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Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan

Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan is a super top-up health insurance plan having both the options of individual and family floater plan. There is a concept of deductibles applicable under the plan. The insurance company is liable to pay any medical expenses being covered only after the insured has exhausted all the deductible limits.

There are two variants of the Health Recharge Plan:

Type Ie-Saver
Type IISuper Top-Up

Features of Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan

  • Free-look Period

    Under Max Health Recharge Policy a free look period of 15 days is provided to offline buyers and 30 days free-look period is provided to online buyers. Within the time duration, the insured can cancel the policy in case of any type of dissatisfaction with the policy or its terms and conditions.

  • Policy Reinstatement

    The base sum insured amount is restored in case the insured has exhausted all of its sum inured and benefit limits, in earlier claims.

  • Change In SI

    In case there has been an increment in insured’s medical expenses s/he can change the insured sum cover but at the time of policy renewal only.

Max Bupa Health Recharge Plans
  • Grace Period

    Suppose the insured forgot to pay the renewal premium at the end of the policy year, then the insured does not need to worry as the plan provides a grace period of 30 days and the renewal premium can be paid within that time duration. Failure to the payment the policy is subject to lapse.

  • Portability

    In case of any type of dissatisfaction, the policyholder is free to port the insurance company and Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan assures that the insured does not lose any of the benefits accumulated in the previous company.

  • Initial Waiting Period

    The insured needs to serve an initial waiting period of 30 days under Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan to claim any medical expenses covered under the plan.

  • Pre-Existing Disease Waiting Period

    All the pre-existing diseases diagnosed in the insured can only be covered after a waiting period of 36 months.

  • Specific Waiting Period

    There is a list of illnesses that gets coverage under Max Bupa Health recharge plan, subjected to the condition that the insured needs to serve a waiting period of 2 years to get the facility.

Eligibility of Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan

Minimum Entry Age For Adults18 Years
Maximum Entry Age For Adults65 Years
Minimum Entry Age For Children91 Days
No. Of Member In Family FloaterMaximum 6 members
No. ChildrenMaximum Up To 4
Sum Insurede-Saver - Rs. 2 Lakhs/ Rs. 3Lakhs/ Rs. 4Lakhs
Super Top-Up - Rs.5 Lakhs, Rs. 7.5 Lakhs, Rs. 10 Lakhs, Rs. 15 Lakhs. Rs. 25 Lakhs

Benefits/ Coverage of Health Recharge Plan

Here are some benefits and coverage of the Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan explained for your easy reference:

  • In-patient Care

    All the members insured under individual and family floater plans are subjected to in-patient care coverage subjected to the condition that the hospitalization has been continuous for more than 24 hours.

  • Hospitalization Accommodation

    The Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan provides coverage under hospitalization accommodation (for all those who have a sum insured amount Rs. 5 lakhs and above) up to the single private room that too without capping on rent room charges.

  • Organ Transplant

    All the medical cost incurred in the treatment of the organ donor is covered under the Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy.

  • Pre-Hospitalization

    All the medical expenses incurred a few days before the hospitalization is covered under the pre-hospitalization cover.

  • Post-Hospitalization

    All the medical expenses incurred within a few days from the date of discharge of the insured from the date of discharge from the hospitalization are covered under the post-hospitalization expenses under the Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy.

  • Daycare Treatment Cover

    The daycare procedure expense cover is also provided under the Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan.

  • Domiciliary Treatment

    In case the patient is not in a condition to travel to the nearest hospital or health center, or there is no availability of rooms in the hospital then under these circumstances, the insured gets domiciliary treatment coverage on the advice of a trained medical practitioner under this health insurance plan.

  • Alternative Treatment

    Health Recharge Plan also offers coverage for AYUSH treatment for in-patient hospitalization for not less than 24 hours. It covers Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.

  • Emergency ambulance

    An emergency ambulance coverage facility is available under this health insurance plan. It is considerable in case of genuine in-patient hospitalization and the coverage is provided up to Rs.1,500 per hospitalization.

  • Pharmacy and Diagnostic Services Coverage

    All the cost of medicines shall be borne by the insured as per the terms and conditions of this Health Recharge Policy.

  • Loyalty Additions

    There is an additional benefit provided to the insured under this health insurance policy in the form of a 5% increment in the base sum and it can be a maximum of 50% of the base sum of that policy year.

  • E-Consultations

    E-consultation facility is available for insured who has been diagnosed with a medical condition and the doctor has suggested him to undergo surgery.

  • Personal Accident Cover (Optional)

    The Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy also provides personal accidental cover to its insured in case of death, partial disability or permanent disability.

  • Critical Illness Cover (Optional)

    Critical illness cover is also provided under the policy for diseases like cancer, CABG, open-heart surgery, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ/ bone marrow transplant, etc.

  • Modification Of Room Rent (Optional)

    In case the insured has room rent option limited to 1% of the sum insured per day then the insured can get it modified to a single private room and it will be covered up to sum insured subject to the condition that it is only available for deductibles more than Rs. 50,000 and SI up to Rs. 4 Lacs.

  • Annual Aggregate Deductibles (Optional)

    Deductible limits have been set between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. The insured is free to choose deductibles within the limit at the time of buying the plan.

  • Tax Benefit

    The policyholder can enjoy tax benefit under section 80D of the income tax act on the premiums paid under the plan.

  • Cashless Facility

    Cashless facilities are provided to the insured under the Health Recharge policies at the network hospitals and health centers.


The exclusions of the Health Recharge Plan have been mentioned below:

  • Suicidal case
  • Non-medical expenses
  • Drug abuse treatment
  • Unlawful activity etc
  • Self-inflicted injury
  • HIV related complexities
  • Dental or oral treatment
  • Alcohol addict treatment.
  • External congenital anomaly
  • Injury in conflict and disaster
  • Mental and psychiatric treatment expenses
  • Hospitalization at the unrecognized health center
  • AYUSH in case of no hospitalization or hospitalization for less than 24 hours.

Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy Review

This health insurance plan has been in high demand due to comprehensive coverage for both individual and family floater. The coverage for a list of critical illnesses and amenities provided for the same have been liked by people to a great extent. This is a must buy a policy in the health insurance market.


The pre-existing diseases waiting period is 36 months.

Yes, they are covered under along with a few of the listed illnesses under the plan.

Yes, homeopathic treatment gets coverage under the plan subjected to only one condition that is should be in-patient hospitalization for a continuous 24 hours.

The maximum sum insured under the plan is Rs. 4 Lakhs for E-saver variants and Rs. 25 Lakhs for super Top-up plan.

The policy comes with a lifelong renewal benefit.

Last updated on 15-01-2021