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Niva Bupa Health ReAssure Plan (formerly known as Max Bupa ReAssure)

A plan that offers comprehensive coverage and unlimited reinstatement of base sum insured.

Niva Bupa Health ReAssure (formerly known as Max Bupa ReAssure) is designed to protect you and your family during medical emergencies with a cover of up to 1 crore. It offers a multitude of healthcare benefits including in-patient hospitalization, domiciliary hospitalization, etc. along with some stand-out features. These are booster benefit, Live Healthy benefit, add-on riders, lifelong renewability and much more as ReAssure just keeps giving you more.

Niva Bupa Health ReAssure Plan Specifications

With several features, the plan ensures to look after your & your family's healthcare needs. Take a glimpse of Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan below:

Entry Age

18 years

Policy Type

Individual / Family Floater

Policy Term

1 | 2 | 3 Years


Lifetime Renewability

Sum Insured

3L | 4L | 5L | 7.5L | 10L | 12.5L |15L | 20L | 25L | 50L | 75L | 1 Cr

Initial Waiting Period*

30 Days

*Initial Waiting Period is the time period between the issuance of the policy and the time it starts actively. During this period, a policyholder has to wait to avail of the benefits offered under a health insurance plan.

Read more specifications in the Niva Bupa Health ReAssure Brochure.

Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan Coverage

ReAssure Niva Bupa offers vast coverage to its customers. The same is mentioned in the next section. Take a look:

In-patient & Out-patient coverage

Room Rent

Covered up to SI

ICU Charges

Covered up to SI


Covered up to 60 days


Covered up to 180 days

Domiciliary Hospitalization


Daycare Treatment

All Day-Care Treatments Covered

OPD Charges

Not Covered

Coverage Terms

COVID-19 Treatment



Not Covered

No Claim Bonus

Available as a Booster Benefit

Automatic Restoration

Available as ReAssure Benefit

Daily Hospital Cash

Available as a Rider

Organ Donor


Maternity Cover

Not Covered

New Born Baby Cover

Not Covered

Alternative Treatments

AYUSH Treatment


IVF Treatment

Not Covered

Modern Treatment

Covered up to 1L

Emergency Coverage


Covered up to 2K per hospitalization

Air Ambulance


Compassionate Travel

Not available

Global Coverage

Not available

Wellness Programmes


Not available

Health Check-Up

Available Annually

Second Medical Opinion



Not Covered



Not Applicable



What is Room Rent?

Room rent limit is the maximum amount of bed charge that you can claim if you are hospitalized.

Common Room categories covered under room rent are:

  • Private Single AC Room
  • Twin Sharing
  • General Ward

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Under this plan, there is no room rent capping, and the same is covered up to the selected SI.

What are ICU Charges?

It is a special department in the hospitals where patients with serious medical conditions are treated.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Under this plan, ICU charges coverage is available up to the selected SI.

What is Pre Hospitalization?

Medical expenses incurred before the hospitalization of the policyholder.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

This plan covers medical expenses incurred during pre-hospitalization for up to 60 days.

What is Post Hospitalization?

Medical expenses incurred after the discharge of the policyholder from the hospital.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

This plan covers medical expenses incurred during post-hospitalization for up to 180 days.

What is Domiciliary Hospitalization?

Home hospitalization arrangement for the insured person due to unavailability of medical amenities in hospitals. The treatment should last equal to or more than 72 hrs to get the financial coverage.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The domiciliary hospitalization is covered under this plan.

What is Daycare Treatment?

Treatments that can be treated in less than 24 hours of hospitalization like blood dialysis, cataract, etc.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

This plan covers expenses of all day care procedures such as Dental, ENT and other procedures.

What are OPD charges?

The cost of doctor consultation and prescribed medical tests that may not require hospitalization.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Covered

What is COVID-19 Treatment?

COVID-19 treatment includes the cost of treatment for COVID-19 with a confirmative diagnosis from Govt. approved Centre.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

COVID-19 treatment cover is available under this plan.

What is Cataract Treatment?

A common eye condition in which your vision gets blurred.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Covered

What is a No-Claim Bonus?

For every claim-free year, insurance companies reward policyholders with an increase in the Sum Insured amount as a no-claim bonus on policy renewal. However, in the case of a claim, this bonus amount either lapses or is reduced by a certain percentage that varies from plan to plan.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The plan offers Booster Benefit, wherein for every claim free year, there would be a 50% increase in sum insured, maximum to 100% of SI.

