United India Insurance Individual Mediclaim

United India Insurance Individual Mediclaim
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Overview United India Insurance Individual Mediclaim

Thinking of securing your health for the future? Have you ever thought about a health insurance plan to fight against diseases that might occur in the future and might spoil your saving if you were not insured. Keeping in mind the growing cost of treatment, it's become so obvious to have a health policy for a healthy life. Getting a comprehensive insurance cover is all you need to prepare yourself for facing upcoming health issues.Your unhealthy life style, junk foods, smoking cause several diseases and the treatment to cure them is high.

United India Insurance Individual Mediclaim is a unique individual medical policy that helps you with its features. It will help you in paying off maximum medical expenses. Owing an individual medical insurance provides complete peace of mind for the insured.

Benefits and Features of United India Insurance Individual Mediclaim

Basic Attributes

Coverage on basic Hospitalization expenses: like many health insurance plans, it too offers coverage on basic hospitalization expenses that includes, boarding expenses, room, nursing, surgeon fees, Anaesthestia, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialists Fees and much more.

Offers coverage in special cases as well: What makes this plan unique is that it offers coverage in special cases which most of the plans does not insure.These special cases include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, anesthestist, pacemaker, artificial limbs and cost of organ expense. Theses coverages are really tough to get under any other plans. Dialysis and chemotherapy are also included in it.

Insure Day Care Treatment: a question maight arise in your mind that what about those diseases that do not require hospitalization and can be cured within a day? Are they covered or not? So, you don't need to worry about it as this plan also covers day care treatments which require less than 24 hours of hospitalization.

Domiciliary Benefits: Medical treatment for those injuries/diseases which require care and treatment at a hospital in the hometown of the insured is covered by this plan but under some conditions.

Why United India Individual Medical Insurance Plan ?

  • Ayush Treamtment Benefits: You will get the Ayush treatment benefits that comes under government hospitals and institute associated with the same.
  • Discounts And Several Additional Benefits: There are several additional benefits that this plan offers you in the form of discount, bonus, etc.
  • Domiciliary Hospitaliztion Benefits: This plan will cover domiciliary expenses up to some extent that makes it unique, as only few plans offer this feature.


Only Insured Will Be Liable To Take Advantage: It is not a floater plan so only the insured can take advantages of its helpful features and coverage.

Cost of Spectacles: Cost of spectacles, lenses and hearing aids are not covered under this plan.

Dental treatment: Dental treatment and its related surgeries are excluded.

Disease Caused by Nuclear Weapon: Those injuries and disease which are caused by nuclear weapon are not included in this.

Expert View

United India Insurance Individual Medical policy is a great plan when it comes to securing your own health. This is a must have plan if you are single and don't have anyone to take care of you in need. This plan provides the desired support when you require it the most. It will help you in getting quality treatment easily without thinking about the high expenses.

Page updated on 18-12-2020