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Consult any financial planners and the first suggestion you will receive would be to start from health insurance. It is from where your financial plans take place. It is recommended to avail of adequate health insurance for you and your family before you plan for investing in a goal. 

Why You Should Cover Your Health?

You do not need to be sick or in contact with an illness to avail of the insurance. health insurance planningWhy do you think accidents are given that very name? For the uncertainty they are born with and hence, they are deemed to occur any time, irrespective of the age of a particular individual. This is where health insurance comes into play, probably giving you the chance to fight back stronger. 

Also, you have no idea of your body, in fact, no one does. Ailments do not occur in a stance; rather the symptoms are later discovered.

If you compare the inflation rate, in particular, you will be able to know that medical inflation stands to be more than the general inflation level. The medical inflation precisely is around 17 percent annually. In this article, you will learn about the importance of health insurance. You can choose the right kind of policy or plan and stay confident for the future. This is where a policy comes handy, as if you choose to buy a policy in quite an early stage and continue to keep it valid for a certain period without making the claim, you will be able to make a better claim with the policy when the need arises. 

Determine The Kind of Health Insurance Cover You Will Need

Health cover comes in a variety of spectrum and hence, in order to meet the needs of each and every kind of individual, health cover is as of present categorized as “Indemnity plans” and “defined benefit plans”.

  • Indemnity Plans: Whenever any health issues occur, health insurance companies are required to pay the hospital expenses which are incurred in the process of treatment. This is what indemnity plans are meant for. This is often the basic health insurance policy availed by people. The insurance policy will help pay the hospital expenses up to an amount which was insured. The plan may also give additional benefits such as payment of pre and post hospitalization expenses along with some other daycare procedures. 
  • Defined Benefits Plans: On the contrary, a defined benefit plan is basically ensuring an event related to health but doesn't pay for the expenses. The holder will be provided with a stipulated sum for the health event you have insured for. Defined plans are not like the indemnity plans and hence, such policies are offered by companies that are either life or non-life. Such plans basically comprise of hospital cash policy, major surgical benefit policy, and critical illness policy. The most popular of all the policies is the critical illness policy where you will be provided with the sum insured upon insuring a critical illness, irrespective of what the hospital bill turns out to be. 

Evaluate The Best Health Insurance Cover For You

If you are already considering availing for health insurance, your next step would be to select from the individual health insurance plan and family floater. The distinction lies in the coverage obtained. Another phenomenon is the adverse experience in one policy which might actually affect other members of the family. As a result, you may find unfavorable balance sum insured for the remaining members of the family, which differs during an individual insurance plan. 

If individual plans have now gained your focus we wish to educate you about the same. The individual plans are to be availed for individually for each and every member of your family under their respective names. Yes, you will be required to pay premiums for all of them individually but the most likely part is that the sum you are required to pay differs on the basis of age and sum insured. If a need for a claim arises, the other individual’s insured sum would remain undisturbed. 

Family floaters allow you to insure more than one member of your family under the same plan. If you wish to avail a family floater then through floaters you add the desired members to the policy plan. A family floater has its own merits too, as you will be required to pay one premium for the one combined policy you chose to avail. Also, the entire claim can be made by a single member of the policy and the coverage amount will be granted accordingly. It is less likely that all the members will fall sick at the same time, and hence, this plan can also result in another great plan with a good amount of benefits.

Know The Estimation of Required Cover

You wouldn’t come across a rule of thumb which would give you the obvious about the amount of health insurance you should have. You have to take into consideration some factors and decide for yourself the coverage you are in need of. Such factors comprise the residential city, history of family illness, etc. We would like to give an insight into the amount. If you happen to like in the tier cities, precisely the metro cities, you need to avail for on the least Rs 10 lakh cover amount.

The increase in the amount is in respect to the high cost of living of the metro cities, as the medical bills apart from the other daily expenses are also meant to be higher than any other usual small city. This is not the need for people living in small cities as the standard of living is simultaneously low. As a result for residents belonging to the tier B and C categorized cities, you shall avail for the sum insured of at least 4-5 Lakh. This would be enough to serve you the purpose of being able to avail of the treatment you deserve. 

To check the Health Insurance Policy Premium, click here.

You shall also take into consideration your health history based on which you will be requiring the coverage amount anytime in the future. After a thorough evaluation of everything already stated, you can avail one among the best insurance policies we offer.

Check For The Accepted Period of a Pre-existing Ailment

The pre-existing ailment coverage period of each insurance policy differs. You need to firstly keep track of your ailment in order to be able to claim for the coverage amount in the future. It is absolutely important for you to disclose the pre-existing ailment you have been going through, and the period since when it occurred. This is the basic essence of the smooth claim settlement process as an undisclosed ailment discovered at the time of settlement may be a barrier to the release of the coverage amount. In order to be well versed with the settlement process and entire formalities of a pre-existing ailment in a health insurance policy, you can always consult us. We will walk you thoroughly through the entire formalities, process, do’s and don’ts, etc. 

Choose The Best Health Insurance Cover?

You need to be aware of the policies while presently dwell in the market. In order to do so, you need to compare and distinguish between a few of the most popular policies. We provide you all such mediums of the comparison if you choose us as your financial advisor. As your financial advisory, it is our responsibility to inform you about the best policies which are more likely to suit you. We will be providing you with all the factors and advantages which are included and excluded from all the plans. We do not solely offer plans on the basis of premiums, rather aims at giving you the greatest of the benefits from the policy. Based on all such factors, you may choose to plan your and your family’s health insurance on your own individual understanding. Read more


It is important to remember that medical emergencies do not come knocking on the door, so they are purely unforeseen. Hence, it is very important to ensure each and every member of the family irrespective of the age group or on the basis of how likely they require health insurance. The choice of plans to avail from always lies upon you. 

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