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Max Bupa Health Premia Plan

Max Bupa Health Premia Plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides the right coverage and protection to you and your family as per your requirements. It offers every benefit that one can desire from maternity and newborn coverage to emergency medical treatments across India. Max Bupa Premia Insurance Policy provides a wide range of plan options along with constant innovation in its products and services. The high amount of coverage that involves advanced-age treatments and cashless facilities in 4800+ network hospitals makes this plan unique and one of the best.

Key Features of Max Bupa Health Premia Plan

The Insurance Company provides numerous benefits along with a wide range of coverage options when one decides to buy Max Bupa Health Insurance. But the major question that pops in the head of the insured is about the Key Features of the policy that they hold. Let’s discuss the key features of Max Bupa Health Premia for a better understanding of the policy.

  1. Offers High Coverage Options

    Every Individual’s requirements vary as per their lifestyle, health conditions, etc. This plan offers a wide range of sum insured options, up to Rs. 3 Crores. The higher coverage options give you the flexibility to choose coverage as per your requirements.

  2. In-Patient Care

    Sometimes, medical treatment can drain all your hard-earned savings and may leave you in debt. Max Bupa Health Premia Plan covers all your medical expenses incurred in hospitalization such as room rent availability, consultations with a doctor, medicine expenses, daycare procedures/treatments, in-patient treatments, AYUSH treatments such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.

  3. Day Care Procedures/ Treatments

    Some of the treatments require hospitalization but some do not require you to stay at the hospital such as angiography, dialysis, endoscopy, and others. Max Bupa Health Premia is a comprehensive plan that provides coverage for these types of treatments.

  4. Pre and Post Hospitalization

    Pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered up to the sum insured, for 90 days prior and 180 days post hospitalization respectively.

  5. Maternity Cover Benefit

    This plan offers you a maternity cover benefit across the world post serving a waiting period. Additionally, your baby also gets covered with a newborn baby benefit from the very first day that involves the vaccinations.

Note: Maternity Cover Benefit is not available under Max Bupa Individual Health Premia Plan

After studying the key features of the Max Bupa Health Premia Plan, we have summarized the highlights of this plan in a table. Let’s explore them out for a better and smooth understanding.

Type of PlanIndividual and Family Health Plan
Sum InsuredRs. 5 Lakhs to 3 Crores
3500 Network Hospitals4800+
Cashless facilityAvailable and provides settlement in 30 minutes
Benefits/CoveragesLoyalty benefit, Maturity benefit, Annual health check-up, Sum insured options, Free look period

Eligibility Criteria of Max Bupa Health Individual Premia Plan

TypeIndividual Plan
Minimum Entry AgeChildren - 90 days
Adult - 18 yearsMaximum Entry Age
Children- 30 yearsAdult - 65 years
Number of family members coveredIt covers up to 19 relationships in a family first variant. They can be Indian, foreign citizens, NRI

Benefits of Max Bupa Health Insurance

1 Plan Variants

The Max Bupa Premia Plan by Max Bupa offers three plan variants based on the sum insured options, from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Crore. The three variants are: Silver, Gold, and Platinum

2 Zonal Coverage

In India, the expenses incurred on healthcare can vary greatly across different cities. If you are a frequent traveler or are just looking for flexible treatment options anywhere in India, you should go for the Zone 1 Pricing option under this plan through which you can avail of a lower premium facility. If your work takes you across metro cities, the Zone 2 Pricing could be the better option for you as it covers treatment costs in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Thane, Kolkata, and Gujarat. There are other pricing options available as well. Please go through the policy documents and Max Bupa Health Premia brochures for more information.

3 Re-fill Benefit

This benefit can be availed if your Base Sum Insured and increased Sum Insured gets partially or completely exhausted during the Policy Year. In this case, the insurer will provide re-fill amount of up to 100% of the Base Sum Insured. This benefit can only be evoked once in a Policy Year.

