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Newborn Baby Health Insurance

Child health insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed to protect the health and well-being of children. It provides financial support for medical expenses related to preventive care, routine check-ups, vaccinations, hospitalizations, surgeries, and other healthcare needs specific to children. Health insurance for infants aims to ensure that children have access to quality healthcare services, enabling parents and guardians to provide the necessary medical care and support for their child's optimal growth, development, and overall health.

Parenthood comes with a lot of new things which makes a couple happy and nervous at the same time. We know that the anxiety related to parenthood will take many days to settle, but you don't have to worry about the associated hospitalization expenses if you have an adequate insurance coverage for your newborn.

One cannot overlook the cost involved during maternity along with several factors that a couple should keep in mind to make sure about a healthy pregnancy. The sky-touching expense only suggest a need for proper planning of finances towards the expenses that will be incurred. Therefore, health insurance for the newborn offered by several health insurance companies is the best solution to deal with the same.

What It Means To Have a Health Insurance for Kids

As we already said, along with the fact that parenthood is the time to experience a whole new world, parenthood is also the time to be extra responsible and careful about your newborn child. From attending to the newborn's needs and making adjustments in the work-life, to taking care of its health, there is nothing that is as fulfilling as the role of a parent.

health insurance for newborn

When it comes to the well being of a newborn, health insurance should be at the top of the list. The reason for this is the rising medical issues that can easily drain off one's funds, leaving him/her in a debt. Hence, to make sure the baby is protected during any medical emergency, purchasing comprehensive health insurance for kids is the right way to go, for the health of your newborn baby. One can always benefit from multiple family floater policies or maternity insurance coverages to get your newborn insured, even though there are only a handful of health insurance policies created specifically for newborn babies.

What is Newborn Health Insurance

New Born Baby health insurance is designed to look after the healthcare needs of the mother and their newborn babies. These plans offer complete financial safety to the newborn baby by covering their pre & post-natal needs related to hospitalisation and other expenses including pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, modern daycare procedures, ambulance charges, etc.

Many Health Insurance companies provide newborn baby coverage either as an optional cover or as an inbuilt cover with maternity.

Best Health Insurance Plans with Child Health Insurance Cover in 2024

Below mentioned are some of the health insurance plans that provide coverage for your newborn baby. Check them out to find your best insurance policy for newborn baby in India.

A comprehensive health insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage against medical bills & comes with access to Chronic Management Program.

Unique Benefits

  • Chronic illness cover
  • Modern treatments covered
  • Double coverage

A plan with 3 variants offering up to 1 Cr SI. It covers expenses incurred during hospitalization resulting from serious illness or accident.

Unique Features

  • Avail Discounts
  • Maternity cover available
  • Organ Donor expenses covered

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard (Pros)

  • Convalescence benefit
  • Super Cumulative bonus
  • Daily cash benefit
  • New Born Baby Cover
  • Pre & post hospitalization

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard (Cons)

  • No Global Coverage
  • No Dental Treatment
  • No Parkinson's Cover
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • No Obesity/Weight Cover

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard (Other Benefits)

  • Health prime rider
  • Non-medical expense rider
  • Wellness benefits
  • Bariatric surgery cover
  • SI reinstatement benefit

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 1.5 L to 1 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

A maternity health insurance plan with child cover. This plan protects individuals and families during medical emergencies.

Unique Benefits

  • 100% increase in SI as NCB
  • Newborn Cover
  • 541 day care treatments covered

Care Joy (Pros)

  • 2 Plan Variants
  • Maternity Plan
  • New Born Baby Cover
  • Day Care Treatment
  • Modern Treatment Cover

Care Joy (Cons)

  • Change of Gender Treatments
  • Obesity Treatment Unavailable
  • Hazardous Activity Not Covered
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Care Joy (Other Benefits)

  • Long term discount
  • Congenital Disease Cover
  • 100% increase in SI
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Lifelong Renewability

Care Joy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 1 Day
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 3 L/5 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Chola Healthline Plan

An ideal option if you are looking for coverage for yourself, your spouse, and your children. The plan offers four smart health insurance solutions.

Unique Benefits

  • Lifelong renewal available
  • One-time premium payment
  • Maternity cover available

Provides comprehensive medical coverage to individuals and families with different budgets by offering SI options ranging from 5 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs.

