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In-case of Hospitalization : There can be 2 scenarios in this case-

Planned Hospitalization

In-case of a planned hospitalization, one has to submit the request at least 72 hours before the hospitalization. The information has to be pre-verified by the insurer.

In case of Emergency

In the scenario where it is emergency to hospitalize someone, then one has to contact the insurer or the Third Party Administration (TPA) at the hospital.

  1. One has to fill the pre-authorization form available at the insurance desk. The same form can also be downloaded from the insurer's website.
  2. Then the filled pre-authorization form will be submitted to the insurer by the hospital. The same will be verified and will be accepted and rejected accordingly.
  3. If approved, an authorization letter will be released by the insurer with the authorized amount for the treatment.
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