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National Mediclaim Plus Policy

National Mediclaim Plus Policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan by the National insurance company to protect the healthcare needs of the customers. The plan is designed to provide policyholders with the required protection against rising health care costs and make healthcare-associated services easy and accessible for them. This plan offers coverage against hospitalisation expenses, pre & post hospitalization costs, daycare treatment, maternity expenses, newborn and vaccination cost, etc.

Let's read more about the plan's features, benefits, and eligibility criteria.

Key Features of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

National Mediclaim Plus Policy is a health insurance plan, allowing the insured to get quality treatment in the hour of need. Given below is a list of this plan's key features that will help you understand the plan better.

  1. Comprehensive Cover

    The plan offers a wide range of coverage to people of age groups between 18 to 65 years. It provides an optional cover for critical illness and outpatient treatment.

  2. Sum Insured Range

    The National Mediclaim Plus Policy plan is available within three sum insured payment plan options ranging from Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 50,00,000. These plans are:

    • Plan A - 9 slabs, 2L to 10L in multiple of 1L
    • Plan B - 3 slabs, 15L/ 20L/ 25L
    • Plan C - 3 slabs, 30L/ 40L/ 50L
  3. Inpatient Treatment

    Expenses such as room rent, ICU charges, nursing care charges, anaesthesia, oxygen, blood, diagnostics, medical practitioner, OT charges, prosthetic charges and other devices (if implanted internally in case of a surgical procedure) are taken care of by this plan.

  4. Pre & Post Hospitalization

    The plan provides pre-hospitalization cover (up to 30 days) and post-hospitalization cover (up to 60 days) respectively for the same disease/illness/injury for which hospitalization occurred.

  5. Cashless Facility

    The plan allows you to avail the cashless facility at any network hospital. Under the same, you don't have to pay a single penny from your pocket to get the treatment done.

  6. Modern Treatments

    The plan offers coverage against 12 Modern treatments including Robotic surgery, oral chemotherapies, immunotherapies and many more. The maximum cover provided for availing any one modern treatment is equal to 25% of the sum insured amount.

  7. Annual Increase in Sum Insured

    The plan provides an additional benefit where the sum insured amount increases annually by 5% for each claim-free year. The maximum increase in this amount can be up to 50% of the opted sum insured amount.

  8. Health Checkup

    It reimburses the cost of the health check-up once at the end of a block of every 3 claim-free years.

  9. Discounts and Rebates

    With this plan, customers can avail of various discounts including discounts on online purchase of policy, family and youth discount of 10%.

  10. Daycare Procedures

    National Mediclaim Plus Policy offers coverage against 140+ day care procedures that require less than 24 hours of hospitalization.

  11. Medical Second Opinion

    If you are diagnosed with a serious disease, a medical second opinion from the World Leading Medical Centre will be arranged. It will cover up to 160+ diseases.

  12. Optional Covers

    The plan comes out with multiple optional covers that help you enhance the basic cover at a nominal cost such as critical illness, good health incentives and outpatient treatment among others.

  13. Lifetime Renewability

    To assist you for a long tenure, the plan offers the lifelong renewability option to all policyholders.

  14. Multiple Treatment Cover

    The plan covers expenses of multiple treatments that include ayurvedic, allopathic, and homoeopathic.

  15. Tax Benefits

    The premium that you paid towards your health insurance policy is liable to get the helpful tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Eligibility Criteria of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

Customers are required to fulfill a certain set of conditions to buy the National Mediclaim Plus Policy. Given below are the details of the eligibility criteria of this plan. Let's have a look.

Age at entry18 years64 years
Sum InsuredRs. 2 LakhsRs. 50 Lakhs
Policy Term1 Year
Grace Period30 days

Sample Premium Illustration of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

For your convenience, we've created here a sample illustration chart that shows the premium rates of the plan as per the different sum insured amounts opted by the insured person. Note that the data in this chart is calculated for a 30-year male person selecting the Plan A category of the sum insured.

Sample Premium Illustration of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

Premium chart of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

Exclusions of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

There are certain exclusions applicable within this plan under which the company does not pay any coverage benefits. It is important that you as a customer should have a clear understanding of these exclusions before buying this plan to avoid any confusion at the time of settling the claim. The plan has the following exclusions:

  • Treatment associated with HIV, AIDS, STD, etc.
  • Run-down condition, general debility, sterility, convalescence, etc.
  • Treatment-related to obesity
  • Genetic disorders treatment
  • Plastic surgery, cosmetic treatment, hormone replacement and change of sex
  • Experimental treatment and naturopathy
  • Drug/alcohol abuse
  • Contact lens, spectacles, hearing aid and cochlear implants

Claim Process of National Mediclaim Plus Policy

National Insurance Company offers a simple and hassle-free process. There are two options from which people can choose- cashless and reimbursement. Let's explore in detail.

