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Parents play an essential role in shaping the lives of their children. They need to be more careful and attentive while planning the future of children.

To plan a healthy life for your child, you should always choose the best child health insurance plan. Proper research and thorough study are required before investing in any of the child health insurance policy. Here are a few things that should always be kept in mind when you are planning to buy a child’s health insurance policy.

The Early The Better

Health insurance companies have launched several health insurance plans that cover newborn babies. things remember in child health insuranceThe parents can buy a health insurance policy for their newly born baby after the newly born baby has attained the age of 90 days. 

Many health insurance plans for newly born babies are available like Max Bupa Heartbeat Family First Plan, Apollo Munich Easy Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance, Religare Joy, etc.

So, the earlier you get your child’s health insured the better the situation will be.

Children Can Be Included In The Family Floater Plans

The family health insurance policy is the next level to get child health insurance. In case you did not get your children’s health insurance in the infancy stage then it is never too late. If you withhold a family floater health insurance plan than you can include all your children in the family floater health insurance plan subjected to the condition that the child is dependant on you and is of less than 21/25 years of age.

Getting insured your child’s health under the family floater plan does not increase your expenses. All the members of the family can be covered under the same health insurance plan. The family floater plans are comprehensive and at the time of need, it can act as a supporting facility under other plans like a critical illness plan.

Purchase Individual Health Policy For Children

Parents can act as savior to the children. Children in their twenties are more indulged in career planning. So, the parents should take initiative to guide their children when they are in the twenties to choose the best and appropriate health insurance plan. The parameters like age limit for an individual health insurance policy should be confirmed with the insurance companies. Different health insurance companies have their own set of rules. 

Any delay in buying a health insurance policy for children is not wise as the premiums keep on increasing with the increase in the age of the individual. The parents should always be proactive towards the health insurance of their children.

Does Your Child Require a Critical Illness Health Plan?

Being a responsible caretaker the parents are aware of all the positives and negatives of their children. If there is a probability of your child’s vulnerability towards critical illness, then it is always safe to opt for a Critical Illness plan.

The benefits and coverage provided under the critical illness plan are much more than the basic child health insurance policy. The coverage amount is higher which is beneficial in covering the treatment amount of critical disease.

Health Coverage For Child Under Employee Group Insurance

Parents who are employed and placed in reputed institutions might get group health insurance from the company’s side. There are procedures under which the spouse and the children can be added to the plan. In such circumstances, the parents are not required to buy a separate child health insurance. The coverage is for the employee’s family too.

Employee group insurance has benefits of its own because of a very small percentage of employee’s salary contributed to the plan and the rest is managed by the employer.

Beware Of Two Things

  1. The employer’s health insurance provides cover only till the time you work there. The moment you resign from your job you are no more liable to cherish the facilities provided by the company. So, in such a scenario it is always better to have a separate health insurance policy for your child and the family. Relying wholly on to the work institution might prove risky at times.
  2. But always be vigilant and be calculative that what are the illnesses your child is prone to and in case of need you should never hesitate to buy an additional health insurance plan for your children.

Child Portfolio Help You Choose Better

It is very essential to make a detailed portfolio of a child’s activity and lifestyle habits to plan certain things for him. The parents can easily prepare a document of their child’s activities and fitness from time to time. The observation can take you long and can help you safeguard your finances at the time of medical emergencies related to your child.

Based on the observation, you will get guidance to choose the best child health insurance plan.

This is the world of the internet and people are smarter as compared to our history. So, you are capable enough to search the best child health insurance plan published by the health insurance companies on their sites. It is never too late to buy a health insurance plan for your children. So, plan and buy one.

Naval Goel is the founder of He is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance`, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDA to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.
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