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Getting knocked out is not as hard as standing up once you are knocked out. Life is such. Always ready to challenge you, defeat you and tease you to fight it back with all you have got. Still, you cannot hate it because it is just doing its job of being unpredictable and we have to do our job of not just breathing but living it to the fullest and you can live for real only if you are healthy and happy. So, in order to stand up even if you are knocked out, buy a health plan for backup.

Health Suraksha Regain is the medical plan specifically made keeping in mind an individual or a family who shout for financial help to stay healthy. Its main highlight is the automatic recharge of policy upon exhaustion.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

•    Insured Amount per Policy Annum- The amount of money that can be insured in order to utilize it for medical emergencies later is upto 10 lac. Hence, you can buy your policy by insuring 3, 00,000 to 10, 00,000.  Furthermore, you are also given an option to either go for personal medical policy or family floater that covers maximum 2 Adults and 2 Children.

•    Hospitalization expenses and More- All the expenses that insurer had to endure for getting treated due to any accident or a sudden sickness will be covered up under HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Regain medical plan. Besides paying for your treatment, medicines, hospital room etc, the health company will also bear the pre and post hospitalization bills which might include diagnosis and disease recovery tests and examination. However, the pre and post hospitalization expenses are valid only 60 days before hospitalization and 90 days after hospitalization.

•   Donation is Appreciated- When any organ is donated to a person in need, there are some costs that an insurer has to endure, doesn’t matter even if it is for good cause. So, if you want to donate any organ, Health Suraksha Regain is there to support you in this good deed and hence will provide refund for it.

•    In-Home Treatment- It can be very expensive to get treated for your illness in your own home. Making arrangement for equipments, personal nurse care and regular doctor visit when you cannot go to hospital because of lack of hospital beds or your own comfort is not only difficult but costly task. Thus, under Health Suraksha gain, you are offered domiciliary treatment.

•    Exhaustion is Not For You- The main highlight of Health Suraksha Regain is that on exhaustion, your policy will automatically get recharged. Thus, you will receive the basic money assured including the bonus during policy term even if it collapses.

•    Expense Free Ride- The cost of calling an ambulance in case of emergency is no less than treatment itself. Thus, under this policy, the insurer receive up to Rs.2000 if the sum insured is 3, 00,000, 4, 00,000 & 5, 00,000 and up to Rs.3000 if sum insured is 7, 50,000 or 10, 00,000.

•    No Hospitalization Benefit- Previously, few diseases used to take days to get treated, however now due to enhancement in technology and medical science, same health conditions can be cured within few hours and thus, require no hospitalization. So, for such treatments, where you do not need to get admitted in hospital, the HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Regain is there to pay for you. Under HDFC Ergo Health policy, 144-day care procedures are listed.

•    Bonus on Top- If being paid for the medical treatment is main course then, cumulative bonus is the desert of the Health Suraksha Regain. As long as you went without claiming your insured amount, your assured sum will increase by 10%. However, if you did claim your assured sum, there will be 10% decrease.  Besides this, the insurer will also get compensation on medical check-up if he did not claim the policy for 4 continuous years.

expert view

Expert View

"HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Regain policy is a decent enough medical policy that automatically gets recharged if exhausted.Plus, it offer many benefits akin to cumulative bonus, tax benefit, health-check up benefit etc.It also offers you choice to choose either family floater or individual health plan.However, there is waiting period before the policy can be used, but almost all the policies have this drawback"

Why Health Suraksha Regain?

Now, if you are wondering why Health Suraksha Regain, then, the key characteristics of the policy that makes it distinct from others given below might be helpful to find out your answer- 

•    Stay Recharged Always- The main feature of Health Suraksha Regain is that it automatically gets recharged when exhausted. Thus, when you need assured amount, you will receive it without any worry.

•    No Troublesome Limits- Even a new born baby can have this policy. There is no limit when you can own this policy. Moreover, no sub-restrictions on hospital room, doctor fees etc.

•    Hassle Free Claim- We know how annoying it can get to fill forms after forms to get your claim. There you are already getting anxious over your or your family health issue and here insurance company is after you to waste your time to fill the form. Thus, to make it convenient for you, HDFC Ergo’s Health Suraksha Gain offers you to get your claim with least documentation work.

•    Tax Benefit and Bonus- there is tax benefit as per Sec 80D (for adults and senior citizens both respectively). Moreover, increase in sum assured if there is claim-free year.

•   Any Medical Practice Treatment Will Go- Your expenses will be taken care of whether you are treated as per allopathic method, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.

•    Some things are Simply Not Accepted- The sickness due to consumption of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicant substance won’t be treated on expense of the company. If there is any war going on or person is attacked by terrorist then again HDFC Ergo is not liable to pay. Moreover, disease like HIV or any mental disability, cosmetic and weight loss surgery won’t be the responsibility of the insurance firm.

•    Special Cases- Until and unless clearly specified, HDFC Ergo is not accountable to pay for dental care, pregnancy or external injuries.

•    Wait a Bit- Your policy will be activated after 30 days of purchase. You can get expense on your treatment only after 30 days. Plus, this waiting period get extended to 2 years if it is a pre-existing disease.

Health is not something you can replace with anything. So, it is upto you to take proper care of it. Choose your health plan and promise to stay healthy.