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Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP) offered by HDFC Life are a combination of investment and protection plans. These plans provide the benefits of an insurance life cover and market-linked investments which are subject to risk associated with capital markets. HDFC Life - ULIP offers the flexibility to invest in debt or equity funds depending on the life assured risk appetite and financial objectives. ULIP also offers tax benefits on premium payments, thus taking care of your future goals such as securing your child's future, creating wealth, and planning your retirement goals.

To understand in simpler words, HDFC ULIP plan offers dual benefits to the policyholder by splitting your premiums in two parts, where one part is used to provide a life coverage, and the other part of your premium is invested on your behalf.

Continue reading to explore more about HDFC ULIP plans:

Key Features of HDFC Life ULIP Plans

  • Offers the benefits of life insurance and market-linked returns
  • Option to invest as per your appetite
  • Partial withdrawal charge option
  • Surrender value is also available

Benefits of HDFC Life ULIP Plans


Provides Incentives To Stay Invested


Offers Flexible Investment Options


Complete Transparency


Tax Benefits With Dynamic Savings

Types of HDFC Life ULIP Plans

HDFC Life Insurance Company offers 8 ULIP plans that offer you multiple benefits to save and grow your money.

HDFC ULIP PlansWhy Should You Buy?
HDFC Life Click 2 WealthThe plan offers market-linked returns with minimal charges
HDFC Life Click 2 InvestOffers market-linked returns along with valuable financial protection to you and your family
HDFC SL ProGrowth FlexiOffers flexible additional benefit option
HDFC Life Sampoorna NiveshProvides multiple fund options to optimize the investment
HDFC Life ProGrowth PlusRegular ULIP plan that provides the flexibility to choose your premium and investment fund.
HDFC Life SL ProGrowth Super IIOffers flexible additional benefit options and provides valuable protection to you and your family
HDFC SL CrestOffers valuable protection to you and your family by providing the benefit of paying premiums for a limited term.
HDFC Life Capital ShieldThe plan protects your investment from market risks with an assured maturity benefit along with a life insurance cover.
HDFC Life Smart WomenThis HDFC Life ULIP plan is designed for women to take care of their financial needs.
HDFC Life Classic OneHDFC Life ULIP plan that offers life coverage for two individuals.

Let's understand each plan in detail for better understanding.

  1. HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth Plan

    HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth is a unit-linked non-participating life insurance plan that provides market-linked returns to the insured, along with helpful financial protection to the entire family. The plan effectively safeguards your wealth so that you can fulfill all your desired goals.

    Key Features:

    • Special addition: Plan offers 1% of annualized premiums in the form of special additions to your fund value for the first 5 years of the policy tenure.
    • Flexibility: Choose from 10 fund options with unlimited free switching
    • Premium Payment Options: Single pay, Limited, and Regular pay options are available under this plan.
    • Premium waiver benefit: The plan provides a premium waiver benefit that waives off the premium (in case of your unfortunate demise) so that your family can live without the financial burden.
    • Return of Mortality charges: The plan offers a return of mortality charges at the time of maturity. In the case of the premium waiver option, mortality charges related to the insured would be refunded.
    • Partial withdrawal: Under this plan, the insured has the option to make partial withdrawals after 5 policy years. For the same, the insured should be at least 18 years of age.
    • Plan options: It comes out with three plan options. Policyholders can choose the desired one at their convenience.
    • Invest Plus Option that gives accumulated Fund Value upon maturity of the policy and returns the mortality charges.
    • Premium Waiver Option, in addition to Invest Plus option's benefits, waives off all the future payments in case of death of the policyholder. The policy will continue under the risk cover for the policyholder and the Fund Value that has been accumulated will be paid upon maturity.
    • Golden Years Benefit Option helps you stay covered for your whole life. The accumulated Fund Value and mortality charges that you receive upon maturity (at the end of the policy) will instead be added to the Fund Value when the policyholder turns 70.


    Eligibility CriteriaInvest PlusPremium Waiver OptionGolden Years Benefit Option
    Entry AgeLife Assured - 30 days to 60 yearsLife Assured - 30 days to 60 years
    Proposer - 18 years to 65 years
    Life Assured - 30 days to 60 years
    Maturity Age18 years to 75 years18 years to 75 years99 years
    Minimum PremiumSingle payout - Rs. 24,000, Annual Payout - Rs.12,000, Half-yearly - Rs.6,000, Quarterly - Rs.3,000, Monthly - Rs.1,000
    Maximum PremiumNo Limit
    Policy Term10 to 40 years10 to 40 years99 minus age of entry
    Premium Paying TermSingler Pay, Limited: 5, 7, and 10 years, Regular: 10 to 40 yearsLimited: 5, 7, and 10 years, Regular: 10 to 40 yearsLimited Pay: 10 to 70 years minus entry age
  2. HDFC Life Click 2 Invest

    HDFC Life Click2Invest is an online ULIP plan that provides market-linked returns and financial protection to meet your investment requirements.

