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To ensure our life is always on track, we should never compromise our health. Well to get that guaranteed, one might need strong financial support at the time of need.

So what's next? The answer is crystal clear – ‘Buy a Health Insurance’. You might have already pondered about that. Haven't you? But, buying insurance is not a child's game.

To end your dilemma, we have summed up some important factors that will help you to choose the right health insurance:

  1. The Credibility of The Company- Even after comparing the health insurance policies if you are confused to decide then the first thing you need to focus on is the credibility of the company. It is always wise to go to a trustworthy company. Consider its claims process rate, Check its financial strength and nowadays you can go through the reviews and ratings too.
  1. Type of Policy- Under health insurance plans, you have several options to decide from. If you have compared two health coverage plans, then you should also focus on the type of health plan that will suit your needs the best.
  1. Check the Enlisted Hospitals- One of the most important factors to take into consideration is the available hospitals within the network. If you are still baffled, then select the policy that has impaneled hospitals close to your place and has a good reputation along with facilities.
  1. Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses- These expenses refer to expenses that one endures before and after treatment. In short, the money that the insurer is required to spend on medical checkups and tests recommended by the doctor to examine the condition of the patient before and after treatment. (Approx. 30 days before actual treatment) and medical tests after treatment to check on the progress of the patient (Approx 30-60 days after treatment). So always go for the insurance that gives you the best offer in context with these expenses.
  1. Coverage for Pre-existed Health Conditions- There might be some terms and conditions if you have any pre-existing health conditions while buying health insurance. If you feel perplexed, without any second thoughts choose a medical insurance plan that gives you better-pre-existing health coverage benefits.
  1. Domiciliary Hospitalization Coverage- It means coverage for being treated at home either because the patient’s condition is too critical to be shifted to the hospital or there are no beds available in the hospital. This benefit is hardly used but it can certainly make a huge difference in your decision. This benefit varies from insurance to insurance. Some provide expenses up to sum assured and some go for 10-20% of the sum assured etc. The policy that gives you maximum benefit is the one for you.
  1. Cashless Facilities- When the emergency knocks, you can’t afford to panic over cash. This facility provided by some of the insurance policy ensures that the insured patient gets admitted to the hospital without any fuss over cash because that will be the headache of the insurance company. Thus, always go for a policy that provides this facility if you have any second thoughts.
  1. Daily Hospital Allowance- Even the daily allowance of the hospital is way too much to bear. Hence, your confusion can be easily cured if you choose an insurance policy that offers a particular amount mentioned in policy at every end of the day you spend in the hospital no matter how much cash you have spent.
  1. Previous Buyers Review- You can check the reviews of previous policyholders to get a better idea.
  1. Ask Experts- Still confused? In that case, It would be better to ask an expert before you buy any policy.

Besides these, you can also check the flexibility, premium benefits, discount, etc. of all the medical policies. You can also buy health insurance online as it is convenient and easy to compare all the factors mentioned above.

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