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Janata Mediclaim Policy
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New India Janata Mediclaim Policy

Health is the most important possession that one can be blessed with, but unfortunately maintaining it is not for free. There are times when you might get sick or get injured because of tragic accidents. Thus, it becomes essential to have a medical policy, but then, finding a gold mine is far easier than finding an apt health plan that offers optimum health benefits at an affordable price. When time is difficult for you, you usually seek for a person you can trust and can depend upon. Thus, you just can’t trust any company with your health requirements. You need somebody worth your hard earned money.

New India’s Janata Mediclaim Policy is one of the most cost effective medical policies that you can buy for yourself or your family. It was created keeping in mind the fact that people with low-income need monetary aid the most at the time of accident or illness. It offers you features such as day-care procedures, compensation for hospitalization, etc. and gives you hope at your darkest phase.

Janata Mediclaim Policy Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Are You In or Out- Janata Mediclaim Policy is designed to fulfill the health requirements of citizens of India. It can be bought by people between the ages of 18 to 60 years. Children from age 3 months to 18 years can also be covered under this policy only if their parents are covered under this plan.

Money Insured- It consists of two slabs of sum insured. You can insure either Rs.50, 000 or Rs.75, 000. The premium amount ranges from Rs. 700 to 2300 if the sum insured is Rs.50, 000 and Rs. 1050-3450 if amount insured is Rs. 75,000.

Bills to Pills, All Covered- It offers you hospitalization facilities, which include ICU, Day care treatment, General ward (the cost per day should not exceed Rs.450), etc. It also provides you with pre and post hospitalization expenses.

Treatment within Hours- Some health problems can be treated in a few hours because of improved medical technology. However, there is no reduction in the price of their treatment. You have to pay for them in huge amount. Thus, under this policy, you are given financial help to treat such health conditions.

Make a Choice- besides Allopathic, there are other ways to get treatment, such as Unani, Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Thus, the Janata Mediclaim Plan offers you 25% of the sum insured to get treatment for your disease with these methods in any government hospital.

Ride Service Available- You need a mode of transportation to reach the hospital at the time of emergency. You simply cannot be teleported there. Hence, you are given 2% of the sum insured as compensation for ambulance service.

Expert View

"Janata Mediclaim Policy of New India is quite an affordable health policy that looks after your health needs. These needs include hospitalization expenses, day-care treatments, ambulance service, etc. It is a financial rescuer for people with low-income but high health problems. However, when it comes to sum-insured, you only have two options- Rs.50, 000 and Rs.75, 000."

Why Janata Mediclaim Policy?

If you really want an answer to why this plan, then below are few of the highlights of this plan-

  • Affordable and Optimum- Health is a basic need and from richest to poorest all need equal attention and care when he/she is unhealthy. However, a rich is able to afford it, but not the salaried middle class. Thus, this plan was created to make sure that people with low-income can also afford it. It is inexpensive with two lump-sum insured amount, i.e. Rs 50, 000 and Rs. 75,000. Moreover, the premium amount is also low, but still it doesn’t compromise with your health and provide you with maximum benefits.

  • You Get Discount- its human nature to desire for more. They seek for all good things in the world. This plan, which is already not that expensive, becomes even more intriguing when you hear the discounts it offers to all. If your family is covered under this plan, you will get a discount of 10% of the sum insured. Moreover, your loyalty towards the company as well your good health will be rewarded under this policy in the form of discount.

  • Benefit and Bonus- You are provided cumulative bonus of 5% of the sum insured for every free-claim year. This bonus can exceed up to 50% of the sum insured. Besides this, you also get an exemption from tax (at least some release) as per the Sec 80D of IT Act.

Exceptions & Flaws

  • Wait is Not Yet Over- Good things come to those who wait. Hence, to avail the service of this plan, you have to wait for at least 30 days and if you want the treatment for pre-existing diseases, then you have to wait for 2 years.

  • Stay in India- Even though this company is established in 27 countries besides India, still you can avail the service of Janata Mediclaim policy only in India. In short, your expenses will be covered only if your treatment takes place in India.

  • Home is Not So Sweet- In some cases like shortage of hospital bed or inconvenience; you need to take your health treatment in the comfort of your home. However, under this plan, you will not be given such privilege. You will be covered only if your treatment takes place in a hospital.

  • No Coverage- There are several health conditions that will not be paid for under this medical plan. These health issues include dental care, AIDS or other sexual transmited disease, cosmetic surgery, etc.

  • War and Violence Not Good- If you are injured because of war, violence, terrorist attack, then company is not liable to pay for your treatment. In fact, even if the violence is self-indulge and injury is caused by intentionally hurting yourself, it will not be covered under the plan.

  • Restricted Sum Insured- Though, you can easily afford it as it costs Rs.50,000 only, but the maximum amount you can insure under this is only Rs.75,000 and thus, you are somehow restricted.

The Janata Mediclaim Policy is basically for ‘Aam Janta’ that looks for medical aid at low price. It is a ray of hope in the dark forest that shows you the way out to reach your destination safely. It aims to provide you proper health care and motivates you to stay fit and healthy.

Last updated on 12-11-2020