    Key Features:

    • Fund options: The plan offers 11 fund options to choose from at your convenience and investment style.
    • Death benefits: In the case of the life assured's unfortunate demise, the plan pays the highest sum assured, fund value, or 105% of the premium(s) paid.
    • Maturity benefits: On survival till the end of the policy tenure, the insured gets fund value as maturity benefit.
    • Tax benefits: The plan offers tax benefits under Section 80C and Sec 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


    Entry Age30 days to 65 years
    Maturity Age18 years to 75 years
    Sum Assured125% of single premium
    Premium Paying TermSingle Pay, Limited: 5,7, and 10 years, Regular: 5 to 20 years
  3. HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi

    HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi is a savings-cum-insurance unit-linked plan (ULIP) that helps you to provide financial security to your loved ones.

    Key Features:

    • Offers flexible additional benefit options
    • The investment plan provides valuable protection to your family in case of your unfortunate demise during the policy term.
    • Upon maturity, assured can take the Fund Value at the prevailing unit prices as a lump sum or can opt for a settlement option, which may extend to a maximum period of 5 years.
    • Flexibility to invest in a choice of funds


    Life OptionsExtra Life Options
    Entry Age (in years)Minimum1418
    Maximum Maturity Age (in years)7570
    Policy Term (in years)Minimum10
  4. HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh

    HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh is an insurance cum investment plan designed with multiple fund options to help you optimize your investment to meet your protection needs.

    Key Features:

    • The plan offers loyalty additions to enhance your Fund Value after 10 years.
    • Offers the flexibility to choose investment terms from 10 to 25 years
    • Assured can customize the options for premium payment: Single, limited, or regular pay
    • Offers the option of Accidental Death Benefit
    • On survival till the end of the policy term, you will receive your Fund Value as Maturity Benefit.


    ParametersClassic Life OptionClassic Extra Life OptionClassic Plus OptionClassic Waiver Option
    Entry Age (in years)Minimum0 (30 days)180 (30 days)18
    Maturity AgeMinimum18281828
  5. HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus

    HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus is a simple savings-cum-insurance plan that will help you to avail life cover and benefit from your investment strategies.

    Key Features:

    • Flexibility to invest in a choice of funds. The list is mentioned below:
    • Income Fund
    • Balanced Fund
    • Blue Chip Fund
    • Opportunities Fund
    • Equity Plus Fund
    • Bond Fund
    • Diversified Equity Fund
    • Conservative Fund
    • Discovery Fund
    • Equity Advantage Fund
    • HDFC bank credit cardholders have the option to choose EMI options.
    • Policyholders can make partial withdrawals to meet unplanned expenses.


    ParametersLife OptionExtra Life Option
    Entry Age (in years)Minimum1418
    Maturity Age (in years)MinimumNANA
  6. HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II

    HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II is a smart savings-cum-insurance unit-linked plan that will help you to build long-term savings.

    Key Features:

    • In case of an unfortunate demise of the life assured during the policy term, the plan provides protection to your family and will pay the Sum Assured and your total fund value to your family.
    • The plan can be availed by filling the short medical questionnaire, which may not require you to go for medicals.
    • The plan helps manage your investment funds either by switching from one fund to another or by redirecting future premiums into other funds.


    ParametersLife OptionsExtra Life OptionLife & Extra Health OptionExtra Life & Health OptionLife & Disability OptionExtra Life & Disability Option
    Entry Age (in years)Minimum1418
    Maturity Age (in years)Maximum757065
    Term Age (in years)Minimum10
  7. HDFC SL Crest

    HDFC SL Crest is a unit-linked insurance (ULIP) investment plan, which helps you to achieve your investment goals in a brief period of 10 years along with financial protection for your family.

    Key Features:

    • Pay premiums for just 5 years and enjoy a policy term of 10 years.
    • Paying premiums is convenient with access to multiple modes – credit card, internet banking, cheque, and auto-debit facility.
    • Choose from any of the 10 available fund options.


    Minimum Entry Age14 years
    Maximum Entry Age55 years
    Maturity Age65 years
    Policy Term10 years
  8. HDFC Life Capital Shield

    This plan is an investment-cum-insurance plan that offers the potential for higher returns. By investing a part of your money in equity and the balance in debt, an insured person can also avail of life insurance cover.

    Key Features:

    • The plan helps you to protect your investment from market risks with an Assured Maturity Benefit of 101% of Total Premiums paid.
    • Single pay Premium or for a limited period of 5 years
    • Get increasing Loyalty Additions from the end of the 6th policy year onwards to boost the Fund Value.
    • The policy offers life insurance cover


    Entry Age8 years60 years
    Maturity Age18 years70 years
  9. HDFC Life Smart Women Plan

    HDFC Life Smart Women Plan is a unit-linked non participating Life Insurance plan specially designed for women with coverage against various contingencies. The plan lets you decide your insurance coverage as per your core ojective and offers three options that are: Classic, Premier & Elite.

