United India Insurance Super Top Up

United India Insurance Super Top Up
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Overview United India Insurance Super Top Up

Super Top Up plan is basically an additional health insurance and above your exisiting health insurance policy.The plan provides coverage on aggregate hospitalization expenses necessarily incurred in India.

Benefits and Features of United India Insurance Super Top Up

Basic Attributes

This additional health cover is available in the Individual and Floater basis as well. Under the Individual basis- all the members of the family will get a separate insurance policy with different sum insures level.

Group Basis- Under this plan all the members of family will be covered under the same policy.

The age of the insured should be between 18 to 80 years. Children between the age of 3 months and 18 years are covered provided, either or both parents are covered at the same time. There are many options with different Sum Insured and Threshold Level are available.

Offers Coverage On Hospitalization Expenses: The policyholder will get the coverage on maximum expenses that occurs during hospitalization. It includes room , boarding, nursing expenses and much more.

Additional Coverage: it also provide coverage on some additional expenses that includes anesthetic, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, Medicines & drugs, dialysis, chemotheraphy, radiotheraphy, cost of artificial limbs, cost of prosthetic devices implanted during surgical process like Pacemaker, orthopaedic implants, infra cardiac valve replacements, vascular stents, relevant laboratory/diagnostic tests, x-ray and similar expenses that are medically essential and hospitalization expenses.

Cashless Facility: This additional health coverage offers cashless facility in around 7000 hospitals within India.

Why United India Insurance Super Top up?

  • High Coverage: This plan offers high Insurance coverage that enables you in getting high quality treatment without any difficulty. Additionally, the cashless facility makes it more attractive.
  • Available For Individual And Floater Basis: You can buy this helpful plan for yourselves as well your family. This plan allows you to get insured separately and also with the family under a single plan.
  • Free Look Period: A free look period of around 15 days shall be applicable at the inception of the first policy.


Pre Existing Diseases: All the pre existing diseases up to 48 months of insurance policy would not be covered.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy and other related ailment would not be covered under this top up policy.

Hiv/Aids: Diseases such as HIV/AIDS are out of the insurance policy coverage.

Expert View

This top up plan is a boost to your normal health insurance policy. It raises the sum assured limits that allows you to get coverage on highly expensive treatment as well. It is designed in a way that can assist you whenever you need it the most. Additional feature and cashless facility option make it a perfect choice for you and your family as well.

Page updated on 18-12-2020