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Parivar Mediclaim Policy

Family -

There’s a feeling of undeniable warmth that fills every heart at the very mention of this word. A sense of comfort is associated with the word as well as with the entity itself. Isn’t it a given then, that each one of us feels a sense of responsibility towards protecting these loved ones? While we cannot save them from everything that’s wrong with the big bad world, we can definitely protect our family from any unnecessary financial burden or strain owing to hefty hospital and medication bills in case of an untoward accident or an unforeseen illness.

The Policy – An Overview

National Insurance Company is here for you to rely on for the financial protection of your family in the unfortunate case of any severe injury or serious illness to you or your any of your immediate family members. The Parivar Mediclaim Policy provides health insurance benefits in the form of a floater policy, wherein the insured include the self, the spouse as well as two dependent children on the payment of an annual premium charged. It’s the ideal policy to avoid the excessive financial burden in case of an unforeseen or accidental medical emergency.

Benefits and Features

There are a lot of reasons which make this policy the ideal one to choose when it comes to healthcare. Some of the salient features and benefits of this policy are mentioned below:

The Familial Embrace - There is no denying the fact that there is very little that could be deemed more important to a person than their family. This policy provides health insurance benefits not just for you yourself, but also for your near and dear ones.

Eligibility - There is a wide range of age-groups that are eligible for coverage under this policy, from 18 years to 60 years. The dependent children could be anywhere between the ages of 3 months to 25 years to be eligible for insurance cover under this policy.

A Long Term Companion - This policy is renewable up to the age of 65 years and hence, it is a long term companion for the insured and their family.

Before and After - Thepolicy provides reimbursement of pre hospitalisation as well as post hospitalisation charges for 15 and 30 days respectively.

Expert View

This is the ideal policy for providing insurance cover to yourself and your family against medical expenses and hospitalisation bills. It’s simplistic and reliable provisions and lack of unnecessary paperwork help to make it one of the best options to pick from.

Inclusions: We’ve Got it Covered!

This overseas Mediclaim policy includes a multitude of emergencies while travelling abroad. Broadly speaking, these include the following expenses:

  • All necessary medical and hospitalisation expenses are covered under this policy, which includes nursing expenses, boarding charges, doctor’s or practitioner’s fees, anaesthetist charges, etc.

  • All the relevant and related expenses such as those on surgical appliances used, oxygen and blood supplied, medication taken, artificial limbs or replaced organs, operating theatre charges and other such expenses are also paid for.

  • Hypertension and diabetes are also included under this policy.

  • There is, however, a restriction on the amount payable by the policy under any one illness, i.e. up to 50% of the total sum insured.

What’s Excluded?
  • Pre-existing diseases are only covered under this policy after continuous renewal of the policy for a period of four years. Also, certain listed diseases are only covered after a period of 2 years.

  • All non-accidental claims are excluded for the first month of the policy period.

  • Treatments related to pregnancies, HIV, dental problems and non-allopathic treatments are all excluded.

  • Intentional injuries caused to self or substance abuse are also excluded, along with expenses related to laboratory experiments and congenital diseases.

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