Mediclaim 2012 Policy
 Mediclaim 2012 Policy
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New India Mediclaim 2012 Policy

If you are healthy half battle is won. This may sound old and somewhat distorted from the original saying, but it is a fact. A person with healthy body and mind is always a step ahead than an unhealthy man. You may have dreams, desires, are ambitious, want to earn money, crave for fame but if you do not have healthy and fit body then, all these stuff will just vanish in thin air like smoke. To make your dreams a reality, you need to be in a condition to work for it and that’s possible only if you take care of your health. Thus, you need a plan to stand up against uncertainties and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Mediclaim 2012 policy is designed keeping in mind the health requirements of an individual and his family. It is just a way to safeguard yourself from unforeseen expenses that you may have to endure because of treatment in future. Thus, it is an initiative to overcome all the hurdles and live healthily and happily.

Mediclaim 2012 Policy Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Know The Criteria- This plan can be bought by an individual or for the whole family. It covers insured, his spouse, 2 children maximum as well as the parents of insured. However, in order to enter this plan, the eligible age of proposer should be 18-65 years and the children covered under this policy should be between 3 months to 25 years.

Insure and Be Secure- If you are willing to by Mediclaim 2012 policy, then keep Rs. 1 to 8 lakhs ready. In short, the sum insured under this policy ranges from Rs. 1 L to 8L. However, if the age of the insurer is 55 or above then, the amount that can be insured is Rs. 100000 to 300000. As for premium, it totally depends on the age of the insured, number of people insured under the plan and the area where the insurer lives.

Unforeseen Circumstances Vs Pre-Planning- Smartness always bears sweet fruit. So if you purchase this plan then, without a doubt, the expenditure caused during treatment (room rent, nurse care, ICU charge etc) 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization will be covered under the plan. It gives you hope if not power to fight back against the unforeseen circumstances and expenses.

Quick to Treat, Quick to Pay- There was time when medical science was not so advanced thus; it took days to treat few health diseases, however, now due to advanced technology, health problem like cataract, lithotripsy, etc can be treated within few hours and don’t require you to get admitted. However, there is no cut in the expenses of such treatments, so, under this policy you can take care of these types of health conditions as this policy offers you day-care procedures expenses

Get Treatment the Way You Like- Allopathic is the most common method that people use to treat their diseases. However, there are many other methods as well that can give relief to your health conditions such as homeopthay, Unnai and Ayurveda. So, if you are going for these methods to treat you then, do not hesitate as per this medical plan, you will be paid 25% of sum assured for your treatment, but only if the treatment is done in a government hospital.

Transplantation Won’t Cost You Much- In case of organ transplantation, you will not have to worry about the expenses because the bill of transplantation will be payable the insurance company.

Systematic Zone wise Premium- The premium under this policy is systematically divided into 4 zones and hence, how much you have to pay as premium depends on which zone you fall. Zone 1 is Mumbai and has bit high premium amount, then comes Zone 2 (Delhi and Bangalore) which has premium less than Mumbai and zone 3 depicts rest of the country cities with lowest premium amount. However, people that fall under zone 1 can be treated anywhere in India, Zone 2 insurers can be treated in zone 2 and 3 and zone 3 people can be treated only in zone 3 and if they want treatment in other zones, they will be charged respectively.

Expert View

"Mediclaim 2012 Policy is a health plan that is designed for your complete family. It is a financial aid for the insured for looking after the expenses of his family treatment. However, you have to wait for 30 days to use it and then there are health conditions like cataract that ask for a year wait to get treated under this plan."

Why Mediclaim 2012 Policy?

In middle of so many policies, we know how hard it can get for you to choose the one. So, it is better to explore further after all, you are about to spent your hard earned money. So, below are few reasons that make this policy good to go-

  • More the Merrier- The best feature of this plan is that it allows you to cover more than 4 members in the policy. It is a health policy for the whole family in true sense as it not only covers you, your spouse and 2 children, but also includes your parents who always took care of you and hence, give you chance to take care for them.

  • Cash and Cashless- You receive cash benefit that is cash for daily expenditures that you may endure during hospitalization period (0.1% of sum insured). You are also offered cashless hospitalization where your treatment expenditure is directly paid to the hospital by the insurance company.

  • Discounts and Benefits- There are so many treats waiting for you under this policy. You get no-claim discount, plus your cumulative bonus under this policy is also carried to he next year and then there is continuity benefit that lets you enjoy the services available to insurer who was with New India throughout without a break. You will also get tax exemption as per Sec 80D.

  • Renewing for Life- You can easily renew your health plan by paying renewal premium before the expiry time period.


  • You have to pass the waiting period of 30 days before you can avail the services and there is also a waiting period for pre-existing diseases and some specified diseases.

  • No domiciliary treatment for you under this plan

  • Sexually transmitted diseases won’t be counted, as well as no self-abuse injuries treatment.

Last updated on 03-06-2020