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Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Turning 60 is a major milestone. Unfortunately with this new phase of life, one gets more vulnerable to health issues. Therefore, it becomes important to start being more careful about your health.

However, it often becomes difficult to take care of our health needs after retirement. This is why one needs to buy health insurance for their old-age medical needs.

Star Health's Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance is designed to cater to the healthcare needs of people above 60. The plan provides coverage to an individual from the age of 60 and permits entry right up to the age of 75 with the benefit of lifetime renewability. One can buy this plan individually as well as on a family floater basis.

Let's explore more about the plan:

Star Red Carpet

Eligibility Criteria of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance

Entry Age 60 years to 75 years
Sum Insured Individual Basis (in Rs.) 1 Lakh/2 Lakhs/3 Lakhs/4 Lakhs/5 Lakhs/7.5 Lakhs/10 Lakhs/15 Lakhs/20 Lakhs/25 Lakhs
Individual & Floater Basis (in Rs.) 10 Lakhs/15 Lakhs/20 Lakhs/25 Lakhs
Policy Term 1/2/3 Years

**Last Updated on July, 2021

Key Features of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance

The features available with the plan cover your medical needs in your old age. Below mentioned are a few features of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance. Have a look:

  1. Installment Facility Available

    A policyholder has the option to pay their premium monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. One can also choose to pay their premiums annually, biennially (Once in 2 years), and triennially (Once in 3 years).

  2. No Pre-acceptance Medical Screening

    To avail this plan, there is no need to go through any pre-acceptance medical screening. Moreover, one can even avail a discount of 10%, if they submit their (i) Stress Thallium Report, (ii) BPReport (iii) Sugar (blood & urine) - Fasting/Postprandial and (iv) Blood urea & creatinine.

  3. Constant Premium with Lifetime Renewal Guarantee

    A policyholder has the option to renew their policy for the rest of their lives without worrying about the rise in premium. The premium amount will remain the same as it was at the time of the inception of the policy.

  4. Modern-day Treatments

    Modern-day treatments like Uterine artery Embolization and HIFU, Balloon sinuplasty, Intra Vitreal injections, Vaporisation of the prostate, Oral Chemotherapy, Robotic surgery, etc.

  5. Free-Look Period

    If in any case, you are not satisfied with the policy clauses, you have the option to return the same and request for a refund within a free-look period of 15 days from the date of inception of the policy.

  6. Tax Benefits

    One can avail tax benefit on the premium amount under section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961.

What Does Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance cover?

Policyholders can fulfill their old-age healthcare needs without compromising on their medical needs with the Star Red Carpet cover. Refer to the below table to get a clearer picture of the coverage offered by the plan:

Coverage Table of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance
Sum insured (In Lakhs) 1/ 2 3 4 5 7.5 10 15 20 25
Room, nursing, Boarding charges Up to 1% sum insured Up to 6,000 Up to 7,000 Up to 8,500 Up to 10,000
ICU charges Up to 2% of the sum insured The actual amount of expenses
Fees of Surgeon/Consultant/Anaesthetist 25% of the sum insured per hospitalization
Operation Theatre Expenses/ Dialysis/Medicines/Anaesthesia Up to 50% of the sum insured for each hospitalization
Pre-Hospitalization Covered for 30 days before hospitalization for a listed ailment
Post-Hospitalization Up to Rs. 5,000 per occurrence Up to Rs. 7,000 per occurrence Up to Rs. 10,000 per occurrence
Day Care Procedures Covers all the daycare procedures requiring less than 24 hours
Ambulance Cover (transportation to nearby hospitals in emergencies) Rs. 1,200 in a policy period
>(600 per hospitalization)
Rs. 2,000 in a policy period (1,000 per hospitalization) Rs. 3,000 for a policy period (1,500 per hospitalization)
Co-payment Clause PED Claims: 50% of every admissible claim
Non-PED Claims: 30% of every admissible claim
PED and Non-PED Claims: 30% of every admissible claim
Health Check-Ups (for each policy period) Not applicable Individual plan: Rs. 1,000
Family floater: Not available
Individual plan: Rs. 1,000
Family floater: Rs. 3,000
Individual plan: Rs. 2,500
Family floater: Rs. 450
Pre-existing Diseases Covered after 12 months starting from the policy inception date

**Last Updated on July, 2021

What's Not Covered Under The Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance?

  • Congenital defects/illness/anomalies.
  • Self-harming activities like suicide, intake of poison, alcohol, tobacco, or any hallucinogenic substance.
  • Sexually transferred diseases like HIV/AIDS or venereal diseases.
  • Injuries sustained due to nuclear weapons/radioactivities.
  • Treatment for miscarriage/abortion/childbirth/sub-fertility.
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery/change of sex/obesity treatment.
  • Dental treatment (occurred not due to accidents), Lasik laser/eye correction, hearing aid expenses.

**To get a complete list of exclusions of the Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Policy, refer to the policy brochure.

