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Do you want to stay healthy? Is it because you want to look after your loved ones? Is it because you have few dreams tied up in your sleeves or is it because you suddenly realized that life is beautiful and living it beautifully is the biggest challenge? Let’s be frank, do you ever need reason to stay healthy? Is it not obvious how important our health is for survival in this competent world? No matter what you desire for, what you aim and goals are, it won’t be fulfilled unless you are not healthy. From making yourself and your loved ones happy to earning money and making progress in career, all demand your capability, which only comes from a fit and healthy body. Thus, it is high time for you to keep other things aside and focus on your own health.
HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Gold Regain is the medical policy that can cater to you and your family’s medical needs and give you hope to fight and survive even when you feel all alone. Under this policy, one can get domiciliary treatment; compensation on treatment and pre-post hospitalization expenses, benefits on tax (as per sec 80D) as well as discount and bonuses.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

•    Your Expenses are Ours- When one gets admitted in hospital, there are lot many things besides treatment he/she worries about like paying for the treatment, room rent, how much pre and post hospitalization diagnosis will cost? Is there any way out of all these expenses? So, now you just worry about getting better and not expenses because those will be paid as per Health Suraksha Gold Regain plan’s term and condition.

•    Our Options Your Choice- many options are made available to choose from whether in term of health plan of type (Individual or family floater) or whether on basis of sum insured (3 lac- 10 lac). So, buy the plan that suits your profile.

•    Exhaustion Booster- As the name itself suggests, this plan’s main attribute is that the sum insured automatically gets restored upon exhaustion. However, a policy can be restored only once in a period year and if this benefit is not used in mentioned period, it won’t be carried on to next year or period.

•    Worry Free Delivery- Giving birth to a baby is the most special moment in one’s life and ruining it by thinking over and over about maternity expenses is not acceptable. So, just eat healthy, take care and give birth to healthy baby without being anxious about money.

•    Discount and Bonus Bonanza- An insurer gets 10% discount if the policy term is 2 years and also receive the collective bonus of 10 % of sum assured on every claim-free year.
•    At Your Home- Domiciliary treatment aka treatment at your home, in case no hospital bed is available or due to other unfavorable conditions can be very costly. Thus, under this policy domiciliary treatment is also paid for.

•    Donation is Good- If you want to donate any organ out of kindness or love for your family member, then just go for it because HDFC Ergo will be there with you financially throughout the donation process.

•    Why Just Allopathic- There are many people out there who prefer Unani, Homeopathy, Siddha and Ayurveda over Allopathic. However, change in treatment doesn’t likely means that there will be change in treatment cost too. If you are getting treated, you have to pay. Thus, under this your expenses will be borne irrespective of the method used.

expert view

Expert View

“Health Suraksha Gold Regain is an affordable health plan that offers you restoration of sum assured upon exhaustion.  It looks after you and your family health issues at time of emergency. However, there are few flaws like 2 years waiting period for treatment of pre-existing diseases, but still you can go for it because overall it can really be beneficial for you.”

Why Health Suraksha Gold Regain?

If you still didn’t get your answers and reasons to buy HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Regain then, let’s explore the highlights of this plan-

Regain your Insured Sum- Sum assured will be automatically recovered if collapsed, but it will be reinstated only once in the term period.

Easy Claim Settlement- If you need to settle the claim, immediately inform the insurance company and fill up the form online or offline, choice is yours and after verification of your form, you will receive your money.

Have a Look- It is human tendency to trust anything only after using it. Thus, HDFC Ergo allows the buyer to view the policy for free for 15 days and if they find it to their taste then buy the same or else their money will be refunded.

Wide Safety Net- Over 4800 hospitals are listed under Health Suraksha Gold Regain to help you out at time of an emergency.

How Good It can Get- If you still need more reasons then what better than tax benefit, discount and bonus? These mini treats will make your experience with HDFC Ergo, and the dark phase of your life beautiful and colorful.


Waiting Period- You won’t magically receive money for your treatment as soon as you buy the policy. You have to wait for 30 days before you ask for the coverage, except in case of an accident. Moreover, if there are any existing diseases, they won’t be paid for before 2 years.

No to Bad Habits- If you get sick because of intoxication, consumption of alcohol or intake of drugs and smoke, you better be aware, the company is not going to pay for you. The company is responsible for unintentional sickness and injuries not an intentional slow poison death.
Attacks and Wars- If hospitalization is due to terrorist attack, ongoing war and deadly weapons then, HDFC Ergo’s Health Medical plan is not liable to pay.

Exclusion of Health Conditions- Treatment of Insanity, cosmetic surgery and disease akin to AIDS doesn’t fall under the Health Suraksha Gold Regain.

Expert Review  
There are so many health plans out there; it might be too difficult for you to choose one. So, better compare them all and then just go for it. Till then stay healthy.