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The term insurance price index in the 1st Quarter of 2024 has remained unaffected when compared to the Quarter 4 of 2023. However, this steadiness is not ascertained as in the Q3 and Q4 of 2023, there was a rise in the cost of term insurance premiums by 4.67%. If we look at the bigger picture, and take into consideration the Q4 of 2020 to Q1 of 2024, there has been a significant surge of a whopping 46.38%. This hike in the term insurance prices can be due to the rising death claims in the last 4 years. This makes it crucial to consider the rising costs while planning to purchase a term insurance plan and therefore, buying early and for longer term.

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Average Premium Price- Sum Assured

Term insurance premiums keep on fluctuating due to a highly competitive market, huge demands, and a rise in mortality rate.

The term insurance price index shows average premium prices provided by the top 5 life insurance companies in India. These show that the average premiums for a non-smoking, 25 year old female, who opted for a sum assured of INR 50 lakhs are INR 6,459. On the other hand, smoking females with the same conditions paid INR 10,780 on an annual basis.Similarly, non-smoking 25-year-old males paid an average premium of INR 7,189, whereas smoking males paid an average of INR 12,223 for the same sum assured cover.

Age Gender 1 Cr 50 Lac Average Premium
Non-Smoker Smoker Non-Smoker Smoker
25 Female 9,543 16,673 6,459 10,780 10,864
Male 10,870 18,950 7,189 12,223 12,308
35 Female 14,141 25,402 9,334 15,807 16,171
Male 16,582 30,510 10,889 18,457 19,109
45 Female 24,566 43,169 15,662 26,818 27,554
Male 31,625 54,125 20,564 34,042 35,089
55 Female 47,559 82,955 28,404 48,522 51,860
Male 57,269 98,423 33,944 58,038 61,918
Avg Premium 26,519 46,276 16,556 28,086 29,359

*Source: Average prices have been determined from the leading 5 Term insurance companies in India. These prices are for illustration purposes & the actual price may vary depending on the insurer, age, gender, health condition, Sum Assured, and coverage type.

Disclaimer: Premium rates have been revised for policies exceeding 2 crore in a few life insurance companies.

Premium Revision- Insurers

Premium Revision- Insurers

Premium Revision- Insurers

The term insurance price index for Quarter 1, 2024 shows that there was no increase in the term insurance premiums when compared to the Q4 of 2023. This can be considered a good time to purchase a term insurance policy as the prices are consistent since the last quarter of 2023, before they show a surge again. It is advised to purchase a term insurance plan at an early age as the premiums are comparatively lower. A high sum assured plan at an early age will cost less as compared to the same plan when bought at the later stage of life.

Premium Price Variation- Age

Delaying a purchase of a term policy by 10 years could cost on average 52.26% higher premiums for a 25-year-old, 77.56% higher for a 35-year-old, and 81.63% higher for a 45-year-old.

Average Premium Price Age

Following are the shifts observed in premiums payable at a difference of 10 years:-

Age Brackets % Change in premium prices
25-35 52.26%
35-45 77.56%
45-55 81.63%
Average Premium Price Age
Average Premium Prices Gender

Premium Price Difference- Gender

Average Premium Prices Gender

According to actuarial science principles, there exists a discernible difference in life risk between male and female demographics. Reflecting this, the Term Insurance Price Index for Quarter 1 of 2024 reveals a notable premium disparity of 20.64% based on gender. Specifically, males tend to face higher term insurance premiums compared to their female counterparts.

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Along Premium Smokers & Non-Smokers

Premium Price Payable- Habits

Smoking causes a significant difference in term insurance premiums unlike in health insurance.

Along Premium Smokers & Non-Smokers

In terms of habits, a male smoker pays a 73.63% higher premium as compared to a non-smoking person for a 1 crore cover. This difference is almost similar for a female-insured

Index Computation Methodology

The prices and charts displayed above are based on the average premium prices of the top 5 life insurance companies in India in terms of their GWP. The companies considered in our analyses are Tata AIA Life, HDFC Life, ICICI Prudential, Max Life, and Bajaj Allianz Life.

The prices represent the average annual premium payable (as of the quarter ended June 2024) against a sample profile based on age, gender, and smoking status. In addition, the analyses also factor in the sum assured and the policy type (Term Insurance) for a comprehensive evaluation. It is important to note that the insurer's individual rate may vary depending on age, gender, health profile, sum assured & coverage type.

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