United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014

United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014
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Overview United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014

When it comes to health, you just want to be completely sure that you and your family stay healthy always. It is increasingly becoming difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today's world where you have to fight against pollutants, irregular lifestyle and fooding habits, sleep disorders among other commonly occurring problems. There are several things for which we need to prepare ourselves accordingly and secure the health of the family. But what is the right way to secure the health of our loved ones? A family health insurance might be the answer to your query.

Family Medicare 2014 is one of its kind family health policy that is designed to provide comprehensive health coverage under a single plan at an affordable premium. In this, you will get suitable coverage for you and your family as well. This plan comprises of several unique features that makes it a great choice to have.

Benefits and Features of United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014

Basic Attributes

What you will get under United Insurance Family Medicare 2014: What would be the desired cover? What will you get under the same? Is it helpful or not? There may be many questions in your mind, but the answer to them is- Yes, It is the right cover for you at an affordable price. Helpful coverage for hospitalization expenses, additional expenses that occur during hospitalization and cost of Ayurvedic treatment as well.

Offer Coverage On Hospitalization Expenses: Consumers will get coverage on maximum hospitalization expenses that may assist you in many different situations and help in leading a stable life.

Hospitalization Expenses: You get coverage on maximum hospitalization expenses such as room boarding, nursing expenses, ICU expenses, surgeon expense, anesthetic, medical practitioner, specialists and consultants fees as well.

Organ Transplant Are Also Covered: Process like Pacemaker, orthopedic implants, infra cardiac valve replacements, vascular stents, relevant laboratory/diagnostic tests, x-ray and similar expenses that are medically essential and hospitalization expenses (excluding cost of organ) incurred for donor in respect of an organ transplant to the insured.

Insure Ayurvedic Treatment: You may also get coverage on Ayurvedic treatment such as treatment in government or any government associated hospitals.

Apart from this there are many more benefits that you will get on choosing this plan, such as cashless facility, no claim benefit, free look-in period and free medical checkup as well.

Why To Choose United Insurance Medicare 2014

  • Offer Reliable Service: The services of this plan are reliable. It has a great network of hospitals and easy claim service.
  • Provide Coverage On Ayurvedic Treatment: Consumers will get coverage on Ayurvedic treatment as well, which should be in government hospitals or associated institutes.
  • Pre Hospitalization and Post Hospitalization: Pre and Post hospitalization up to some levels are covered.


Pre Existing Disease: pre existing diseases are covered only after 48 months of continuous coverage

Plastic Surgeries: Plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and many such surgeries are excluded. Unproven Treatment: Unproven or experimental treatment is out of coverage.

Expert View

"It is one of the best solutions to get medical assistance when you need it. A simple investment in this policy will provide good returns when you need it the most. You will get maximum coverage in this plan and Ayurvedic treatments are also covered which is not very common"

Page updated on 18-12-2020