Can Travel Insurance Quench Your Travelling Pursuit?

One of the most neglected product in the Insurance Industry is Travel Insurance. Best experience you can get is by traveling to a new city every month, quarter or year according to your traveling goals.

One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

Any traveler can connect with the quotes above. People travel to discover themselves and become a better individual. Travel enthusiast takes every chance to schedule a trip to a new destination. Traveling is part of the lifestyle of many individuals. People are often hit by traveling hangover, they wish to make every traveling experience as perfect as possible. People travel for many reasons, one of the most important among all is for rejuvenation and relaxation.

They set up traveling goals and set up a new milestone to achieve a higher state of bliss. One essential thing that these travelers often miss is to buy a good travel insurance plan. This may be because of unawareness of many benefits travel insurance can offer. Travel Insurance plan cost least but offers many advantages. The best thing you get out of these travel insurance is they come in many types. You can purchase as per your requirements. Travel Insurance can make your trip complete and nearly perfect.

It takes away any anticipated stress that you may have related to traveling. Before buying any travel insurance you must know what are the different kinds of plans available. Also, it’s important to know the features and benefits of all. You can buy the travel insurance after doing a quick comparative analysis from any online comparison websites.

What Are Your Travelling Goals?

Setting up traveling goals can add wings to your traveling aspirations. While planning traveling goals you must take care of a few essential things as elaborated below.

  • Budget

Every travel plan begins with a traveling budget. You can expand or squeeze it as per your requirements. Stay can be as luxurious as you wish and as budgeted as per your goals. Often traveling should be about an experience about a new place and culture. The budget can be allocated as per your comfort. Whenever you plan to travel somewhere the most important thing and the starting point is the budget. Your budget can only determine the mode of transport and stay. Travelers are the smart individuals, who may plan multiple trips within a year by balancing the budget. For them it’s not about staying luxuriously always, rather they wish to cover as much geography as possible.

  • Places to Cover

It’s prudential to create a bucket list of places you wish to visit. Once you have your list ready you can always plan your trip with ease. Power of attraction places a good role here. As miraculous as it sounds its also backed by some science. As soon as you plan for any city, you may start visualizing it. Believe me, unknowingly you start connecting with people who are also having similar interests. As a result, you are able to give shape to all your traveling checklist.

  • Timeline

Most important thing is the date when you wish to travel. Before deciding on any trip, you must check your availability during that period. If you anticipate engaging somewhere else during that duration than its not at all advisable to plan a trip during that time. We must appreciate and accept our timezone irrespective of our age, gender or any other factor. If we stick to our timelines than we can also enjoy the best of the trip.

We can always manage it as per our traveling list as well. It can be done with ease if you have clarity in advance about when and where you wish to travel. At the same time, you must plan as per your budget only. Landing cashless on any trip is not a good idea. With intact planning, many trips are possible with ease and thrill.

  • Itinerary

Once your budget, bucket list, and the timeline is in place last option to plan is itinerary of the trip. At times it may be a little cumbersome task. In the bracket of Itinerary, everything is included from managing the transport, stay and places to visit. Itinerary must be squeezed as per your budget and timeline.

It must also be aligned with your other traveling goals. If going international than the places you plan to visit may have an additional cost to incur. An itinerary can be customized according to your goals as well. If you have well plan itinerary than you can also ensure to have the best trip. It’s apt to say, a well planned itinerary is the essence of any trip.

  • Managing Travel Risks

In the context of risks, I can relate to the quotes I recently read somewhere. “Life is simple but not easy”. Risks are inevitable, however, smart people just know the art of managing it. There can be many travel risks that we have to face during any trip. This can act like a complete spoiler.

Best way to handle these risks is to buy a good travel insurance plan. It covers all the possible types of challenges that any traveler may anticipate to encounter. Travel Insurance ensure to cover all as per our needs and requirements.

travel goals and travel insurance

How Can Travel Insurance Guarantee The Best Trip?

Travel Insurance offers multiple benefits with minimal Investment. It covers all the possible risks that can occur on any travel. You may plan to travel solo, with friends or family, good travel insurance plan always synergizes the trip.

