United India Senior Citizen Insurance Plan

United India Senior Citizen Insurance Plan
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Overview United India Senior Citizen Insurance Plan

Old age is that dreaded phase of your life in which you have to depend upon others for your needs. As one grows old, several diseases start affecting our body as it becomes increasingly weak. You need to take care of your as well as your parent's health as at that time we need it most. But what if we don't have the required funds to manage our treatment expenses and to take advantage of a quality treatment for a secure life?

Senior citizen insurance is a best way to take care of health in old age. The policy covers hospitalization expenses incurred for treatment of illness/disease/injury sustained or contracted by the policyholder during the policy. You may also get coverage on some day care procedures. It provides the required financial assistance in old age when you need a quality treatment for yourself or your spouse.

Benefits and Features of United India Senior Citizen Insurance Plan

Basic Attributes

There are many benefits that this health plan offers. Senior citizen health insurance is a special health insurance plan which is designed to meet the medical insurance needs of senior citizen.

The entry age for this plan is between the age of 61 years and 80 years. A policyholder beyond 80 years shall continue to be covered under Senior Citizens policy, given that the policies are renewed without any break.Children between the age of 3 months and 18 years may be covered.

Benefit of Hospitalization Cover: This plan provides hospitalizations cover to a great extent. It offers coverage on maximum hospitalization expenses comprising of room, boarding, nursing expenses.

Additional Coverage: As a policyholder, you will get several benefits of owning this health insurance plan. It offers coverage on anesthetic, oxygen, blood, operation theatre charges, medicines & drugs, dialysis,surgical appliances, chemotheraphy, cost of artificial limbs, radiotheraphy, cost of prosthetic devices implanted during surgical procedure such as pacemaker, infra cardiac valve replacements, orthopaedic implants, vascular stents, relevant laboratory/diagnostic tests, x-ray and many related expenses that are medically necessary and hospitalization expenses incurred for donor in respect of organ transplant to the insured.

Coverage on Pre & Post Hospitalization: You will get coverage on pre and post hospitalization expenses. This will help you in feeling secure after discharge as well. Even day care procedures are also under coverage.

Ayush Treatment Benefits: Under this section of the plan you will get coverage in government hospitals and government recognized institutes.

Why United India Senior Citizen Insurance Plan?

  • Cashless Facility: This plan offers cashless facility for almost all expenses, whether its pre hospitalization, post hospitalization or hospitalization expenses.
  • Maximum Coverage: The helpful features of this plan offer maximum coverage. The plan is offering coverage on several diseases and associated treatment expenses. Day care procedures are also included.Free look and Discounts: The plan allows you to take the advantages of free look period of 15 days.


General Disability: General disability and run down conditions are not included in it.

Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery and related treatment are not under coverage.

Psychiatric And Psychosomatic Disorders: Both are out of coverage.

Expert View

United India Senior citizen insurance plan is a special insurance policy which is designed for old age people. The coverage and features make it a perfect choice for senior people. In the growing age, we need to take care of many things, health is one of them so having a health plan becomes a must for a secure future

Page updated on 18-12-2020