Sample Illustration of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Premium Amount (Individual Basis)

On an Individual basis:

(At the age of 60 years, a PolicyTerm of 1 year)

Sum Insured Premium Amount for Individual (In Rs.)
1 Lakh 5,251
2 Lakhs 9,978
3 Lakhs 15,222
4 Lakhs 18,291
5 Lakhs 21,240
7.5 Lakhs 24,780
10 Lakhs 26,550
15 Lakhs 34,462
20 Lakhs 38,598
25 Lakhs 42,462

**Last Updated on July, 2021

Graphical Presentation (Individual)

Premium Amount of Star Red Carpet Health Insurance Individual

Sample Illustration Of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Premium Amount (Floater Basis)

On a Floater basis:

(At the age of 60 years, 2 adults & a Policy Term of 1 year)

Sum Insured Premium Amount for Family Floater (In Rs.)
10 Lakhs 45,135
15 Lakhs 58,587
20 Lakhs 65,620
25 Lakhs 72,187

**Last Updated on July, 2021

Graphical Presentation (Family Floater)

Premium Amount of Star Red Carpet Health Insurance Family Floater

Buying Process

Star Health Insurance Buying Process

  • Visit the official website of the company and click on the 'Buy Now' tab.
  • Fill in all the necessary details.
  • Once you have selected the plan of your choice, make the premium payment.
  • Your policy document will be mailed to you at your registered email address.

We, at can provide a dedicated agent by your side during the claim settlement process. Below is its buying process.

  • Fill in the details in the 'Calculate Premium' form.
  • The next page will show all the available plans. Choose the best Star health plan and click on 'Buy Now'.
  • Pay the premium and your policy document will be shared with you on your registered email.

What Is the Claim Process of Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Plan

One can settle their claims via two means, Cashless & Reimbursement. Let's discuss them:

Cashless Claim Settlement Process:

  • Get admitted to one of the network hospitals of Star Health and inform the company (1800 425 2255/1800 102 4477 or e-mail them at
  • Reach out to the hospital reception and show your Star Health ID card for identification.
  • Download and submit the pre-authorization form.
  • The form will then be processed further for verification by the company's assigned doctors. If required, an assigned field doctor may visit the patient at the hospital.
  • After discharge, the claim document will be sent to the company by the hospital and the amount will be settled (on approval).

Reimbursement Claim Settlement Process

  • All claims need to be intimated within 24 hours of hospitalization. Treatment can be taken at a non-network or network hospital of the company.
  • Avail treatment, settle all the bills, and file a claim for reimbursement.
  • Submit all the required documents like hospital bills, pharmacy bills, together with all the original documents of treatment and the claim form to the company within 15 days of being discharged.
  • After successful verification, the company will process the claim, and you will receive the amount in your registered bank account.

Documents Required To File A Reimbursement Claim:

  • Duly completed claim form including the present address, Contact number, and E-mail ID.
  • Original bills, receipts, and discharge certificates/cards from the hospital.
  • Original bills from chemists supported by proper original prescription.
  • Receipt and investigation test reports from a pathologist.
  • Surgeon's bill and receipt, if any.
  • Self-declaration/MLC/FIR in case of accident cases.
  • Treating doctor's certificate.
  • NEFT and KYC details.

Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Plan: FAQs

1. Can we cancel the policy if we don’t like any of the clauses?

Yes, you can. The insured will be given 15 days to evaluate all the terms and conditions where they have the provision to cancel the policy under 15 days of the free look period.

2. What illnesses are covered after a waiting period of 24 months?

Some of the diseases covered are-

  • Cataract, thyroid, breast disease, ENT
  • Hernia (all kinds)
  • Fistula, hemorrhoids, stress incontinence, and other related illness
  • Disease-linked to Cervix, Fallopian Tube, ovaries, uterus, etc.
  • Vertebral & degenerative diseases
  • Transplants & related surgeries
  • Umbilical Sinus & granuloma, ligament tumor, etc.

The policyholders are requested to read the policy wording to get a complete list of diseases covered.

3. What will happen to my policy if I miss my renewal date?

The insurer will provide a grace period of 30 days after the date of expiry under which the policyholder has to submit the premium amount in order to renew the existing policy.

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August 9, 2021

Kanchan Gupta


Thanks to PolicyX for guiding me through my Star health insurance purchase. I had my doubts but they were effectively put to rest.

August 5, 2021

Shakti Kapoor


Maine ye health insurance plan Liya star health se, aur Mujhe bahut acha respone mila company ki taraf se aur mujhe apna claim settle karane mai bhi jyada mehnat nahi karni padi, Is company ka claim settlement process bht asan hai aur PolicyX ne meri bht madat kari har jagah aur har information ke liye.

July 31, 2021

Pradeep Narayan Kushwaha


We purchase a policy.Policy P/161130/01/2022/053322.Our policy sell officer Miss Priya Pancholiya.she clear all policy doubt.She is a good advisor.

July 31, 2021

Rahul Yadav


Miss Priya Panchotiya (12807) is best employ of the We are helpful to your organisation and specially sales team.

July 26, 2021

ajay shah


It has been a great experience with sale as well aftermath personnels, of your organisation. They have define and help to core to add me as future loyal customer. Highly appreciate the efforts of Mr Dev k Singh and Rahul to close the deal very comfortably. Once again accept my best wishes to your company and especially the team as frontliner for tie up for our great future relationship and they do stand highest rank in professionalism.

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