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New India Mediclaim 2007 Policy

Can you predict what you will endure in the future? Obviously you cannot. You can guess, but you cannot be 100% sure about the unforeseen future. There might be highs, there might be lows, but as an individual, all you can do is prepare yourself in advance for all those highs and lows that you will have to face in the future. One such unpredictable thing in life is your health. We always hope for good health, but at times because of any tragic incidence we might need a doctor’s help and we all know treatment in hospital does not come for free. So, why not buy a medical plan?

Mediclaim 2007 Policy of New India is a health plan that covers your basic health needs and gives you amenities when you or your family member is hospitalized. It includes hospitalization benefit, day care treatment, etc.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Who Are Suitable- In order to buy this plan, you should be 18-60 years old. Even children of 90 days to 18 years can enter this plan on a condition that their parents are also covered under this plan simultaneously. Now, if you are wondering what will happen to your health plan after you cross 60, then do not worry as 60+ people can continue with their policy if they were insured under this plan continuously without a break. As for the premium amount, that depends on your age and area where you live.

Treatment with No Worry- When you are going through rough phase and feeling low, you need to buck up instead of worrying about petty issues. It is true, expenditure of health treatment is not a small thing to worry about, but why not leave your worries to the expert instead of facing it all alone? After all, sharing your pain and problems only lessens the burden from you. Hence, if you buy Mediclaim 2007 Policy, then stay assured that all expenses during treatment will be looked after by the insurance company. These expenses include room rent, nurse care, reimbursement on Intensive Care Unit, etc.

Facilities from Pre to Post- Beside the hospitalization benefit, the insured also receives compensation on expenses that he has to incur 30 days prior and 60 days after hospitalization. One cannot straightaway receive the treatment for his disease, he has to go through several tests to diagnose his health condition and after treatment also, there are several examinations to analyze the process of recovering.

Day-Care Treatment- Even if there is no need for you to get hospitalized for the treatment of a few health conditions like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. because of advanced technology, Mediclaim 2007 Policy will be there with you at every step and will pay for it on your behalf

Compensation for Ambulance Services- Not just treatment, even the expense of transporting the patient to the hospital is quite expensive nowadays. So, under this plan, you receive money for the ambulance service that you avail in case of emergency.

Your Choice of Treatment- There are many treatment methods like Ayurveda, Allopathic, Homeopathy and Unnai. Under this plan, you can choose any of the methods that you think will suit you the best and can get your health benefits ASAP. However, you will receive only 25% of the sum insured in case of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unnai and that too when you are hospitalized in government hospital.

Zone Wise Premium- The premium paid under this policy depends on the area where you live. The premium rate is divided on the basis of three zones. Zone 1 means people living in Mumbai, Zone 2 means people living in Bangalore and Delhi and Zone 3 include people living in the rest part of the country.

Expert View

"Mediclaim 2007 Policy is an affordable health plan that covers your general and basic hospitalization expenses. Hence, it is apt for people searching for simple and general health plan to look after them and their family members."

Why Mediclaim 2007 Policy?

The benefits that Mediclaim 2007 Policy has to offer that makes it stand apart in the crowd of many are mentioned below-

  • Healthy is Good- If your health is good, you will enjoy the health benefits offered by the Mediclaim 2007 policy at an even cheaper rate. In short, there is a discount for people with good health.

  • More Benefits for You- This plan offers you several benefits that can make the experience with Mediclaim pleasant. They offer you discount if you have been loyal to Mediclaim 2007 policy since beginning and has been insured under this without any break. Moreover, a discount on family coverage is also provided.

  • Getting Better and Better- At the end of every claim-free year, your sum assured amount will increase by 5% and it can increase upto 30%. However, if you claim your policy in a particular year, you sum assured will decrease on same rate.

  • Reimbursement on Medical Check-Up- You will also get the compensation on medical check-up if you have not claimed your policy for four consecutive years. The amount you will receive for health check-up will not exceed 1% of the sum insured.

  • Exemption from Tax- As per Sec 80D of Income Tax Act, you shall be excused from paying 15000 to 20000 of your taxes on buying this plan.


  • Waiting Period- You cannot get treatment facilities for your health issues until the 30 day waiting period is over. This waiting period extends furthermore, in case of pre-existing health conditions.

  • No to Domiciliary Treatment- Your expenses will not be borne by the company in case you require treatment in your home because of shortage of bed in hospital or for your own comfort issue.

  • Nobody Likes War- The expenses endured due to injuries caused by violence, war or terrorist act will not be covered under this plan.

  • Safest in Home Country- The benefits of this policy are applicable to people residing in India only.

    The Insurance Company is not liable to pay for the disease like AIDS, treatment for weight loss, cosmetic surgery or expenses on vaccination and pregnancy.

Simplicity of Mediclaim 2007 Policy makes it stand apart. It offers you those benefits and facilities that you usually seek for and aims to support you to stay healthy and fit.

Last updated on 12-11-2020