Group Mediclaim Policy
Group Mediclaim Policy
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Oriental Group Mediclaim Policy

Taking proper care of family is the biggest worry these days. Health is one of the major concerns that come across almost every individual. For providing proper health care a person should buy group mediclaim that offers coverage to all the members of family under a single plan and provides helpful features to them. It ensures that your family leads a stable and healthy life. With this plan you would be prepared to face any unwanted medical emergency.

A group mediclaim is basically a health insurance policy that allows you to provide a health cover to all the family under a single plan. It saves you money and assist you in getting quality treatment on time.

Group Mediclaim Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

This plan is available for group/institution/corporation/association body which has more than 50 members/families. Each policyholder will cover all eligible members under a single policy. A family includes the insured, his/her spouse, parents and dependent children.

Offers hospitalization cover: This useful plan reimburses expense of Hospitalization, Medicines, Blood, Oxygen, Anesthesia, Operation Theatre Charges, Medicines & Drugs, Surgical Appliances, Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Radiotherapy, Artificial Limbs, Pacemaker, Relevant Laboratory / Diagnostic test, X-Ray charges as well.

Pre and Post Hospitalization cover: All the expenses that occur 30 days prior and after the hospitalization will be covered by the insurer. It also includes in-patient expenses.

Maternity Expenses: You have to pay 10 percent extra on premium to get this additional benefit. This is a useful feature if you are newly married. This will help a pregnant lady in getting quality treatment.

Expert View

One of the best mediclaim policies in terms of offering helpful features. It is available for group, institution, corporations as well which further increases its favorability.

Why Oriental Insurance Group Mediclaim?

Useful Coverage: This plan offers wide and useful coverage that includes maximum expenses such as hospitalization charges, inpatient expenses, pre and post hospitalization expense, medical test fees, surgeons or specialist fees, medicines and drugs charges and much more.

Group Discount: It is a policy for group; hence on purchasing this policy, you will be liable to receive huge benefits that can assist you in several ways.

Low Claim Ratio Benefit: You will get a bonus if your claim ration is low. You can use this bonus at the time of renewal of the policy.


Dental Treatment: Any dental treatment or associated expenses are not liable for the insurance cover under this policy.

Genetical Disorder: Expenses for the genetical disorder, stem cell implantation/surgery are not included in the policy coverage.

Out-patient Diagnostic: Out-patient Diagnostic, non-prescribed drugs, Medical and Surgical procedures or treatments, and medical supplies, Hormone replacement therapy, or treatment which results from or is in any way related to sex change are not liable for coverage.

Last updated on 18-12-2020