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United India Insurance Family Medicare
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Overview United India Insurance Family Medicare

Family Healthcare is a question that may arise several times in your mind as you love your family a lot and want to protect it in any possible way. Having a lovable family is all that what helps us in leading a happy and successful life. But have you ever thought what you have done to protect them from unwanted medical situations that can spoil their life and yours too. A question may arise in your mind as to what you should do to safeguard their medical needs in future.

Here is the solution, United India Family Medicare Insurance policy is one of the best ways to secure health of your loved ones. There are several things in the plan which will provide a satisfying result to you. This useful policy covers all the members of the family under a single plan. This health policy will provide coverage to you, your spouse and the dependent children. There are lot more things that you should know about United India Insurance Family Care.

Benefits and Features of United India Insurance Family Medicare

Basic Attributes

United India Insurance Family Medicare is one of the desired family health care plan. This medical policy is designed in a way that can provide you the required protection when you need it most. It is a comprehensive family health insurance that comes out with maximum benefits and coverage to offer you a one stop solution for all the healthcare insurance needs. Consumers with age of 18 years to 80 years can buy this plan easily.

Assists You, When You Need It the Most: This family health care plan is there to help you when you need it and takes care to offer quality treatment to all the members of your family.This plan helps you by providing maximum coverage including hospitalization expenses, pre & post hospitalization expenses, day care treatment, cashless facility and Ayush treatment among others.

Covers Maximum Hospitalization Expenses: Yes, it is true that with the help of this insurance policy, you don't need to pay for majority of hospitalization expenses as it covers all of them, which include room, boarding, nursing, ICU, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultant's fees etc

Provides Additional Coverage: In this health policy, you will get the coverage on medicines & drugs expenses, chemotherapy, cost of artificial limbs, radiotherapy, prosthetic devices implanted during the surgical process like pacemaker, orthopedic implants, infra cardiac valve replacements, vascular stents, relevant laboratory/diagnostic tests, x-ray and same expenses and required hospitalization expenses.

Pre and Post Hospitalization: You will also get coverage on pre and post hospitalization expenses. Yes, there are some norms related to the same, but the company offers comprehensive pre and post hospitalization expense coverage. The only norm which is associated with the same is that you will get the benefits 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days from the date of discharge.

Day Care Treatment: It is applicable for certain day care procedures which requires less than 24 hours of hospitalization.

Ayush Treatment: It is one of its kind policy that you will get in government hospitals or any government recognized institute.

Cashless Facility: With United India Insurance family medicare you will get the advantages of a cashless facility with more than 7000 hospitals.

Additional Benefits: Apart from the major benefits of the policy there are some more advantages that you may get in this medicare policy, such as no claim bonus, free look period, free medical check up and much more.

Why United India Insurance Family Medicare?

United India Insurance Family Medicare is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides maximum coverage to you at an affordable price. Its unique features and helpful benefits will assist you in every needful stage.

  • One Stop Solution: It is a one stop solution for the complete health insurance needs of your family. This will provide coverage on the maximum expense that may occur due to any hospitalization.
  • Stands For You: This comprehensive health insurance policy would be ready to serve you whenever you want it during the policy period. Helpful coverage, such as hospitalization cover, pre and post hospitalization cover, cashless benefit makes it a must have choice for you.
  • Reliable Benefits: Offers many additional benefits that may assist you to get quality treatment for a stable life without having to worry about payments.


Disease Contracted In The Starting: Any disease contracted in the first 30 days of beginning of the policy will not come under coverage.

Vaccination Excluded: Vaccination and immunization of any kind unless it is post-animal bite.

Certain Disease And Surgeries: Some disease such as HIV, Injury arising out of drug/alcohol abuse, Psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders, Pregnancy, ailments related thereto, child birth and cosmetic surgeries will not be included in the health policy

Expert View

One stop solution for all medical insurance needs. It basically provides you the maximum health coverage that includes day care treatment, hospitalization expenses, Ayush treatments and much more. In this you will also get pre and post hospitalization cover, covers for pre-existing diseases and many more. Consumer can choose this plan for a stable and healthy life.

Page updated on 18-12-2020