What is Automatic Restoration?

Automatic restoration is a benefit in which an insurance company restores the sum insured amount completely or up to a certain percentage after it gets fully exhausted in treatments. This restoration amount may vary from plan to plan.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The plan has ReAssure benefit, wherein a person can enjoy the unlimited reinstatements of the sum insured for same and different illness in a policy year.

What is Daily Hospital Cash?

It is a cash amount that you receive each day during the time of hospitalization.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The Daily hospital cash available under the plan is as follows:

  • Up to 5 Lakhs: Rs. 1000/day
  • 7.5 Lakhs - 15 Lakhs: Rs. 2000/day
  • Above 15 Lakhs: Rs. 4000/day
What is an Organ Donor Cover?

It is a cover that includes the cost of the procedure for removing the damaged or malfunctioning organs from the body.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Organ Donor coverage is available under this plan.

What is a Maternity Cover?

It refers to the cover that includes expenses for normal and c-section procedures deliveries.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is a New Born Baby Cover?

It takes care of the medical expenses that arise due to the hospitalization of the newborn baby in case of unforeseen circumstances. Some of the common treatments that are covered under the newborn cover and these common treatments can vary from plan to plan:

  • Congenital anomaly (conditions since birth)
  • Acute condition
  • Chronic condition
  • Premature delivery
  • Birth asphyxia
  • Day care treatment

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available.

What is AYUSH Treatment?

Refers to the cost of medicines and procedures used under AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) treatment.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

AYUSH treatment is covered under this plan.

What is IVF Treatment?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a method of assisted reproductive technology. The common expenses incurred under IVF and infertility treatments are for:

  • Full infertility
  • No fertility
  • Infertility diagnosis
  • Infertility diagnosis and limited fertility treatment
  • Medication (which may or may not include fertility drug prescriptions)

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is a Modern Treatment?

Medical treatments that demand the use of modern technology such as robotic surgeries, stem cell therapy, etc.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The plan offers coverage against the surgeries like oral chemotherapy, deep-brain stimulation, etc. up to Sum Insured with a sub-limit of 1L.

What is an Ambulance Cover?

An ambulance is used to move the patient from home to hospital, transfer to another hospital, and take them for different tests outside the hospitals.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

This plan covers Ambulance charges up to 2K per hospitalization.

What is an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are specially prepared planes that transfer the patient from one place to another in case of a health emergency.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The plan covers the expenses for Air Ambulance as per the below limits:

  • Cashless claim: Covered up to sum insured
  • Reimbursement claim: Covered up to 2.5 Lakhs
What is Compassionate Travel?

Refers to the traveling expenses of a family member of the insured person in case the policyholders get admitted to a hospital outside his/her residential city.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is Global Coverage?

Any kind of medical/health emergency when you are outside of India.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is E-Consultation?

If a policy offers E-consultation it allows policyholders to connect with a doctor for medical consultation through video chat, audio call, or chatbot.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is a Health Checkup?

A facility where the policyholder can avail free health check-ups after fulfilling the company's policies.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

The plan offers annual health check-ups from Day 1.

It covers up to INR 500 for every 1 Lakh sum insured (Individual policy: maximum 5,000 per Insured; Family Floater policy: maximum 10,000 per policy) for the defined list of tests.

What is a Second Medical Opinion?

If the policyholder wants, they may opt for a second medical opinion wherein the policyholder can consult another doctor within the company's network of medical practitioners.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is Vaccination cover?

Coverage against the expenses incurred on vaccinations is provided by the insurance companies.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Not Available

What is Co-payment?

In the co-payment clause, policyholders have to pay a portion of the hospitalization expense on their own and the insurer will pay the rest of the amount.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Co-payment is not applicable under this plan.

What is the Sub limit?

Sub limit is a condition in which the insurer will have to pay the medical expense up to a certain percentage and the remaining amount will have to be paid by the policyholder.

Coverage status under Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan?

Sub-limit under this plan is applicable on modern treatments such as oral chemotherapy, deep-brain stimulation, etc. up to Sum Insured with a sub-limit of 1L.

Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan Riders (formerly known as Max Bupa ReAssure)

To enhance the coverage of your Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan, the plan offers several riders. These riders allow the policyholder to customize their plan as per the needs and enhance their basic coverage.

