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National Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Premium calculator is a useful tool that allows customers to get an estimate of the premium for the health insurance policy they want to buy and budget for it ahead of time.

If you have decided to buy a Health Insurance policy from National Health Insurance, it is better to get an estimate of premiums you need to pay in advance with the help of the National Health Premium Calculator tool.

The National Health Premium Calculator is an online tool that helps in determining the amount of your health insurance premiums based on information provided by the potential policyholder.

With this online tool offered by National Health Insurance Company, one can easily calculate their premiums and can plan their budget accordingly. The premium calculation becomes a trustworthy, rapid, and effective procedure with the help of the National Health Premium Calculator.

The National Insurance Premium Calculator eliminates the need for you to depend on third parties for information and calculate premiums in just a few clicks. This free online tool works by using your age, number of members, medical history and amount of coverage required to give you the estimated premium.

Let us learn about the procedure of calculating your premium in detail.

How To Use the National Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

You can calculate the premium for your National Health Insurance plan online by visiting the company's website. To obtain a premium calculator estimate, you must enter some information about yourself, your health, and so on. Below are some of them:

  • Your Age
  • Chosen Sum Insured
  • Number of members covered
  • Medical History of your & your family 
  • Previous medical history
  • Geographical location
  • Occupation
  • Type of chosen policy
  • Any add-on covers

The procedure is so seamless that all you have to do is fill this information in the required areas and it saves you from doing complex calculations yourself.

Advantages of National Health Insurance Premium Calculator:

  • Easy Online Process: National Insurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator is an online tool that can be used from the convenience of your home. With the help of this calculator, you do not have to visit the branch or associate with any TPA’s. Just visit the official website and use it whenever you want.
  • Free of Cost: The application is absolutely free, and users can search for premium quotations as many times as they want.
  • Plan comparison: The National Health Premium Calculator compares multiple plans to help you make the best decision as per your needs and requirements.
  • Quick quotations: The calculator generates instant results that incorporate taxes and provide an approximation of the premiums based on the details entered by you.
  • Personalized approach: You can personalize your coverage using the premium calculator. You can adjust the Sum Insured, add or remove members, and customize other elements.

How to Use National Insurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator?

  • Go to the National Health Insurance website's "Get Quote/Buy Policy" page under the "Health Insurance" category. 
  • From the next page, select a suitable health policy. 
  • Fill in the form by entering all your details such as your phone number, email address, family members you need to add, your personal details etc. 
  • To calculate the policy's premium, adjust the sum insured and policy term as per your needs and requirements.
  • To improve your health insurance coverage, select any or all of the add-on benefits. As you add on benefits, you'll notice an immediate difference in the premium price.

Summing It Up:

While buying or renewing your National Health Insurance Policy, you should always know well in advance what you want from a health plan and how much you need to pay for the same.

The National Health Insurance premium calculator will show the premium that you are required to pay for availing the benefits.Calculate your premiums and plan your budget according to your needs and requirements.

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March 14, 2022

simaranjeet kaur


My father in law lives alone in jalandhar and we wanted an insurance company that take cares of him in our absence. They are very good with their commitment and service.

September 1, 2021

Urmil Thakur


I bought my health plan from National a while back. Recently had to make a claim for hospitalization. I was a little worried but the response time was at best amazing! Thanks guys

August 18, 2021

Akshay Malhotra


I have bought health insurance from National Health Insurance and I am very impressed by their services and attention towards customers.

May 10, 2021

Pooja Singh


I will recommend everyone to buy health insurance plan from this company because I am very happy with the plan I purchased from the company. I am using my insurance from two years and till now I ve not faced any issue with it.

October 26, 2020

Bipinchandra Somabhai Patel


I want to portability of United India insurance company individual health mediclaim policy taken since December 2005 and falling due for renewal on 06-12-2020

Last updated on April, 2022

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