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Heart diseases are silent and spontaneous slayers. You never know when is it going to attack you. It is always better to be ready with all possible solutions to a problem. So, for this, you should know the health insurance for heart patients and its variants available in the insurance market that provides coverage for heart ailments.

Heart diseases have been growing drastically at a much higher rate in the last few decades. The uncontrollable rise in heart patients’ statistics is the gift of our stressful and unhealthy lifestyle habits. The heart ailments treatment cost is also touching the heights. Any mishap leading to cardiovascular treatment can impact very costly on your savings.

Gain knowledge about the health insurance plans which can provide cover for all types of heart ailments. Health insurance plans are very essential for senior citizens and people suffering from heart disease or are prone to heart disease. People get to understand the importance of the heart health insurance policy at the time of need.

Reason To Choose Health Insurance For Heart Patients

In early times the heart attack risks were generally noticed in the senior citizens but at present,heart health insurancethere is no age limitation for the heart attack. Records say, in 1990 heart disease used to take away 15% of the lives of Indians but by 2018, the percentage of death due to cardiac disease has risen to 28%.

The unhealthy food habits of the present time have been the fact accelerating the heart disease rate. Today a considerable percentage of the people below 40 years of age are suffering from heart ailments. Coronary artery disease has become a common term in the lives of humans. The University of Florida has made a report according to which 25% of people below 40 years of age are suffering from one or other types of heart disease.

Heart ailments treatment is hardly included in basic health insurance plans. There are separate provisions and plans launched by the health insurance companies to serve the heart disease patients or people who are prone to high risk of heart disease.

Health Insurance Policy For Heart Disease

It is very challenging for an individual to buy a health insurance policy if he is suffering from any of the diseases like heart problems, kidney issues, stroke, etc. Health insurance companies have made specific health plans relating to these health problems. One of those is Heart disease. The features of these plans are specific according to the disease and have their own set of terms and conditions.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Health Insurance For Heart Patients

  • Insured Sum: Insured sum is the most important term related to insurance. It decides the amount up to which you will get the coverage. It is to be decided at the time of buying the policy. When you are finalizing the insured sum consider your health condition and then analyze what can be the medical scenario in case of emergencies and how much minimum cover you might require. You should also keep track of your finances while deciding the insured sum.
  • Cover For Illness: Some plans provide coverage only for heart disease treatment but there are also health insurance plans that provide coverage to both heart ailments and any other complications/disease arising out of the heart ailments. So be careful while choosing a health insurance plan for heart disease and opt for the policy covering both the treatment of heart ailments and the complications arising due to this in the human body.

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Be Vigilant With Exclusions

The list of exclusions is a bit long in case of a health insurance policy for heart Disease. So, it is necessary to read through the policy carefully. In the worst-case scenario, if the disease you want to get treated for falls in the exclusion list then you might not get the insurance coverage and this will disturb your entire savings. It happens often that the health insurance company rejects the claim of the insured as the ailment is mentioned in the exclusions of the policy.

Benefits Under Heart Care Health Insurance?

  • NCB: The no-claim bonus is the benefits that the policyholder gets for the claim-free years within the term of the policy. The benefit can be rewarded in the form of a discount on the premiums paid by the insured. This is provided under the heart health insurance policy.
  • Room Rent: The health insurance company provides coverage for the room charges in case of hospitalization. The charges of the room depending on the types of facilities chosen by the policyholder at the time of buying the policy. Some plans have a fixed maximum amount for room rent as Rs.5000. Room rents are always subjected to the terms and conditions of the health insurance company.
  • Ambulance Charges: An ambulance facility is common in all health insurance policies. It is an inclusive facility provided to the insurer. The insured is provided an ambulance facility in case of an emergency and otherwise too.
  • Co-Payments: Copayments are there in the cardiac health insurance policy. The percent of co-payment differs for different health insurance companies. Such things are required to be clarified at the time of buying a policy.
  • Hospitalization Expenses: The hospitalization expenses include both the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses subjected to the terms and conditions of the health insurance company.

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Waiting Period Under Heart Care Health Insurance

The health insurance companies hardly entertain the insured with heart disease who has recently taken treatment in the past six months or three years after the procedure. The waiting period for heart care health insurance is for 91 days. The insured can take the coverage and benefits after completion of the waiting period.

Features Of Heart Health Insurance Policy?

Any heart disease case in ancestry confirms that you are prone to heart disease in the future. Individuals at high risk of heart disease should be aware of the features of cardiac care health insurance policies so that they find it easy to buy one. Here are the features of the policy:

  • It is a comprehensive coverage plan. It covers all treatments related to the heart.
  • Payment of fixed lump-sum amount for the treatment and diagnosis expense.
  • Multiple heart treatment expenses can be claimed subject to the exhaustion of the insured sum. Unless the claim amount reaches the sum insured the insured can comfortably claim for the expenses incurred in the treatment.
  •  A lump sum payout in case of emergency hospitalization is also done by the health insurance company.
  • The heart health insurance plans are exempted from tax under section 80D of Income-tax Act, 1961.

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance For Heart Patients?

One should be very vigilant at the time of choosing a heart care health insurance policy. The facilities and coverage provided under cardiac care health insurance should suit your requirement list. In case your requirements don’t fit in any health insurance plan then there are several other options in this competitive insurance sector. You are free to choose any of the reputed health insurance company who has an appreciable claim settlement percentage.

All that you need to check is cover options available, types of illness covered, premium price and sum insured limits offered by the company and add-on benefits provided by the company. These factors matter a lot at the time of hospitalization. The claim settlement ratio tells you that to what extent the health insurance company has been serving it’s insured and whether they provide them with facilities mentioned in the policy or not.

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A healthy heart is a secret to a healthy life. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. Do all that is possible to keep the heart-healthy. Keep a track of your heart health and get a heart care health insurance policy in case of requirement. You are free to choose any of the cardiac health insurance policies of your choice, the only condition is that read through the policy properly and go through the exclusions of the cardiac care health insurance policy before signing the documents.

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