Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan

Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan
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Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan

Do you fall into the category of a senior citizen? Don’t forget seniority comes with lots of responsibilities and duties towards your family and health. The age of sixty is not only the age of retirement but also the age of devoting utmost attention to your health.

At 60s everyone witnesses a shrinkage in the body immune system to combat diseases and injuries. Due to this concern, Star Health composed Senior Citizen Red Carpet health insurance policy. This will ensure continued financial support to the senior citizen at the time of hospitalization for any pre-existing ailments or accidents.

Star Red Carpet

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Age of Entry60 years
Maximum Age of Entry75 years
Sum Insured Amount (in lakhs)For individual: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 7.5/ 10/ 15/ 20/ 25 lakhs For family floater plan: 10/ 15/ 20/ 25 lakhs
Numbers of members included2 adults maximum (self and spouse)
Period of the Policy 1/2/3 years
Pre-policy Medical screeningNot required (if you submit your health reports by self, you will receive a discount of 10% on premium)
Co-payments (sharing claim amount with the company)30% to 50% of the admissible claim
RenewabilityLifelong renewability

Coverage Offered

Sum insured 1L/ 2L3 lakhs4 lakhs5 lakhs7.5 lakhs10 lakhs15 lakhs20 lakhs25 lakhs
Room, nursing, Boarding chargesUp to 1% sum insuredUp to 1% sum insuredUp to 1% sum insuredUp to 1% sum insuredUp to 6,000Up to 6,000Up to 7,000Up to 8,500Up to 10,000
ICU chargesUp to 2% of the sum insuredActual amount of expenses
Fees of Surgeon/Consultant/Anaesthetist25% of the sum insured per hospitalization
Operation Theatre Expenses/ Dialysis/Medicines/AnaesthesiaUp to 50% of the sum insured for each hospitalization
Pre-Hospitalization Covered for 30 days prior to hospitalization for a listed ailment
Post-Hospitalization Up to Rs 5,000 per occurrenceUp to Rs 7,000 per occurrenceUp to Rs 10,000 per occurrence
Day Care ProceduresCovers all the daycare procedures requiring less than 24 hours
Ambulance Cover (transportation to nearby hospitals in emergencies)Rs 1,200 in a policy period
(600 per hospitalization)
Rs 2,000 in a policy period (1,000 per hospitalization)Rs 3,000 for a policy period (1,500 per hospitalization)
Health CheckUps (for each policy period)Not applicableIndividual plan: Rs 1,000 Family floater: Not availableIndividual plan: Rs 1,000 Family floater: Rs 3,000Individual plan: Rs 2,500 Family floater: Rs 4,500
Pre-existing Diseases Covered after 12 months starting from the policy inception date
Outpatient ConsultationNot applicableIndividual: Rs 600 Family floater: Not availableIndividual Rs 800 Family floater: Not availableIndividual: Rs 1,000 Family floater: Not availableIndividual: Rs 1,200 Family floater: Not availableIndividual: Rs 1,400 Family floater: Rs 2,400Individual: Rs 1,800 Family floater: Rs 3,000Individual: Rs 2,200 Family floater: Rs 3,800Individual: Rs 2,600 Family floater: Rs 4,400


  • Congenital defects/ illness/ anomalies
  • Self-destruction activities like suicide, intake of poison, alcohol, tobacco or any hallucinogenic substance
  • Sexually transferred diseases like HIV/AIDS or venereal diseases.
  • Injuries sustained due to involvement in nuclear weapons/ radioactivities
  • Treatment for miscarriage/abortion/ childbirth/ sub-fertility
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery/ change of sex/ obesity treatment
  • Dental treatment (occurred not due to accidents), Lasik laser/eye correction, hearing aid expenses.


  1. Tax Benefits: Get tax deduction under section 80D of Income Tax act 1961 by paying the premium online while replacing the idea of cash payment.
  2. Quick Claim Settlement: The company settle claims directly without the indulgence of the third party.
  3. Cashless Hospitalization: Star health insurance company provide cashless treatment at 8800+ network hospitals located all around India.
  4. Discounts:The insured will get 5% discount for online purchase of the policy and a 10% discount on premium paid if pre-policy medical checkup reports are submitted.

Premium Illustration

Given below are the premium rates against various sum insured for an individual as well as the family floater.