Some of the risks travel companies covers are as follows:-

  1. Accidental damage & loss coverage

  2. Coverage of any sort of personal liability

  3. Compensation against lost passport

  4. Any loss of checked baggage

  5. Delay of baggage

  6. Cover against any hijack

  7. Accident death cover

  8. Coverage of dismemberment

  9. Compensation in the case of flight delay

  10. Coverage of trip delay or cancellation

  11. Hospitalisation expenses

  12. Provision of emergency cash in foreign land

  13. Medical expenses at the time of an emergency

  14. Dental expenses

  15. Facilitating hospital cash at the time of emergency

  16. Hotel accommodation in case of flight delay

  17. Legal liabilities if required

There could be many more subtle advantages of these travel insurance plans. Before choosing any insurance plans we must also understand the various types of Insurance plans. You can buy the one that is the most suitable one.

Various kinds of travel insurance plans are as follows:-

  • Group Travel Insurance Plan

    Group travel insurance plans are suitable for people taking a similar trip to the place. Buying a travel insurance plan in a group can be a cost-effective way of buying the travel insurance plan.

  • Medical Travel Insurance Plan

    Medical travel Insurance plan covers all kinds of medical expenses incurred due to sickness because of traveling. It assists in managing all the hospitalization cost and can facilitate cashless treatments as well.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

    Domestic travel insurance covers all the expenses made on the trip within India. It can cover the risk of travel delay or cancellation as well.

  • Student Travel Insurance Plan

    This type of Insurance is applicable for all the students who are planning to go abroad for studies on the student visa. It covers all the expenses that can occur in medical treatment, loss of passport or any other incident that can lead to an interruption in studies.

  • International Travel Insurance Plan

    International travel Insurance plan covers all the risks that can likely happen related to flight delay or cancellation. It also covers the risk of passport damage or any loss of luggage.

  • Senior Citizens Travel Insurance Plan

    This plan covers all the individual who are between 61 to 70 years. They may be more prone to any ailment during the travel. With travel insurance, they can travel hassle-free.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

    Corporate travel insurance plan covers risks of both domestic as well as international travel.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan

    The single trip usually covers all the loss that can happen on a single trip. It covers any loss of baggage and other relate risks.

  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans

    Multi-trip travel insurance plan is applicable for people who are frequent travelers. It usually covers all the risks that can happen during a period of 1 year.

  • Family Travel Insurance Plan

    This plan covers the family of the policyholder. It covers the medical expenses, luggage loss or any other risks with least paperwork.

Details of all the plans can be easily gathered from any of the travel insurance firms. Some of the leading insurance plans are listed below.


Travel Insurance Players


Apollo Munich Travel Insurance


Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance


Bharti Axa Travel Insurance


Cholamandalam Travel Insurance


Future Generali Travel Insurance


HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance


ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance


National Insurance Travel Insurance


New Indian Assurance Travel Insurance


Oriental Travel Insurance


Reliance Travel Insurance


Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance


SBI Travel Insurance


Tata AIG Travel Insurance


United India Travel Insurance


Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

How to Buy Travel Insurance Online?

After setting up your traveling goals you can easily plan many trips. Buying a travel insurance is indeed an icing on the cake. By adding just a negligible cost for travel insurance you are getting many additional benefits. Once you have decided to buy Travel Insurance you must know where to buy it from. Best way to buy any travel insurance is through an online platform. All you need to do is go to any web aggregator sites. You will get the quotes from many Insurance companies. Best way to take the decision is to do the quick comparison among all the travel insurance companies and make the decision accordingly.

An online premium calculator is easily available on all the online comparison sites. As soon as you enter the required details you will get the rate of premium from these travel companies. Before buying them you can also compare the features of various travel insurance companies and take an informed decision.

After choosing the right travel insurance plan you can easily make the payment online. Online payment is quite secure on any online comparison site. You can also check whether these companies possess IRDAI certification as that’s one of the essential criteria to sell Insurance products online.

Buying an Insurance plan online is the fastest way of getting travel insurance. In some cases, while booking travel and stay itself people can opt for travel insurance. You just need to add a nominal additional cost and enjoy the benefits of the insurance. The best part is you can get it online with a click of the mouse.

Hoping you have best of your trip and cherish good memories for the life with smart travel insurance plan.

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