Unique Features

  • Free health checkup
  • 2X multiplier benefit
  • 100% SI restoration

Optima Restore Policy (Pros)

  • Daily Hospital Cash
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Modern Treatment
  • Lifetime Renewal
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization

Optima Restore Policy (Cons)

  • No Dental Cover
  • No Maternity Cover
  • No Non-Allopathic treatment
  • Pre-Existing Diseases after 3 yrs
  • Alcoholism not covered

Optima Restore Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Sum Insured Enhancement
  • Tax Benefit
  • E-Opinion
  • 10% Family Discount
  • 7.5% discount on 2 years premiums

Optima Restore Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 91 Days
  • Max Entry Age - 65 years
  • SI - 3 L to 50 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

A comprehensive health insurance plan that provides coverage against medical expenses. Moreover, the plan also looks after your overall well-being.

Unique Features

  • Coverage for Mental Illness
  • E-opinion for illness or injury
  • Maternity Expenses covered

Health Total Policy (Pros)

  • Consultation Cover
  • Newborn Baby Cover
  • Organ Donor Cover
  • Cumulative Bonus
  • 15 Family Member Cover

Health Total Policy (Cons)

  • Congenital diseases
  • Illness Due To Alcohol
  • Sex Change Treatment
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • No Obesity Treatment Cover

Health Total Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Dental Consultations
  • Out-Patientt Treatment
  • Wellness Care
  • Medication Cover
  • OPD Cover

Health Total Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - NA
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

A comprehensive health insurance policy that covers you and your family with SI of up to 50 lakhs. Provides additional benefits as well.

Unique Features

  • Available in 4 different variants
  • 100% Automatic Restoration of SI
  • Riders for enhanced coverage

Kotak Health Care

Kotak Health Care protects you and your family financially against medical emergencies. The plan comes in three variants- Excel, Platinum and Prime.

Unique Features

  • Enhanced coverage
  • Free Annual Health Check-ups
  • Lifetime Renewability

A comprehensive health insurance plan with SI up to INR 1 Crore and 3 plan variants and features like a wellness program, unlimited tele consultations, and more.

Unique Features

  • 3 Plan Variants
  • Up to 200% Cumulative Bonus
  • Critical Illness Cover

ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime (Pros)

  • Annual Health Check-up
  • Domestic Second Opinion
  • Switch Off Benefit
  • Premium Waiver Benefit
  • OPD Expense Covered

ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime (Cons)

  • Optional Deductibles
  • 10% Co-Payment
  • PED 2-year waiting period
  • Long Waiting Period
  • Long Mental Illness Cover

ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime (Other Benefits)

  • Domiciliary Hospitalization
  • Air Ambulance Cover
  • Cumulative Bonus Booster
  • CI Add on Cover
  • SI Restoration

ProHealth Prime (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 91 Days
  • Max Entry Age - No Limit
  • SI - 3 L to 1 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

An affordable health plan, that offers 140+ day care procedures and covers pre-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Unique Features

  • Infertility treatment cover
  • Vaccination for children
  • Cataract Treatment Covered

Parivar Mediclaim Policy (Pros)

  • 140 + day care procedures covered
  • Affordable Premiums
  • Maternity Cover
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Infertility Cover

Parivar Mediclaim Policy (Cons)

  • Treatment outside India
  • OPD Diagnostics
  • Injury Due To Illegal Activity
  • Injury Due To Hazardous Activities
  • Adventure Sport Injuries

Parivar Mediclaim Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Organ Donor Expenses
  • Vaccination Cover
  • AYUSH Cover
  • No Pre-Policy Check-Up
  • No Co-Pay

Parivar Mediclaim Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 1 L to 10 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Available in Individual as well as Family Floater Plans, the plan offers comprehensive coverage with in-patient treatment, and several add-on features.

Unique Features

  • Avail waiver of premium
  • Consumables Covered
  • Cumulative Bonus of 33.33%

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Pros)

  • Second Opinion Cover
  • Vaccination Cover
  • Health Check-up Cover
  • Home Care Treatment
  • Vision Correction Cover

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Cons)

  • Unproven Treatments Unavailable
  • Overseas treatment Unavailable
  • Hazardous Activity not covered
  • Infertility Treatment not covered
  • Cosmetic Surgery unavailable

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Other Benefits)

  • Companion Cover
  • Child Care Cover
  • Radio Taxi Cover
  • Convalescence Cover
  • Air Ambulance Cover

Health Gain Insurance Policy (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 3 L to 1 Cr
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

A comprehensive health insurance plan that offers a 15% increase in cumulative bonus for every claim-free year and comes with 8 optional coverage options.

