Make Retirement The Best Phase In Life – Plan Now !

Best Pension Plan

Retirement is a chapter that proposes a new charter of life to a person. An emotional transition from a lifetime of work towards relaxation. It is that period when a retired person gets to enjoy his/her life and exist in the small pleasures of life which were always left on the back burner.

“Life begins at retirement”- a true statement, However, to maintain oneself during this period without having to rely on someone and to live life on one’s terms and conditions, one needs to plan beforehand and this planning requires the individual to put savings into retirement plans for getting economical coverage and enjoyment in the post-retirement stage of their life.

A good retirement policy makes sure that the insured and his/her family will receive a regular income as pension and it also provides a facility of choosing the retirement age and date as well in which one receives the pension amount.

Below are some key things that you must keep in mind while capitalizing for the retirement plans:

  • Buy an insurance plan at an early age to get more benefits for post-retirement years
  • Retirement age is known as the period when a person decides to end the build-up phase of money and move towards the phase of capitalizing on the cash build-up. It is vital to understand that you must choose the plan which can meet your requirements for the future and the cost of the premium that you would be able to easily afford.
  • You should consider the rising costs of health treatment or an unplanned vacation that you may undertake during that period before selecting a retirement plan. Hence it is vital to think about the manner of pension income that you will get based upon your lifestyle requirements.

Types of Retirement Plans

Usually, in India, the basic types of retirement plans that are offered by the insurers are the one in which the insured will get fixed returns as stated by the insurance company along with the minimal deviation. On the other hand, there are some plans in which the funds would be invested in debt or equity by the insurer. In the latter case, the returns depend upon the market trends. Based on these facts you can choose from any of the below-mentioned retirement policies available in India-

  • Deferred Annuity Plans: In this, you will pay the premium for certain years while you are working and would receive the pension amount after retirement.
  • Immediate Annuity Plan: It is one of the best policies for those who have lump-sum cash. Under this, you will get a pension right from the day of payment.

Pension plans or retirement plans are most suitable for senior citizens of the family. It provides stability to the insured financially and emotionally. With a good plan, you don’t need to compromise for the good things in life and wouldn’t have to rely on others for meeting your basic needs. Pension plan provides double benefits as it ensures you and gives a fixed pension amount after your retirement. But before choosing a pension plan you need to do some research on the products that are available in the market.

You can get free quotes on retirement plans online and compare them with similar products available on the different online web aggregator sites. The comparison will help you to choose and buy a good policy that can meet your requirements at an affordable cost. Don’t just go for a reduced premium but check out all the features of the plan. Many online insurers are providing retirement plans and insurance web aggregators that may assist you in doing the calculation which is essential for choosing a good retirement plan.

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