India, more than 80% of the insurer are offering basic top-up plan. Basically, top up plans are cheaper as compared to other basic health insurance plans. You can also buy the same along with the health cover that is provided by your employer. There are many people that get confused between riders and health top-up plans. Basically, health top-uppolicies are indemnity policies that come out with regular cover. Health-top up plans with high deductibles are generally cheaper. You can search for the one for yourself online easily.

Importance of Health Top-Up Plan

Despite the misconceptions that people carry towards a health insurance policy, this is the time to understand its importance and worth of having the same in the investment portfolio today. There are several benefits that a health insurance policy provides to its consumers like the needful financial cover in case of medical emergency. People only understand the I importance of having a health insurance when they suffer a medical emergency and are unable to arrange the required funds.

In such situation people usually curse themselves for not having proper savings and an insurance policy. So buying the same in advance is always a beneficial thing and can offer the needful assistance in case of an emergency. However, it is advisable to buy an adequate health insurance plan that would be enough for a medical treatment. If you already have a health insurance, but think that it will not be sufficient then you can buy a health top-up plan instead of a new basic health plan. You can get the same at a cheaper price. The health care cost is rising day by day so you basic health plan would not be sufficient to meet the needs.

The top-up plan is important as it provides additional coverage over existing health insurance policy. A base health insurance plan will pay the medical bills up-to the definite sum insured, but a top-up plan will assist you by covering the medical bills after a definite threshold limit. It is a cost-effective way to improve your existing health insurance policy. See, it is really a good thing that you have a health insurance policy, but to be frank what will you do if your base health insurance plan fails to meet your requirements during hospitalization, from where you will arrange the rest of the amount?

In that case a top-up plan would be able to assist you completely. It will pay for your expenses during hospitalization, when your existing health insurance policy got exhausted. All the benefits of the top-up plans are the same as in the normal health insurance policy.

Pay the medical bills when your existing policy or deductible limits is worn-out.

It also provides the tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Take care of the rising medical costs.

When Do You Need a Top-Up Plan?

It completely makes sense to invest your money in a health top up insurance plan. It basically increases your health cover at a low price. Let us take an example to understand this further.

Suppose you have a health cover of Rs 5 lakh and now realized that a heath cover of Rs 5 Lakh would not be sufficient to meet the needs of a medical emergency. Buying extra cover of 5 lakhs means you have to pay a big amount as a premium. If you go for the upgradation of existing policy, it would also double the premium. This is where a health top-up plan makes sense. With a health top up policy, you can get additional cover at a low premium and it can save a lot of your money.

Health top-up plans are generally cheaper as compared to the basic health plan. It would provide all the benefits that you get in a basic healthplan, but it would come into light only when the threshold limit of your existing regular health plan gets exhausted. Its then that a top up plan will cover the rest of the treatment and its charges. It is completely logical to go for a top up plan as it saves a lot of your money and can be there for you in the case of need. If you are looking for such type of plans then you must visit an online insurance web aggregator. There you can compare policies to get the best one out of all.

Documents Required For Health Top-Up Plan

A top-up health insurance policy is like an add-on health policy that you can use when the limit of your basic health plan gets exhausted. You can pay the rest of the treatment charges by the top up policy after paying the main charges through your basic policy. It basically provides coverage on the balance pending from the total treatment cost.If you are buying the health top-up plan from the same insurer from which you have bought the normal health insurance policy, then there is no need to provide documents again but if you are buying from a different insurer then you need to have:

Age proof

Any one of Birth Certificate, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, etc

Identity proof

Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which proves one's citizenship

Address proof

Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, should clearly mention the permanent address.

Some plans require a medical check-up usually for elder people above age 45 in order to make sure that the insured does not suffer from any chronic illness

Passport Size Photo to have a record of the insured person's identity for future references.

Health-Top Up Plan Premium

It is a fact that a basic health insurance plan will not be able to cover all incidents, thus it is important for you to think about a top up. This is where you will understand the importance of having a top up plan. It not only provides the useful coverage, but a high one as well.

It is a process of sharing medical expense in which the amount till deductible have to be paid by the policyholder. Once the limit is worn out, then the top up plan will be there to assist you in every possible way. It will provide the coverage once the basic limit is worn out.

It is available in different forms it can offer coverage with sum assured starting from Rs 50000 to 225000 lakh. For the same, you can place deductible as minimum as 30 thousand. There are several rules associated with it, you can easily get one of them for yourself. It will offer great protection along with the deductibles which are borne by another insurance policy.

It majorly acts as a supplementary policy that offers the dual benefits of the high sum assured at low prices. It is a great thing for the senior citizen as it takes care of each and everything related to health. At a time when the cost of medical expenses is rising day by day, you need a complete health security that you can get with a health top up policy. Top up plans will offer higher protection, hence you should go for it. You must search online for effective Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans, ICICI Lombard Health pans and plans of other insurers also.

1. In Top Up plan, the premium depends upon the deductible. Higher the deductible, lesser will be the premium.

2. You should renew your policy every year or as per the terms and conditions of the policy opted for.

3. The premium amount also depends on the age of entering the plan, lesser the age lesser the rate of premiums

4. It is better to buy a Health top up plan at an early age as it can help you save a big amount

Buying the Best Health Insurance Plan Online

Purchasing online is like a new trend as it helps in saving your precious time and hard-earned money as well. It is same in health insurance policy, with a wide range of health insurance policies; it becomes necessary to compare health insurance first to get a complete idea. People are also using a health insurance calculator for taking better decisions. A health insurance calculator helps them in understanding their needs. Nowadays you can buy health insurance online and can renew it as well. It can save your time and money as well.

Buying Process

It is advisable to buy Health top-up plan online as it is a simple process and can save your time and money as well. If you go online then you will get:

  1. Hassle free place that assist you in buying the desired plan
  2. It will save your time and money as well
  3. Simple process, just enter some basic requirements and details to find the best top-up plan
  4. Compare plans provided by top insurance companies through
  5. Choose a plan that suits your requirements
  6. Fill up the proposal form that requires some basic information
  7. Upload your documents online. Make the payment through selected mode

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