World Health Day – Learn How can Health Insurance be boon to you?

Good health is the greatest blessing of a human life. Life would be very difficult for a person with broken health. Even luxury with ill health is of no use. Any person in pink of his health can go miles and achieve great things. World Health Organization (WHO) which works globally is organizing their 70th annual World Health Day on 7th April 2018 and they’re dedicating the same to fight for universal healthcare for all. The goal of the World Health Day 2018 is to provide complete access to everyone to healthcare servicess that they don’t have to worry about going into debt while paying for them.

We all are aware of the fact that half of the world is suffering from inappropriate medical services and some can’t even afford it. Around 100 million people globally have been forced into poverty from paying for medical bills or services. In India as well, a large number of population is suffering from this, they don’t have the required funds to get the quality treatment which leads them towards a difficult phase. To fight against such eventualities, it is always advisable to invest an amount of your savings intoHealth Insurance.

What does Health Insurance offer?

Health insurance or Medical Insurance Policy is an effective form of insurance that offers coverage against the cost of medical treatment and several other expenses related to the same. The benefits and the cover completely depend upon the form of health insurance that you are going to buy. However, generally, a health insurance plan offers coverage against hospitalization expenses that take place because of sickness or accidents along with the following expenses:

  1. a) Pre-hospitalization expenses that include medical tests, consultation fees etc prior to getting hospitalized
  2. b) Costs related to hospitalization such as room, surgery, diagnosis and other charges
  3. c) Ambulance expenses
  4. d) Recuperation charges or post-hospitalization charges post release from hospital comprises of a doctor visit, medicines, etc.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance on World Health Day

Buying a health insurance holds many benefits. It is true that the uninsured section of the society get less medical care on time and faces improper treatment outcomes. Lack of an effective health insurance is a fiscal burden for them and their families. To deal with the same, it is always advisable to invest in a health insurance plan that can easily go well with your needs and assist in dealing with unwanted medical emergencies.

 Financial assistance

This is one of the most important benefits of having a health insurance as it provides the needful financial assistance to deal with the unwanted medical emergencies. It will act as a helping hand when you will be out of funds and need a quality treatment. An effective health insurance policy will provide coverage against hospitalization expenses, special medical treatment, ambulance charges and many more. In short, the entire treatment and its related cost will get covered under a health insurance policy.

Health Check Benefit

If you own a health insurance policy from a renowned company or have special benefits under your plan then you would be liable to get the free health checkup benefit but that completely varies from insurer to insurer.Your policy premiums would not face any changes, it will remain same. The new health report that you will get after the health checkup will only help you in understanding the changes that you may require in your policy like increasing the sum assured or wider coverage options.

No-claims Bonus

It is obvious that you need additional benefits along with the basic health cover, No claim bonus is one of such benefits that you will get for every claimless year. No claim bonus is the amount that you will get at the time of renewing the policy. Based on the same, many insurance companies will suggest you toincrease the total sum assured of your policy or offer a discounton the renewal premium costs.

Cashless benefit

Cashless mediclaim policy allows a person to receive good quality healthcare services without paying anything from his/her pocket. Cashless mediclaim policy is basically a health insurance plan which provides the benefit of cashless hospitalization in the network hospitals.

Tax benefit

Apart from the health security and safety against medical emergencies, a medical insurance plan also provides tax benefitunder Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. As per the New Income Tax Law, the premiums that you pay for the health policies for your parents are also admissible for tax benefits.


Health insurance is not only a need, it becomes a necessity to live a safe and secure life. We are not capable of predicting future but we can at least prepare ourselves to fight against unfortunate medical emergencies. Gifting health insurance on this World Health Day can help a lot to have a financially stable and healthy tomorrow.

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