Unique Features

  • Bariatric Surgery cover
  • 573 Day Care procedures covered
  • Domestic Air Ambulance cover

SBI Arogya Supreme (Pros)

  • E - Consultations
  • Sum Insured Refill
  • Air Ambulance
  • Long-term Policy
  • AYUSH Cover

SBI Arogya Supreme (Cons)

  • Cosmetic Treatment
  • Injury Due To Illegal Activity
  • Injury Due To Hazardous Activities
  • Adventure Sport Injuries
  • Unlawful Activities

SBI Arogya Supreme (Other Benefits)

  • Multiple Discounts
  • Annual Health Check-up
  • Mental Health Care
  • Cataract Treatment
  • E-Opinion

SBI Arogya Supreme (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 91 Days
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 5 L to 50 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

This policy is designed to provide complete protection against all health care eventualities to you and your family.

Unique Features

  • Health check-ups for claim-free years
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • 100% Automatic Restoration

A health plan that supports you in times of medical emergencies. The plan comes in 3 types, Tata AIG MediCare, Tata AIG MediCare Protect, and Tata AIG MediCare Premier.

Unique Features

  • Global Coverage
  • 540+ Day care treatments
  • Compassionate Travel up to 20K

Medicare Health Insurance (Pros)

  • Qualified Nurse
  • Restore Benefit
  • Room Rent
  • Organ Donor
  • Domiciliary Treatment

Medicare Health Insurance (Cons)

  • Injury due to Suicide Attempt
  • Death due to Drugs
  • Injuries Due to Breach of Law
  • Injuries/Death due to Aviation
  • STDs

Medicare Health Insurance (Other Benefits)

  • AYUSH Benefit
  • Health Checkup
  • Bariatric Surgery Cover
  • Vaccination cover
  • 50%Cumulative Bonus

Medicare Health Insurance (Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age - 65 Years
  • SI - 3 L - 20 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

A family floater health insurance plan that offers up to 25 Lacs coverage to you, your spouse and 2 dependent children on the Sum Insured.

Unique Features

  • Midterm Inclusion available
  • Modern Treatment Methods
  • Maternity & New Born Baby cover

Family Medicare Policy(Pros)

  • AYUSH Treatment Cover
  • Daycare Treatment Cover
  • Room Rent Cover
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Organ Donor Benefit

Family Medicare Policy(Cons)

  • 2 Years WP for Cataract
  • Obesity Treatment Unavailable
  • Unproven Treatments Not Covered
  • 2 Years WP for Hernia
  • 4 Years WP for Joint Replacement

Family Medicare Policy(Other Benefits)

  • Restoration Of SI
  • Health Checkup
  • Affordable Premium
  • Tax Benefit
  • Dependent Child Cover

Family Medicare Policy(Eligibility Criteria)

  • Entry Age - 18 Years
  • Max Entry Age -65 Years
  • SI - 3 L to 25 L
  • Waiting Period - 30 Days

Salient Features of Maternity Health Insurance Plans

1 Comprehensive Coverage

It covers pre and post hospitalization, ambulance services, medicines, hospital room rent and doctor's consultation fees.

2 Pre and Post-Natal Care for The Newborn

Most maternity health insurance financially protects the newborn, along with the new mommy, in case she is diagnosed with critical illnesses.

3 Hospitalization Coverage

As mentioned in the maternity health insurance policy document, pre and post hospitalization expenses related to pregnancy will get the required cover.

4 Cashless Facility

At the cashless facility at the network of authorized hospitals across India, maternity health insurance plans of leading insurance companies offer the cashless facility.

5 Claim-free Bonus

The maternity insurance plan comes out with no claim bonus as well on completion of every claimless year.

6 Fast and Systematic, Streamlined Online Application

Just at the click of a few buttons, maternity health insurance plans offer individuals the convenience of online application.

7 Tax Savings

As per section 80(d) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, tax benefits apply to maternity health insurance policies.

8 Waiting Period

After nine months to six consecutive policy years, expenses related to maternity will be liable to get the required cover.

9 Flexibility to Select The Insured Sum

The applicants can choose the adequate sum assured as per his/her needs.