For Individuals:

Amount of the sum insuredTerm of the Policy
1 year2 year3 year
1 lakhs4,4508,61012,710
2 lakhs8,45616,36024,155
3 lakhs12,90024,96036,845
4 lakhs15,50129,99044,275
5 lakhs18,00034,82551,410
7.5 lakhs21,00040,63059,980
10 lakhs22,50043,53064,265
15 lakhs29,20556,50083,415
20 lakhs32,71063,28593,425
25 lakhs35,98569,620102,780

For Family Floater( maximum of 2 adults):

Amount of Sum insured 1 year2 year3 year
10 lakhs38,25074,000109,245
15 lakhs49,65096,055141,805
20 lakhs55,610107,585158,830
25 lakhs61,175118,350174,720

NOTE: The premiums mentioned above is before the addition of tax.

Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan : FAQs

1. What is the notification period to make a claim?

The company must be informed within 24 hours after the insured has been admitted to the hospital which is only applicable to emergency hospitalization.

For planned hospitalization, the insured must share the information within 24 hours before the actual hospitalization.

2. Can we cancel the policy if we don’t like any of the clauses?

Yes, the insured will be given 15 days of time to evaluate all the terms and conditions where he/she has the provision to cancel the policy under 15 days of free look period.

3. Do we get refunds on cancellation of policy?

The company surely provide you refund based on the number of months or years the policy has remained active.

Period of policy remainedRefund Percentage of Premium
1 year2 year3 year
Up to 1 months75% of the premium paid80% of the premium paid82.5% of the premium paid
Up to 3 months60% of the premium paid70% of the premium paid77.5% of the premium paid
Up to 6 months40% of the premium paid60% of the premium paid70% of the premium paid
Up to 9 months20% of the premium paid50% of the premium paid62.5% of the premium paid
Up to 12 monthsNot refunded40% of the premium paid55% of the premium paid
Up to 15 months30% of the premium paid47.5% of the premium paid
Up to 18 months20% of the premium paid42.5% of the premium paid
Up to 21 months10% of the premium paid35% of the premium paid
Up to 24 monthsNot refunded27.5% of the premium paid
Up to 27 months20% of the premium paid
Up to 30 months12.5% of the premium paid
Up to 33 months5% of the premium paid
More than 33 monthsNot refunded

4. What percentage of the claim amount does the insured need to pay or share with insurance provider?

Senior Citizen Red Carpet policy includes copayments where the insurer is liable to pay some amount of claim made by himself.

  • For Pre-existing Disease (PED) claim- 50% of each admissible claim if the sum insured lies between 1 lakhs to 10 lakhs and 30% if the sum insured is between 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs.
  • For Non-PED claim- 30% of each admissible claim, if the sum insured lies between 1 lakhs to 25 lakhs.

5. Are there any sub-limits for the treatment of cardiac diseases/surgeries/cataract/Hernia etc?

Yes, there is a presence of sublimits for particular diseases which are listed in the table-

Sum insured valuesCataractCerebrovascular Accident, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer (Including Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy) Medical Renal Diseases (Including Dialysis) Treatment of Breakage of Long BonesAll other major surgeries
IndividualFamily Floater(per policy period)IndividualFamily Floater(per policy period)IndividualFamily Floater(per policy period)
1 lakhs15,000-75,000-60,000-
2 lakhs15,000-1,50,000-1,20,000-
3 lakhs18,000-2,00,000-1,50,000-
4 lakhs20,000-2,25,000-2,00,000-
5 lakhs21,500-2,75,000-2,25,000-
7.5 lakhs23,000-3,00,000-2,50,000-
10 lakhs25,000
15 lakhs30,000
20 lakhs35,00060,0004,50,0007,50,0003,25,0005,50,000
25 lakhs40,00070,0005,00,0008,50,0003,50,0006,00,000

NOTE: The company will only pay the claims which are under the sublimit.

6. What illnesses are covered after a waiting period of 24 months?

Some of the diseases are-

  • Cataract, thyroid, breast disease, ENT
  • Hernia (all kinds)
  • Fistula, fissure in Anus, hemorrhoids, stress incontinence and other related illness
  • Disease-linked to Cervix, Fallopian Tube, ovaries, uterus etc
  • Vertebral & degenerative diseases
  • Transplants & related surgeries
  • Umbilical Sinus & granuloma, ligament tumor etc

The policyholders are requested to read policy wording to get a complete list of diseases covered.

7. Do the insurer gives extra time after the policy renewal date has been expired?

The insurer will provide a grace period of 30 days after the date of expiry under which the policyholder has to submit the premium amount in order to renew the existing policy.

Page updated on 14-01-2021