Personal Accident Cover

Coverage against Accidental Eventualities

Hospital Cash

Get Daily Allowance during Hospitalization


Avail three Additional Benefits

Personal Accident Cover

With this rider of ReAssure plan by Niva Bupa, you can get coverage against:

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent & Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Temporary Total Disability.
Hospital Cash

With this rider, one can avail of daily hospital cash for up to 30 days of hospitalization if hospitalized for more than 48 hours.


This rider benefits the policyholder in three different ways such as:

  • Claim safeguard, where the policholyholder gets coverage for the non-payable items up to sum insured.
  • Booster Benefit Safeguard, where there would be no impact on the booster benefit if the claim in a policy year is less than 50K.
  • Sum Insured Safeguard, where Consumer Price Index-linked increase would be there in base sum insured.

Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan Benefits

Shared Accommodation Cash Benefit

In case of shared room accommodation during hospitalization in a Network Hospital, a daily cash amount is paid to the insured person for each continuous and completed period of 24 hours of hospitalization.

Live Healthy Benefit

Download Niva Bupa Health App, and collect health points for every step you take. Live healthy and get discounts on your renewal premiums.

Booster Benefit

Get an increase of up to 100% in your sum insured for every claim-free year.

Niva Bupa Health ReAssure Banner

Niva Bupa Health ReAssure Exclusions

Niva Bupa Health ReAssure has certain pre-determined treatments and diseases that are not covered under the plan's coverage portfolio. Take a look at few of them:

Permanent Exclusions

Permanent diseases or health conditions that are not included under this plan are:

OPD treatments

Sex change treatment

Therapies related to Hormone replacement, cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Dental/oral treatments

Sleep disorders

Alcohol/drug or substance abuse

Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV

Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide

Adventurous or Hazardous Sports

Coverage after Waiting Period

Certain diseases and treatments are covered under this plan after a certain time period. Read the details below:

Listed ailments after 2 years

Pre-existing diseases after 3 years

Niva Bupa ReAssure Sample Premium Illustration

We at have illustrated the sample premium of Niva Bupa ReAssure health insurance with different family sizes. You can refer to the section below to understand how much premium you would need to pay for this plan:

1 Adult

SI Options 5L 10L 20L 25L 50L 1Cr
Premium Payable 7,697 9,111 13,010 13,895 17,439 20,983

2 Adults

SI Options 5L 10L 20L 25L 50L 1Cr
Premium Payable 11,409 13,354 19,902 21,232 26,548 31,864

2 Adults + 1 Child

SI Options 5L 10L 20L 25L 50L 1Cr
Premium Payable 15,092 17,565 26,046 27,814 34,888 41,961

Explore Niva Bupa Health Insurance (formerly known as Max Bupa Health Insurance)

Know more about Niva Bupa Health plans, claim process, buying process and contact details of the company by clicking on the sections below:

Claim Process

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Buying Process

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Contact Us

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Premium Calculator

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Renewal Process

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Explore More Plans from Niva Bupa

Niva Bupa Health Insurance company offers several tailored health plans that are designed to serve you in the best way possible. Take a look:

Protect your entire family with smart features that provide you with everything you need under a health insurance plan.

Unique Features

  • No room rent capping
  • 20% increase in SI as no-claim bonus
  • 100% SI restoration

A comprehensive medical policy that blends well with the lifestyle of your family while offering SI options from 5 Lakhs to 3 Crores.

Unique Features

  • Maternity benefits available
  • 10% increase in SI annually
  • International coverage available

A budget-friendly health insurance plan that offers coverage to individuals and families with tailor-made benefits and great value for money.

Unique Features

  • No room rent capping
  • Up to 100% of SI restoration
  • 20% increase in SI as no claim bonus

A super top-up plan providing extra coverage to you and your family on the basis of deductible with SI options of up to 95 lakhs.

Unique Features

  • No room rent capping
  • Unlimited E-consultation available
  • Pharmacy and diagnostic services

Buy a cover of up to 2 crores to secure you and your loved ones against 20 major critical illnesses with the Niva Bupa CritiCare plan.

Unique Features

  • Daily hospital cash
  • Accident care available
  • Lifelong renewability

NivaBupa AccidentCare

Offers personal accident cover of up to 2 crores on an individual and family floater basis. Pays 100% of SI to your family in case of accidental death.

Unique Features

  • Global coverage available
  • Child education benefit
  • 125% of SI for permanent disability

NivaBupa Go Active

A modern-day digital insurance plan offering you cashless OPD and diagnostic services along with basic coverage and healthcare benefits.