Health Insurance for Infants

As we already discussed, becoming parents is, indeed, one of the most wonderful feelings, but that signals towards the time to be more responsible. And to help with this, in recent years one more step that is taken by various families to ensure they remain shielded from a lot of diseases in the future, is by preserving the stem cells of a newborn. Another vital step that the parents can take to easily handle the medical expenses and at the same time secure the health insurance for infants is taking health insurance cover for him/her. The new parents can take advantage of various family floater policies or maternity plans to ensure the healthcare needs of the newborn.

Types of Health Insurance For Infants:

  • Family Floater Health Insurance: This type of plan offers coverage for the entire family, including children, under a single sum insured. It provides comprehensive protection and is cost-effective as it covers multiple family members.
  • Individual Health Insurance for Kids: This plan provides customized coverage specifically for the insured child on an individual sum insured basis. It is available at a lower premium compared to family floater plans, offering focused coverage for your child's healthcare needs.

Benefits of a Health Insurance Policy for The Newborn

  • Secure Health of The Newborn: We have to agree that the health of a newborn is a very sensitive thing. As because of weak immune, they get it very quickly. Hence, it becomes a worrisome thing for new parents. Here, having health insurance for the newborn acts as a support system and secure the Lil baby's health.
  • Premiums, if Applicable, are Reasonable: Though the health of a newborn is the main thing of concern for the parents, this is to keep in mind that the premiums must be justified as well. So, when a new parent buys a health insurance policy for his/her newborn, it benefits him/her with a reasonable premium with maximum benefits.
  • Minimized Medical Expenses: Buying health insurance for a newborn baby gives the parents complete financial security as they offer comprehensive services such as hospitalization, pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, modern daycare procedures, ambulance charges and others.
  • Peace of Mind: Child Health insurance policy for a newborn offers the parents and their family peace of mind financially and emotionally. This feeling of protection comes when you know that your newborn is under the umbrella of health insurance.
  • Premium is Low: The premium payable towards the child health insurance plan for newborn baby coverage is notably much lesser in cost than other health insurance policies.
  • Tax Saving: By buying a newborn health insurance coverage, you can save your tax by claiming tax deductions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Add-on Benefits: You can get additional benefits by buying health insurance for kids , as many health insurance companies even provide a yearly health check-up benefit that helps you care for your newborn baby. No Claim Bonus and discounts benefit is also included.

Checklist While Choosing Health Insurance for Kids

Here are a few factors that are vital to consider before finalizing the health care plan that matches your needs:

  1. Premium

    Health insurance for kids as a part of family health cover, without any additional charges, are some of the top beneficial offers by insurance companies. However, an additional premium for covering the medical expenses for the newborn and insuring the infant under the existing health insurance plan may be levied by others.

  2. Coverage

    The coverage is a feature that varies from insurer to insurer. Some companies may include cover related to illnesses or congenital disorders, whereas others may cover only vaccination-related expenses.

  3. Upgrades After 90 Days

    This is a basic feature of a health cover that most of the companies allow the individuals to include their children into floater policy after they attain the age of 90 days. It is advised to make sure that to choose a company that offers the newborn to be included at the earliest as insured under the health plan.

  4. Customization

    It is advisable to select a company that allows a policyholder to customize the plan as per his/her budget and needs, in case anyone is planning to include multiple members of the family for a health insurance cover.

  5. Check Health Insurance Premium
    Check Health Insurance Premium
  6. The Terms And Conditions

    Under some health insurance policies by several insurance companies, it is a compulsion to inform the insurer about the birth of their child immediately for availing the benefits. Hence, it is necessary to go through terms like these in a detailed manner.

How Can I Add a New Born Baby to my Existing Health Insurance Policy?

There are several health plans launched by health insurance companies for newly born babies. A newly born baby can easily be added into a family floater health insurance plan or group health insurance plan. The policyholder can add the baby when the annual renewal of the policy is initiated. The insurance company should be informed as early as possible if you want to get your baby included in the plan. Generally, the minimum age bar set by the insurance companies is 91 days, however, there are insurance companies that provide coverage from day one of the birth of the child.

Process of Adding NewBorn Baby to your Health Insurance Plan:

  • Inform the Insurance company as soon as possible
  • Fill out the application form with all the documents and details attached to it.
  • At the time of renewal, by paying the additional premium you can add a new member of your family to your health plan.
  • Once the premium is received, the revised policy document will be shared with you over your registered email address.

