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Are you one of the many who make a big list of things on the basis of the priority it has in your life? Family, money, career, vacation and what not. However, in this hustle, what we really ignore should actually be our number 1 priority. Yes, here we are talking about health.

Health is the most precious treasure that one has to cherish all his life. You are really lucky if you are blessed with good health. Though, there are times when your healthy body gets sick or due to tragic turn of events you might have an accident. So, for that dark phase, what you and your beloved family really need is a good medical plan.
Health Suraksha Gold is a health coverage policy offered by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Company that gives you hope to live happily and fearlessly with your loved ones. It offers you benefits like hospitalization expenses, domiciliary treatment, etc. Moreover, the large network of hospitals associated with the policy allows you to avail the cashless hospitalization service.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes
•    Sum Assured to get Health Ticket- The money that can be insured under this policy to avail the services varies from 3,00,000 to 10,00,000 lacs (It includes 3,00,000 ; 4,00,000 ; 5,00,000 ; 7,50,000 and 10,00,000). In case of both, personal medical policy and family floater the amount that can be assured is same. 

•    Bear Hospitalization Expenses- The expenses of the treatment that you incur when you are sick or have an accident is paid under Health Suraksha Gold. It covers the expenses of rented room, drugs and medicines, surgeries, blood, anesthesia, oxygen given to patient etc.

•    Not Just Hospitalization Cost- Besides paying the hospitalization bill, it also takes care of your pre and post hospitalization bills. All the expenses that you had to bear 60 days before you got admitted to hospital like some tests to detect diseases and 90 days after the hospitalization which might includes few other tests to see if you are doing well or not are also looked after by the insurance company. Of course, the amount paid by the insurance company depends on the money you insured.

•    Treatment at Your Home- At times you might need to get treated in the comfort of your home. But, the cost of the equipments used for treatment, personal nurse etc is very high and not all can afford it. Thus, to overcome that issue, the ‘Health Suraksha Gold’ also provides domiciliary treatment. In other words, if you need treatment in your own house, you can rely on your health policy (Terms and conditions apply).

•    Day Care Procedures- HDFC Ergo has 144 listed health conditions that can be treated within 24 hours because of advanced technology unlike few years back. However, the expense of such diseases is still high, so the health policy compensates for these listed health conditions too.
•    Welcome New Life, Not Worries- Under the health plan, the insurer can also be relieved from paying maternity expenses and new born expenses. In short, after waiting for 4 years, the maternity expenses that you have to bear in case of both normal (upto Rs.15,000) and Caesarean delivery (upto Rs. 25,000) will be paid under the policy (if specified). Even if there is need of fetus termination because of certain health condition, the company is likely to pay for it. Moreover, the new born baby expenses are also covered under the policy.
•    Recuperation Benefit- In case of serious injury, where the insured has to stay at hospital for more than 10 days continuously, the health insurance policy is likely to provide 1% of money assured or Rs.10, 000 for the rest of the healing period.
•    Always There to Help- At times, it happens that insurer requires an expert view on certain serious illness and thus, under this policy, you are likely to get the benefit of getting opinions from the experts directly. HDFC Ergo has a panel of health experts that you can choose from and can have chat on any health issue freely.  However, the opinions that you will receive will be based on reports and documents you will provide.
•    Be Kind, We Will be Kinder- If you are one of those who believe in doing good deeds and hence wish to donate your organ to someone, then, without any hesitation go for it. The expense of organ donation will also be the responsibility of the health insurance firm.

expert view

Expert View

“Health Suraksha Gold offers many health benefits like maternity expenses, recuperation benefit etc that makes it stand apart from other policies. It includes all the features of Health Suraksha and bit more. However, there is long waiting period to avail the maternity services. But, still you cannot ignore its other distinct features.”

Why Health Suraksha Gold?

You can come to any conclusion only if you ask yourself ‘Why this and not that?’ Asking yourself and doing introspection can surprisingly be very useful. So, below are some points you can refer to expand your decision making process-

1. Get Treated Anyway You Want- besides Allopathic, the expenses of homeopathy, ayurveda etc treatment will also be paid under this policy.

2. Compensation on Ambulance- You usually call for an ambulance in case of emergency and then have to pay for it. So, now you just call for it because paying for it will be the headache of the insurance company.

3. Bonuses of All Kind- In case of free claim year, 5% to 50% of basic amount assured will be added in your sum assured. Plus, health check-up will also be added in the list of your health benefit, if there is no health claim for 4 continuous years.

4. Renew & Renew- You can renew your policy anytime you want and that too easily, quickly and from online mode itself (if you want).

5. Discount Bonanza- You will even get discount of 10% for 48 months term policy and 10-12% discount if two or more family members are included in individual health policy.


There are a few exclusions that policy is not liable to pay. They are-

  1. No health benefit in case of violation of law, illness due to consumption of drugs and alcohol.

  2. Wait for 4 years to avail the maternity benefits. Moreover, pre-excising diseases won’t be treated before 48 months.

  3. The expenses of injuries due to war, terrorist attack and disease like HIV/AIDS will not be paid by the company.