Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Water
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Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Water

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Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Water

Indians have been consuming copper water way before it became a health and wellness concept. There are multiple copper water benefits explained in ancient Ayurveda in Indian history. Historically speaking copper was one of the first elements to be discovered by humans which brought the copper age. Ayurvedic texts speak of utilizing copper utensils to drink water and many other health benefits associated with the same. Copper is a unique element that is known to have antibacterial properties and improves your immunity, gut health, heart health, and more. Over the years copper has been used for multiple medicinal purposes and now is gaining popularity on the western front.

An essential element for the body copper is responsible for helping your body make red blood cells and keeping your immune system healthy. Drinking water from a copper water bottle will also help boost collagen in your body which is essential for your bones and connecting tissues along with keeping your skin healthy. Let us explore more health benefits of copper water benefits in this article.

Health Benefits of Copper Water

Before you start drinking water from a copper vessel it is best to understand that water that tastes metallic or bitter should not be consumed as it means that your copper vessel has a high metal content and may lead to a higher intake of copper as per standard recommendations of 2ml/ltr. Copper Water Bottle benefits include.

  • Controls Hypertension

    One of the many benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel is controlling hypertension and blood pressure levels. Water stored in copper bottles is good for reducing triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the body which helps in regulating your blood pressure.
  • Antibacterial Benefits

    As we discussed earlier copper is a good anti-bacterial agent which is proven time and again by science. Many water purification systems use copper to get rid of bad bacteria. Contaminated water can cause multiple illnesses such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, and more. Fortunately, getting rid of disease causing bacteria is as simple as storing water in a copper vessel overnight in order to get rid of all the bacteria. Scientific research claims that exposure to copper kills the cell walls of bacteria resulting in their death.
  • Maintains Cool Body Temperature

    Due to our lifestyle and eating habits there is an increase in common flu, fever, gut infections, and more. It is a well known fact that storing and consuming copper water benefits individuals by killing bacteria in the water. Due to its alkaline nature copper water keeps your body Temperature cool. Drinking water in copper vessels can remove toxins from your body and help you fight various illnesses.
  • Improved Gut Health

    As we discussed earlier one of the multiple benefits of copper bottled water is that it improves digestion by killing bad bacteria in your body and elevates overall gut health. Water in a copper vessel or water bottle also ensures that you receive anti-oxidants that help your food to be absorbed properly by your intestines along with treating stomach infections or ulcers.
  • Might Help With Arthritis

    One of the many copper water bottle benefits is helping individuals who have Arthritis. Due to its anti inflammatory properties copper bottle water helps reduce aches and pains caused due to inflamed joint that is a common symptom in Arthritis.

Copper Water Fun Facts

Along with keeping your health in check there are many other interesting facts that you may not know about this element in your body. We have listed down a few of them below

  • Copper deficiency in a pregnant woman may cause premature births.
  • In case you are chronically deficient of copper in your body, it may lead to diarrhea.
  • If you consume zinc and copper in equal amounts your body tends to absorb zinc more than copper leading to copper deficiency.

Copper Water Bottle Advantages To The Environment

Copper is an easily available material as well as easy to recycle. It is a metal that is not only beneficial to the human body but also is available at affordable prices. A lot of families who are unable to afford a water purification system have been relying on copper utensils for the same purpose. Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is ideal to make solar panels.

In A Nutshell

Benefits of copper bottled water are immense and can aid in multiple body functions and it is not a new technique in India, it has been passed on for generations and has been considered to be a healthy practice. There are multiple copper water benefits such as aiding good digestion, supporting immune system, maintaining blood pressure and acting as an antioxidant. Copper water is not something that is readily available in the market or a grocery store but you can purchase a copper vessel in order to store water overnight and avail the health benefits mentioned in the article.

Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Water: FAQs

1. Drinking copper water will lead to copper toxicity?

No, copper toxicity is not caused if you use a proper copper bottle. It is caused only if you use a corroded copper bottle. Copper is corroded due to acidic contents.

2. How long should I store water in copper vessel to avail benefits of copper water?

In order to avail health benefits of copper water it is best to leave water overnight for 6-8 hours in a copper vessel or water bottle and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to aid digestion and release toxins from your body.

3. How can I clean copper water bottles and vessels to keep the water quality intact?

The best way to clean copper vessels and water bottles are to use lemon juice and salt together in order to remove oxidation states which is caused when copper interacts with oxygen and liquids.

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