Care Enhance Plan
  • Flexible choices of deductible up to 20L
  • Coverage for modern treatments
  • No pre-medical check-ups required
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Care Enhance Plan

A top-up plan based on Policy Deductible principle

Care Enhance is a super top-up health insurance plan that provides extra health insurance coverage to you and your family. It is an ideal choice for those who already have another mediclaim policy or a limited self-financing capacity as this plan covers the expenses over or above their existing coverage. Care Enhance plan works on the Policy Deductible principle and offers flexible choices of deductible with a wide range of SI options.

Have a look at how Care Enhance works:

Suppose you have an insurance cover of 4 lakhs but you think it is not sufficient to meet the expensive medical treatments due to the increasing inflation. In this scenario, you can buy a Care Enhance super top-up plan of 15 lakhs with a deductible of 4 lakhs (i.e. your existing cover). Now, this top-up cover pays for your healthcare expenses up to 15 lakhs if the medical bills cross 4 lakhs. Understand with an example below:

Sum Insured5 Lakhs5 Lakhs5 Lakhs
Deductible1 Lakh2 Lakhs3 Lakhs
Claim Amount50K2.5 Lakhs3 Lakhs
Payable AmountNA50KNA

Care Enhance Plan Specifications

Care Enhance is a super top-up plan based on the principle of policy deductible. To get a better idea about the Care health insurance super top up plan, look below at its specifications and the eligibility criteria.


Care Enhance Plan 1, Care Enhance Plan 2

Sum Insured

Plan 1: Sum Insured: 1 to 30L, Deductible: 1 to 10L Plan 2: Sum Insured: 30 - 55L, Deductible: 5 - 20L

Age Eligibility

Adult: 18 to No age limit, Child: 1 day (floater), 5 years (individual) to 24 Years

Plan Type

Top-up for Individual & Family floater

Policy Term

1 | 2 | 3 Years

Initial Waiting Period

30 Days

*Initial Waiting Period is the time period between the issuance of the policy and the time it starts actively. During this period, a policyholder has to wait to avail of the benefits offered under a health insurance plan.

Read more specifications in the brochure.

Choose your Care Enhance Plan

In-patient & Out-patient coverage

Room Rent

Single Private AC room

ICU Charges

Covered up to SI


Covered up to 30 days


Covered up to 60 days

Domiciliary Hospitalization

Not Covered

Daycare Treatment


OPD Charges

Not Covered

Coverage Terms

COVID-19 Treatment



Not Covered

No Claim Bonus

Not available

Automatic Restoration

Not available

Daily Hospital Cash

Not available

Organ Donor

Covered up to SI

Maternity Cover

Not Covered

New Born Baby Cover

Not Covered

Alternative Treatments

AYUSH Treatment


IVF Treatment

Not Covered

Modern Treatment


Emergency Coverage


Not available

Air Ambulance

Not available

Compassionate Travel

Not available

Global Coverage

Not available

Wellness Programmes


Not available

Health Check-Up


Second Medical Opinion

Available as a rider


Not Covered



20% of the claim amount


Not Applicable

What is Room Rent?

Room rent limit is the maximum amount of bed charge that you can claim if you are hospitalized.

Common Room categories covered under room rent are:

  • Private Single AC Room
  • Twin Sharing
  • General Ward

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Under this plan, a policyholder can get coverage for a Single Private AC room. The room type can be upgraded to the next level if you select any of the SI options under Care Enhance 2.

What are ICU Charges?

It is a special department in the hospitals where patients with serious medical conditions are treated.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

ICU charges are covered up to the sum insured amount you select.

What is Pre Hospitalization?

Medical expenses incurred before the hospitalization of the policyholder.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This plan covers medical expenses of up to 30 days before your hospitalization.

What is Post Hospitalization?

Medical expenses incurred after the discharge of the policyholder from the hospital.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This plan covers medical expenses of up to 60 days after you get discharged from the hospital.

What is Domiciliary Hospitalization?

Home hospitalization arrangement for the insured person due to unavailability of medical amenities in hospitals. The treatment should last equal to or more than 72 hrs to get the financial coverage.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not covered

What is Daycare Treatment?

Treatments that can be treated in less than 24 hours of hospitalization like blood dialysis, cataract, etc.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This plan covers all day care treatments.

What are OPD charges?

The cost of doctor consultation and prescribed medical tests that may not require hospitalization.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not covered

What is COVID-19 Treatment?

COVID-19 treatment includes the cost of treatment for COVID-19 with a confirmative diagnosis from Govt. approved Centre.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Covered as per policy terms & conditions.

