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You are so careful about your health and the expenses you might have to endure if you fall sick so, of course it is obvious that you already have a health policy but wouldn’t it be great to have something that complements your current health plan and widen your health safety and coverage? Thus, it is always recommended to have a supplementary health plan that increase the benefits tenfold and gives you more options to protect yourself and your family from any harm.
Health Suraksha Top Up Plus is the supplementary policy that enhances your current medical plan and give you more care, financial support and benefits when and if you or one of your loved ones fall sick. If you are the one in search of something better then go for Health Suraksha Top Up Plus, which gives you more opportunities to fully cover your health needs and is affordable as well.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

Expenses Covered- If you buy Health Suraksha Top-up Plus medical plan of HDFC Ergo then rest assured that all your expenses during treatment (blood, oxygen, hospital rent, nurse care, diagnostic test etc) will be covered. Moreover, even the cost prior and post the hospitalization to detect the disease before treatment and later on to see the progress of treatment will be borne by the insurance company under this policy.

Entry Criteria-
Any person between 5-65 years of age can buy this policy and a new born baby of 91 days+ will be covered under this policy only if their parents are covered.  However, to get the plan, person needs to fill the complete form without leaving any single detail or lying about anything or else later on it will be counted as violation. After filling the form, the person above 55 years need to do medical check-up on the basis of which it will be decided if person is eligible for the policy or will there be any terms and conditions. As for the policy term, it can be issued for 1-2 year.

Let’s Talk About Money- The amount that can be insured is 2 lac to 10 lac (200000, 300000, 400000, 500000, 750000 & 1000000) and the deductible amount under this policy is either 1 lac, 2 lac, 3 lac, 4 lac or 5 lac depending on sum assured.
Discount and Incentive – It is always good to have some goodies to make you happy and satisfied. Thus, under this policy, 10% discount is given if 3 or more family members are insured under this policy. Moreover, 5% to 50% of the money insured will be added on sum assured amount as bonus if there is no claim in a year. However, there will also be 10% deduction of sum assured if the policy is claimed.

Domiciliary Treatment to Day Care Procedures- Under this policy, you are given the benefit to get treatment at home. At times it happens that hospital bed is not available, thus patient is asked to get treatment at home. However, the cost involved in home treatment is costlier than hospitalization. It includes medical equipments, nurse care, doctor visit fee, blood or oxygen bottle supply (if needed) etc. Thus, to bear the expense of that is not easy and hence, this plan will cover your expenses as per amount assured.
Besides this, medical bills of 140 listed day care procedures (health treatment which do not require you to get hospitalized and can be treated within 24 hours, are also covered under this medical plan.

You Good Deed, Our Appreciation-On donating the organ, all the expenses will be borne by the company.
 Taking You All the Way- If the insurer has called for ambulance at time of emergency, then the transportation expense upto Rs.2000 is payable by the policy.

expert view

Expert View

"Health Suraksha Top-up Plus, is the supplementary health plan to your existing medical policy. It is beneficial for those who are in need of more care, benefits and financial support as it widens your coverage area and health benefits. Moreover, it is for life time as there is no age limits. It may have few flaws here and there, but overall it is a plan that perfectly complements your current health plan and gives you more opportunities to protect yourself and your loved ones."

Why Health Suraksha Top Up Plus?

You might be wondering why Top-up plus plan if you already have a health plan? Why wasting more money on a supplement plan? Then, here are few reasons that can answer your questions well.

•    Affordable with Optimum Benefits- If you think buying a supplementary plan is expensive then think again because it gives you more benefits at affordable price.

•    Widen Your Safety Net- Health Suraksha Top-up plus plan is supplementary to your current plan. It improvises your existing policy and gives you wider safety net with extra health benefits to rely on.

•    To Your Rescue- When the deductible amount of the policy is exhausted then, top-up plan comes to your rescue and covers your health needs.

•    Life Time Benefit- There is no age limit if you have this plan. Thus, you will be covered for your whole life and can enjoy your life to the fullest without any fear.

•    Tax Exemption- As per sec 80D, the person also gets freedom from paying tax upto Rs.20, 000.


•    You Have to Wait- No treatment before 30 days until there is an accident injury. Pre-existing health conditions won’t be treated before 2 years and specific diseases will also be not covered before 2 years of waiting period.

•    Deductible Amount- In order to receive the payment, the medical expenses has to exceed the deductible amount mentioned above.

•    Exclusive Health Conditions- No payment in case of HIV/AIDS, Mental disability, weight loss treatment or cosmetic surgery.  Bear them at your own expense. Moreover, dental, maternity expenses will not be covered until and unless especially specified in the policy.

•    No to Self-Abuse- Health problems due to the consumption of alcohol and intake of smoke and drugs won’t be treated under this plan. Plus harming yourself physically will also be considered invalid.