Care Enhance Super Top-Up Plan
Enhance Super Top-Up Plan
  • Coverage Up To 55 Lakhs
  • Free Health Check-up
  • Worldwide Coverage
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Care Enhance Super Top-Up Plan (formerly known as Religare Enhance Super Top-Up Plan)

Enhance plan is a high deductible super top-up plan. It is offered by the Care health insurance company. It provides higher coverage as it is a super top-up plan. The base functioning of the Care enhance is dependant on the policy deductibles.

Features Of Enhance Super Top-Up Plan

The table mentions a few of the features of Care Enhance Super Top-UP Plan:

Room ChargesAccording to the insured paid premium and room selection at the time of buying the policy.
Pre & Post Hospitalization30 days & 60 days respectively
Free health checkupEvery Year
Organ donorYes
Second opinionAvailable
Worldwide emergency coverageYes
Co-payment20% of if age>60
Initial waiting PeriodYes
Specific Illness Waiting periodYes
Day Care Treatments170


Minimum Entry Age1 Day
Maximum Entry Age No Age Limit

Coverage Under Enhance Top-Up Plan

The Care Enhance plan provides the following coverage to its insured:

  • Single Policy, Coverage For Entire Family:
    All the immediate family members of the insured can be included under the family floater plan. The members can include spouses, children, and dependent parents.
  • Cashless Hospitalization:
    It was a time when people were found running here and there to pay bills but under the cashless hospitalization facility, the insured need not take tension. All that the insured needs to do is get admitted to any of the network hospitals. The bills are settled between the health insurance company and the hospital authority.
  • Pre Hospitalization:
    All the expenses incurred for 30 days before the date of hospitalization are covered under the Care Enhance Top-Up plan.
Enhance Super Top-Up Plan
  • Post Hospitalization:
    All the medical expenses 60 days incurred after getting discharged from the hospital, whether they are medical expenses or doctor’s consultancy fees, all get covered under the post-hospitalization facility.
  • Organ Donor Coverage:
    The Enhance plan provides special treatment to the organ donor. All the expenses incurred in the organ transplant surgery get coverage under the Enhance Top-Up plan.
  • Direct Claim Filing:
    Under the cashless claim, the payments are settled between the health insurance company and the hospital authority but if you have to go through the reimbursement process, you can file notify the health insurance company immediately. You can call them directly or send them the documents for the claim to be processed at the earliest.

Benefits Of Enhance Top-Up Plan

A list of benefits provided to the policyholders of Care Enhance Top-Up Plan has been mentioned below:

  • The deductibles can be chosen by the insured as per their requirements with the maximum sum insured up to Rs. 55 Lakhs.
  • Regardless of the claim history, under the plan, all the members covered under the family floater plan are provided an annual health checkup.
  • The pre-insurance medical checkup is not applicable for candidates opting for insurance coverage below 40 Lacs till they are of age 50 years.
    Here Coverage = Deductibles + Sum Insured
  • The Enhance Top-Up plan can be utilized anywhere in the world at the network hospitals of the Care health insurance company.
  • Hassle-free cashless treatment is available at all the network hospitals of the Care Enhance Top-Up Plan.

Care Enhance Top-Up Plan Policy Terms

  • Renewal: The Policy provides its insured Lifelong renewability.
  • Co-payments: Under the copayment section, 20% of the claim amount as co-payment is applicable if the plan is bought at the of 61 years and above.
  • Waiting Period: There is a waiting period of 30 days for any illness/ injury to the insured.
  • Waiting Period For Pre-existing Illness: To avail facilities with respect to pre-existing illness the insured needs to have 4 years of continuous coverage. After completion of four years, the insured gets the cover for pre-existing illness.
  • Change In Insured sum: The insured sum can be incremented at the time of policy renewal and not before or after that.
  • Grace Period: From the date of expiry of the policy, a 30 days grace period is applicable under the plan. The insured needs to get his policy renewed within the grace period failing which the policy is subjected to lapse.
  • Loadings: Depending on the medical condition of the insured the premiums are subjected to loadings. The loadings can be 15%, 30% or 50% as per the medical expenses updates of the insured’s treatment.
  • Group Discount: A discount varying between 5% to 20% is applicable depending on the size of the group.
  • Complete Care: If the insured continues for 4 years then he has an opportunity to get his plan converted into a comprehensive health plan (Without any deductibles).


For your easy reference the list of exclusions have been mentioned below:

  • 48 months from the date of the issuance of the policy, any pre-existing disease that was diagnosed or infected do not get coverage.
  • Any disease within the 30 days from the start of the policy except accidents is not covered.
  • Non-allopathic treatment.
  • Suicidal attempt or any injury due to self carelessness is not considered.
  • Dental expenses or cost of spectacles and contact lenses are not covered,
  • Medical costs for AIDs treatment.
  • Diseases like congenital diseases do not get the cover.
  • Treatment-related to infertility and Vitro fertilization is not covered.
  • Treatment under the miscarriage and early-stage pregnancy or childbirth are not entertained under the plan.
  • Cases of alcoholism and drug abuse are not covered under the plan.

Care Enhance Top-Up Plan Review

The top-up plan offers you the best coverage in case of heavy medical expenses. The plan has been successful in satisfying its customers worldwide. The benefits and coverage have been appreciated by it’s insured and because of this, the plan has been recommended too to others from their end.


Deductibles are the amount paid out by the policyholder before the insurance company pays the rest of the due medical expenses.

No, the plan has mentioned these types of treatments in the exclusions.

The minimum entry age for buying the plan is 1 day.

There are no copayments applicable to the plan until you are 60 years of age. But once you turn 61 you will have to bear 20% of copayment.

The waiting period for critical illness under the Care Enhance top-up plan is of 4 years.

Yes, there is a discount varying between 5% to 20%. The percentage of discount depends on the size of the group or the number of members being insured under the plan.

Yes, the plan provides with organ donor coverage.

Last updated on 15-01-2021