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Imagine you are completely knocked out and somebody just comes and kick you in your shin. How will you feel? You will feel the same way when you or your loved ones are going through rough phase (critical illness) and instead of getting moral support, all you get is worry, medical bills and some more worry. It is so hard to cope with the effects of critical health diseases not only for patient but family as well and above that, not finding that single ray of hope to survive and revive just disheartens you furthermore. Thus, it is important to have planned in advance for such unforeseen situations and invest some of your time in finding out apt health plan.
Critical Illness Platinum medical plan is a step ahead critical illness plan as it has more benefits compared to the former one. It is your safety blanket at critical times that cover upto 15 critical health conditions and provide you lump sum amount during the first diagnosis itself.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

Critical Illness Platinum insurance health plan is a unique plan that looks after you in the most critical phase of your life. It offers you benefit that lifts up your burden for some extent and gives you a way to overcome the disease or at least gives you a chance to overcome it somehow. Here are few attributes of critical illness platinum medical plan-

•    Take it and Conquer- It is not a rocket science to know how few diseases are too expensive to cure and definitely demand more care and money to leave your body. Thus, under this policy, after the 30 days waiting period is over, the insurer gets huge amount during the first diagnosis itself so that he/she can start with the 1st phase of treatment of disease straightaway, after all, you cannot afford to wait in such conditions.

•    Eligible Age- The eligible age to enter the policy is 5 years and the exiting age is 65 years. Thus, policy covers all those between 5-65 years of age.

•    Pre-Medical Check-Up -  In order to buy this medical plan, people above 45 years of age need to go through medical check-up and the remaining can straightaway buy the policy.

•    Your Coverage Umbrella- under Critical Illness Medical Plan by HDFC Ergo, 15 critical illnesses is covered, thus, the coverage area is wider and relief for you is more. The list of these health conditions are as follows-
1.    Stroke
2.    Paralysis
3.    Myocardial Infraction or as commonly known as ‘Heart Attack’
4.    Alzheimer's Disease
5.    Cancer
6.    Multiple Sclerosis
7.    Benign Brain Tumor
8.    Coronery artery Bypass Surgery
9.    End Stage Liver Disease
10.    Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
11.    Major organ transplantation
12.    Parkinson's Disease
13.    Kidney failure
14.    Heart Valve Replacement
15.    Aorta Graft Surgery

expert view

Expert View

“Critical Illness Platinum plan is at your rescue when your problem is bigger than your pocket. It is the plan when you or one of your family members is going through a critical health condition that can drain you out. Thus, it is apt for those diseases treatments that are hard to pay for. Although, there is 90 days of waiting period before you can properly utilize this plan. “

Why Critical Illness Platinum?

The highlights of this plan is what makes it stand apart from others and hard to ignore.  Therefore, if you are in a dilemma whether to go for it or not, the points mentioned below might help you out a bit.

Renewability for As Long As You Live- You can easily renew you critical health plan at any phase of your life and at anytime easily. In fact, if you feel going to office or calling an agent will be a headache for you, then simply visit HDFC Ergo website and renew your plan online itself.

Lump-Sum Benefit- If you are still seeking for more, then here is your brownie point. You receive lump-sum amount from the insurance company that can be used for-

Treating your health condition
Recovering and healing of the existing injuries
To pay off your debts
To overcome the lost income if you are unable to earn because of your old age or disability
Change in lifestyle

Tax Benefit- Under sec 80D, the insured is excused from paying Rs. 15000 tax money and in case of senior citizen Rs.20, 000.

There are always exceptions that act as obstacle in your otherwise perfect health plan. Some of these exceptions are as follows-

The Wait- You have to wait for 90 days in order to begin with your treatment. Before that your health plan will not be activated to use.

No Violation or Self-Abuse- If you are thinking of committing suicide then just be prepared to bear its consequences yourself. Any self-harm no matter in what mental status you were will be yours and only your responsibility because the insurance company won’t pay for it. Moreover, if you are injured due to violation of law then, you will be considered a criminal and hence, your expenses are not the headache of the health insurance firm.

Adventurous Life At Your Own Risk- Are you adventurous! Good for you as long as you are ready to bear its consequences. Injuries caused due to adventurous sports like hiking, scuba-diving, racing, aviation, hand-gliding etc is not payable under critical illness platinum health plan.

No Tolerance for Bad Habits- If you are an alcoholic or a smoker then your life welfare is in your own hand, the company is not liable to look after the medical expenses in such cases.

Not Included- Injury caused due to terrorist attack or war and disease such as AIDS is not payable. Moreover, pregnancy expenses, external aids and dental care will be paid for only if specified in the policy.