Aditya Birla Cancer Secure
Aditya Birla Cancer Secure
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Aditya Birla Cancer Secure

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in India. As per the report of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India is home to more than 14 lakh cancer patients. And the numbers are expected to rise in the coming years. Moreover, we all are aware of the huge cost involved in cancer treatment. It is quite hard for a common person to get the required treatment on time because of lack of funds. In such a scenario, people should pay more attention to this and insure themselves under an adequate cancer insurance plan. People should go for a trustworthy plan for their cancer insurance purchase such as Aditya Birla Cancer Secure.

Activ Secure Cancer Secure is a smart plan by Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company. The plan is designed to provide the required financial cover against cancer treatment. It will be there to support you in case of the intensive cancer treatment which includes radiation, surgery and chemotherapy that are quite expensive. Activ Secure Cancer Secure ensures to protect the insured from the financial implications of the treatment. It allows people to focus more on treatment rather than the expenses.

Aditya Birla Cancer Secure: Eligibility

Entry ageMinimum entry age - 18 years
Maximum entry age - 65 years
Relationships coveredSelf, spouse, up to 4 children, up to 2 parents and 2 parents-in-laws
Policy tenure1,2,3 years
Sum Insured Options5 lacs to 1 crore
Waiting Period90 days (180 days for early stage)
Survival Period7 days
Cancer Cumulative Bonus10% per claim - free year, maximum: 100% of sum insured

Key Features Of Aditya Birla Cancer Secure

Active Secure-Cancer Secure is a strong plan that is specially designed to protect the insured’s finances at every stage of the treatment. The plan carries great features that assist you to deal with the mental and physical trauma in the hour of need. Below are a few of such features that might help you to understand this plan in a better way.

  • Protection: The plan is designed to offer much-needed protection at all stages of cancer starting from early, major and advanced level.
  • Payouts: The plan provides the fixed payout at different stages of cancer such as 50% sum insured at the early stage, 100% sum insured at major and 150% at the advanced stage of cancer.
  • Cumulative bonus: With this plan, the insured became liable to receive a cumulative bonus of up to 100% of the sum insured.
  • Option to avail second-E opinion: In case of any issue where you want to opt for the second opinion from another specialist about your disease, the plan will cover the same as well.
  • Short survival period: It comes out with a short survival period of 7 days following the date of diagnosis.
  • Wellness Coach: The plan allows to select a wellness coach and fast recovery with the help of personalised services.
  • Tax benefits: Like other health insurance plans, this plan allows you to avail tax benefits as per the prevailing tax laws.

Why You Should Opt For Aditya Birla Cancer Secure Plan?

Cancer is a disease which can strike a person at any age and time. With the alarming rise in cancer cases, it becomes important to be 100% prepared- by investing in cancer insurance. Incidents of cancer are rising daily and being financially prepared will help to win the half battle of cancer. There are multiple plans available that you can avail. However, Activ Secure-Cancer Secure is the finest product that you can go for. Additional features like free look period, wellness coach and high sum assured among others make it the best product out of all.

Major Exclusions

  • Influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
  • Sexually transmitted disease or HIV/AIDS.
  • Suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Committing any breach of law.
  • Self-injury.
  • Congenital external diseases, defects or anomalies.
  • Hormone replacement therapy.
  • Birth control procedures.

Aditya Birla Cancer Secure Claim Process

The claim is the most important stage of every insurance plan. You invest your funds to get the required financial assistance in the hour of need. Aditya Birla Health Insurance understands the same and offers a hassle-free claim process. After diagnoses of the disease, you need to inform the insurer within 7 days and submit all the required documents within 30 days.

Required Documents:

  • Claim form.
  • Medical certificate related to the diagnosis.
  • A certificate confirming that the claim is not related to any Pre-Existing Disease or any illness/ injury.
  • Photocopy of case papers.
  • Photocopy of the first consultation letter.
  • Subsequent prescriptions.

Aditya Birla Cancer Secure: FAQs

Under Activ Secure-Cancer Secure, you get a survival period of 7 days following the date of the diagnosis.

Activ Secure-Cancer Secure offers required payout at different stages of cancer. If you are diagnosed with an early stage of cancer, you will get 50% of the sum insured as the payout. In case of a major/advanced stage, you will be able to receive 100 percent of the sum assured even though you have already claimed at the early stage for 50% payout.

The maximum limit of the no claim bonus is up to 100% of the sum insured. You will be liable to get the same if there are no claims for 10 consecutive policy years.

In the case of reimbursement, the company will transfer directly to your bank account. You can also receive the required amount through NEFT. You need to provide required bank details at the time of filing claim.

Last updated on 12-11-2020