Cashless Claim Procedure

The cashless claim process allows the insured to get the required cover without paying a single penny from his/her pocket.

  • To file a cashless claim, you need to inform the insurer about the same as soon as possible or connect with the TPA along with required documents.
  • In case of an emergency, you should inform them within 24 to 48 hours and in case of a planned hospitalization at least 3 to 4 days before.
  • The insurer or the TPA will take care of the rest of the procedure, allowing you to focus on your treatment rather than expenses.

Reimbursement Claim Procedure

Under this process, you have to pay all your medical bills in the first place and then you can file for the reimbursement. For the same, you need to immediately inform the insurer.

  • You need to submit a claim form with all the required documents that include all medical bills, prescriptions, discharge cards, medical investigations reports and other documents related to the treatment.
  • The insurance company or accessor can ask for additional documents if required. He/she will analyze all the reports and will share results with you.
  • If it gets approved, the company will transfer the claim amount directly to your account or in case of rejection, you will receive a reason for the same.

Documents Required While Filing a Claim

While filing for a claim, the policyholder is required to support his claim form along with the following list of documents:

  • Completed claim form
  • Bills, payment receipts, discharge certificate
  • Cash-memo from the hospital
  • Payment receipt, investigation test reports
  • Attending medical practitioner's certificate regarding diagnosis along with the date of diagnosis
  • Surgeon's original certificate stating diagnosis and nature of operation performed
  • Any other document required by company/TPA

How to Purchase National Mediclaim Policy?

You can easily purchase health insurance from the company's official website. However, please note that the company sells only a few health insurance products online.

In the section below, we've given a step-by-step process for buying health insurance from the National Insurance company's website. Read along to find out.

  • Visit the official website of the company.
  • Click on 'Products' and select the 'Health' tab.
  • Click on the 'Get Quote/Buy Policy' menu.
  • Select your desired plan and click on it.
  • Fill in all the required information and make an online payment for the premium amount.

Once done, you will get a soft copy of the policy on your registered email ID. You can also visit the nearest National Insurance company's branch to buy health plans.

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1. Is it allowed to cancel National Mediclaim Plus Policy and receive a refund?

You will get a free-look period of 15-30 days under National Mediclaim Plus Policy. If you cancel your plan within this period, you would receive the entire amount after a few nominal deductions.

2. How many times can I file a claim under National Mediclaim Plus Policy?

There is no restriction for repetitive claims under National Mediclaim Plus Policy for hospitalization. You can file a claim multiple times within your sum insured limit

3. Does the plan offer portability benefits?

Yes, the plan comes with the portability benefit. As per the IRDAI guidelines, customers can port their plan from one insurer to another.

4. Can any claim be rejected or refused under National Mediclaim Plus Policy?

Yes, there are a few conditions under which the insurer can reject your claim. In case you are not satisfied with the reasons, you can represent the insurance company within 15 days of such denial.

5. I am already having a National Mediclaim Plus Policy and want to increase the sum insured. Is that possible, what should I do?

If you are already insured under National Mediclaim Plus Policy, you can easily increase the sum insured at the time of renewal if you want.

6. What will happen in the case where the National Mediclaim Plus Policy lapses while I am hospitalized?

It allows you to avail of the treatment and charge as per the rules and regulations of the policy. However, terms and conditions are applied.

7. I bought National Mediclaim Plus Policy in Delhi. Can I use it in Bangalore?

Yes, you can use your National Mediclaim Plus Policy all over India, no matter where you bought it.

8. What type of discount will I get under my National Mediclaim Plus Policy?

National Mediclaim Plus Policy offers discounts on insuring your spouse, kids, or the entire family under the same insurance plan.

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March 14, 2022

simaranjeet kaur


My father in law lives alone in jalandhar and we wanted an insurance company that take cares of him in our absence. They are very good with their commitment and service.

September 1, 2021

Urmil Thakur


I bought my health plan from National a while back. Recently had to make a claim for hospitalization. I was a little worried but the response time was at best amazing! Thanks guys

August 18, 2021

Akshay Malhotra


I have bought health insurance from National Health Insurance and I am very impressed by their services and attention towards customers.

May 10, 2021

Pooja Singh


I will recommend everyone to buy health insurance plan from this company because I am very happy with the plan I purchased from the company. I am using my insurance from two years and till now I ve not faced any issue with it.

October 26, 2020

Bipinchandra Somabhai Patel


I want to portability of United India insurance company individual health mediclaim policy taken since December 2005 and falling due for renewal on 06-12-2020

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