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National Mediclaim Policy

Imagine the sickening feeling of having to hear the news of a loved one falling dearly sick and having to be hospitalised. As much as we may dislike the possibility, the fact is that it is a highly likely one, in today’s age of innumerable sorts of diseases that could be contracted or accidents that may occur. In these emergency instances of stress and tension, the last thing one needs hanging over their head is the weight of the hefty bills of the hospital, its doctors and the medication required to be taken by the patient. How wonderful it would be, then, to not have to worry about this financial strain of one’s resources at an already desperate time like this!

The Policy – An Overview

When in stress about yourself or a loved one undergoing treatment, it is a great feeling to know that you can rely on someone else for taking away, at least, the financial burden from over your shoulders. This is where the National Mediclaim Policy of the National Insurance Company comes into the picture. This policy covers all necessary, relevant expenses in times of injury, illness, disease or accident of the insured.

Benefits and Features

Why This Policy? – Features and Benefits

Eligibility - To be eligible for this policy, the insured needs to be anywhere between the ages of 18 to 65 years.

Near and Dear Ones - The policy also includes coverage for dependent children, between the ages of 3 months to 18 years, on the condition that at least one of the parents is insured at the same time. It also provides insurance cover for dependent parents.

A Friend for Life - This policy is a reliable support system for life as it is renewable throughout the life of the insured party.

Stress Free Hospitalisation - Reimbursement of all boarding and nursing expenses is provided up to a limit of a quarter of the total sum insured. Also, all expenses related to Operation Theatre, oxygen, artificial limbs, organs, medication, blood, anaesthesia, surgical tools, ambulance charges, diagnostic material and medical tests are covered.

Doctor, doctor! - The fees for all medical practitioners, surgeons, anaesthetists, consultants and all other related experts and specialists is covered under this policy, up to a quarter of the sum insured. Non-Allopathic Treatment – Expenses related to Homeopathy as well as Ayurveda treatment are also covered up to a certain limit.

Out Patient - More than 140 day care procedures are covered under this policy.

Better Safe than Sorry - All medical check-up expenses will be covered after 4 continuous years of the policy with zero claim pay-outs by the company.

Fringe Perks - A few other perks of this policy include the availability of cashless facility, family discounts and tax exemptions on premium payments.

Expert View

The National Mediclaim policy of National Insurance Company is ideal due to its simplistic documentation, easy portability feature and holistic coverage of medical expenses. Just like Gandhi advocated simple living and high thinking, the motto here is "Thoda Simple Socho".

The Exclusions

During the first month of the policy period, only accidental claims will be accepted and included.Pre-existing diseases be excluded for the first four continuous years of renewal of the policy. Also, some diseases and illnesses require a waiting time of six months.

No claims are accepted for HIV and pregnancy related treatments as well as for treatment of substance or alcohol abuse, deliberate self-injury, voluntary procedures such as cosmetic or hormone-replacement procedures. Dental claims and claims arising out of expenses related to purchase of vision and hearing correcting devices (spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.) are not included.

Why National Insurance Company?

The above Mediclaim policy proposed by National Insurance Company clearly makes it a market force to reckon with. However, to help you make the correct as well as well-informed choice, we have below a list of some of the awards and accolades earned by this prestigious insurance firm over the years all of which further prove the fine quality and performance of NICL:

  • Top 100 CISO Awards, 2012

  • Business Leadership Award, 2012 – NDTV Profit

  • Digital Inclusion Awards, 2012

  • Best Under-served Market Penetration, 2013 – The Indian Insurance Awards (3rd Annual Edition)

  • Industry Champion, General Insurance – Rajesh Aggarwal, CMD, NICL – The Indian Insurance Awards (3rd Annual Edition)

  • Highest in Customer Satisfaction –JD Power Asia Pacific 2010 India Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Index Study

  • Top PSU for Customer Service – HT-MaRS Survey of India’s Best Medical Insurers

Last updated on 04-01-2021