Unique Features

  • Early age enrolment discounts
  • Up to 10 OPD consultations per year
  • No room rent capping

NivaBupa Heart Beat

A complete health plan, providing a wide range of medical benefits along with global emergency coverage.

Unique Features

  • Maternity & New born coverage
  • No room rent capping
  • 10% increase in SI annually

NivaBupa Money Saver

A unique health insurance plan that combines the benefits of basic SI and top-up cover to offer enhanced protection to individuals and families.

Unique Features

  • 100% SI restoration
  • Unlimited e-consultation
  • No room rent capping

A plan providing comprehensive protection to senior citizens with multiple coverage options counting from 5 - 25 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • Coverage for modern treatments
  • Multiple co-payment options
  • Unlimited SI restoration

NivaBupa Super Saver

An individual and family health plan, providing a cover of up to 1 crore at affordable premiums combined with advanced features and benefits.

Unique Features

  • Up to 200% of SI as NCB
  • Up to 150% of SI restoration
  • Unlimited e-consultation

Max Bupa Health Insurance Network Hospital List

Max Bupa Health Insurance Network Hospitals are present in 32 states nationwide. With a wide network of hospitals, Max Bupa Health Insurance ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in.

Health Insurance Articles

Niva Bupa Health ReAssure Plan: FAQs

1. In the ReAssure Plan by Niva Bupa (formerly known as Max Bupa ReAssure), how much Shared Accommodation Cash Benefit can I avail?

The cash benefit limit under Niva Bupa Reassure (formerly known as Max Bupa ReAssure) Shared Accommodation Cash Benefit are:

  • For SI up to 15L: INR 800 per day; (Nivaimum 4,800)
  • For SI above 15L: INR 1,000 per day; (Nivaimum 6,000)

2. How is Live Healthy Benefit beneficial for me? And how will it work?

Live Healthy Benefit offers up to 30% discounts on renewal premiums, and encourages the policyholders to stay active and opt for a healthy lifestyle. With its Live Healthy Benefit, this plan promises to keep you motivated to stay fit so you can stay healthy and keep gaining more!

Niva Bupa Health App will track your steps and will turn them into Health Points. 1 health point would be earned for every completed 1000 steps. To avail of this benefit you must download the mobile app within 30 days of the policy commencement.

3. Are there any discounts available in Niva Bupa Reassure Plan?

Yes, the plan offers several discounts to its customers such as family discount, doctor discount, tenure discount.

4. Are there any deduction criteria under Niva Bupa ReAssure Health Plan?

Yes, under ReAssure Booster Benefit, there would be a reduction of 50% in the SI in case of claim.

5. How many family members can I cover under the Niva Bupa Reassure Plan?

Under the Niva Bupa Reassure plan, one can cover a minimum of 6 members in several combinations.

6. Do I need to undergo a medical checkup before buying Niva Bupa Reassure Policy?

No, you are not required to undergo any medical health check-ups, however, it is always advisable to have a full body checkup prior to buying a policy. Not only it helps in keeping the check on your health, but will also avoid any unnecessary delays at the time of claim settlement.

7. Does the policy offer the benefit of home-care treatment?

Yes, the policy covers the expenses incurred on treatment taken at home for Chemotherapy or Dialysis.

8. What are the criteria to avail of Lifelong Renewability?

There are no such criteria for the renewal of your policy. The plan offers guaranteed lifelong renewal with no extra loadings based on your claim history.

9. Which tests are covered under Health Check-ups offered by Niva Bupa ReAssure?

The list of tests covered under this benefit are:

  • Complete blood count,
  • Urine Routine,
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR),
  • Fasting Blood Glucose,
  • Electrocardiogram,
  • S Cholesterol,
  • Complete Physical Examination by Physician,
  • Post prandial / lunch blood sugar (PPBS / PLBS),
  • Uric Acid,
  • Lipid Profile,
  • Kidney function test,
  • Serum Vitamin D,
  • Serum Electrolytes,
  • HbA1C,
  • Thyroid profile (TSH),
  • Liver Function Test (LFT),
  • Treadmill test (TMT) and
  • Ultrasound test.

10. How is safeguard benefit under Niva Bupa ReAssure plan helpful to a policyholder?

It offers you additional advantages including an increase in SI amount annually on the basis of the inflation rate, coverage for non-payable articles such as gloves, and no impact on booster benefit.

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