4 Free Look Period

You have the option of discontinuing the insurance if you feel it is not the right policy for you and it does not suit your requirements. As per IRDAI, you can change your decision of availing this policy by discontinuing the services within 15 days.

5 Premium Waiver

Life is uncertain!! During the policy tenure, if an insured passes away or is diagnosed with a specified illness, then the premium will be waived off for the next year.

Note: Premium Waiver Benefit is not available under Max Bupa Individual Health Premia Plan

6 Policy Term

The policyholder can choose a policy of longer-term of up to 3 years.

7 Tax Benefits

This plan offers income tax benefits as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Additional Benefits

  1. Critical Illness Cover

    Max Bupa Health Premia Plan provides enhanced protection coverage against 20 critical illnesses such as Heart surgery, Cancer, Kidney failure, Heart strokes, etc. Additional coverage is provided as a lump sum amount upon the first diagnosis of any of the illnesses.

  2. Daily Hospital Cash Benefits

    This plan provides a lump sum amount daily in case of hospitalization and covers miscellaneous expenses incurred during hospitalization.

  3. Personal Cover for accidents

    Using this optional cover, a lump sum amount is paid in case of permanent and partial disability or accidental death. Anyone from the family can opt for this cover who is aged 18 years or above.

  4. Health Guide

    Max Bupa Health Coach App helps track your health parameters such as calorie intake, BMI, on a daily basis.

  5. Waiting Periods

    Medical conditions such as cataracts, a spinal disorder, etc. will be subjected to 12 months of the waiting period.

Comparison between Max Bupa Health Premia: Silver, Gold, and Platinum

CoverageCover available up to Rs. 7.5 LakhsCover available up to Rs. 50 LakhsCover available up to Rs. 50 Lakhs
Loyalty BonusOffers increase of 10% in sum insured yearly--
Health Check-upCovers up to Rs. 1875/personUp to Rs. 7500 per personUp to Rs. 10,000/person
Maternity BenefitsUp to Rs. 60,000/-Up to Rs. 100,000/-Up to Rs 2,00,000 across the world
Sum InsuredRs. 5 Lakhs - Rs. 7.5 LakhsRs. 10 Lakhs - Rs. 50 LakhsRs. 1 Crore - Rs. 3 Crore
Premium Starts fromRs. 12,488/yearRs. 12, 488/yearRs. 12,488/year
Coverage for International Policyholders-Up to Rs. 30 Lacs/personUp to Rs. 1 Crore/person
In-Patient CareCovered up to sum insured
Room RentCovered up to sum insured (except for suite or above room categories)
Pre HospitalizationFor 90 days - Covered up to sum insured
Post HospitalizationFor 180 days - Covered up to sum insured
Daycare TreatmentsCovered up to sum insured
Domiciliary HospitalizationCovered up to sum insured
Alternative TreatmentsCovered up to sum insured
Maturity Benefit (2 pregnancies or abortions are covered )For 5 Lakh - Covered up to Rs. 40,000
For 7.5 lakh - Covered up to Rs. 60,000
For 20 lakhs - Covered up to Rs. 80,000
For 30 Lakhs - Covered up to Rs. 1,00,000
For 50 Lakhs - Covered up to Rs.1,00,000
Covered up to Rs 200,000 (Worldwide)
Health Check-up (from the first day of policy)Annual Tests covered up to worth
For 5 lakhs - Rs. 1250/insured person
For 7.5 Lakhs - Rs. 1875/ insured person
Annual Tests covered up to Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,00,000Covers Annual health check-up up to Rs 10,000/ insured person
Hospital CashRs. 3000/dayRs. 5000/dayRs. 7500/day

Sample Rates of Premium

  1. Max Bupa Health Premia Silver Plan

    Here, the table illustrates the Premiums Payable by individuals and families for the Sum Insured Rs. 5 Lakhs assuming the age to be: Self - 30 years, Spouse: 28 years, Children: 10 and 5 years.