    Key Features:

    • The plan offers the Sum Assured of up to 40 times your annualized premium.
    • The plan waives off the 3 annual premiums if the child is born with congenital disorder or pregnancy complications, or if there is a diagnosis of malignant cancer of female organs, or the death of the spouse.
    • One can choose from the type of funds available under the plan, which includes: Income Fund, Balanced Fund, Bluechip Fund & Opportunities Fund

    Eligibility Criteria

    Entry Age for prosper (in years)18None
    Entry Age for the female life to be assured (in years)1845
    Maturity Age for Female Life to be Assured (Years)2860
    Policy Term (Years)10 or 15
  10. HDFC Life Classic One

    HDFC Life Classic One is a unit linked non participating life insurance plan that comes with an option of offering life coverage for two individuals. The plan offers you the flexibility to choose your life insurance coverage from the Single Life Variant & Joint Life Coverage Variant.

    Key Features:

    • HDFC Life Classic One offers 11 fund options to maximize your investments and allows unlimited free switches between fund options as per your needs.
    • The plan offers HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider that comes in action if youy suffer from Accidental Total Permanent Disability. The rider offers an equal to 1% of Rider Sum Assured per month for the next 10 years.
    • The plan offers the loyalty additions from the end of 10th policy year.

    Eligibility Criteria

    ParametersSingle LifeJoint Life
    Entry Age (in years)Minimum018
    Age at MaturityMinimum1850
    Policy TermMinimum10 years50 minus Age at Entry
    Maximum90 minus Age at Entry

Buying Process Of HDFC ULIP Plans

HDFC Life Insurance company allows the potent poliyholder to buy HDFC ULIP plans in two ways, one is from their official website, and the other is by taking the help of For your conveeneince, we have explained both the procedures in detail.

Buying through HDFC Life's official website

  • Visit the official website of HDFC Life Insurance Company, and take your cursor to the tab 'Plans'.
  • Click on the tab 'ULIP Plans', and scroll down to the plan section.
  • Select the plan that you want to buy and click on the tab 'Buy Online' under the chosen plan.
  • Fill in the required details and confirm the details by clicking on the 'Calculate' tab.
  • Confirm the details and click on the tab 'Buy Now'.
  • Choose the desired option 'Fill the form first and then pay'.
  • Review your form once and make the payment.
  • The company will share the policy documents at your registered email address.

Buying through

  • Scroll up to 'Free Quotes From Top Companies' given at the top-right corner of this page.
  • Submit basic details such as DOB, annual income, gender, etc.
  • Tap on 'Continue'.
  • Provide your phone number, name, and city. Tap on 'Proceed'.
  • Check the available quotes from the top insurance companies in India.
  • Choose the desired and tap on ''Invest' at the right corner of the chosen plan.
  • Click on the tab 'Proceed to Buy'.
  • Enter your 'Email ID' and click on the tab 'Submit'.
  • It will take you to the company's official website.
  • Make the payment using available payment options.
  • You will receive a confirmation along with the policy documents at your registered email address.
Buying Process Of PolicyX website
Buying Process Of HDFC Ulip Plans

How To File a Claim Under HDFC Life Insurance Policy?

HDFC Life ULIP Plan allows you to make quicker claims by using their online platform. To do so, you must follow the following steps:

Documents Required for Smooth Claim Process

The Company will contact you with acceptance or rejection of your claim settlement. Meanwhile, if you wish to track your claim, you can do so by clicking on the 'Track Claim' option available on the home page.

Additionally, you can choose to visit the branch by clicking on the branch option in the 'How to Make a Claim' section. It will redirect you to HDFC Life Branch Locator, using which you can find your nearest HDFC Life branch and file for settlement.

HDFC ULIP Products


1. How much return is guaranteed in HDFC ULIP?

The returns on ULIP plans vary based on the investor's selection of equity, debt, hybrid funds in combination for their investment.

2. How can I manage and track my fund value in the ULIP plan?

The fund value is the Net Asset Value (NSV) of a fund on the given day, multiplied by the number of units held by the investor.

3. Can I surrender a ULIP plan at any time?

If a ULIP plan is surrendered after the 5-year lock-in period, the entire fund value is paid to the policyholder.

4. How can I check the policy status for the HDFC Life ULIP plan?

Visit the official website of HDFC Life to check policy status, if you are a registered user. Log in the details into the portal like your client number and password to check the status.

5. What is the process to settle claims for HDFC Life ULIP plans?

HDFC Life allows you to make quicker, simpler, and more efficient claims by using their online platform. To do so, you must follow the following steps:

  • Visit HDFC Life's official website
  • Scroll Down to the 'Make a Claim' section and click on 'Submit Claim'.
  • The 'How to make a claim' section provides you with a link to make an Individual death claim. Click on the option 'Click Here' to proceed.
  • Verify the policy details, submit life assured details, and submit the nominee's details along with the necessary documents.

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