Floater Mediclaim Policy
Floater Mediclaim Policy
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Floater Mediclaim Policy

It is not a hidden fact how important families are for Indians. Since the day you were able to grasp things, you were taught family values, mutual respect, taking responsibilities and looking after your family members. In every aspect of life, it became so important to keep their safety and welfare ahead of yours. Even before you got married, you knew a day will come to look after your spouse and kids and one of the basic needs of any person is proper health facilities. Life is a surprise package which you cannot predict, so it is very important for you to be prepared in advance, so that when punch is thrown your way, you can dodge and protect yourself and your family. Thus, having a health plan that ensures safety of you and your family is essential.

New India Floater Mediclaim Policy is a medical coverage that covers whole family under single insured amount. In other words, it is a protection umbrella that is big enough to safeguard all family members simultaneously when the time is bad. It gives you financial support to overcome health issues that tries to torment your family and you.

Floater Mediclaim Policy Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Entry Age- The eligible entry age to purchase the policy is between 18 to 60 years and even after 60, insurer can continue with the policy if he/she has remained loyal throughout the policy term. Since, it is a family floater, so only family members are covered under this policy, which includes insurer, insurer’s spouse and maximum 2 children, in total 4 members. However, insurer’s parents, siblings are not covered.

Money Matters- The sum assured under this policy is Rs. 2 lac to 5 lacs where as premium of the policy depends on the age of the insurer + number of members included.etc.

As Wide As It Can Get- The hospital channel of New India is very wide. The company works both in India and overseas (27 countries) and has around 1000 hospitals under its wing across nation that offer health facilities to insurer at time of need.

Treatment with Treats- If you or one of your family members is sick, the most important thing is to stand together and boost each other’s morale instead of getting anxious. Thus, under this policy all your worries will fade away as the expenses from pre to post hospitalization including the actual treatment will be paid by New India. These expenses includes rental room upto 1% of sum assured, intensive care unit, nurse care, oxygen and blood bottles if required, diagnostic tests to detect the disease and later on to analyze the progress of the treatment (30 days prior hospitalization and 60 days after).

Why To Stay Longer- Few diseases that used to take days to get cured can be cured within few hours now. In short, no need to get hospitalized. So, if you have one of such diseases say- Cataract then, do not worry because New India Floater Mediclaim also provides ‘Day-Care Treatments.

Just Get Healthy- The motto of this policy is to make sure to treat insurer and his family back to healthiness, thus the method of treatment doesn’t matter. You get 25% of sum assured if you choose to get treated under Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Unnai. However, the expense will be given only if treatment is taking in place in government hospital.

Bear Your Ride Expenses- The charges of ambulance service at time of emergency is also high. Thus, under this policy insurer gets actual cost or 1% of sum assured, whichever is less and maximum money insurer gets is Rs.2500.

Expert View

"New India Family Floater Mediclaim Policy is the medical plan apt to cover the health requirements of family (4 members) under a single plan. It provides financial help for the treatment of family members. However, there are certain flaws like no domiciliary treatment, long-waiting period in few cases etc but still it is affordable and good to go."

Why New India Floater Mediclaim Policy?

Are you searching for few more reason to choose this policy over others? If yes, then here are few more reasons that makes this health plan appealing and irresistible.

  • Together We Stand- The whole family is covered under one single plan. So, no need to keep track of different health policies of your family members.

  • Live Long and Renew Long- New India gives you chance to renew your medical plan for lifetime. However, there is one condition. You can renew your plan only if you are covered under this policy continuously and are paying your premium on time. If there is a break in your policy, you simply cannot renew your health plan. Moreover, you need to keep track of your policy renewability time, so that you don’t get late to fill the renewal form. Nevertheless, renewing the plan is easy as you can simply apply for it online.

  • Discount Your Way Out- Beside these, New India Family Floater Mediclaim also offers discount to those who have been loyal to the company through thick and thin. As well as to those who possessed good health and thus, the health risk involved with them is less.

  • Tax Exemption- You will also be given tax benefits as per income tax rules and conditions in Sec 80 D.

Exceptions & Flaws

  • Wait- There is 30 days waiting period so, you simply cannot use the facilities provided under this policy to cure your disease till the wait period is over. Besides this, there is 2-4 years waiting period for pre-existing and specific diseases.

  • Go Out of Your Home- No domiciliary treatment benefit. You need to get your treatment in hospital itself, so if there is shortage of hospital bed in hospital, choose another one.

  • Exclusive Cases- Diseases caused due to sexual transmission, injuries occurred due to self-abuse, terrorist attack, war or violation of law will not be payable by the insurance plan. Moreover, company is not liable to pay for pregnancy and dental care.

  • Third Party Involvement- There is too much involvement of third party instead of direct connection with the insurance company itself.

New India Family Floater Family Mediclaim is specifically designed to take the whole family under single coverage. It has its share of benefits and flaws but at the end of the day, it is your choice to buy or reject it. However, the purpose of yours and policy is same- To Stay Healthy.

Last updated on 18-12-2020