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Retirement is often considered as a golden period of life. As the individual has all the time to ponder upon the time of life. All the free time often comes with a clause, and that clause is health. Issues with health become a constant happening and all the life savings never seem to be enough.

This is when a senior citizen health insurance plan comes to the rescue. benefits of senior citizen health insuranceA time period when the income doesn’t seem to rise while the medicine, hospital and the treatment prices are probably on a rise, surviving would become challenging. Hence, we have the perfect plans for senior citizens making them able to accommodate themselves. 

What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Health insurance companies offer senior citizen health insurance plans which help them secure their health after they retire. These health Insurance policies guarantee coverage of all kinds of medical expenses borne by the holder. One can purchase medical insurance for self, or even give it as a gift to aged parents is another way to ensure them with a secure future. Caring never goes out for fashion and this is the best way to have an insured future. 

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Here are the benefits you will enjoy after you choose to avail of the senior citizen policy.

  • You will be getting a higher sum insured.
  • All the insurance premiums you will be required to pay would be tagged along with tax benefits.
  • You will be able to take advantage of the free look period to its fullest
  • Daycare, which means medical facilities which take less than 24 hours like dialysis, are covered under the scheme.
  • Another great benefit you can enjoy it, by knowing everything is fine by going through annual checkups. 
  • If ever the need for hospitalization occurs, you can avail of cashless hospitalization for a period of more than 24 hours through the policy. Also, additional fees such as doctor fees, medical bills, room charges, etc will all be covered in it. 
  • You will also be granted an option of renewal of policy at the end of the insured period.
  • The policy also grants an additional benefit of bearing the ambulance expenses for the transportation of the policyholder for up to a limit.
  • Cover has an inclusion of pre-hospitalization as well as post-hospitalization.
  • We ensure you that the claim settlement procedure will be more than smooth and efficient, absolutely at your convenience.

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How To Select The Best Senior Citizen Health Plan For People Over 60?

People of the mentioned age have to carry on the selecting procedure very carefully if you want the best plan for you covering all the aspects of your health. If you are willing to purchase senior citizen insurance for yourself or your parents, here is what you shall know.

  1. Medical History: You need to know the entire medical history in order to purchase the most compatible plan for you. It might be possible you have no idea of the medical conditions you are suffering from, and hence you should always get a check-up that would help determine the issues which you are in contact with. After cross-checking everything is fine, all the information regarding the same need to be submitted to the insurer, for them to evaluate and then educate yours about the policies which would best suit you. 
  1. Comparison: There are lots of policies that are available in the market as of now. So, you might be wondering which would be the best one for you, or if there is another policy which is far better than the one you choose to consider. It is the reason why we provide you the benefit of comparison which would help you determine how good our policies are. You have the liberty to choose the one you are willing to all by yourself, we facilitate the same by providing you the basis of differentiation. The comparison shall always be performed on the basis of certain features which include price, features, inclusions, exclusions, etc.
  1. Fill and Enter Appropriate Data: You need to make sure you have all the data in the correct measures and terms. This has to be done while you are filling in the application form. This is to ensure that the terms and conditions are met and no sure wrongful data is provided in the application, as it would lead to rejection of the same in the process of evaluation. 
  1. Medical Check-up: You will be required to go through a precise medical check-up after you have successfully filled in the application form. This is to ensure the data is actually correct and to the point. There are certain doctors who work for the company as the panel of the insurer. Such doctors would carry on the procedure of the listing of medical conditions and verify the same accordingly. This stage is an important factor to consider in order to avail of the policy. As per the health conditions, the doctors from the panels will also perform an additional number of checkups. They include lipid profile, blood routine, sugar, urine routine, kidney and liver function, sonography, etc. This pre-policy medical screening is not a must for all the insurance plans available for senior citizens. This is because based on the terms and conditions along with the sum insured; there isn’t any requirement for the formality. 

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Eligibility Criteria

The policy provided covers for senior citizens to have their own set of criteria. Here are all the requirements of the policy which are major as per the rules and regulations drafted by the Insurance regulatory and development authority of India (IRDA).

  • Application for the policy has a provided set of terms and conditions which have to be fulfilled in order to avail of the insurance policy. A person who is aged 46 can enter into the policy or in other words avail for the policy. So, is there a maximum age limit, and it is fixed at the age of 65 years. 

Here is the document list you shall be having with you in order to avail of our policy. 

  • KYC - Proof of ID and Address
  • Proof of Income
  • Age Proof
  • Medical Check-up/Report if required
  • 2 Passport-size photographs
  • Application Form

Claim Process

If a need for a claim arises, here is what you need to present to the company in order to avail the coverage amount.

  • The claim form has to be filled on the insurer’s website and then submitted back to the insurer in order to file the health insurance. This can be done online on the insurer’s website. 
  • The medical reports given by doctors or the hospital and all the bills need to attach within the form.
  • For a fast claim, processing makes sure that you are meeting with all the requirements.

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Cashless hospitalization can be availed if the patient has been hospitalized for over 24 hours.

In hospitals affiliated to the network of your scheme, you can get cashless hospitalization within 30 minutes. The bills are cleared by the insurance company, provided the amount is not in excess of the assured sum. So, it is important that you make sure your policy has a large network of partner hospitals.

How To Choose The Best Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

  • Choose a plan at an early age to ensure better coverage.
  • Get a plan according to your budget constraints and fixed income amount.
  • Make sure there is extensive coverage of diseases that are likely to occur due to old age in your plan.
  • Take a decision on the basis of people you want to get insured in the same plan as well as the health of the dependants.

Why You Should Avail of a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy?

The way a senior citizen policy is designed, it has a systematic way of serving the insured. The benefits provided in the frame of the policy are of different types and this is the reason you should definitely avail for it.

  • Hospitalization Cover: Your medical needs will all be taken care of in an age where it seems to forever grow. Health insurance policy will do justice for you by paying you with the sum insured, which can be used to pay hospitalization expenses. 
  • Cashless Hospitalization: If you choose the treatment from a network hospital you will not be required to pay cash out of your pocket. Your bills will be cleared from the hospital desk as the insurance company will take care of it. 
  • Cover for Pre and Post Hospitalization Process: Such kinds of expenses are generally covered, and interchangeable as per the policy you chose to avail.
  • Tax Benefits: All the premiums paid by the policyholder are applicable for tax benefits and so are you entitled to one. 


Making arrangements for heavy billings just immediately is not what everyone can afford. Hence, we offer our clients the best of senior citizen insurance policies, which has most of the aspects of medical requirements covered. Even in the context of regular increase in prices, it is difficult to manage the high bills which make up the medical treatment. The circumstance becomes the opposite if you have a senior citizen health insurance plan. You will ensure your health and so will it act as a safety for the post-retirement years, which lie ahead of you. A senior citizen health insurance plan ensures all merry and happy life.

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