Food Cravings During Pregnancy
  • Food Cravings During Pregnancy
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Common Food Cravings During Pregnancy

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Common Food Cravings During Pregnancy

If you are expecting to welcome your little bundle of joy, congratulations! It is an experience unique to every woman, while some experience an easy pregnancy others may not have a smooth ride. Along with many pregnancy symptoms come the most famous pregnancy cravings. *Cue the song "Paune baarah baje, dono ghar se chale. What's going on?" from the movie Salaam Namaste. Sorry Gen-Z, millennials know what we are talking about! Scientifically pregnancy food cravings are sudden urges to eat a particular kind of food such as cakes, chocolates, ice creams, french fries, or more. For some, pregnancy cravings are mild but for others, they are intense just like Phoebe from "FRIENDS" turning into a non-vegetarian while being pregnant. If that's the case with you, don't fret you are not alone.

Sometimes you may crave regular food, but sometimes you may have an unusual pregnancy craving that you did not like in your regular day-to-day life.

Why Do Pregnancy And Cravings Go Hand In Hand?

One of the most common questions that may come to your mind is "Why do pregnancy food cravings develop?". There is no logical or medical reasoning for it, but stay assured that pregnancy cravings are nowhere related to any kind of nutritional deficiency in your body as many people indicate. A lot of women suddenly will develop a sudden dislike or hatred for foods having a strong fragrance, or pungent smell. Sometimes, you may not be able to cook your favorite cuisine during pregnancy because of its smell. Pregnancy cravings are all related to the immense hormonal changes a woman is going through while developing a life inside of her.

What Are The Most Common Pregnancy Food Cravings?

Sometimes, it is okay to indulge in your occasional food cravings while pregnant as long as you are maintaining a healthy nutritional diet. There are multiple things that you may want to indulge in as cravings of pregnancy such as:

  • Chocolates
  • Ice Creams
  • Pickles
  • Peanut Butter
  • Spicy Food
  • Sugary Cereal, and more

There are endless pregnancy cravings experienced by women across the globe. However, it is essential that just like your regular routine life you do not over-invest yourself in your pregnancy cravings as it will lead to heartburn, indigestion, bloating, unhealthy weight gain, and many more complications later. Generally, a healthy bracket of weight gain during your pregnancy is 5 to 12 kgs. More information about pregnancy cravings can be given to you by your doctor, or midwife.

How To Manage Pregnancy Cravings?

We understand that there are multiple reasons to justify eating that one extra cupcake, or that one bowl of extra spicy hot ramen. However, it is not always good to give in to your cravings during pregnancy. We have compiled a list of methods to tackle these pregnancy cravings and how to manage them to the best of your ability:

  • Create a fixed schedule for all your meals. Right from breakfast, mid-day snacks, lunch to dinner. If your body is getting its daily nutrition on time regularly you will notice that you may not have as many pregnancy cravings as expected.
  • Keep a stock of healthy snacks instead of chocolates, chips, and junk food as any kind of trans fat will only lead to weight gain and complications
  • Do not go grocery shopping when you experience pregnancy cravings as you will tend to purchase more of unnecessary and unhealthy snacks leading to unhealthy eating habits.
  • Give your body plenty of sleep which will lead to a healthy body and mind reducing the severe effects of changing hormones such as mood swings and crankiness.
  • Remain physically active, and workout regularly. It is a common myth that women should not exercise during their pregnancy. However, with a proper doctor's consultation, you can continue your workouts.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water and fruit juices rich in multiple vitamins and minerals.
  • Indulge in self-care activities and pick up a hobby or activity that keeps you engaged and fulfilled during this journey of growing a baby.

When Do Pregnancy Cravings Usually Start?

Cravings can occur at any point in your pregnancy journey. However, it is most common to start in the first trimester around the 5th week. As there are no time limits for pregnancy cravings they can come as early as in the first week of your pregnancy and leave you feeling like indulging in a big bowl of ice cream. Most pregnant women have experienced their pregnancy cravings to lighten by the second trimester but many of them have said that they have had pregnancy cravings up until their child was born.


Nutrition is an essential part of your pregnancy journey, pregnancy and cravings go hand in hand. It is advised to indulge in your pregnancy cravings carefully. An excess of any kind of consumption of junk food can lead to multiple complications in your pregnancy hence it is advised to visit your OB-GYN in order to manage your weight and nutrition.

Common Food Cravings During Pregnancy: FAQs

1. What are the common pregnancy cravings experienced by pregnant women?

There are no fixed pregnancy cravings as every woman craves different kinds of food and flavors. Some may be inclined towards eating more of sugary stuff such as ice creams, chocolates, and cakes while some others might want to indulge in spicy food, meat and poultry products.

2. Are pregnancy cravings an indication of food nutrition deficiency?

No, pregnancy cravings are not associated with any kind of food deficiency or nutritional deficiency.

3. How much weight gain is acceptable due to pregnancy cravings?

Pregnancy cravings are normal and you can expect a weight gain of around 5 to 12 kgs throughout your pregnancy. However, it is advised to keep your weight in check and not over eat as it may result in complications during the later stages of pregnancy.

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