What is Cataract Treatment?

A common eye condition in which your vision gets blurred.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not covered

What is a No-Claim Bonus?

For every claim-free year, insurance companies reward policyholders with an increase in the Sum Insured amount as a no-claim bonus on policy renewal. However, in the case of a claim, this bonus amount either lapses or is reduced by a certain percentage that varies from plan to plan.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not available

What is Automatic Restoration?

Automatic restoration is a benefit in which an insurance company restores the sum insured amount completely or up to a certain percentage after it gets fully exhausted in treatments. This restoration amount may vary from plan to plan.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not available

What is Daily Hospital Cash?

It is a cash amount that you receive each day during the time of hospitalization.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not available

What is an Organ Donor Cover?

It is a cover that includes the cost of the procedure for removing the damaged or malfunctioning organs from the body.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This plan covers organ donor expenses up to your selected sum insured.

What is a Maternity Cover?

It refers to the cover that includes expenses for normal and c-section procedures deliveries.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Care Enhance does not include Maternity cover.

*It is generally not covered under most health insurance plans as pregnancy is a planned condition.

What is a New Born Baby Cover?

It takes care of the medical expenses that arise due to the hospitalization of the newborn baby in case of unforeseen circumstances. Some of the common treatments that are covered under the new born cover and these common treatments can vary from plan to plan:

  • Congenital anomaly (conditions since birth)
  • Acute condition
  • Chronic condition
  • Premature delivery
  • Birth asphyxia
  • Day care treatment

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not covered

What is AYUSH Treatment?

Refers to the cost of medicines and procedures used under AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) treatment.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

AYUSH treatments are covered under this plan.

What is IVF Treatment?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a method of assisted reproductive technology. The common expenses incurred under IVF and infertility treatments are for:

  • Full infertility
  • No fertility
  • Infertility diagnosis
  • Infertility diagnosis and limited fertility treatment
  • Medication (which may or may not include fertility drug prescriptions)

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not covered

What is a Modern Treatment?

Medical treatments that demand the use of modern technology such as robotic surgeries, stem cell therapy, etc.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This plan offers coverage for modern treatments like robotic surgeries, etc.

What is an Ambulance Cover?

An ambulance is used to move the patient from home to hospital, transfer to another hospital, and take them for different tests outside the hospitals.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This plan does not cover Ambulance charges.

What is an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are specially prepared planes that transfer the patient from one place to another in case of a health emergency.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not available

What is Compassionate Travel?

Refers to the traveling expenses of a family member of the insured person in case the policyholders get admitted to a hospital outside his/her residential city.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

The policy does not cover compassionate travel expenses.

What is Global Coverage?

Any kind of medical/health emergency when you are outside of India.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Global coverage is available under Care Enhance 2 as Enhance Anywhere option.

What is E-Consultation?

If a policy offers E-consultation it allows policyholders to connect with a doctor for medical consultation through video chat, audio call, or chatbot.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not available

What is a Health Checkup?

A facility where the policyholder can avail free health check-ups after fulfilling the company's policies.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

The plan offers annual health check ups for adult members under the policy.

What is a Second Medical Opinion?

If the policyholder wants, they may opt for a second medical opinion wherein the policyholder can consult another doctor within the company’s network of medical practitioners.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

This option is available under this plan as a rider. You can avail of the benefit of expert opinion by paying an additional amount for this rider.

What is Vaccination cover?

Coverage against the expenses incurred on vaccinations is provided by the insurance companies.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

Not available

What is Co-payment?

In the co-payment clause, policyholders have to pay a portion of the medical expense on their own and the insurer will pay the rest of the amount.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

20% of co-payment applies to policyholders who are above 60 years of age.

What is the Sub limit?

Sub limit is a condition in which the insurer will have to pay the medical expense up to a certain percentage and the remaining amount will have to be paid by the policyholder.

Coverage status under Care Enhance Plan?

No sub-limits defined

Care Enhance Riders

Care health insurance super to up plan offers 1 additional rider along with its basic coverage that can be availed of at an additional cost to seek expert opinion. Read the details below:

Expert Opinion

Get expert opinion for specified illnesses.

Expert Opinion

The company will arrange a specialist medical professional, allowing you to seek an expert opinion regarding specified major illnesses.