    AgePremiums for IndividualsPremiums for Family Plan

    Go through the graph for a quick and better understanding of the premiums of the Max Bupa Premia Silver Plan.

    Premiums payable by individual and family at different ages under Max Bupa Health Premia Plan

    Premiums at different ages under Premia Siver Plan
  2. Max Bupa Health Premia Gold Plan

    Here, the table illustrates the Premiums Payable by individuals and families for the Sum Insured Rs. 10 Lakhs assuming the age to be: Self - 30 years, Spouse: 28 years, Children: 10 and 5 years.

    AgePremiums for IndividualsPremiums for Family Plan

    Premium payable by individual and family at different ages under Max Bupa Health Premia Gold Plan

    premiums at different ages under Premia Gold plan
  3. Max Bupa Health Premia Platinum Plan

    Here, the table illustrates the Premiums Payable by individuals and families for the Sum Insured Rs. 1 Crore assuming the age to be: Self - 30 years, Spouse: 28 years, Children: 10 and 5 years.

    AgePremiums for IndividualsPremiums for Family Plan

    Premium payable by individual and family at different ages under Max Bupa Health Premia Platinum Plan

    Premiums at different ages under Premia Platinum Plan

We have compared the three variants based on premium rates at different ages. Every variant offers different sum insured options. Gold and Silver are the ideal plans that fulfill the requirements of a policyholder but the Platinum plan offers coverage up to Rs. 3 Crore. The selection of the plan depends on your needs and the sum insured option you are looking for your financially stable and happy life.

Exclusions of Max Bupa Health Premia Plan

As per the policy, benefits will not be available until 24 months (continuous coverage) from the first date when the policy starts.It does not cover the treatments which are done during the first 30 days of the planHazardous activitiesSexually Transmitted Infections and DiseasesUnlawful activitySleep disordersTherapies related to Hormone ReplacementCircumcisionExternal Congenital AnomalyInjuries due to warSelf-inflicted injuries

How to Buy Max Bupa Health Premia Plan?

Following are the steps required to buy the Max Bupa Health Premia plan:

  • Visit the official website of Max Bupa and fill the application form.
  • It is important to disclose all information to the insurer to ensure smooth claim processing.
  • Check pre-policy medical check-up (if they are applicable at network hospitals).
  • After evaluating your case, the insurance company will send you the offer.
  • Read the offer letter carefully and check all the details about the policy features, benefits, and exclusions.

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1. Are Maternity and Newborn babies covered under this plan?

Yes. Maternity and Newborn baby coverage are available under the Max Bupa Health Premia Plan. You can utilize the coverage after serving the waiting period. The limit for the coverage varies as per their variants.

2. Does this plan offer any discounts to its insurers?

Yes, this plan offers various discounts. If you pay for a 2-year policy then you are eligible to get a discount of 7.5% on the premium of the second-year policy.

3. Can I get an optional benefit offered under this Max Bupa Health Premia Plan?

Yes. Various add-on benefits are available under this plan such as personal accident cover, critical illness cover, health coach, hospital cash, etc.

4. How much time does it take to process the claim settlement under this plan?

Max Bupa settles all the required claims in 30 minutes that helps your loved ones in case of hard times.

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February 26, 2021

Sriniwas Rane

I took the health insurance plan for my family. Max Bupa is a nice company. Go for it. Thanks to, they helped me a lot.

December 3, 2020

Rahul Kumar

One of my friends suggested me to buy Max Bupa from I am quite satisfied with the service

January 2, 2021

Shubhi Agarwal

I am satisfied with the service as it is very easy to use and provides a good claim settlement process.

November 20, 2020


I got my claim today, the process is very quick. Very happy with the service. Keep Going with the good service.

August 20, 2020

Akansha Jain

Max Bupa provides good service and cashless benefits. Thanks to The agents are patient and helped me throughout the process.

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