Documents Required For Health Insurance For Newborn

The following documents are to be attached with the application form:

  • Birth certificate
  • Medical report in case of any medical condition or complication in the baby
  • Maternity discharge card

The medical coverage provided by the health insurance company may include all the routined vaccination for the baby subjected to the terms and conditions.

Reasons to Consider Purchasing Health Insurance For Newborn

Some of us may wonder why it is so important to buy a health insurance plan for a newborn. Listed below are some points that can clear this confusion:

  • Protection against Accidents: Children, especially young ones, are more prone to accidents and injuries as they explore the world around them. With health insurance for newborns, you can have peace of mind knowing that the costs of medical treatments for injuries will be covered.
  • Weaker Immune System: Children have developing immune systems, making them more prone to infections and diseases. Health insurance for kids ensures that their medical expenses for unexpected illnesses are taken care of by the insurer.
  • Increased Exposure to Risks: Children often engage in activities that expose them to various diseases, viruses, and infections. Health insurance allows you to provide the best medical treatment for your child without straining your finances.
  • Addressing Poor Habits: Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles have become common among children, leading to an increased risk of lifestyle diseases. A child health insurance plan covers the treatment costs for a range of health issues that may arise due to these habits.

To Sum Up

Every parent wishes to provide the best care, which also includes health insurance to their new born baby. However there are not any health plans specially designed for newborn babies, hence the best way to protect the healthcare needs of your child is to rely on family floater plans and maternity plans. One can get rid of the worries related to the health of his/her child, by selecting the appropriate plan. By following this, a policyholder enhances the focus on the betterment of his/her newborn's future.

Child Health Insurance: FAQs

1. How much extra do I need to pay if I want to add my newborn baby to my existing family floater health plan?

The premium payable solely depends on your insurance provider. To get an insight into the amount payable, you can also use the company premium calculator tool to get an idea of the same.

2. What is the eligibility criteria for health insurance for newborn?

Most of the health insurance companies available offer coverage to a newborn baby after 3 months. However, there are some health insurance providers that offer coverage for newborn babies from the 1st day of their birth.

3. How can I find the best insurance for a newborn baby?

Buying a health insurance policy for a newborn baby can become complicated if you do not know what you are looking for. Do thorough research, compare all the available options and then choose the best insurance for your new born baby.

4. Does the newborn health insurance plan offer any tax benefits?

Yes, the health insurance plan for newborn babies offers tax benefits.

5. What are the documents required for buying health insurance for infants?

The documents required are listed: birth certificate, maternity discharge card, photograph for a cashless health card, health reports stating the medical condition of the newborn (if any), and any other documents as asked by your respective health insurance provider.

6. How many members can be covered under children's health insurance?

It depends upon the plan you opted for, although newborn babies' cover is generally family floater plans along with their parent(s). You may also include other members of the family's health insurance plan. It is best if you select an insurance company that allows the parents to include the newborn at the earliest under the existing plan.

7. How does health insurance work for a newborn?

When the baby is born, the child is covered for the first 30 days of life. It is an extension of the mother, and the other family members, under your policy and deductible, but as the 31-day starts, this extension of coverage ends. Some insurance companies provide coverage for newborn children as an extension of the family health insurance coverage, without any costs whereas others may levy an additional cost.

8. Does the health insurance for newborn have a copayment clause?

Copayment clause varies from plan to plan, many companies provide a copay option while some do not. Please check the terms and conditions before buying the plan.

9. What does newborn health insurance typically cover?

Child health insurance policies usually cover hospitalization expenses, doctor consultations, vaccinations, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and other medical treatments specific to children.

10. Can I add my child to my existing health insurance policy?

Yes, many health insurance policies allow you to add your child as a dependent under your existing family health insurance plan.

11. Are pre-existing conditions covered under newborn health insurance?

Pre-existing conditions may have certain waiting periods before coverage starts, so it is important to check the policy terms and conditions.

12. What is the cost of health insurance for newborns in India?

This health insurance varies depending on factors such as the child's age, coverage amount, policy type, and insurer. It's important to compare different plans to find one that suits your needs and budget.

13. Can health insurance for kids be purchased independently without a parent's policy?

Yes, these insurance plans can be purchased independently without a parent's policy, but it's advisable to explore all available options and choose a plan that provides comprehensive coverage.

14. What documents are required to purchase child health insurance?

The documents typically required include the child's birth certificate, identity proof, address proof, and any other documents requested by the insurance provider.

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