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5 Best Ulip Plan to Invest in 2018

Unit Linked Investment Plan is a market-linked product that aggregates the overall best of investment and insurance. ULIP provides an opportunity for market investment and life protection cover at the same time. ULIP allows the customer to invest in stocks, bond and mutual funds and hence their money not only…

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Demonetization – The Big Game, and its effect on Insurance Industry

While the whole world, including India, had their eyes glued to their television sets waiting for the American presidential candidacy results, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had different plans entirely. When people in India were awaiting the speeches of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Narendra Modi took the microphone…

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Things to Know Before Buying ULIP’s

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) gives individuals the advantages of both insurance plan and investment under a single incorporated plan. The primary advantage this provides is the management convenience of not needing to execute the two dealings independently. In the past few years, Unit-linked insurance plan guidelines (Ulips) have become…

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