Care Health Insurance Network Hospital List

Care Health Insurance promises a wide Network of cashless Hospitals across India. A well connected network of over 19000+ cashless hospitals, Care Health Insurance ensures that you are medically secured, irrespective of the city you reside in

Care Enhance Exclusions

Permanent Exclusions

The following diseases or health conditions are not included in this health insurance plan:

Injuries resulting from a suicide attempt

Hospitalization due to alcohol, and drug abuse

Cost of spectacles, contact lenses, and dental treatment

Treatment of AIDS

Congenital Disease

Non-allopathic treatment

Treatments related to infertility and in-vitro fertilization

Treatment arises due to pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and its consequences

Coverage after Waiting Period

Some treatments are covered after a defined waiting period under this plan. To know more, read below:

Pre-Existing Diseases after 4 years

Specific ailment after 2 years

Care Enhance Premium aims at making the premium calculation of a top-up plan simpler for you. Therefore, we have calculated two samples of annual premiums for 1 year policy term based on the same sum insured with different deductible amounts. Find sample premiums of both plan variants below:

Individual Plan Premium

Age GroupSum InsuredDeductibleSample Annual Premium (1A)
25 - 35 years6 Lakhs2 Lakhs3794
25 - 35 years6 Lakhs3 Lakhs3086

*The premium calculated in the table is inclusive of 18% GST.

Family Floater Premium

Age GroupSum InsuredDeductibleSample Annual Premium (2A+1C)
45 - 55 years20 Lakhs5 Lakhs15606
45 - 55 years20 Lakhs10 Lakhs11537

*The premium calculated in the table is inclusive of 18% GST.

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You can find other popular mediclaim policies offered by the Care Health Insurance company in the section below:

A comprehensive health plan for individual and family with SI of 3 lacs to 6 Cr. with global coverage.

Unique Benefits

  • In-built maternity cover
  • No upper age limit for enrollment
  • Coverage for modern treatments

Comprehensive health plan for people above 60 to make their second inning stress-free from health-related financial worries.

Unique Benefits

  • No pre-policy Medical Checkup
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • Automatic SI Recharge

Get medical coverage for pre-existing diseases like BP, diabetes without any waiting period by bearing a co-pay of 20-30%.

Unique Benefits

  • No pre-policy checkup needed
  • Dialysis cover available
  • Annual Health Checkup

A maternity health insurance plan with child cover. This plan protects individuals and families during medical emergencies.

Unique Benefits

  • 100% increase in SI as NCB
  • Newborn Cover
  • 541 day care treatments covered

A comprehensive family floater plan that decides your policy premium based on the living cost of the city you reside in.

Unique Benefits

  • Covers IVF treatment
  • Compassionate travel coverage
  • Unlimited e-consultation

Enjoy the advantage of 1 crore cover and multiple benefits at lower monthly premiums with this affordable individual & family floater plan.

Unique Benefits

  • No bonus claim up to 50%
  • Automatic SI recharge
  • Organ donor cover

Care Arogya Sanjeevani

A standard comprehensive plan mandated by IRDAI that offers coverage for both Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatments.

Unique Benefits

  • AYUSH Treatment
  • Pre and Post hospitalization
  • 5% cumulative bonus

Care Cancer Mediclaim

Offers lifelong coverage against cancer and the cost of its treatment with several other benefits.

Unique Benefits

  • Annual Health Checkup
  • Chemo and radiotherapy cover
  • Air Ambulance Cover

Care Critical illness

Offers coverage against 32 critical illnesses that are pre-defined under the policy such as catastrophic burns, coma, etc.

Unique Benefits

  • Psychiatric Counselling
  • Dialysis Cover
  • Organ Donor Cover

Care for 45+

A comprehensive plan that takes care of your medical needs in your late 40s.

Unique Features

  • Organ Donor
  • Emergency Ambulance
  • Annual Health Checkup

Individuals with pre-existing cardiac diseases can get coverage against medical treatments by paying 20-30% of co-payment for every claim.

Unique Benefits

  • Cardiac Health Checkup
  • Second medical Opinion
  • Automatic SI Restoration

Care Plus

Extremely flexible family health plan, allowing you to increase SI amount based on inflation rates.

Unique Benefits

  • 200% increase in cumulative bonus
  • Earn rewards for being fit
  • Unlimited SI recharge

Health Insurance Articles

Care Enhance Plan: FAQs

1. What do you mean by deductible in super top-up health insurance?

A deductible is an amount that policyholders need to pay for their medical expenses before using the top-up sum insured amount.

2. When does the Super Top-up Policy activate?

Super Top-up Policy activates when the medical expenses cross the deductible chosen in the plan.

3. Did Care Enhance cover pre-existing diseases?

There is a 4 year waiting period for pre-existing diseases from the date of policy inception.

4. Is there any co-payment clause under the Care Enhance policy?

Yes, you have to bear the 20% of co-pay on your medical expenses if your age is 61 years or above.

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